Sencor SHS 8603BK User's manual

Sencor SHS 8603BK User's manual
SHS 8603BK
EN Curling iron
Translation of the original manual
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Curling iron
Important safety instructions
■ This appliance may be used by children 8 years of age and older
and by persons with physical or mental impairments or by
inexperienced persons, if they are properly supervised or have
been informed about how to use the product in a safe manner
and understand the potential dangers.
■ Children must not play with the appliance.
■ Cleaning and maintenance performed by the user must not be
performed by unsupervised children.
■ In the event that the power cord is damaged, have it repaired
at a professional service centre to prevent causing a dangerous
situation. It is forbidden to use the appliance if it has a damaged
power cord.
Do not use this appliance in the vicinity of water.
Do not use this appliance near baths, showers, washbasins
or other containers containing water.
In the event that you use the appliance in the bathroom,
unplug it from the socket after use by removing the plug from
the socket, as the vicinity of water poses a danger, even when
the appliance is turned off.
Carefully unpack the appliance and take care not to throw away any part of the packaging before you find all the parts of the appliance.
Before connecting this appliance to a power socket, make sure the voltage stated on the label of the appliance corresponds to the voltage in your power
Never use accessories, which have not been supplied with this appliance or which are not designed for this appliance.
Ensure that the power cord and plug cannot come into contact with water or dampness.
Do not spray the appliance with water or any other liquid. Do not submerge this product and any of its components in water or any liquids.
This appliance is designed for household use. Do not use it in an industrial environment or outdoors!
Do not use sprays in the vicinity of the appliance.
If you will not be using the appliance, disconnect it from the power grid. Before cleaning or moving it, proceed in the same manner.
Make sure that it has cooled down completely before storing it.
Do not blow hot air at persons or animals that are sensitive to hot air.
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Do not place the appliance on or near an electric or gas stove. Do not place the appliance near an open flame or devices or equipment that are sources of heat.
Do not place hot parts of the appliance on heat sensitive surfaces.
The appliance heats up during use. To avoid skin burns, prevent skin from coming into contact with the hot parts.
Do not use any attachments other than those supplied or recommended by the manufacturer.
Do not use the appliance if it has a damaged power cord or power plug.
Under no condition should you attempt to repair the product yourself, do not make any modifications to it – danger of electrical shock! Entrust all repairs and
adjustments to a specialised company/service. Failure to do so will expose you to the risk of voiding the warranty policy.
Do not place the power cord of the appliance near hot surfaces or over sharp objects. Do not place heavy objects on the power cord, position the cord so that
it is not stepped on or tripped over. Make sure the power cord does not hang over the edge of a table or that it is not touching a hot surface.
Do not disconnect the appliance from the power socket by pulling the power cord – it may damage the power cord / power socket. Disconnect the power
cord from the power socket by gently pulling the plug of the power cord.
Do not use the appliance for any other purposes than those for which it was designed.
Ensure that when turning on the product, that the air inflow or outflow vent is not covered.
Ensure that no hair or threads remain in any of the vents.
The manufacturer takes no responsibility for damages caused by the incorrect use of this product and its accessories (injuries, burns, scalding, fire, food
spoilage, etc.).
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SHS 8603BK
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Curling iron
Rated voltage range.........................................................................................................100 – 240 V~
Rated frequency......................................................................................................................50 - 60 Hz
Rated power input...................................................................................................................35 – 38 W
Diameter of the curling cylinder............................................................................................. 19 mm
User's manual
■ Prior to using this appliance, please read the user's manual thoroughly, even in cases,
when one has already familiarised themselves with previous use of similar types of
appliances. Only use the appliance in the manner described in this user’s manual.
Keep this user's manual in a safe place where it can be easily retrieved for future use.
■ We recommend saving the original cardboard box, packaging material, purchase
receipt and responsibility statement of the vendor or warranty card for at least the
duration of the legal liability for unsatisfactory performance or quality. In the event
of transportation, we recommend that you pack the appliance in the original box
from the manufacturer.
Curling clamp release clip
Curling clamp
Curling cylinder
Heat insulated tip
Swivel power cord end
Safety class for electrical shock protection:
Class II – Electrical shock protection is provided by double or heavy-duty
We reserve the right to change text and technical specifications.
Dispose of used packaging material at a site designated for waste in your municipality.
On/Off switch
Operating indicator light
Folding support
■ Before first use, take the appliance and its accessories out of the packaging material
and remove all promotional labels and stickers. Check that neither the appliance nor
any of its parts is damaged.
■ Check that the voltage in your power socket corresponds to the voltage specified
for the product.
■ Insert the power plug into the power socket.
■ Set the switch A6 to the On position and the indicator light A7 will be lit. Wait until
the curling iron heats up to operating temperature.
■ Separate a small lock of hair.
■ Press the clip A1 to open the curling clamp A2. Place the end of the hair strand
against the curling cylinder A3 and release the clip A1 to clamp the hair strand
between the cylinder A3 and the clamp A2.
■ Rotate the curling iron to wind the lock of hair around the cylinder all the way down
to the hair roots. Leave a sufficient distance between the scalp and the curling iron
to prevent mutual contact – danger of burns!
■ Hold the curling iron in this position for about 15 – 20 seconds.
■ Now carefully unwind the lock of hair to about half its length, open the curling
clamp A2 and release the lock of hair from the curling iron.
■ Continue in the same way also with other locks of hair, which you wish to curl.
■ To turn off the curling iron, set the On/Off switch A6 to the Off position and allow
the curling iron to cool down.
■ If you need to put down the curling iron while curling, you can use the folding
support A9. When you have finished using the curling iron, it can also be used for
safe cooling.
This symbol on products or original documents means that used
electric or electronic products must not be added to ordinary
municipal waste. For proper disposal, renewal and recycling, hand
these products over to determined collection points. Alternatively, in
some European Union states or other European countries you may
return your appliances to the local retailer when buying an equivalent
new appliance.
Correct disposal of this product helps save valuable natural resources
and prevents potential negative effects on the environment and human health, which
could result from improper waste disposal. Ask your local authorities or collection
facility for more details.
In accordance with national regulations penalties may be imposed for the incorrect
disposal of this type of waste.
For business entities in European Union states
If you want to dispose of electric or electronic devices, ask your retailer or supplier for
the necessary information.
Disposal in other countries outside the European Union.
This symbol is valid in the European Union. If you wish to dispose of this product,
request the necessary information about the correct disposal method from the local
council or from your retailer.
This product meets all the basic requirements of EU directives related to
To achieve the best curling results, it is important that the hair is clean, dry and well
combed out and free of dirt, hair spray, gel, etc.
When turned on for the first time, you may notice light smoke and a mild
odour. This is normal and will disappear after the appliance is turned on
for the first time. There is no need for concern.
■ Disconnect the power plug from the power socket and allow the appliance to cool
down before cleaning it.
■ For cleaning, do not use cleaning products with an abrasive effect, solvents, etc. that
could damage the appliance. No part of this appliance is intended for washing in
a dishwasher.
To prevent the risk of injury by electrical shock, do not submerge
the appliance, power cord or power plug in water or any another
■ To clean the outer parts of the appliance, you can use a soft cloth lightly dipped in
lukewarm water. Prevent water from entering into the appliance.
■ When not using the appliance for an extended period of time, disconnect the power
plug from the power socket, allow the appliance to cool down and clean it according
to the instructions in chapter "Cleaning and maintenance".
■ Before storing it, check that the appliance and all its accessories are thoroughly
clean and dry.
■ Store the appliance in a dry, clean and well-ventilated location not exposed to
extreme temperatures and out of children's reach.
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