Avent SCF120/01 Avent Translucent Pacifiers Product Datasheet

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Philips Avent
Translucent Pacifiers
Stylish design, crystal clear look.
Avent orthodontic, collapsible and symmetrical nipples respect the natural development
of baby's palate, teeth and gums . All Avent pacifiers are made of silicone and are taste
and odour-free. Colours are subject to change.
Orthodontic nipple
• Orthodontic, symmetrical collapsible nipple
• Snap-on protective cap
• Security ring handle
Odorless and taste-free
• User-friendly silicone nipples
Translucent Pacifiers
Country of origin
What is included
• England
• Silicone Pacifier: 2 pcs
• Snap-on protective cap: 2 pcs
Development stages
Security ring handle
• Stage: 0 - 6 months
For easy removal of the Philips Avent pacifier at any
Orthodontic nipple
Philips Avent flat, drop-shaped symmetrical nipples
respect the natural development of your baby's
palate, teeth and gums, even if the pacifier ends
upside-down in the mouth.
User-friendly silicone nipples
The Philips Avent silicone nipple is taste and odorfree so it's more likely to be accepted by your baby.
The silicone is smooth, transparent, easy to clean
and it doesn't get sticky. The nipple is strong, longlasting and won't become mis-shapen or discolored
over time.
Snap-on protective cap
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To keep sterilized nipples hygienic
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