T-Mobile MDA User manual

T-Mobile MDA User manual
T-Mobile MDA Troubleshooting
Power and Battery
I cannot turn on my device.
My device keeps turning itself off.
My device’s date and time reset to factory
default if I have removed or replaced
Why does my device power reduce faster
than my friend’s?
ActiveSync operation cannot be performed
or connected.
ActiveSync is connected, but I can not
transfer data.
Display and Sound
Screen freezes or no response.
Soft reset the device with the stylus.
Connect your device to the AC adapter and
check LED indicator whether device is
charging. It is possible that the battery is
drained off.
Your device is designed by default to turn
itself off if not used for three minutes. This
period can be adjusted to a maximum of
five minutes. Refer to the Power setting in
the manual for more information.
Always re-attach the battery immediately
during replacement. The data will be lost if
the battery is removed for a long time.
Battery consumption varies from user to
user due to the way it is being used.
Devices set under specific identical test
conditions may be compared objectively.
Make sure you have correctly installed the
ActiveSync software found on the Getting
Started disk that came with your device and
have followed the instructions accordingly.
Restart your device or/and PC and try
again. DO NOT plug in the USB cable
before loading ActiveSync. Make sure the
ActiveSync cradle/cable is connected
securely. On you PC, make sure the
Connection Settings are correctly selected
in File > Connection Settings of Microsoft
ActiveSync. Ensure that Modem Link is
deactivated as well.
Make sure your have established a
Partnership with the PC, and check Tools >
Options of Microsoft ActiveSync on your
PC, to see if the information type you want
has been selected for synchronizing. For
more information, refer to Chapter 4.
Soft reset your device by pressing Reset
button with the stylus.
My device doesn’t make any sound.
My device’s sound only can be heard from
the headset.
Connection & Bluetooth
I can not connect to the internet; Web
surfing doesn’t work.
I can’t perform over-the-air
Unable to use Infrared (IR) to transfer
I cannot end a Bluetooth connection.
I cannot find another Bluetooth enabled
Check the Sounds settings by tapping Start
> Settings > Personal tab >Sound &
Notifications. Check the Volume Control,
the speaker may be muted.
Make sure the jack is clean and free from
foreign particles. Re-inserting the headset
plug into the Audio Jack and then
unplugging it may help sometimes. Check
to ensure the headset is supplied with the
Make sure you have set up and connected
to T-Mobile GPRS. The wireless
connection to the network must be
switched on, and the signal must be
Synchronization to a server allows your
device to sync, over-the-air (OTA), directly
to a Microsoft Exchange 2003 Server. This
allows you to update your e-mail, contacts,
calendar, and tasks information securely
from any location with data connectivity.
In order to use this functionality, you do
not need a PC running; however, it does
require your IT administrator to enable you
to use this service.
Transfer only one file, or no more than 25
contact cards, at a time. Line up the IR
ports so that they are unobstructed and
within close range. Make sure nothing is
between the two IR ports. Adjust the room
lighting. Some types of light interfere with
IR connections. Try moving to a different
location or turning off some lights. Do not
try to use infrared beaming in the sunlight.
Turn Bluetooth connection off with
Communication Manager.
Make sure the Bluetooth function on the
other device is activated. Also, ensure you
are within 10 meters of each other, and
there are no obstructions. Finally, make
sure the other device is set in
“Discoverable” mode.
I cannot connect to the Internet through
My device operation performs slowly.
“Running out of memory” pops up on the
I need to create space on my phone.
Media Player
I cannot move a file from one folder to
another in Windows Media® Player.
What type of extension files can Windows
Media® Player play?
My device cannot dial out or receive calls.
How can I quickly find a contact and place
a call?
Ensure that you have the correct APN
(wap.voicestream.com) entered in your
GPRS connection settings.
You may have opened too many programs.
To release the operation load, you can
terminate unneeded running programs by
tapping Start > Settings > System tab >
Memory > Running Programs. Reset your
device by pressing Reset button with the
Reset your device by pressing Reset button
with the stylus.
Delete any unnecessary files such as old email, image files, or large video files.
Remove unneeded programs by selecting
Settings from the Start menu and then
Remove Programs. Install the programs or
store files onto the miniSD card.
Use File Manager to move the file around
the device.
Video formats supported: *.wmv, *.asf,
*.mp4, *.avi.• Audio formats supported:
*.wma, *.mp3, *.mid, *.midi, *.rmi, *.amr,
*.awb, *.m4a.
You may not be located in a network
coverage area. Move to coverage area and
try again. Make sure the phone is not in
Flight Mode. Tap the Antenna icon and
turn off the Flight Mode.
Start entering the initial letters of the
Contact you want to call and the system
will automatically search and sort the
contact entries on the SIM card, in
Contacts, and the phone numbers in Call
History (including incoming, outgoing, and
missed calls). Then, you can select the
desired number or contact from the filtered
list to dial.
Why is there no signal with SIM card
Make sure the SIM card is installed
properly. Network could be SIM locked.
Contact your service provider for
assistance. Test your SIM in other phone,
in case the SIM card is damaged.
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