KitchenAid KRCB 6025 Fridge/freezer combination Program Chart

KitchenAid KRCB 6025 Fridge/freezer combination Program Chart | Manualzz
KRCB 6010
KRCB 6020
KRCB 6035
Product sheet
Product sheet
Carefully read the operating instructions before using the appliance.
A. Refrigerator compartment
1. Crisper drawers
2. Crisper shelf (fish, meat, diary products,
3. Shelves / Shelf zone (cooked foods)
Least cold zone
Intermediate temperature zone
Coldest zone
Door trays
Bottle rack
Bottle holder (if provided)
Rating plate (at the side of crisper)
Fan and/or light unit with fan (depending on
B. Freezer compartment
12. Upper basket (freezing area)
13. Frozen/deep frozen food storage
14. Ice cube tray (inside basket)
15. Freezer compartment inner door
Light unit (depending on model)
Product control panel (depending on model)
Upper door tray (butter)
Note: the number of shelves and shape of the accessories may vary according to the model. All the
shelves, doors, trays and racks are removable.
Caution: The refrigerator/freezer accessories must not be placed in a dishwasher.
Control panel
Freezer compartment
1. Appliance On/Stand-by button
2. Freezer temperature increase button
3. Freezer temperature decrease button
4. Freezer temperature display
10. Red temperature alarm light
14. Black-out red light alarm
11. Alarms deactivation button
16. Sensor function green light (also called “6th
Sense” or “Dinamic Intelligence”)
12. Fast Freeze function yellow light (also called
“Extra Load”, “Super” or “Fast Freezing”)
13. Fast Freeze function button (also called “Extra
Load”, “Super” or “Fast Freezing”)
Refrigerator Compartment
5. “Vacation Option” button of the Refrigerator
6. “Vacation Option” function green light
7. Refrigerator compartment temperature display
8. Refrigerator temperature increase button
9. Refrigerator temperature decrease button
15. Filter replacement warning red light (depending
on model)
The control panel can be locked after selecting the temperature of the refrigerator and freezer
Press the keys (13) and (15) at the same time for at least 3 seconds and an acoustic alarm will signal activation
of the function. At this point the entire control panel will remain locked except for the “Acoustic Alarm” key
(11); if any key is pressed, an acoustic signal will sound and the message “CL” will appear on (4) and (7)
display while the key is pressed. To unlock the control panel, proceed as above, pressing the buttons at the
same time, for at least 3 seconds.
The refrigerator compartment is fitted with a fan, light and antibacterial filter module (if applicable). The fan
ensures a better distribution of the temperature inside the refrigerator compartment, with a better
preservation of the food.
The antibacterial filter ensures a high level of hygiene inside the refrigeration compartment through a
continuous purification of the air.
The filter has a life span of 6 months and after this period will need to be replaced. An acoustic alarm and the
flashing of the red warning light (15) will warn that the filter is no longer effective. To disable the acoustic
alarm press the button (11). The red light will however stay on. Filter replacements can be obtained from the
Customer Service Centres. The procedure to replace the filter is explained on the packing. After replacing
the filter press the button (11) for at least 3 second. The system will be reset to the initial condition and the
red warning light (15) will go off. The warning to replace the filter will come on at six month intervals.
Replacement of the filter is not covered by warranty.
Important: the fan will only operate when the compressor is on. Do not obstruct the “Suction Zone”.
Note: Ambient temperature, frequency of door opening and position of the appliance can affect the
temperature inside the refrigerator and freezer compartments. These factors should therefore be taken into
account when setting temperatures.
Replacing the light bulb
Always disconnect the appliance from the power
supply before replacing the lamp. The lamp might
be in two different positions, depending on the
1. Loosen the screw and remove the diffuser.
2. The lamp has a bayonet mount. It CANNOT
BE UNSCREWED: it should be pulled as shown
by the arrow. Replace the light bulb with one
with equal power or a power not higher than
the maximum limit indicated by the side of light
bulb holder (only available from the Customer
Care Centre).
3. Replace the diffuser and wait 5 minutes, before
reconnecting the appliance.
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