Whirlpool 27RSS D4S Side-by-Side Program Chart | Manualzz
A. Inside light (depending on the model)
B. Intermediate light (depending on the model)
C. Adjustable shelf
D. Shelf - drawer lid
E. Crisper
F. Crisper adjustment
G. Meat drawer
H. Meat drawer adjustment
I. Dairy products compartment
J. Door trays
K. 2-litre door tray with bottle holder
L. 0.75 litre door tray
M. Water filter (depending on model)
N. “Multiflow” (depending on model)
O. Bottle rack (if available)
P. Fresh food compartment (if available)
Q. Automatic ice-maker
R. Glass shelves / Racks
(depending on the model)
S. Drawer / Bottom basket
(depending on the model)
T. Drawer / Top basket
(depending on the model)
U. Ice cube drawer
V. Freezer door trays
Z. Inside light
Connect the appliance to the water system and power supply (refer to the Installation manual).
When connecting the appliance to the power supply, the display will show the temperatures preset by the
If the temperature indicator appears, accompanied by the acoustic alarm (which means that the long
black-out alarm has been activated), press the alarm reset button.
Note: After switching the appliance on, it will be necessary to wait for 2 to 3 hours before a temperature
suitable for a standard appliance load is reached.
This function turns off the refrigerator and freezer compartments. To activate the standby function, press
the button for 3 seconds: both displays will go off and a dash will appear on the left display. To reset the
function, carry out the same procedure until the previously set temperatures are displayed.
Note: Remember that this operation does not disconnect the appliance from the power supply.
Freezer temperature
The factory-set ideal temperature is -18°C. To change the temperature, press the
display shows the required value.
Refrigerator temperature
The factory-set ideal temperature is +5°C.
To change the temperature, press the
buttons until the
buttons until reaching the required value that it will be
Use the on/off button to switch the ice maker on or off. When the ice maker is on, the display shows one
of the two
Press the mode button to select the type of ice desired: crushed
or cubes
Ice and water dispenser light
The light can be switched on and off by pressing the
button on the control panel or pressing one of
the two dispenser levers; the light will switch off automatically once the water or ice has been dispensed.
6th Sense Function
The icon on indicates that the appliances is in the process of reaching the optimum preservation
This function will activate automatically when:
• A particularly high quantity of food to be cooled and/or frozen has been placed inside the appliance.
• The refrigerator and/or freezer door has been left open for a long time.
• There has been an extended interruption of the power supply.
The icon remains on until optimum preservation conditions are reached.
“Listeria" thermometer indicator (in some models only)
This symbol enables the user to check that the temperature of the refrigerator is suitable to guarantee the
correct preservation of the food.
If the indicator is on, and the appliance has been in operation for at least 24 hours, the temperature inside
the refrigerator compartment is correct. If this is not the case, reduce the set temperature and wait 12
hours, before carrying out a new visual check of the indicator.
filter (if available)
This symbol shows the condition of the antibacterial filter.
When switching on the appliance for first use, the filter icon will either be off or blue. When the icon
becomes yellow, the filter life is almost exhausted and the filter cartridge will need replacing shortly.
When the icon becomes red it is time to replace the filter.
Replace the cartridge and press the Alarm reset button until the icon goes off or becomes blue.
00800-40088400 - www.whirlpool.eu/myfridge.
Water filter
(if available)
This symbol indicates the state of the water filter.
The filter symbol is blue (green on some models) on new products. When the icon becomes yellow, the
filter life is almost exhausted and the filter cartridge will need replacing shortly.
When the icon becomes red, the filter will be replaced.
After replacing the filter cartridge, press the Filter Reset button, until the icon becomes blue (or green).
The Filter Reset button will not work if the filter icon is already blue (or green).
00800-40088400 - www.whirlpool.eu/myfridge.
Control panel lock function
This function prevents accidental changing of appliance settings or switching off.
The panel can be locked by pressing both the fast freeze
button on the left of the panel and the
button on the right of the panel at the same time, for about 3 seconds: the
symbol will
come on and an acoustic alarm will indicate activation of the function.
To deactivate the function, carry out the same procedure until the symbol goes off.
Automatic ice-maker control panel lock
This function consists of deactivating ice and water dispensing for easier cleaning or to prevent
unintentional use.
It is set by pressing the Child Lock button for 3 seconds until the symbol
e lights up; an acoustic
signal confirms activation.
To deactivate the function, carry out the same procedure until the symbol goes off.
Note: This function does not disconnect the power to the appliance, ice-maker or light, but simply
deactivates the dispenser levers.
Fast freezing
This function must be activated before freezing fresh food. To activate the function, press the
until the fast freeze symbol appears. The function is automatically deactivated after 24 hours, or manually
by pressing again the button.
This function deactivates the refrigerator compartment if the user is going away for sometime.
This function can be activated or deactivated by pressing the
button: The relevant icon will come on
and the displayed temperature of the refrigerator compartment will be replaced by a dash. To reactivate
the refrigerator compartment, repeat the operation.
After activating the function, remove perishable food from the refrigerator compartment and keep the
door closed, since the refrigerator maintains an adequate temperature for preventing the formation of
Eco Mode
This optional function can be used to save energy.
It is important to remember that this function does not disconnect the appliance from the power supply.
To activate the function press and hold down the “+” and “–” keys of the refrigerator compartment for 5
seconds, until the display switches off completely.
When trying to use the control panel (opening doors or using the water and/or ice delivery control levers)
while this function is on, the display will show the message ECO to warn the user of the current operating
The ECO function disables the control panel and its warning signals. To reinstate normal operating
condition repeat the same operation until the display shows the previously set temperatures.
In the event of an alarm, the acoustic alarm and indicator lights are activated.
Important: To disable the acoustic signal, press the Alarm Reset button.
Black-out alarm
The alarm black-out activates when a prolonged interruption of the power supply has caused an increase
in temperature in the freezer compartment. The freezer display will flash, showing the maximum
temperature reached in the compartment during the interruption. At the same time, the acoustic signal
will also activate and the
alarm light will flash. To disable the alarm, press the Alarm Reset
Important: Before consuming any food from the compartment ensure that this is still suitable for
Door open alarm
The door alarm symbol lights up and the acoustic alarm is activated when one or both doors of the
refrigerator and/or freezer have remained open.
When the doors are left open for more than 2 minutes, the symbol flashes and an acoustic signal sounds.
Operation alarm
The activation of the acoustic alarm and the appearance of a letter code on the display indicates a problem
with the appliance. If this happens, call customer service. You will be asked to provide the letter code
shown on the display instead of the temperature.
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