Gaggenau BOP 251 612 24″ 200 series single oven Specification

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Gaggenau BOP 251 612 24″ 200 series single oven Specification | Manualzz

Controls on top


BO P 250 612

Full glass door in Gaggenau Metallic

Width 24" (60 cm)


BO P 251 612

Full glass door in Gaggenau Metallic

Width 24" (60 cm)

Included accessories

1 baking tray, enameled pyrolysis-safe

1 wire rack

1 plug-in core temperature probe

Optional accessories

B A 016 165

Pull-out system

Fully extendable telescopic rails and enameled cast iron frame.

B A 026 115

Baking tray, enameled

⁹⁄₁₆" deep.

B A 036 165

Wire rack, chromium-plated

Without opening, with feet.

B A 046 115

Glass tray

1" deep.

B A 056 115

Heating element for baking stone and

Gastronorm roaster.

B A 056 133

Baking stone.

Incl. baking stone support and pizza peel (heating element must be ordered separately). Cannot be used in combination with pull-out system.

B A 226 105

Broiling pan, enameled

1" deep.

B S 020 002

Pizza peel, additional set of 2.

GN 340 230

Gastronorm roaster in cast aluminum.

GN 2/3, height 4", with 2 ½" lid non-stick.

200 series single oven

BO P 250/BO P 251

– Flush installation

– Pyrolysis system

– 13 heating methods, with meat probe and baking stone function

– Automatic programs

– Core temperature probe with estimation of cooking time

– TFT touch display

– Electronic temperature control from 85°F – 550°F

– Net volume 3.1 cu.ft.

Cooking modes


Economy convection.

Top + bottom heat.

Top heat.

Bottom heat.

Convection + bottom heat.

Convection broil.


Economy broil.

Baking stone function.

Roaster function.

Dough proofing.



Rotary knob and TFT touch display operation.

Clear text display in 44 languages.

Option to save individual recipes

(incl. core temperature probe).

Information key with use indicators.

Side-opening door opens up to

110° angle.


Three-point core temperature probe with automatic shut-off.

Automatic programs.

Outlet for optional additional heating element used for baking stone or gastronorm roaster function.

Actual temperature display.

Super-quick preheating.

Timer functions: cooking time, shut-off time, timer, stopwatch, long-term timer (Sabbath mode).

60 W halogen light on top.

Enameled side rack supports with

4 rack levels, pyrolysis-safe.

Home network integration for digital services (Home Connect) either via cable connection LAN (recommended) or wireless via WiFi.

The use of Home Connect functionality depends on the Home

Connect Services, which are not available in every country. For further information please check:


Thermally insulated door with quintuple glazing.

Child lock.

Safety shut-off.

Cooled housing with temperature protection.


Pyrolysis system.

Gaggenau enamel.

Heated catalyzer to clean the oven air.

Planning notes

Door hinge not reversible.

The door panel front of the appliance

1 /



23 1 /






Numbers indicated inside parenthesis ( ) = mm


22 1 /



2 13



23 1 /




extends ¹³⁄₁₆" from the cabinet front.

The outer edge of the door handle extends 2 ¹³⁄₁₆" from the cabinet front.

Necessary lateral gap between appliance door and cabinet front of min. ³⁄₁₆".

Consider the overhang, including the door handle, when planning to open drawers next to the appliance.

When planning a corner solution, pay attention to the 110° door opening angle.

For installation below cooktops:

Distance between the underside of the cooktop and the top edge of the oven cavity: min. ⁹⁄₁₆". The planning notes for the cooktops (particularly regarding ventilation, gas/electric connection) must be taken into account.

To achieve the 21 ⅝" installation depth, the connecting cable needs to follow the slanted edge on the corner of the housing.

The plug needs to be planned outside of the cut-out.

The LAN port can be found at the back on the upper right side.

Please read additional planning notes on pages 62 – 63.


Total rating: 4.03 kW.

Total Amps: 17 A.

208/220–240 V/60 Hz

Plan for a 3.5' connecting cable

(hardwire required).

21 9 /




23 7 /

13 /







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