Analog way NeXtage 16 Datasheet

Analog way NeXtage 16 Datasheet
NeXtage 16 - 4K
Ref. NXT1604-4K
Compact and cost-effective 4K seamless switcher. Perfect for live events and fixed
installations demanding ease of use, flexibility and high-end video processing.
Compact and Reliable
Simple and Creative
NeXtage is the most compact and affordable chassis
in the LiveCore™ family. Designed around an
extremely robust and reliable hardware platform,
and with the same performance and core features
as its larger siblings, the NeXtage 16 - 4K is ideal for
professional live presentations and integrations that
do not require the full capacity of the more powerful
LiveCore™ video processors.
The NeXtage 16 - 4K offers many advanced processing features that will allow
you to create amazing live shows and impressive fixed installation: Cut and fill,
alpha-channel support, Chroma and Luma key, true seamless switching on all
layers as well as an intuitive web based user interface which will help unleash all
your creative potential and get the best out of your LiveCore™ video processors.
Nimble and Powerful
Like all the products of the LiveCore™ series, the
NeXtage 16 - 4K offers flexibility through its support
of different video standards (custom formats
included) and its versatile connectivity. Featuring
eight inputs, two PGM outputs, a dedicated
Multiviewer output and two true-seamless scaled
layers per output (on top of the live native
background), the NeXtage 16 - 4K will adapt to a
large variety of display configurations such as softedge projection, LED image wall or multi-screen
Up to
Up to
NeXtage 16 - 4K at a glance
 Versatile connectivity (8 seamless inputs and 42 input plugs)
 State-of-the-art, real-time 10 bit 4:4:4 processing
 True-seamless switching technology
 Advanced video effects for impressive visual shows
 User-friendly and intuitive Web-based graphic user interface
 Heavy-duty design for optimized uptimes in mission-critical use
Layers per output
NeXtage 08 - 4K
NeXtage 16 - 4K
LiveCore platform
8 active inputs, 28 total input plugs
4x HDMI (2x HDMI up to 4k30hz included)
2x DisplayPort (up to 4k30hz)
6x DVI-I (2x DVI Dual-Link up to 2560x1600 included)
8x Universal Analog (6x HD15 & 6x DVI-A)
Ruggedized and heavy-duty design
Versatile connectivity (8 active inputs, 28 total input plugs)
Input formats up to Dual Link 60hz 4:4:4 or 4k30hz 4:4:4 - supports Quad HD sources
Output formats up to 4K 30Hz 4:4:4
Seamless crossfade on all layers, on all 8 sources
Rotation capability on all outputs
Independent output rate
Flying layer movement with programmable paths
Multiple layer transition options
Independent preview/mosaic/monitoring output
Customization of monitoring layouts (8 presets)
Intuitive drag and drop Web based GUI, cross platform compatible
Live video thumbnails shown on GUI
Collaborative architecture (up to 5 simultaneous operators)
Single screen memories and master memories to easily recall looks on all your screens
Creative display configurations (mixer, hard-edge, soft-edge)
Custom output formats for non-standard display applications (10 memories)
Custom Canvas mode allows you to place outputs anyway on your “video canvas” for
special LED wall applications
Area of Interest option to customize active areas of outputs
Confidence monitor available for unused outputs
Native background using still images or live sources
Still images support alpha-channels for transparent background
Cut and Fill (using two sources or a source and a still image)
49dB average noise at 1 meter when ambient temp is less than 32°C/90°F (quiet)
Associative modularity (create a large system of LiveCore™ units all controlled from a
Vertige™ or RCU)
Sequencer for creating programmable timelines
2 outputs with 5 plugs per output
4x Universal Analog (2x HD15 & 2x DVI-A)
1x DVI-I Dual-Link up to 2560x1600 (output #1)
1x DVI/HDMI 4K up to 4k30hz 4:4:4 (output #2)
2x SFP (Optical for SDI Fiber transmission)
1x Universal Analog (HD15 & DVI-A)
1x DVI-I
1x RGBs/RGsB/RGB/YPrBr/YC/comp analog output
Customizable labels
Up to 8 widgets
4 True-Seamless scaled layers per output
1 native background layer per output
Advance layer management
True A/B Mix
Borders: Edge, Smooth, Smooth Edge, Shadow…
Transitions: Cut, Fade, Slide, Wipe, Circle, Stretch,
Depth, Flying window
Layer effects: Background Cut, Transparency,
Luma/Chroma Key, DSK, H&V Flip, Cut and Fill
Colors effects: B&W, Negative, Sepia and Solarize
Remote services and maintenance
HDCP compliant
Up to 100 frame/logo memories - Fully resizable
Download/upload via Web RCS
Capture from live inputs
Swappable power supply
Dimension (in Rack Units - RU)
 3RU
Thermal dissipation
 785 BTU/hr
Dimensions (without rack ears and rear rack mount)
 W 17.32’’ x H 5.23’’ x D 20.47’’
 L 440 mm x H 133 mm x P 520 mm
3-year warranty on parts and labor back to factory
Dimensions (with handles)
 W 19’’ x H 5.23’’ x D 21.41’’
 L 482.6 mm x H 133 mm x P 544 mm
Safety Compliance
 IEC/UL/EN 60950-1, CSA22.2#60950-1, UL Listed
(US & Canada) File:E359143
Weight without accessories
 15.2 kg / 33.50 lbs
Shipping weight accessories included
 21.3 kg / 46.96 lbs
Operating conditions
 Temperature: 0 to 40°C (32 to 104°F)
 Humidity: 10% to 80%, non-condensing
Noise (@1,6m height @25°C)
 Front: 49 [email protected]
 Rear: 50 [email protected]
Power Supply
 100-240 VAC 50/60Hz 8A swappable
 Max consumption: 230 W
Supplied with
 1 x Power supply cord
 1 x Web-based Remote Control Software
 1 x Rackmount kit
 1 x Ethernet cross cable (for device control)
 1 x MCO 10 pin connector
 1 x User manual (PDF)*
 1 x Quick start guide including safety instructions*
Web RCS: On-board intuitive web based user interface
VertigeTM: Premium remote controller
Shot Box2/Control Box2: Cost effective presets control
TCP protocol and AMX/Crestron drivers
AW VideoCompositor: Drag & drop Crestron® GUI
Independent Frame Lock input and output loop
Several chassis can be controlled from a VertigeTM or
from RCU to create huge video canvases
Specifications subject to change without prior notice
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