Stromberg Carlson Products CC-275 Bike Bunk for Cargo Tray Manual

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Stromberg Carlson Products CC-275 Bike Bunk for Cargo Tray Manual | Manualzz

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MODEL # CC-275 , Patent Pending

Thank you for purchasing The Bike Bunk by Stromberg Carlson Products, Inc.

Please read all directions prior to installation. The Bike Bunk is intended to hold a bike rack only. The Bike

Bunk may not work on all trailers or bike rack systems. Your application will be determined by turning radius and positioning of the rack. Confirm fit and clearance prior to drilling any holes (approximately a 1hour installation, depending on the number of items needing to be removed and reinstalled to accommodate this device).

The Bike Rack supports up to 100 lbs.

If you have propane tanks installed and the bike bunk cross bar is located above them, one of three things can be done to allow you to remove your tanks for refill or to access valves without removing the crossbar.

• You can replace your existing tank cover with a soft vinyl cover which will allow you to access your LP tank valves or remove LP tanks without having to remove the cross bar.

• You can replace your existing tank cover with a hard plastic cover with a flip top to access your LP tank valves.

You will still need to remove the cross bar to remove cover and refill LP tanks.

• Leave the tank cover off for direct access to your LP tanks.

Mount frame pockets (figure A) and back plates (figure B) on trailer frame using enclosed bolts and nuts (figure

C), ensuring back edge of pockets are approximately 2”-3” from trailer body. Be sure to mount pockets on the outside of trailer frame and back plates on inside of trailer frame, as shown on page 2. Supplied bolts can be installed in either direction to prevent interference with other items on the mount area (be sure to connect hardware loosely to allow for minor adjustments to The Bike Bunk later in the installation). Secure using mount holes that fit most close-fitting to your specific trailer frame top and bottom edge (pockets and washers have numerous mounting holes to accommodate various trailer frame sizes).

Install either end of the bent posts (figure D) into frame pockets, as shown on page 2. Attach end caps provided

(figure F) to ends of cross tube (figure E). Stop bolts (figure G) installed at factory in the cross-tube C-channel pockets. Rotate bent posts to allow the cross-tube C-channel pockets to slide around the bent posts (cross tube should be approximately 1”-2” from the trailer front wall). Secure cross tube using provided bolts and set screws

(figures H and I). Holes will need to be drilled through the bent posts to accommodate the bolts, once you verify turn radius clearance (after mounting your bike). Double check that the cross tube is still 1”-2” from the front trailer wall.

Once cross tube is secured and checked, install your bike rack and bike to The Bike Bunk. Ensure you have ample clearance to maneuver your trailer. Once you are sure there is no conflict between the location of The Bike Bunk and your trailer’s required turning radius (if no conflict, frame pocket/channel tube bolts and nuts should be securely tightened), drill through the bent posts, using the guide holes in the frame pockets (use 3/8” drill bit, 2 holes for each pocket/post). Secure bottom of bent posts into frame pockets using bolts (figures H and I), as shown on page 2.




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