Barska AF11286 Owner's manual

Barska AF11286 Owner's manual
Basic Set Up of Adaptor
Telescoping Digi Adaptor
Telescoping arm aligns camera to spotting scope. The extendable
telescoping arm allows you to mount small or large cameras to the
spotting scope’s eyepiece. Will fit cameras up to 200mm in length, from
mounting foot connection to camera’s objective lens and can support
camera weight up to 3lbs.
Parts of Telescoping Digi Adaptor
Arm 1
Adjustment Screw for Arm 1
Arm 2
Mounting Screw for Camera
Tightening Screws for Eyepiece
of Spotter
G. Eyepiece Grips
H. Adjustment Knob for Head
Accessories Included
Extension Ring
3 Small Eyepiece Grips
3 Large Eyepiece Grips
Set Up
NOTE: Make sure your spotter is zoomed in and in focus
1. Remove all pieces from their respective bags
2. Loosen adjustment knob (H) and swing head so that silver screws of Eyepiece
Grips (G) are facing you and Arm 1 (B) is to the right of Head. Tighten
adjustment knob (H) in place.
3. Slide Stopper (A) on pole and tighten in place
4. Slide screw (C) away from head. Screw in Arm 2 (D) on top of Arm 1 with screw
(C) through hole of Arm 2. Position Arm 2 (D) level with head of adaptor
5. Adjust the height of Eyepiece Grips (G), by turning the Tightening Knobs (F)
either clockwise or counter clockwise. Position eyepiece of spotter through the
head of adaptor. Adjust height of head by loosening Adjusting Knob (H), raising
and or lowering head, then lock in place with Adjustment Knob (H). Secure
adaptor in place with Eyepiece Knobs (F) on eyepiece either clockwise or
counter clockwise. Adaptor should look like image “Basic Set Up of Adaptor”
Changing the Size of Eyepiece Grips
1. Depending on the diameter of the eyepiece you may need to change the size of
the eyepiece grips
2. Loosen screws (F) and carefully ease adaptor off eyepiece of spotter
3. Unscrew the eyepiece grips (G) by turning silver screws counter clockwise, repeat
with other 2 Eyepiece Grips
4. Slide appropriate sized Eyepiece Grips to exposed screws and tighten in place by
turning silver screws clockwise
Side View
5. Carefully position eyepiece of spotter through the head of adaptor
6. Secure adaptor in place with Eyepiece Knobs (F)
Mounting Camera
1. Make sure Arm 2 (D) is as far away from the head of adaptor as possible
2. Mount camera to adaptor using mounting screw for camera (E) and tighten
in place
Note: For cameras that have zoom/extendable lens, turn camera on first, then
wait for lens to extend.
3. Position camera to eyepiece of the spotter by adjusting Arm 1 (up and down),
Arm 2 (right to left) and or Adjusment Knob of head (H).
Angled View
1. Gently remove camera from Arm 2 by unscrewing screw (E)
2. Loosen Tightening Screws (F) from eyepiece of spotter and carefully slide adaptor
off spotter
3. Loosen screws (C and H) and lay adaptor flat for safe keeping
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