bq AVANT Quick start guide

bq AVANT Quick start guide
bq Avant
Quick Start Guide 2.0
Front View
Power switch
Slide and hold the power switch for 5 seconds, and then release it
to turn on the device. To turn it off, slide this switch and then tap
To enter Sleep mode, slide this switch at any time and tap
To disable Sleep mode, slide this switch again.
Micro USB port
The Micro USB port allows you to connect the device to a
computer in order to transfer files from your computer to the
device, and vice versa. Uses to charge the battery of your device.
Micro SD slot
Insert a MicroSD/microSDHC card into the memory card slot to
access book/image/audio files stored on the card.
Headphone Jack
Insert your headphone connector into this jack to listen to the
audio files through the headphones.
Touch screen
Displays information and allows you to perform operations via
different gestures.
Menu button
In Book list, Image or Audio modes, press this button to display the
Indicator: When tapping anywhere on the touch screen, this
indicator lights on.
Volume control button
Press this button to display the volume control bar
to adjust the volume.
Search button
Searches for a particular Word used in a book.
Refresh button
Reloads the current page to remove after-images after reading
many pages continuously.
Previous/Volume down button
Returns to the previous page/item or turns the volume down.
Return button
Returns to the last viewed page or the main menu on the Home
Next/Volume up button
Proceeds to the next page/item or turns the volume up.
Rear view
Reset button
Use a pointed object, such as a pin, to push against this button to
reset your device when it does not respond to any operations.
Built-in speakers for playing sounds. Press
to adjust the volume of the speakers.
and then
Use your finger to touch the surface of the touch screen to select an item
or perform a function.
Sets the screen orientation to portrait view, landscape view or to switch
between two views automatically depending on how you hold the device.
When in Book list or Image mode, place your finger on the right or lower
side of the touch screen and gently drag your finger to the left or upper
side to turn a page forward or view the next image. To turn to the
previous page or view the previous image, flip in the opposite direction.
Note: The (2) flipping method is
not available when viewing
Book List Mode
Support multiple formats: .txt, .epub, .html, .pdf, .fb2.
Look up words in the pre-installed English to Spanish
Add bookmarks or notes while reading.
Bookmark Mode
View the pages with your bookmarks or notes.
Image Mode
Support multiple formats: .jpg, .png, .bmp.
Audio Mode
Play back music, speeches or audio books in
compatible formats.
Access the Internet and download playable files from
web pages through a Wi-Fi connected network.
Settings Mode
Sets up Wi-Fi connection, screen saver interval and
other device-related settings, such as OSD language
and date/time.
to enter Book list mode and tap the title of a desired book in the
Book list. The first or last-read page of the book will appear on the screen.
To turn the pages
press or use your finger to turn the pages.
When finished reading, press
to close and leave the book.
Library Menu
When reading a book, press the Menu button
Library Menu. In this menu you can:
to display the
Add notes.
Add bookmarks.
Go to the bookmark/note list in a book.
Look up words in the pre-installed English/Spanish
Display the book information (file name, author and file
Jump to a specific page.
Display the book’s table of contents.
Select a Reading mode.
Enable Power Saving mode.
Other settings
While reading a book you can:
Active the zoom
When reading a book, tap
to zoom in on the current page. Tap
repeatedly to adjust the zooming ratio. Tap
the particular part you want to see.
to move to
Full screen
To view the close-up in full screen, tap
current page in its original size.
or tap
to return to the
Searching Words
When reading a book, press the Search
button to open the Keyword
Search box, enter a word using the on-screen keypad and tap
Its search results appear in a list of sentences containing the searched
word and their page numbers. Press
to go through the list, if
To read the complete contents of this page, tap the desired
sentence/page number.
For further information about the ereader, please check the user guide on
our website:
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