OvrC OVRC-300-PRO OvrC Pro Lifetime License + Gigabit Hub Quick Start Guide

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OvrC OVRC-300-PRO OvrC Pro Lifetime License + Gigabit Hub Quick Start Guide | Manualzz


Quick Start Guide

Welcome to OvrC Pro

Thank you for choosing the OvrC Pro Hub, the top-rated remote management solution. Once this is installed, OvrC.com provides you extensive diagnostics as well as remote access to every IP device on this network, making support easy and eliminating unnecessary truck rolls.

Visit www.ovrc.com

to learn more about all of the features and to create your own account.

Package Contents

• (1) OvrC-300-Pro

• (1) 5V DC power supply (not pictured)

• Mounting Hardware (not pictured, includes side brackets and attachment screws for shelf, surface, or rack mounting)

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Hardware Connections

Gigabit Ethernet Port

Connect to a LAN port in the monitored VLAN

Do not cover vents



USB for future use

HDMI port for future use

DC Power Input

Connect 5V DC power supply to 120V AC power outlet

Factory Default Press to reset device to factory settings

Status LEDs: The Hub boots up in 1-2 minutes. Watch the LEDs to determine if the power and network connection are working correctly.



On =booting up

Heartbeat Flash normally

Off =no power




On =1000Mbps connection

Off =100Mbps connection



On =link established, flashes indicate network activity

Off =no LAN connection detected

Note: The Hub LAN port should negotiate a 1000Mbps connection speed for optimum performance. Check the settings and specs for the connected port if a 100Mbps speed is negotiated (the yellow Ethernet port LED is off).

Mounting Options

Structured Wiring Can Configuration

Attach the included mounting ears to the Hub depending on the desired install location and configuration. A few options are shown above, including 2U/1U configuration on the rack or flat on a structured wiring can.

Support: 866.838.5052 | [email protected]

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Step 1. Install and Claim the Hub

A. Connect the Hub to the LAN.

B. Log in to your account at app.ovrc.com or the

OvrC iOS or Android mobile application.

C. Open the Customer Location where the Hub will be installed.

D. Click +Device in the Device List and follow the prompts to claim the Hub.

Note: On first claim, the Hub will automatically scan for other devices on the network. The

Hub’s default setting is to scan for net new devices once an hour and check scanned devices every 5 minutes.

Step 2. Configure Hub Settings

Configure the Hub settings from OvrC once the hardware is up and running. Click on the

Hub from the Device List view of the location to access the hub settings, then click on the

Configure tab as shown.

Click on Connect to access the local interface of the Hub. Type “ovrc” in both the Username and

Password fields, then change the default password as a security best practice.

Configure Tab






A. IP Settings B. VLAN Settings

For the best performance and reliability, leave the Hub set to

DHCP mode and reserve its system

IP address in the router.

Configure your Hub to scan across multiple VLANs (in addition to the VLAN the Hub is on). Enter the VLAN ID, a static IP address for the Hub to use on that VLAN, and finally, the VLAN ID’s subnet mask (usually

Use a unique IP address to avoid conflicts.

C. Port Scan Settings

Manage the ports the

Hub scans for to give you additional access to LAN devices. To add a new port in addition to the default set, enter a description, the port number, and select which access protocol to use.

D. Scan Frequency


Select how often you want the Hub to scan for new devices on the network and check the status of the scanned devices.

©2018 OvrC | Ver. 180703

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Using OvrC Pro Features

OvrC Pro gives you access to enhanced network troubleshooting capabilities and diagnostic data that makes remote support of connected systems easier than ever.

View System Health

The Location Dashboard view displays a quick snapshot of a location’s system health for vital troubleshooting clues.

Network Diagnostics

View ISP speed trends and understand the source of the network latencies to identify whether an issue is internal or external.

Scan & Monitor Devices

Find all IP devices on the network and relay relevant device information to OvrC and regularly ping their online status.

Advanced Remote Access to Devices

Automatically scan the ports and services available on devices and make them accessible with a click of a button, all without port forwarding, VPN, or any other network setup.

Product Integration

Get enhanced diagnostics data and troubleshooting capabilities from an evergrowing list of supported products.

To learn more, visit www.ovrc.com

Product and Service Support

See the information bubbles located throughout the OvrC experience or visit the product page Support tab where the Hub was purchased for more help with OvrC Pro.

Support: 866.838.5052 | [email protected]

Two-Year Limited Warranty

This OvrC product has a Two-Year limited warranty that includes parts and labor repairs on all components found to be defective in material or workmanship under normal conditions of use. This warranty shall not apply to products that have been abused, modified or disassembled. Products to be repaired under this warranty must be returned to a designated service center with prior notification and an assigned return authorization number (RA).

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Key Features

  • Extensive diagnostics
  • Remote access to every IP device
  • Eliminates unnecessary truck rolls
  • Easy support
  • View system health
  • Perform network diagnostics
  • Scan & monitor devices
  • Remotely access devices
  • Get enhanced diagnostics data from supported products

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Frequently Answers and Questions

What is the OvrC OVRC-300-PRO?
OvrC OVRC-300-PRO is a remote management solution that provides extensive diagnostics and remote access to every IP device on a network.
What are the benefits of using the OvrC OVRC-300-PRO?
The OvrC OVRC-300-PRO eliminates unnecessary truck rolls and makes support easy.
What are some of the features of the OvrC OVRC-300-PRO?
The OvrC OVRC-300-PRO offers a range of features, including: viewing system health, performing network diagnostics, scanning & monitoring devices, remotely accessing devices, and getting enhanced diagnostics data from supported products.
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