OSD Audio SPW-8 8-Zone 300W Whole House Audio Speaker Distribution Panel Owner's Manual

OSD Audio SPW-8 8-Zone 300W Whole House Audio Speaker Distribution Panel Owner's Manual | Manualzz
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SPW-8 Distribution Unit
The OSD AUDIO SPW-8 is an one IN / eight OUT speaker wire distribution unit. The SPW-8 provides a simple solution in complex
speaker installations with an easy way to connect from two to eight pairs of speakers to a single amplifier/receiver. All
outputs are labeled easing both connection and troubleshooting of a system.
Note: The SPW-8 does not provide any internal impedance protection thus requiring the volume controls to provide impedance
protection to protect the amplifier; the SVC-100, SVC-300, VMS-100, YMS-300 and VKR-120 all feature selectable impedance protection.
Warning: Always turn off the amplifier or receiver when connecting speakers or any other components to the system. Failure
to do so may cause damage to the speakers, electronics, or both.
The SPW-8 features a total of nine connectors; one input and eight output connectors ( Installation 1). To wire the connector, strip
1/4" (7mm) insulation off of the end of each wire. Connect the wires to the removable connector plugs using a small flathead
screwdriver ( Installation 2). The plugs are labeled and color coded to simplify installation, the red connector is for the speaker wires
coming from the amplifier and the black connectors are for the wires going out to the speakers. Plug the connector plugs into the
SPW-8 ( Installation 3).
Installation 2
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Installation 1
Installation 3
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