Whirlpool ART 880/NF Fridge/freezer combination Program Chart

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Whirlpool ART 880/NF Fridge/freezer combination Program Chart | Manualzz


Eco night function

The Eco night function enables the appliance’s energy consumption to be concentrated in the hours that correspond to the cheapest electricity tariff (generally at night), when electricity is freely available and costs less compared to daytime (only in countries that utilize a multi-tariff system based on time of day - check your energy tariff with your local electricity utility company). To activate the function, press the Eco night button at the time the cheap tariff begins (depending on your specific tariff). For example, if the cheap rate begins at 8 pm, press the button at that time.

When the Eco night LED is ON, the function is active. Once the function has been activated, the appliance automatically adapts energy consumption based on the time selected, i.e. consuming less energy during the day than at night.

IMPORTANT: To operate properly, the function must be active during both night and day. The function remains active until deactivated (or it deactivates in the event of a blackout or appliance switch-off). To deactivate the function, press the button again. When the Eco night LED is OFF, the function is not active.

Note: the appliance’s declared energy consumption refers to operation with the Eco night function deactivated.

Deactivating acoustic alarms (Stop Alarm)

To deactivate the acoustic signals, press the

“Stop Alarm” button briefly.

6 th Sense Fresh Control function

This function is used to quickly reach optimum preservation conditions regarding temperature and humidity inside the appliance. The fan must also be on for it to work properly.

Key Lock

The key lock can be activated/deactivated by keeping the “key lock” button pressed for 3 seconds, until a confirmation sound is heard (the icon lights up). If you press any button while the key lock is active, you will hear a sound and the “Key Lock” icon will start to flash.

Refrigerator compartment temperature

A different temperature can be set using the “Fridge” button.


Press for 3 seconds to switch off the appliance. In Standby mode, the two hyphens and the light in the refrigerator compartment come on. To switch the product back on, simply press the button briefly again.

Note: This operation does not disconnect the appliance from the power supply.

Freezer compartment temperature

A different temperature can be set using the “Freezer” button.

Fast Freeze

Press the “Freezer” button for 3 seconds 24 hours before placing large amounts of food in the freezer compartment. When the function is activated, the icon lights up. This function is automatically deactivated after 48 hours, or manually by pressing the “Freezer” button again.

Note: The food to be frozen must not be touching already frozen food.

Temperature display

The display can alternately show the refrigerator compartment temperature (between 2°C and 8°C) or the freezer compartment temperature (between -16°C and -24°C).


The fan is preset as ACTIVE. The fan can be deactivated by pressing the button on the base (as shown in the figure). If the room temperature exceeds 27°C or if there are water droplets on the glass shelves, the fan must be on in order to ensure the correct preservation of food. Deactivation of the fan enables energy consumption to be optimised.


Refrigerator Compartment


Fan and antibacterial and antiodour filter

(depending on the model)


Lamp or LED light (depending on the model)




LED lights (depending on the model)


Crisper drawer cover




Rating plate (located at side of crisper)


Control panel


Dairy compartment

O. Door trays


Bottle holder (if provided)


Bottle bin

Least cold zone

Intermediate zone

Coldest zone

Fruit and vegetable zone

Freezer Compartment


Top drawer (freezing area)


Middle and bottom drawers (storage area for frozen and deep frozen food)


Ice cube tray (if provided)

Note: All shelves, door trays and racks are removable.

The ideal temperatures for preserving foods are already factory-set.

Carefully read the user handbook provided before using the appliance.

The characteristics, technical data and images may vary according to the model.

The inside light does not work.

What to do if...

The control panel is switched off, the appliance does not work.

The temperature inside the compartments is not low enough.

There is water on the bottom of the refrigerator compartment.

The front edge of the appliance, at the door striker seal, is hot.

The red light flashes and an acoustic signal sounds

The red light flashes and an acoustic signal sounds and remains on even with the door closed.

The red light comes on (without flashing), an acoustic signal sounds and the freezer compartment temperature display flashes.

The red light comes on, an acoustic signal sounds and the letter “F” flashes on the display.


The light may need replacing.

Possible causes

The appliance could be in On/Standby mode.

There may be an appliance power supply problem.

The appliance could be in On/Standby mode

There could be various causes (see “Cures”)

The defrost water drain is blocked.

This is not a defect. It prevents condensation from forming.

Door open alarm

It is activated when a door remains open for a long period of time.

Power failure alarm

It is activated in case of a prolonged power outage causing an increase in the freezer compartment temperature.

Note: A different product temperature cannot be set until the power failure alarm is deactivated.


Activate the appliance with the On/Standby button

Make sure:

- there is not a power outage

- the plug is properly inserted in the power socket and the mains double-pole switch (if present) is in the correct position

(i.e. allows the appliance to be powered)

- the household electrical system protection devices are efficient

- the power cable is not broken.

Models with lamp: disconnect the appliance from the power supply, check the lamp and, if necessary, replace it with a new one (see the section “Lamp or LED replacement”).

Models with LED lights: contact the authorised Service Centre.

Activate the appliance with the On/Standby button

Make sure:

- the doors close properly

- the appliance is not installed near a heat source

- the set temperature is adequate

- the circulation of air through the vents at the bottom of the appliance is not obstructed

Clean the defrost water drain hole (see the section “Appliance Maintenance and Cleaning”)

No cure is necessary.

Close the doors of the product to deactivate the acoustic signal. If the acoustic signal does not go off, it is a power failure alarm (see the section Power failure alarm).

Before deactivating the acoustic signal, it is advisable to pay attention to the temperature shown on the temperature display, corresponding to the highest temperature reached in the freezer compartment during the power failure. Press the “Stop Alarm” button briefly to deactivate the acoustic signal. After pressing the button, the temperature display shows the set temperatures again. If the freezer compartment has not yet reached the optimum food preservation temperature, the freezer compartment temperature alarm could be activated (see freezer compartment temperature alarm). Check the food before consuming it.

Freezer compartment temperature alarm

The freezer compartment temperature alarm indicates that the compartment temperature is not optimum. This may happen: with first use, after defrosting and/or cleaning, if large amounts of food are placed inside the freezer or when the freezer door has not been closed properly.

Malfunction alarm

The alarm indicates a fault in a technical component.

Press the “Stop Alarm” button briefly to deactivate the acoustic signal. The red light goes off automatically when optimum temperature conditions are reached. If the freezer compartment temperature alarm stays on, contact the

Authorised Service Centre.

Call the authorised Service Centre. Press the “Stop Alarm” button briefly to deactivate the acoustic signal



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