Sanyo DP32649 - 32" LCD TV Setup And Operation

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Sanyo DP32649 - 32



1. TV G










Congratulations, you purchased a TV with TV Guide On Screen™ built in. The Guide has services and features that help you get the most out of your viewing experience.

1.1 Features and Services

Your Guide has the following services and features:





• Provides twenty-four hours of show listings (current hour plus twenty-four hours.)

• Displays channel call letters, channel numbers, or both.

• Displays three 30-minute time slots.

• Lets you continue watching the last tuned channel before entering the TV Guide menu.

• Displays icons that indicate show rating, new episodes, stereo, or HDTV broadcast, and whether closed captioning is available.

• Supports up, down, left, and right navigation using the remote control.

• Lets you tune directly to a selected channel.

• Provides an Info Box that displays show descriptions and lists

“what’s on next” on a selected channel.

• Lets you customize your channel lineup and listings grid.

• Lets you continue watching a specific channel or preview all channels as you modify your channel lineup.

• Provides access to the Setup Progress screen that displays the status of setup processes.

1.2 Guide Screen Elements

Guide screens have common features and controls, as shown in the following

LISTINGS example.

American Inventor




Title Tile

Channel Call

Letters & Number


Video Window


Info Box

Info Bar

Info Icon

HD Icon


Indicates the actvie file

Displays show title. Title colors indicate the program type:

• Green = Sports

• Purple = Movies

• Blue = Children

• Teal = Other

Identifies network and channel number

Location where show- or product-specific information appears.

Displays TV video while the Guide is displayed.

Displays current local time.

Provides information for a highlighted item.

Displays show specific broadcast information, such as new episode, TV or Movie rating, and show progress indicator.

Indicates you can press the INFO key to cycle through the various

Info Box Sizes.

Identifies shows that are broadcast in HDTV.

1.2.1 Getting Help in the Guide

During initial setup, the Info icon indicates more Help information is available for the current setup screen. When you press the INFO key the Help information displays at the top of the Guide setup screen.

NOTE : Within the Guide, the Info icon appears on show Info Boxes. In this case, the icon indicates the Info Box can be resized to view additional show information, if available.

1.3 Navigating in the Guide

A yellow highlight indicates your current location on the Guide screen. You can use the following remote control buttons to take action on a highlighted tile:


Button Action

• When watching TV, enter the Guide.

• When in the Guide, closes the Guide.

• Provides directional control.

• Makes a selection.

• Tune to the channel of the current highlighted program

• Provide additional information or Help

9 • Provides numeric entries for direct tuning and channel gird edits.


2. V








LISTINGS helps you find what’s on by providing localized channel lineups.

In LISTINGS, you can:

• View twenty-four hours of show listings (current hour plus twenty-four hours)

• View show descriptions

• Tune directly to the channel of the highlighted show

• Lock and unlock the Video Window

• Access Ads

2.1 Locating a Show in the Listings Grid

To open and use LISTINGS:

1. While watching TV, press the TV GUIDE key. LISTINGS is displayed.

NOTE : If you have not yet received your full twenty-four hours of show listings you will see the Setup Progress screen when you press TV GUIDE .

2. Press , ,




, to move the highlight within the grid.

3. To tune to a specific channel, highlight a show and press the ENTER key.

a. If you highlight a currently airing show, you tune directly to that show.

b. If you highlight a show that airs in the future, you tune to the channel on which that show will air.

2.1.1 Using Navigation Shortcuts

To jump to a specific channel in the grid:

1. In LISTINGS, use the number keys on your remote control to enter the number of the channel you want to view.

The channel number you enter appears about the channel tiles.





2. Press ENTER . If you do not press ENTER , there is a slight delay before the highlight moves to the channel you entered.

NOTE : If the channel you entered does not exist in your lineup, the highlight moves to the channel number that is closest to the one you entered.

2.2 Viewing Additional Show Information

The Info Box for each show tile contains information about the show. The Info icon indicates the Info Box can be resized.

To view more show information, as available:

1. Highlight the show and press INFO . The Info Box cycles to the next available size.

2. To continue to cycle through the available Info Box sizes, press INFO repeatedly.

The Guide uses the Info Box size you last used as the default size the next time you enter the Guide.

2.3 Customizing Your Listings Display

You can customize LISTINGS to display channel call letters, channel numbers, or both. You can also remove or reorder the channels in LISTINGS (see section 3.3.3)

To change your Channel ID tile display:

1. Press


to highlight any channel tile.

2. Press ENTER to change the display. Options are:

– Both – both channel call letters and number are displayed in the grid

– Call Letters – only channel call letters are displayed in the grid

– Number – only channel number is displayed in the grid

3. To save the changes, press


to move the highlight back to the listings grid.

2.4 Accesing Ad Information

To view promotional information linked to ads:

1. From a grid, press


repeatedly to move the highlight to the ad.

A screen with additional ad information appears.

2. To close the information screen, press



NOTE: Some ads promote programs that are currently airing. If the ad is linked to current show information, you can highlight the ad and press ENTER to watch the show.


3. S








The Guide uses setup information to provide you with show listings and lineups in your area.

NOTE: Show listings are updated several times a day. Within 24 hours after initial Guide setup, you will begin to receive TV program listings.

The Guide works with

• Over-the-air broadcast

• Analog cable (cable-ready)

• Digital cable (cable-ready and CableCARD™)

3.1 Configuring Your Initial Guide Settings

The Guide setup process directs you through the following main processes:

• Identifying your location

• Selecting and configuring the applicable broadcast services you have connected to your TV

• Confirming all the system settings

Once you set up your new TV, you see the TV Guide On Screen Welcome screen.

If you skip TV Guide On Screen Setup you see the TV Guide On Screen

Reminder screen the next time you power On your TV. (If the screens do not appear automatically, press TV GUIDE .)


• Press ENTER to begin setup process.

• Press TV GUIDE to close the screen.

• Press to highlight an option, and press ENTER .

– Start Setup - begins setup process

– Remind me to set up later - closes the screen and displays reminder next time you power On the TV.

• Press TV GUIDE to close the screen.

To navigate in the Guide setup screens:

• Use the , ,




keys to highlight selections

• Use ENTER to select (or clear) the highlighted option (selected options have a check mark √ )

• Use INFO to display available Help information

An alert ( ) will display if you enter incomplete or incorrect information during the setup process. Additionally, you can select the Back button from any screen to return to the previous setup screens to correct or review the information you entered.

Setup Screens:


Select Country a. Press / to highlight the location.

b. Press ENTER to make the selection.

c. Press


to highlight Next.

d. Press ENTER to go to Screen 2.


Enter ZIP or Postal Code

If your location is USA you see the

ZIP Code screen.

a. Press number keys to enter your ZIP Code.

(Alternately, press / to scroll through numbers and press


to move to the next character field and Next.) b. Press ENTER to go to Screen 3.


If your location is Canada, you see the Postal Code screen.

a. Press / to scroll through letters/numbers and press


to move to the next character field. b. Press


to highlight Next.

c. Press ENTER to go to Screen 3.

Select service a. Press / to highlight the connected video source for which you’d like to receive listings.

b. Press ENTER to make your selection(s).

c. Press


to highlight Next.

d. Press ENTER to go to Screen 4.

NOTE: If you do not have cable service, you must select Antenna in order to receive a channel lineup and listings. If you have multiple services connected to your TV, chose the one service for which you want to receive TV

Guide listings.



Check Setup

The following screen appears after you have configured the service you selected in Screen 3.

a. Press / to highlight the location.

b. Press ENTER to make the selection.

c. Press


to highlight Next.

d. Press ENTER to go to Screen 5.


Yes: Continue Setup process – opens screen 5.

No: Repeat Setup process – return to screen 1.

Helpful Information a. Press ENTER to make the selection.


In order to begin to receive your listings, power the TV Off when not in use. Within 24 hours, you will begin to receive TV show listings.

It is normal for the TV to change channels while the TV is Off and the Guide is setting up or receiving new data.

NOTE: In case channel numbers in LISTINGS do not match actual tune channel numbers from your broadcast service, please refer to section 3.3.2 for alternate channel lineup selection.


3.2 Checking Setup Progress

The Setup Progress screen lets you track the status of the various Guide setup functions.

To view the Setup Progress screen:

1. Press TV GUIDE to open the On Screen Guide.

2. Press MENU to make the Setup screen appear.

3. Highlight Display setup progress and press ENTER .

The Setup Progress screen appears.

NOTE: The Setup Progress screen appears each time you enter the Guide prior to receiving your initial 24 hours of channel lineup.

3. To close the screen, press TV GUIDE or ENTER .


3.3 Modifying your Guide Setup

Once you have completed Guide setup you can:

• Modify general system settings, such as your location and connected service(s).

• Select the channels that appear in the Guide.

3.3.1 Changing System Configuration after Initial Setup

You can modify any information you entered during initial Guide setup at any time.

This is useful if you want to change your connected broadcast service or move your

TV to a new ZIP or Postal Code.

To change your system settings:

1. Press MENU in the On sceen Guide to make the Setup screen appear.

2. Highlight Change system settings and press ENTER .

The Guide confirmation screen appears.


3. Press to highlight No, repeat setup process and press ENTER.

4. Press


to highlight Next and press ENTER .

The first setup screen appears.

5. Follow the on-screen instructions or, for more information, see Section 3.1.

3.3.2 Selecting an Alternate Channel Lineup

There are often several different channel lineups associated with a geographic region. If you notice the channel numbers in LISTINGS do not correspond to the actual tune channel numbers from your broadcast service, you may need to select an alternate channel lineup. You may have to select several lineup options before you receive the correct channel lineup for your area.

To select an alternate channel lineup:

1. Press MENU in the On sceen Guide to make the Setup screen appear.

2. Highlight Change system settings and press ENTER .

The Guide confirmation screen appears.

3. Press to highlight Yes, but my channel lineup is incorrect and press ENTER.


4. Press


to highlight Next and press ENTER .

A channel lineup screen, which lists all available channel lineups in your area, appears.

5. Highlight the appropriate lineup and press ENTER .

6. Press


to highlight Next and press ENTER . A confirmation screen appears.

3.3.3 Modifying the Channels in Your Listings Grid

You can edit the channels that appear in the Guide, reorder their position in the grid, and change their tune channel directly in the Channel Editor screen. Your settings determine how the channel is displayed in LISTINGS.

NOTE: The default settings for each channel are determined by the transmitted data received by your TV.

To modify your channel settings:

1. Press MENU in the On sceen Guide to make the Setup screen appear.


2. Highlight Change channel display and press ENTER . The Chanel Editor screen appears.

3. Use




to highlight any portion of the channel row and change that setting.

Options are:

Position – indicates the order of the channel in LISTINGS.

Channel – determines whether or not the channel displays in the Guide.

• On – channel is always displayed in LISTINGS.

• Auto-hide – channel is displayed in LISTINGS only when show information is available.

• Off – channel is never displayed in LISTINGS (channel row appears gray in the Channel Editor.)

Tune channel – shows the channel number that displays in LISTINGS

NOTE: The transmitted data determines the default setting for each channel.

Use your remote control the make the appropriate changes. To do this, highlight the portion of the row you want to modify and follow the instructions provided onscreen in the Info Box.

Option Highlight Position

Channel position

Channel displays in

Listings grid and

Search results

Tune channel.

RC Buttons

Up and Down Arrow to move position, or

Numbers to input new channel position.

Enter to cycle through choices (on, auto, off).

Numbers to input appropriate channel.

Warning : If you receive both analog and digital versions of the same channel, do not change the tune channel number of the analog station to match the digital channel number as this may hinder the ability of the Guide to receive data.

Instead, locate the digital station in the channel editor and, if necessary, change the channel row position to a location you prefer—you can also “hide” the analog channel so it does not appear in LISTINGS.



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