Townsend SPYDA BOYS 16 FS BIKE, Spyda 16 inch Wheel Size Kids Bike Instruction manual

Townsend SPYDA BOYS 16 FS BIKE, Spyda 16 inch Wheel Size Kids Bike Instruction manual
Quick Set-up Guide
stem bolt
This “Set-up” guide is only to be used in conjunction with the full bike manual supplied
with your bike. Failure to follow the instructions contained within the bike manual may
lead to injury.
For additional information on setting up brakes, gear and checking that your new bike is
suitable for riding, please visit: to view our online video tutorial.
Inserting the Handlebars
• Remove the plastic cap from the end of the handlebar stem. Discard.
• Use the Allen key supplied to slacken the handlebar stem bolt.
• Ensure the forks face forward (check rim brakes are at the front).
• Insert the handlebar to at least the depth of the minimum insertion mark.
• Straighten the handlebars before tightening stem bolt
• Check the handlebars rotate freely without interuption from the cables.
Cable adjuster screw
Attaching the Saddle
• Remove the saddle and saddle post
from the accessory box.
• Insert the saddle post into the seat
tube of the bike ensuring insertion to
at least the minimum insertion mark
on the seat post and tighten to the
recommended torque setting.
• If the saddle is not pre-fitted to the
post then fit the saddle, ensuring it is
parallel to the ground and positioned
centrally in the rails..
• Tighten the nuts on each side of the
saddle clamp equally to avoid
• Check that there is no movement by
firmly rotating side-to side, and
Adjusting the Brakes
Ensure the brake callipers are
Brake cable
to the frame
Anchor bolt and nut
• On the brake arm, loosen the
anchor nut and bolt
• Squeeze the brake shoes together
using one hand and with the other,
use a pair of pliers to pull the brake
cable tight.
• Re-tighten the anchor nut whilst
holding the cable in this position.
• Using the cable adjuster, adjust the brakes to
give a 2mm clearance between the wheel and
pad on each side.
• Check that the brake works correctly when
applied to the rotating wheel.
Attaching the Pedals
IMPORTANT: Each pedal is different and incorrect
fitment will invalidate your warranty.
• The pedal marked “R” (Right) must be attached to the pedal arm on the
side of the bike with the chain. This is tightened in a CLOCKWISE direction.
• The pedal marked “L” (Left) attaches to the pedal arm on the side of the bike
without the chain. This is tightened in a ANTI-CLOCKWISE direction.
• Pedals should be fitted by hand and finally tightened with the spanner
supplied to avoid cross-threading.
MV Sports and Leisure Ltd, 35 Tameside Drive, Castle Bromwich, Birmingham, B35 7AG.
Front fork
Attaching the Front Wheel
Locating tab
• After removing the plastic fork protector, loosen
the axle nuts and slot into the fork, paying
Wheel nut
attention to any rotational marking on the tyre.
• Ensure that the wheelnut and safety washer are located on the outside of the fork and
the washer tabs are located in the safety hole.
• Ensure the wheel is centred in the fork and evenly tighten both wheel nuts firmly to the
recommended torque.
ATTENTION! If your bike is fitted with a Quick Release Hub then please refer to the
instruction manual for details relating to safe and proper installation to avoid injury.
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