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Adimals™ 426
Digital Thermometer
Use, Care and Maintenance
Intended Use:
A digital thermometer is a device
used to measure the body temperature of a patient by means of a
transducer coupled with an electric
signal amplification, conditioning,
and display unit.
Power button
Battery cover
LCD display
Safety Information:
• Use of this device is not intended to be a substitute for consultation with your physician.
• Read the enclosed instructions carefully to ensure accurate temperature readings.
Temperature readings are affected by many factors including excercise, drinking hot or cold beverages prior to taking a reading, as well as technique.
• High prolonged fever requires medical attention especially for young children. Contact your physician.
• Do not allow children to walk or run during temperature taking. The probe could present a hazard.
Oral, underarm, and rectal temperatures vary by approximately 1°F (0.5°C)
• WARNING: Keep battery out of children’s reach. Swallowing battery could be harmful.
Battery should not be recharged or placed into extreme heat as it may explode.
• CAUTION: Do not bite, pull, or bend the probe out of shape.
• CAUTION: When inserting the unit (for oral and rectal use), insert gently.
• CAUTION: Do not boil unit. Follow cleaning instructions outlined in this instruction sheet.
• CAUTION: Do not take axillary temperature through patient’s clothing. Direct probe cover to skin
contact is required.
• CAUTION: Do not autoclave. Please note the cleaning procedures described in this manual.
How to take temperature:
1. Place a probe cover carefully over the tip (Figure 1).
2. Push the Power button to turn the unit on. The LCD window will briefly display 188.8 as an internal test. The
unit will then briefly display the last read temperature.
Figure 1
3. The unit is ready for a temperature reading when l o F
is displayed. An E r r message in the window indicates your unit is not functioning properly.
The °F/°C symbol will flash during the duration of the measurement time.
4. The unit will beep when the reading is complete in approximately 10 seconds. If you remove the
thermometer early, the LCD will display - - - F and the unit will beep. Turn the unit off and back
on to take a new reading.
5. Push the Power button to turn the unit off. This will prolong the battery life. If you do not turn the
unit off, it will shut off automatically in approximately 8 minutes.
Oral use (for children 4 years and older):
1.Do not drink hot or cold fluids, exercise or perform other activities that will
raise or lower temperature readings when compared to your normal, average temperature. The mouth should remain closed up to 5 minutes before
attempting a reading.
2.Place the probe tip well under the tongue as indicated (Figure 2). Probe
should not be moved during measurement.
3.Instruct children not to bite down on the probe.
Figure 2
4.The peak temperature should be reached in approximately 10 seconds. Opening the mouth or improper placement of the probe tip could result in a longer time for a reading or an inaccurate reading.
Rectal use
(Commonly used for babies, young children or when it is difficult to take an oral or underarm temperature):
1. After placing the probe cover on the thermometer, lubricate with a water-soluble jelly or petroleum jelly.
2.Gently insert the probe tip no more than 1/2 inch or 1.3 cm into the rectum.
Do not force the tip into the rectum if resistance is encountered.
3.Dispose of the used probe cover and wash the thermometer as recommended.
4.The peak temperature should be reached in approximately 10 seconds.
Underarm (Axillary) use:
1. Wipe underarm with a dry towel.
2. Place probe tip in armpit and bring arm down against the body.
3. The probe should be pointing upward in the same direction as your body if possible.
4. The time required for an accurate underarm temperature may be longer depending on placement of
the probe and closure of the arm against the body.
Operation of the °F - °C feature (How to change the measuring scale):
1. Turn the unit off.
2. Hold Power until the LCD displays either C
or F .
3. Push the Power button to switch between °F and °C. After two seconds, the unit will set to the currently displayed scale. When l o F is displayed, the unit is ready to take a temperature.
Changing the battery:
1. When the unit displays “ ”, the battery needs to be replaced.
2. With the unit off, carefully unscrew the battery cover, slide it off,
and remove the old battery (Figure 3).
3. Insert a new LR41 battery with the “+” symbol facing back of thermometer.
4. Replace the battery cover before turning unit back on.
Error Indications:
H i F The unit is reading too high for its range. Try again.
l o F The unit is reading too low for its range. Try again.
The battery needs to be replaced.
Figure 3
- - - F The thermometer was removed before a temperature was taken. Try again.
There is a problem with the thermometer. Please contact your retailer.
How to care for this product:
• Use of probe covers is recommended to help avoid spreading germs, and to keep the thermometer
clean. The unit should be cleaned even when probe covers are used.
• Clean the thermometer tip and probe only using isopropyl alcohol or soap and water.
• Store the unit in the protective case while not in use.
• Do not store or keep in direct sunlight, or in high temperatures.
• Keep battery away from children.
• Dispose of the unit and the battery separately. The unit and the battery should not be disposed
of in household waste. Please follow your local battery disposal regulations.
• Do not open the thermometer except to replace the battery.
• Do not drop the thermometer, as this may ruin the unit.
• The manufacturer recommends verifying the accuracy of the unit by an authorized laboratory every 2 years.
Complies with IEC60601-1:2006, IEC60601-1-2:2007, EN 12470-3:2000 and ASTM E 1112-00.
Measurement Range: 89.6°F - 109.4°F (32.0°C - 43.0°C)
±0.3°F / 89.6°F - 95.7°F (±0.2°C / 32.0°C - 35.4°C)
±0.2°F / 95.9°F - 107.6°F (±0.1°C / 35.5°C - 42.0°C)
±0.3°F / 107.8°F - 109.4°F (±0.2°C / 42.1°C - 43.0°C)
(When measured at a standard room temperature of 73.4°F (23°C) in the water bath)
Display Unit:
Storage Conditions:
Operating Conditions:
Battery Life:
Applied Part:
Measurement Time:
Audible Alarm:
Auto Turn Off:
0.1°F (0.1°C)
-13°F - 131°F (-25°C - 55°C) / 30% - 85% RH
50°F - 95°F (10°C - 35°C) / 10% - 95% RH
(1) 1.55V Button size battery (LR 41)
Symbol Definitions:
Estimated 4,000 uses (more than
200 hours of continuous use)
LCD Liquid Crystal Display
Important Warning/Caution
Approximately 20 g including battery
Equipment type is BF
6.1” x 1.2” x .66”
(155.5mm x 32.5mm x 17mm)
Manufacturer’s Information
Type BF
Authorized European Represenative’s
Oral, Rectal, Axillary 10 seconds
Notified beeper for ready and
Conforms to EU Standards
finished measurments
The fever alarm will sound with short beeps at 100°F (37.8°C)
Stores last temperature taken
After 1 minute
Limited Warranty:
This thermometer is guaranteed for 2 years from the date of purchase against manufacturer defect
under normal use. If your unit does not function properly due to defective parts or assembly, we will
repair it free of charge. All parts are covered by this warranty except the battery and damage to the
unit due to improper handling.
55 Commerce Drive
Hauppauge, NY 11788
Inspected in the U.S.A.
Made in China
tel: 631-273-9600, 1-800-232-2670
fax: 631-273-9659
ADC (UK) Ltd.
Unit 6, PO14 1TH
United Kingdom
IB p/n 93-426-00 english
email: [email protected]
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