Lotus & Windoware VS5960SCWH User guide

Lotus & Windoware VS5960SCWH User guide
Mini – Blind Cleaning
Use soft dust rags, chemically-treated dust cloths, static wipes like Swiffer or vacuum
cleaner brush attachments. Painted aluminum is smooth and dust easily brushes off if
done regularly. When vacuuming, tilt the slats up first then down. Brush gently. When
dusting, use the same method of tilting. A damp cloth or sponge works well too as long
as there is not an excess of dust or grime.
Smaller blinds can easily be taken down and placed in a warm or cold bathtub. Do not
use hot water. Wipe the slats dry, or for best results take outside, open the blinds and air
Operating Mini Blinds
Pull both lift cords down to raise the blinds – lower the blinds by pulling the lift cords
toward the center of the blind and use your free hand to guide the blinds gently down.
Pull the lift cords toward the outside of the blind to lock it at whatever height you have
Turn the wand to the left to open the blind and to the right to close the blind.
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