ZIEHL DRR20 Datasheet

ZIEHL DRR20 Datasheet
Phase Monitoring Type PS - Phase Asymmetry - Phase Sequence
Phase sequence change Relay DRR20
with integrated monitoring of undervoltage and asymmetry
Part number:
Phase sequence change relays
DRR20 measure the sequence of
the phases and switch – if necessary the rotation of the field. At the
output (connect relays K1 and K2
in series in this application) two
contactors are connected. The
contactor at the normally-open
contact of K2 switches the phases 1:1without changing them,
the second (at normally-closed
contact) changes 2 phases.
When switching on with phasesequence ok, relay K2 picks up.
With wrong phase-sequence it
remains released. After K2 has
switched, K1 picks up. K1 also
releases first. This makes sure,
that no wrong contactor can be
picked up under any condition.
Additionally the DRR20 monitors
the three phases for asymmetry
and undervoltage. If the limits
are exceeded, the K1 switches
off (respectively doesn't pick up)
and protects the connected motor
from damage.
The device can also be used as a
monitor for undervoltage, asymmetry or phase-sequence.
vacuum-cleaners always run correctly and they are
protected from damage by undervoltage or asymmetry.
automatic change of wrong phase-sequence when
connected falsely (2 contactors afforded)
running backward of motors is avoided
no switching on at asymmetry or undervoltage
relay K2 picks up when phase-sequence is correct
relay K1 picks up (after K2) when symmetry and
voltage is correct
3 LEDs for state of relays and errors
measuring-voltage 3 AC 400 V
limit asymmetry adjustable 5…25 %
limit undervoltage adjustable 70…95 %
alarm-delay adjustable 0,1…10 s (undervoltage
and asymmetry)
no supply-voltage required
Applications are machines and
equipment that is operated at
variable locations, e.g. at building
sites. Pumps, compressors and
Technical Data
Rated supply voltage Us
Admissible tolerance Us
Output relay
Type of contact
3-phase, 400 V without N
ca. 3 VA
50/60 Hz
Output relay
Type of contact
Test conditions
Rated ambient temperature
2 change-over contacts (co)
type 2 see "general technical informations"
see"general technical informations"
Limit asymmetry
Limit undervoltage
Delay undervoltage/asymmetry
Delay phase-loss (<60% Us)
Pick-up delay after recovery of
Delay K2 - K1
adjustable 5...25 %
adjustable 70...95 %
app. 2%
adjustable 0,1...10 s
< 0,2 s
< 0,5 s
Dimensions (h x w x d) mm
Fitting position
housing K: 75 x 22,5 x 115 mm
on 35 mm DIN rail according to EN 60715 or
2 screws M 4
IP 30/20
150 g
Protection housing / terminals
app. 100 ms
ZIEHL industrie-elektronik, 74523 Schwäbisch Hall, Germany, +49 791 504-0, [email protected], www.ziehl.de
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