Xtant xtant1.1i Specification Sheet

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—audiophile, full range, class d, mono-block amplifier introducing the world’s first, and only, class d amplifier designed for sound quality.

while everyone else said it could never be done, the xtant 1.1i destroys all conventional ideas on class d technology—at 5.8" x 6.5" with its 100 watt, single channel design, the xtant1.1i reminds us all that sound quality matters.

performance. technology. style. xtant.

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© 2003 Xtant. All rights reserved. StreetWires and Xtant are trademarks of Mitek Corporation.

XTT001501 RevA 2/03

The Mitek family of companies—more than 30 years of delivering on the promise of customer-focused audio engineering.


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