Star Micronics SP2000 User manual

Star Micronics SP2000 User manual
Attaching the Wall Mounting Bracket of SP2000
1. Unpacking : Confirm that all accessories are included.
φ4mm screws(4) Not Supplied
Users must prepare φ4mm screws for bracket.
M3 ×10 screws (5)
Ground wire
M3 × 8 screws (2)
M3 × 5 screw
Roll paper holder
M2 × 10 screw
Holder plate
2. Attaching procedure :
Unplug the power plug from the outlet.
Select a position that is not subjected to mechanical shocks or exposed to moisture. Also,
confirm that the wall is wide enough for attachment.
2-1 How to attach the bracket
If attachment on the wall is not possible, fasten a board, having the minimum dimensions
of 120mm×170mm×5mm, to the wall.
Apply the bracket and mark the positions of
the screw holes.
Drill screw holes in the marked positions.
Firmly tighten and fix the bracket to the wall
with screws. Attach and fix the bracket with
the four φ4mm screws.
Use screws having sufficient length to secure
the bracket.
Wall material
fig.1 Attaching the bracket
Ground wire
Screw with flange
Roll paper holder
2-2 How to attach the holder plate and ground wire
Firmly tighten the five accessory screws M3
in the direction shown in the figure to attach
the holder plate onto the printer.
Tightening torque : 9N.m ± 0.1N.m
Firmly tighten the flanged accessory screw
M3×5 and the accessory screw M3×10 to attach the ground wire to the printer.
2-3 Setting the roll paper holder
Remove the printer cover.
Position the holder with the slot and tighten
the accessory screw M2 to attach the holder
onto the printer.
Firmly tighten the two accessory screws M3
to attach the roll paper holder onto the printer.
Holder plate
fig.3 Setting the roll paper holder
2-4 Setting the printer
Slide the printer main unit downward from the
top of the bracket so that the holder plate guides
it to a secure position.
2-5 Setting the roll paper
Move the roll paper holder in the direction of
the arrow, and insert the roll so that the holes
in the core align with the axes of the roll paper
holder. Release the roll paper holder to secure
the roll paper.
fig.2 Attaching the holder plate
and ground wire
fig.4 Setting the printer
Roll paper
fig.5 Setting the roll paper
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