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Connect the receiver’s green mouse
connector to the computer’s 6-pin
PS/2 mouse port. Connect the receiver’s purple keyboard connector to
the computer’s 6-pin PS/2 keyboard
Install two AA batteries in the mouse
and two AA batteries in the keyboard.
Hardware Installation
Turn on your computer.
After you open Windows, please press the button under the receiver first (RB)
and then press the button under the mouse (MB) and keyboard (KB) for ID
channel setting. You only have six seconds to press the receiver, the channel
button on the keyboard (KB), then the receiver button again and the channel
button on the mouse (MB). So you press RB, KB, RB, MB to set the channel
1. When you use Wireless TwinTouch+ Optical on a desk that is made of metal, try
using a pad or reduce the receiving distance.
2. Before the first installation is completed (channel setting ready), the keyboard
will not work in DOS.
3. The Wireless TwinTouch+ Optical channel provides 256 ID-codes, and it automatically selects the ID # for your keyboard and mouse. You can only set up one
TwinTouch+ Optical at a time. But if you have additional TwinTouch+ Optical
sets in an area of 10 square meters, more interference may occur between the receiver and your keyboard and mouse.
4. If you feel the mouse does not move smooth as usual or the keyboard does not
work when typing, then the batteries have lost their charge, so please replace
them. Also, the wireless icon will be blinking “red” when there is a batterylow situation. You should set up the channel every time you replace the batterires.
The TwinTouch+Optical with radio frequency gives you free movement and an
enjoyable experience. For optimal performance, place the receiver at least 8
inches (about 20 cm) away from the mouse and other electrical devices, such as
the computer, monitor, and etc.
Please do not use this optical mouse on a desk which is made of glass, mirror,
iron, or black velvet. Also, a flat surface is necessary or the optical sensor will
not work properly.
Software Installation
1. Make sure the mouse and keyboard is connected to the computer.
2. Put the Setup disk (or CD) into the disk drive.
3. Follow the instructions on the screen to finish the software installation.
Factory Setting
1. Mouse:
Button Assignments
The Button Assignment feature lets you work in a more efficient way because you
can assign the most frequently used commands in Windows to the mouse buttons.
Magic-Roller Press the “Magic-Roller” to surf the Internet and Windows documents
Left Button
Provides traditional mouse functions such as click, double click and
Right Button You can assign this button frequently used keyboard and mouse functions in addition to features like EasyJump, Auto-Panning, Zoom, etc.
Side Buttons You can assign certain functions (Application/Document, Horizontal
Scrol, Last/Next Page, and Zoom in/out) to the upper or lower side
button with the roller.
2. Keyboard:
Rewind: Previous track of audio or video CD’s
Play & Pause: Play and pause of audio or video CD’s
Stop: Stop play of audio or video CD’s
Forward: Next track of audio or video CD’s
Vol.-& +: decrease or increase volume
My favorite: Open my favorite folder
E-mail: Open mail folder
Back: See last page when viewing the Internet
www: Open browser in Netscape or IE
Forward: Go to next page when viewing the Internet
Sleep: Turn system into wake up mode
MouseMate Software Features
Browsing Speed
You can adjust the browsing
speed when you surf the Internet or Windows documents.
Move the “Magic-Roller” forward and the screen will
browse to the top of the document. Move it in reverse and
the document will go in the opposite direction
Button Find
Automatically positions the cursor on the default button,
usually the OK button, when the dialog box appears on
your screen.
This option makes it easier to find the cursor when using
an LCD monitor. This option cannot be used if your
monitor does not support it.
Roller ButtonYou can assign this button frequently used keyboard and mouse functions in addition to features like EasyJump, Auto-Panning, Zoom, etc.
When you move the cursor to the top (or bottom) of the
screen, it will automatically move the cursor to the bottom (or top) of the screen.
Mouse Speed
This function lets you adjust the speed at which the
pointer moves across the screen.
Double Click
Use this function to set the double click speed of the
Swap Left/Right Select this option if you want to have the mouse operate
with the right mouse button as the primary button.
Pointers Folders This lets you change the shape of the cursor.
Office Mode
Only supports Microsoft Office along with some new applications. Features include zoom, scrolling and Autoscrolling features. It’s similar to Microsoft’s IntelliMouse.
Genius Mode
Supports all applications that use scrollbars, including Office, with zoom, Auto-panning, and scrolling functions.
Click here to open the Genius Homepage “”
This function lets you set the angle when you move the
mouse upward. It gives you a more comfortable angle
when holding the mouse. This function works best with a
portable trackball.
EasyJump for Windows
EasyJump lets you open eight special functions quickly.
Close AP
Control Panel
Internet Access
Close AP
Close the application you are using.
Moves the cursor to the horizontal scroll bar.
Moves the cursor to the vertical scroll bar.
Activates the Windows Start menu.
This function opens Browser to access the Internet.
This opens the Help menu.
Control Panel
Opens the mouse control panel.
Move the mouse, and the document will move in the direction you move the mouse.
Switch Applications
When the right-button or Magic-Roller is set to “Switch AP”, you can quickly switch
from one open application to another without moving the mouse. To switch to a specific application, press the the right button or the Magic-Roller to select the application.
Zoom function for Office and IE Applications
Press the “Ctrl” key and move the “Magic-Roller” forward (or backward) to set the
Zoom In/Out function. You can also use just one hand to Zoom In/Out: set the right
button to be the “Ctrl” function, press the right button and move the “Magic-Roller”
forward (or backward) to enlarge (or decrease) the document window.
You can set this function in the Button Assignment menu. Move the mouse, and the
document moves in the direction you just moved.
Uninstall the Software
Follow these instructions to remove the software from your hard disk. In Windows,
click on the Start button, select Programs and move to the mouse software. Then click
on Uninstall software.
Customize the Software
This section shows you how to customize the software. To open the software control
panel, you can double-click on the icon in the task bar or select the “Software” icon
from the program group.
Close the Software
Click the right button on the taskbar, and select “Close Software” to close the software.
Internet Access
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