Eventide EuroDDL Reference guide

Eventide EuroDDL Reference guide
Output Level
Input Level
Tap Button
Tap to enter delay
Hold + turn knob to set
tap divider
Post Delay, Pre LPF, Pre Feedback Insert
Delay Time
0.11 ms - 160 sec
30 BPM - 400 BPM
Seconds Indicator
Seconds displayed when lit
Milliseconds when off
20dB Input boost
Delay Knob
Turn knob to change delay time,
push + turn for coarse control
Delay Multiply
Active when lit
- Hold/turn knob to set mult:
2x (96kHz) - 16x (12kHz)
Infinite Repeat
Repeat samples in delay buffer.
LP Filter
Tune filter from 400Hz to 20kHz
Feedback Level
0% - 110%
Low-Pass Engage
- Hold/turn Delay knob to set CV mode to
replace or scale
Feedback Invert
Invert signal infeedback path
- Hold/turn Delay knob to adjust Delay range.
Dry/Wet Mix
Toggles delay direction
- Hold/turn Delay knob to change offet
between -5V and +5V
Disables delay input, dry signal
and feedback are unaffected
- Hold/turn Delay knob to adjust Delay Glide
Trigger/Gate Inputs
Voltage Control Inputs
Clock I/O
-5V to +5V
+2.5V In, +5V Out
Technical Specifications
Sample Rate: 192kHz to 12kHz
Resolution: 24 bits
Minimum Delay: 0.11 milliseconds
Maxiumum Delay: 10 seconds @ 192kHz
160 seconds @ 12kHz
Input: Max 20dBu, 100kΩ impedance
Output: Max 20dBu, 22kΩ impedance
Insert Send: Max 16dBu, 2kΩ impedance
Insert Return: Max 20dBu, 50kΩ impedance
Power: +12V 200mA, -12V 100mA
Applications Guide and Support
Tap Button and Divider
Tap to enter delay. Display will show BPM while tapping.
Push + hold Tap button to set the Tap divider. The divider
can be set from 16th note triplets (Delay is 1/12th of Tap
rate) to 4 bars (Delay is 16 times Tap rate). For example,
some of the available dividers are:
[1.4d] - Dotted 1/4 (3 / 8)
[1.4 ] - Quarter note
[1.8d] - Dotted 1/8 (3/16)
[1.8 ] - Eighth note
[16 d] - Dotted 1/16 (3/32)
[1.2 ] - Half note
[32 d] - Dotted 1/32 (3/64)
[4.4 ] - Whole note
[1 6 t] - 1/16th note triplets
[1.5b] - Dotted whole
[1.8 t] - 1/8th note triplets
[ 2 b] - 2 bars
[1.4 t] - Quarter note triplets
[2.5b] - 2.5 bars
[4.4 t] - Whole note triplets
[ 4 b] - 4 bars
System Mode
Hold delay knob and tap button for 3 seconds to enter and exit. Turn encoder to select parameter. Push encoder to change. Push
encoder again to return to parameter list.
[1.TG] - Set T/G inputs to respond to Trigger or Gate control > (trg or gat)
[2.FS] - Set max Feedback level > (95 to 110)
[3.so] - Software Version
System Reset: To recall factory defaults, power up while holding down REVERSE button. The display will show [ ini ] .
CLK Out is active after TAP is pressed. The TAP function generates the CLK Out BPM rate. If CLK IN is present its value is passed to
CLK OUT. TAP function is ignored when CLK In and/or CV DELAY are active. The CV DELAY input overrides CLK In.
Eventide reserves the right change specifications, features, and aesthetics at anytime without notice.
Designed , Tested and Assembled in the USA
Part # 141287 Rev 3
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