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Unison Paradigm


P-TS7 Rack Panel


The Unison Paradigm ® P-TS7 Touchscreen can be installed in an equipment rack using a rack panel, which is shipped separately. It is powered by either LinkPower with auxiliary power or by PoE (Power over Ethernet 802.3af).

• Echelon ® LinkPower ® (LinkConnect) control network using Belden 8471 (or approved equal) and

24 Vdc Auxiliary power (two 16 AWG 1.5mm

2 ) wires.

• PoE (Power Over Ethernet 802.3af) using Category 5 cable (or approved equal).

Control wiring should only be installed and terminated by a qualified technician and should follow standard wiring installation practices. Leave approximately 10 inches (254mm) of wiring in the backbox for connection and to allow slack for future service needs. For more information about terminating CAT5 cable, refer to the ETC Ethernet Cat5 Termination Kit Setup Guide .

Install Collar in Rack Panel

Installation should follow local codes and standard practices. Ensure that all wiring is installed correctly.

The touchscreen is supplied with an installation kit which includes the necessary hardware and electrical supplies.

Paradigm Touchscreen Model




Paradigm Touchscreen Rack Panel



Cutout on right side

Step 1: Slide the collar into the rack panel.

N o t e : It is important to orient the rack panel with the cutout on the right side to provide better cable access between the touchscreen and the Termination PCB.

In addition, the collar should be installed with the stamped arrow (  ) pointing up.

Step 2: Install and tighten four M4 x 20mm collar mount screws through the collar and into the rack panel.

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E T C I n s t a l l a t i o n G u i d e

P-TS7 Rack Panel

Install the Termination PCB

The printed circuit board (PCB) assembly is designed to accommodate either Ethernet or LON connections. Prior to installing the PCB, terminate all necessary wiring. The PCB is installed on the back (inside) of the rack panel.

The PCB consists of three parts:

• PCB with female RJ11, LinkPower connector, 24 Vdc (Aux) connector, and ground spade

• RJ45 with punch down wire termination

• Mounting bracket and screws

Installing the Termination PCB on the Rack Panel

Step 1: Position the PCB on the four standoffs on the back of the rack panel and secure with two

M3x10mm pan head screws on the RJ11 side of the PCB only .

N o t e : The termination PCB can be installed in any orientation to accommodate wiring.

Orienting the PCB with the ground and LinkPower connections toward the top of the rack (as illustrated) will simplify installation.

Step 2: Place the bracket and RJ45 assembly (if used) on top of the PCB. Secure the PCB to the backbox through the remaining two holes in the PCB with M3x10mm pan head screws.

Step 3: A ground connection is required for all touchscreen assemblies. Using one three position

WAGO connector, connect the (typically green and yellow) installed wire(s) with the ground wire pigtail (with attached spade), provided in the installation kit, and the ground wire attached to the rack panel.

Installed ground wire

Ground wire pigtail (spade connector to the termination PCB)

Ground wire pigtail (ring terminal connected to the rear rack panel)

C A U T I O N : Only one network type (LON or Ethernet) may be connected to the touchscreen at a time. Do not connect both Auxiliary power and PoE.

ETC requires that all backboxes and touchscreens are grounded in accordance with local electrical codes.

The RJ11 connection must be used to provide a ground connection from the backbox to the touchscreen even when Ethernet connectivity is used.

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E T C I n s t a l l a t i o n G u i d e

P-TS7 Rack Panel

RJ11 connector

(provides LinkPower and

Aux power to touchscreen)


RJ45 Ethernet with

(PoE to touchscreen)

24 Vdc Aux power connector

ULP connector


Mounting bracket

Ground spade

Connecting Ethernet

N o t e : All ethernet terminations must follow IEEE 802.3 and be terminated to the T568B standard.

Step 1: Terminate the network wiring in the RJ45 punch down strip using a standard 110 punch down tool (not provided). Reference the connector label for the CAT5e wire termination color code. The punch down connector provides insulation displacement. Do not strip the wires.

Step 2: Snap the RJ45 connector into the bracket.

Connecting LinkPower and Auxiliary Power

Use the provided WAGO CAGE CLAMP ® connectors to terminate the wiring to the provided LinkPower

(black and white twisted pair) and auxiliary power (red and black twisted pair) and ground wire pigtails.

Strip the ends of each wire (both installed control wires and pigtail wires) approximately 3/8” (10mm).

Step 1: Terminate the installed LinkPower wiring to the white and black LinkPower pigtail. Using two WAGO connectors connect (typically white) installed wire(s) with white pigtail wire and connect the (typically black) installed wire(s) with black pigtail wire as shown below.

Installed control wire

Per conductor topology of a single station installation Pigtail wire

Per conductor topology of multiple stations installed in series

Installed control wire

Installed control wire to next station

Pigtail wire

Step 2: Plug the LinkPower connector into the two-pin LinkPower receptacle on the termination


Step 3: Terminate the installed Auxiliary power conductors to the red and black Auxiliary power pigtail wires. Using two WAGO connectors connect the (typically red) installed wire(s) with red pigtail wire and connect the (typically black) installed wire(s) with black pigtail wire.

Step 4: Plug the auxiliary power connector into the two-pin “Aux” power receptacle on the PCB.

Installing the Touchscreen

Step 1: Install the RJ11 control cable provided in the installation kit to the RJ11 jack on the termination PCB. Also attach the RJ45 control cable if PoE will be used for communication and power .

N o t e : A 14AWG ground connection is required for all touchscreen assemblies.

The RJ11 cable provides the ground connection to the rack panel and must always be installed.

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E T C I n s t a l l a t i o n G u i d e

P-TS7 Rack Panel

Step 2: Plug the other end of the cable(s) into the receptacles on the touchscreen.

The touchscreen bracket is designed for two positions, service and operation.

Hang the bracket arms on the collar mounting pins to rest in the service position, granting access to the ports and indicators on the bottom of the unit.

Service position

Operating position

Step 3: Hold the touchscreen with the top tilted back at a slight angle. First insert the top into the rack panel and hook the bracket onto the pins on each side of the collar. This places the unit in the service position, granting access to the bottom interface.

Step 4: To move the touchscreen from the service position to the operation position, lift to unhook the pins and rotate the bottom inward until the touchscreen face is vertical.

Step 5: Apply firm pressure simultaneously to the center of the left and right edges of the touchscreen, pushing the unit inward until it audibly snaps onto the collar. When properly installed, the touchscreen should not easily unsnap from the collar.

Step 6: To open or remove the touchscreen, insert a flat bladed screwdriver into the pry slot

(indicated below) and unsnap the touchscreen from the collar. Then lift the bottom upward slightly and rotate outward.


After the touchscreen has been powered up, the appropriate LEDs on the service panel on the bottom of the touchscreen illuminate. The LCD displays a startup screen a few seconds after booting.

Pry slot

USB Port SD card slot

I/O Indicators

• Reset - when pressed, resets the Portable LCD software

• Mode - press once for Setup menu. Press and hold for 4 seconds to calibrate the touchscreen

• PoE - indicates when the touchscreen is powered by Power over Ethernet 802.3af

• Aux - indicates the touchscreen is powered by Aux 24 Vdc

• Act - application activity is detected

• Svc - when pressed, sends the stations Neuron ID to the connected processor

• Svc - service pin indicator

• Data (LON) - indicates LON network activity

• Data (NET) - indicates Ethernet network activity

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