Bauknecht KGIE 2183/A++ GK Fridge/freezer combination Program Chart

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Bauknecht KGIE 2183/A++ GK Fridge/freezer combination Program Chart | Manualzz


Press to activate/deactivate the appliance.

Note: This operation does not disconnect the appliance from the power supply


Green Intelligence Pro Fresh.

Can be used to quickly achieve optimal storage conditions in terms of the temperature and humidity inside the appliance. The fan must also be active for it to work properly.

Refrigerator Compartment


Fan and antibacterial and antiodour filter (if available)


Lamp or LED light (depending on the model)




LED lights (depending on the model)


Special Compartment cover ("Meat & Fish" or "Zero

Degrees") (if available)


Special Compartment ("Meat & Fish" or "Zero

Degrees") (if available)


Crisper cover




Rating plate (located at side of crisper)


Control panel


Dairy compartment

Q. Door trays


Bottle holder (if provided)


Bottle shelf

Least cold zone

Intermediate zone

Coldest zone

Fruit&veg zone

Freezer Compartment


Top drawer or door (freezing zone)


Middle and bottom drawers (frozen and deep-frozen food storage zone)


Ice cube tray (if provided)

Note : All shelves, door trays and racks are removable.

The ideal food storage temperatures are already factoryset.

Super Cooling

Press the "Super cooling temp." button for 3 seconds before putting large amounts of fresh food in the refrigerator compartment.

When the function is active, the yellow light is on and the three green lights are off.

This function is automatically deactivated after 6 hours, or manually by pressing the button again for 3 seconds.

When the function is not active, the yellow light is off and the indication of the set temperature is shown by the green lights.

Fan (if available)

The fan is preset as ACTIVE.

The fan can be deactivated by pressing the button on the base (as shown in the figure). If the room temperature exceeds 27°C, the fan must be on in order to guarantee the correct preservation of food. Deactivation of the fan enables energy consumption to be optimised.

What to do if...

The control panel is switched off, the appliance does not work.

The inside light does not work.

Possible causes:

There may be an appliance power supply problem.

The appliance could be in off mode.

The light may need replacing.

The temperature inside the compartments is not low enough.

There could be various causes (see "Cures")

There is water on the bottom of the refrigerator compartment.

The defrost water drain is blocked.

The front edge of the appliance, at the door striker seal, is hot This is not a defect It prevents condensate from forming.

One or more green lights flash continuously.

Malfunction alarm

The alarm indicates a fault in a technical component.

Refrigerator compartment temperature

The three green lights indicate the set refrigerator compartment temperature.

A different temperature can be set using the "Super cooling temp." button.

The following adjustments are possible:

LED's on Set temperature

High (least cold)




Low (coldest)


Make sure:

- there is not a power outage

- the plug is properly inserted in the power socket and the mains double-pole switch (if present) is in the correct position

(i.e. allows the appliance to be powered)

- the household electrical system protection devices are efficient

- the power cable is not broken.

Activate the appliance with the On/Off button

Models with lamp: disconnect the appliance from the power supply, check the lamp and, if necessary, replace it with a new one (see the section "Lamp or LED replacement").

Models with LED lights: contact the authorised Service Centre.

Make sure:

- the doors close properly

- the appliance is not installed near a heat source

- the set temperature is adequate

- the circulation of air through the vents at the bottom of the appliance is not obstructed

Clean the defrost water drain hole (see the section "Appliance Maintenance and Cleaning")

No cure is necessary.

Call the authorised Service Centre.


Before using the appliance, also carefully read the instructions provided with it.

The characteristics, technical data and images may vary according to the model.

D GB F NL E P I GR S N DK FIN 5019 408 01025


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