MyBinding Copier Tabs Instruction

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MyBinding Copier Tabs Instruction | Manualzz

MyBinding Reverse

Collated 1/10th Cut 90lb

Plain Paper Copier Tabs

Instruction Manual


Instructions for Use

Handling Tips

- Handle tabs gently, Fan 8 1/2”

edges only.

- Do not touch the tab surface.

Finger oils can affect image


- Inspect carefully for bent or

damaged tabs. If any are found,

remove the entire set.

- Keep equipment clean - excess

toner can print in unwanted


Preparation of Originals

- Use the layout guide at right to

position tab titles.

- Keep copy within dotted area.

- Use a separate original for each


Loading Tips

- Load as instructed by the

copier manufacturer.

- To preserve the collating

sequence when reloading

the paper tray, unload the

remaining tabs, add new tabs

in complete sets, then place

the original remaining tabs on

the top of the stack.

Storage Tips

- Do not open until ready to use.

- Store in a cool, dry place. Like

all paper products tabs are

humidity sensitive.


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