T-Mobile SDA User manual

T-Mobile SDA User manual
T-Mobile SDA Troubleshooting Guide
Power and Battery
My device’s date and time reset to factory
default when the battery is removed or
During initial charge, how long should a
battery be charged?
What is the best way to optimize the
standby times on batteries and increase
battery life?
How does the ‘Backlight timeout’ differ
from the ‘Display timeout’?
Why does my screen go blank?
Always re-insert the battery immediately while replacing it. Data
may be lost if the battery has been removed for a long time.
Your phone is equipped with a Li-Ion battery. Li-Ion batteries
should be charged for 5-6 hours initially. Thereafter, you can
charge according to the user manual. Remember that a battery,
after lying on a shelf for some time, usually takes 2 to 4 full
charges and discharges before it achieves its full potential.
To optimize battery life and conserve power, you can adjust the
Power management settings for display, backlight, and light
The ‘Backlight timeout’ specifies the time the light on the display
will be tuned on to its brightest setting. When off, the screen is
still active and is viewable in certain light conditions. The
‘Display timeout’ will turn off the display entirely while leaving
the device on to continue receiving calls or performing data
Your phone may be configured to shut off the display after a
period of inactivity to conserve battery power. To turn the screen
on again, press any key. You can adjust the display time-out
using the Power management settings.
Sound and Ring tone
My device doesn’t make any sound.
I am in a meeting. How do I change my
phone ringer to vibrate?
Can I have my device vibrate and play my
ring tone when I receive a call?
I cannot find the ring tone I just copied to
my device. How can I select it?
My phone says that it is blocked and that I
need a PUK.
Check the Sounds settings by clicking Start > Settings > Sounds.
Check the current profile. Your phone may be in silent mode.
Click Start > Settings > Sounds, and select Vibrate as the Ring
tone for your phone. Finally, click Done. You can also press the
Quick List key on the top of the phone and select Meeting from
the profile list.
Yes, using sound ‘Profiles’ you can specify how your device
alerts you to incoming calls and other device alerts and
notifications. By editing a profile and choosing ‘Vibrate and
Ring’ as the ring type, your device will both vibrate and play the
currently selected
Files you wish to use as custom ring tones should be placed in the
\Smartphone\Application Data\Sounds directory on your device.
The ring tones may also be located in the \Storage Card folder if
a MiniSD card is present.
The SIM card on your phone is usually blocked when your SIM
PIN is entered three times incorrectly. You can unblock it by
obtaining the PIN Unblocking Key (PUK) from your service
How can I save a contact on my phone SIM Open the contact with the call details or enter the contact
card instead of simply storing it in
information and click Menu > Save to SIM. Take note that only a
single phone number can be saved per SIM contact entry. SIM
contacts are also not synchronized.
What is the difference between ‘Key Lock’ ‘Key Lock’ on a Windows Mobile device refers to locking the
and ‘Phone Lock?’
numeric keypad so numbers cannot accidentally be pressed while
the device is being held in a pocket or case, preventing
unexpected calls or actions to occur. The ‘Key Lock’ can be
disabled without a password. ‘Phone Lock’ provides the ability to
place a password on the device. This allows the user to restrict
access to data located on the phone should it be misplaced.
Why can I not choose the ‘Headset’
The ‘Headset’ profile will be automatically selected when the
device recognizes that a headset or hands free device has been
plugged into the device.
I cannot enable the ‘Speakerphone’ profile. To enable the speakerphone, you must have an open call and
How do I do that?
click Menu > Speakerphone On. An icon will appear on the title
bar indicating that the speakerphone profile is engaged. It is
necessary to enable the speakerphone for each call as it will be
turned off once a call is ended.
I’m getting feedback (an echo or
Turn down the volume. In some cases, your microphone can hear
“squelch”) whenever I talk on my phone.
your ear piece (this is especially true for hands-free car kits).
Adjusting your volume to a lower setting should help.
Active Sync
ActiveSync operation cannot be performed Make sure you have correctly installed the ActiveSync software
or connected.
found on the Getting Started disk that came with your device, and
followed the instructions accordingly. Restart your device or/and
PC and try again. DO NOT plug in the USB cable before loading
ActiveSync. Make sure the ActiveSync cable is connected
securely. On your PC, make sure the Connection Settings are
correctly selected in File > Connection Settings of Microsoft
ActiveSync is connected, but I cannot
Make sure your have established a Partnership with the PC, and
transfer data.
check Tools > Options of Microsoft ActiveSync on your PC, to
see if the information types you want have been selected for
synchronizing. For more information, see ActiveSync Help.
Can I synchronize my phone with a PC
Yes, if the PC is Bluetooth enabled or has a Bluetooth Dongle.
using Bluetooth?
To turn on Bluetooth on your phone, click Start > Settings >
Connections > Bluetooth and select Discoverable. Then start
ActiveSync and click Menu > Connect via Bluetooth. Your
phone will either display an existing partnership or ask you to set
up a new partnership. Follow the instructions on your phone to
search for a new Bluetooth enabled device (here, it is your PC) to
set up a partnership. Your phone will then try to connect to that
Bluetooth device.
What are the requirements to synchronize
In order to synchronize directly with a server, your mailbox must
directly with my work e-mail server?
reside on a Microsoft Exchange Server. Contact your IT
Can I synchronize and view attachments?
I cannot create a ‘Partnership’ while using
ActiveSync. What do I do?
Infrared and Bluetooth
I am unable to use Infrared (IR) to transfer
information. What do I do?
I can’t seem to send a photo from my
phone via Bluetooth, what must I do?
My phone and my computer disconnect
their infrared connection after 10 seconds.
What do I do?
I cannot adjust the brightness when taking
pictures with my phone.
Does my phone camera have red eye
reduction? How about flash?
My phone is not able to capture a video.
How many e-mail accounts can I setup on
my device?
I have problems sending MMS from my
administrator if you are unsure what type of mail server is being
Windows Mobile supports downloading and viewing attachments
in e-mail. The ClearVue Application Suite is available on the
Getting Started disk and will allow you to view Word, Excel,
PowerPoint and Adobe PDF files.
Connecting as a ‘Guest’, you will be able to move files between
the PC and device, install and remove applications from the
device and use the pass-through features to access any network or
Internet connections your PC may have available. NOTE: For
more information on ActiveSync, refer to the related chapter in
this user manual, or visit here:
portsetup.aspxTo download the latest version of ActiveSync for
your phone, visit here:http://www.windowsmobile.com.
Transfer only one file at a time or decrease the number of contact
cards (try sending 25 contact cards only at a time). Line up the IR
ports so that they are unobstructed and within close range. Make
sure nothing is between the two IR ports. Adjust the room
lighting, as some types of light interfere with IR connections. Try
moving to a different location or turning off some lights. Do not
try to use infrared beaming in the sunlight.
Sending a photo via Bluetooth is not supported by your phone.
You can beam a photo, video, contacts or any other items to
another mobile device, be it an IR- or Bluetooth-enabled device.
For details on how to beam, refer to the related chapter in this
user manual.
Ensure the infrared data transfer rate is set at 38400 bps or 57600
bps. If the transfer rate is faster, the connection may be too
sensitive. If it’s too slow, you are not utilizing the full capabilities
of the infrared (this is not linked to modem speed, so it is not
necessary to reduce to 9600 bps).
While on the Camera screen, click Menu > Ambience > Adjust
View, and adjust the brightness using the navigation control.
Your phone camera does not have the “red-eye reduction” and
flash options.
From the Camera (Video) screen, click on the menu and select
options. Make sure the Capture mode is set to Video. Make sure
you have sufficient available memory to store the video.
Windows Mobile supports up to eight messaging accounts.
Included in these are any ActiveSync, POP3 or IMAP4, Text
Messaging, and Multimedia Messaging accounts.
Check to see if the MMS size does not exceed the maximum size
My phone could not receive MMS
of 100kB. Make sure that access is granted to the operator’s
MMS services.
Make sure that you have the correct MMS settings. Refer to the
related chapter in this user manual for a general idea on what
MMS configuration and MMSC settings need to be configured.
Then contact your service provider to find out the specific
settings. If this is a network problem, please notify T-Mobile to
clear it up.
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