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Installationsanweisungen: Bei der Installation der Abzugshaube sind folgende Mindestabstände einzuhalten:
50 cm bei Elektrokochplatten, 65 cm bei Gas-, Öl- oder Kohlekochplatten. Schreiben die
Installationsanweisungen des Gaskochfelds einen größeren Abstand vor, ist dieser natürlich zu beachten.
Hinweis für Installation und Gebrauch: Lesen Sie vor dem Gebrauch der Abzugshaube aufmerksam die
vorliegende Gebrauchsanweisungen; die Abbildungen finden Sie auf den ersten Seiten. Der Hersteller lehnt jede
Haftung für Störungen, Schäden oder Feuer ab, die bei Missachtung der vorliegenden Gebrauchsanweisungen
durch das Gerät entstehen sollten.
Sie sollten auf jeden Fall einen qualifizierten Techniker mit der Installation betrauen.
For installation: The hood must be installed at least 50 cm from electric cookers and 65 cm from gas, gas oil or coal
cookers. If the installation instructions for a gas cooker specify a greater distance, then this distance must be observed.
For installation and use: Before installing or using the hood, read this manual carefully. The drawings are at the
front of the manual. The Manufacturer declines all liabillity for any faults, damage or fires caused by the appliance
as a result of failure to observe the instructions and recommendations given in this manual.
Contact a qualified technician for installation.
Remarque pour le montage : La hotte doit être installée à une distance minimum de 50 cm des cuisinières
électriques et de 65 cm des cuisinières à gaz, pétrole ou charbon. Si les instructions d’installation du dispositif de
cuisson à gaz indiquent une distance supérieure, il est nécessaire de la respecter.
Remarque pour le montage et l’utilisation : Avant de monter ou d’utiliser la hotte, lisez attentivement cette
notice et consultez les dessins qui se trouvent aux premières pages. Le fabricant décline toute responsabilité en
cas d’inconvénients, dommages ou incendies provoqués par l’appareil et dûs à la non-observation des instructions
de cette notice.
Il est conseillé de consulter un technicien qualifié pour procéder au montage.
Nota di installazione: La cappa deve essere installata ad una distanza minima di 50 cm dai fuochi elettrici e di
65 cm dai fuochi a gas, gasolio o carbone. Se le istruzioni di installazione del dispositivo di cottura a gas specificano
una distanza maggiore a quella specificata, bisogna tenerne conto.
Nota di installazione ed uso: Prima di installare o utilizzare la cappa leggere attentamente questo manuale, i
disegni si trovano nelle prime pagine. Si declina ogni responsabilità per eventuali inconvenienti, danni o incendi
provocati all’apparecchio derivati dall’inosservanza delle istruzioni riportate in questo manuale.
Si consiglia di consultare un tecnico qualificato per l’installazione.
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Important: the figures are on the first pages of this booklet.
• Fix the bracket on the rear of the hood near the coupling ring (Fig. 1.1a).
Note: the bracket can be adjusted horizontally, which enables the position of the hood to be adjusted (Fig. 1.1b).
• Trace a centre line on the wall between the hob and ceiling (Fig. 2.2).
Mark the distance from the hob (respecting the minimum distance) with the pencil and position the template (if provided)
against the wall on the mark (Fig. 2.3).
Then mark and drill the hole, insert the wall plug and partially tighten 1 screw (Fig. 2.4).
• Fix the flue support as close as possible to the ceiling (Fig. 3.1). For filter operation, in this phase, also fix the deflector
(Fig. 3.2).
Hang the hood on the partially tightened screw (Fig. 3.3a - if necessary, adjust the hood horizontally by means of the
bracket - Fig- 3.3b)
Mark the hood fixing points:
2 at the bottom: remove the grease filters (Fig. 3.4), 2 at the top on the sides of the bracket.
Remove the hood, drill the holes, insert the plugs into the holes (Fig. 3.5), refit the hood, insert and tighten all the screws
(Fig.3.6 - Fig. 3.7)
External Exhaust Mode: Fumes are extracted and expelled to the outside through a fume hose fixed to the collar at the top
of the hood.
Caution! If the hood is equipped with a carbon filter, this must be removed.
Exhaust air must not be conveyed through a flue used for removal of fumes produced by gas combustion appliances or other
combustible materials, but must have an independent outlet. All national regulations governing extraction of fumes must be
Filter Hood: Air is filtered through a carbon filter and returned to the room.
Caution! If the hood is not already equipped with a carbon filter, one must be ordered and fitted prior to use.
Installing the telescopic flue
• Connect the hood to the mains supply and fix the telescopic flue to the flue bracket with two screws. Slide the bottom
section down into its seat on the top of the hood (Fig. 4).
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Fitting or replacing the carbon filter
(filter hoods only).
Change the carbon filter every six months.
1. Remove the grease filters.
2. Fit the filters as shown in the figures below.
3. Reverse the above procedure to remove the carbon
4. Refit the grease filters.
1. Control panel.
move the switch to the right or press the button to switch
Extraction speed
move the switch to the right or press the next button to
increase extraction speed (or open the shutter ) .
2. Grease filters.
3. Lamp covers(or halogen lamps, depending on the
4. Telescopic flue.
Grease filters:
Metal grease filters have an unlimited
life and should be washed once a
month either by hand or in a
dishwasher at a low temperature and
in a short cycle. Washing in a
dishwasher can cause grease filters to
turn white, but this in no way affects
Press the handle to release the filter
Wash the filter and leave it to dry. Refit the filter in reverse
Detach the lighting unit and remove
the burnt-out bulb.
Refit the filters.
Halogen bulbs:
Use a small screwdriver or any other
suitable tool to prise off the bulb cover.
Replace the bulb cover so that it clicks
into position.
Use only max 40 W
- E14 bulbs or max 20 W halogen
bulbs (depending on the model),
taking care not to touch them with
your hands.
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Warning! Failure to remove oil and grease at least once a
month could lead to fire.
Use a soft cloth damped in a neutral detergent. Never use
abrasives or alcohol.
Please read these instructions carefully in order to get the
best out of your new hood.
Packaging materials can be dangerous for children. Keep
packaging materials (plastic bags, polystyrene, etc.) well out
of their reach.
Make sure the hood has not been damaged during transport.
Installation and electrical connections must be carried out by
a qualified technician in compliance with local safety
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1. Packaging
Packaging materials are 100% recyclable and are marked
with the recycling symbol . Dispose of packaging materials
in compliance with local waste disposal regulations. Packaging
materials can be dangerous for children. Keep packaging
materials (plastic bags, polystyrene, etc.) well out of their
2. Appliance
The appliance itself is made from recyclable materials.
Dispose of it in accordance with local waste disposal
regulations. Cut off the mains lead to render the appliance
unusable before disposing of it. Do not dispose of the appliance
in the environment. Take it to a proper waste disposal centre.
• Do not allow children or infirm persons to operate
the appliance without supervision.
• Make sure that children do not play with the
1. Do not connect the appliance to the mains electricity
supply until installation is completed. Always disconnect
the hood from the mains before performing any cleaning
or maintenance.
2. Do not “flambé” food under the hood. Naked flames
could cause fire.
3. Do not leave pans unattended when frying. Cooking oil
can catch fire.
4. Regular cleaning and maintenance is essential to correct
functioning and good performance. Regularly remove dirt
deposits. Regularly clean or replace filters. Never use
flammable materials as hoses for extracted air.
5. If the hood is used together with non-electrically powered
appliances, ambient negative pressure must not exceed
4Pa (4 x 10 -5 bars). Make sure that the room is
adequately ventilated.
Declaration of conformity
This product has been designed, manufactured and sold in
conformity to the following standards:
- safety objectives of the “Low Voltage” Directive
- protection requirements of “EMC” Directive 89/336/
EEC amended by Directive 93/68/EEC.
Trouble-shooting guide
Hood does not work:
• Is the power plug properly inserted in the mains socket?
• Is there a power failure?
• Is the mains fuse OK?
The hood is not extracting efficiently:
• Is the right extraction speed selected?
• Do the filters need to be cleaned or replaced?
• Are the air outlets blocked?
Light does not work:
• Does the bulb need to be replaced?
• Is the bulb correctly fitted?
• Is the mains fuse OK?
Before calling Technical Assistance
1. Check to see if you can fix the problem yourself
(see "Trouble-shooting guide"”).
2. Switch the hood off for a few minutes then switch it back
on and see if the problem has gone.
3. If the problem persists, call Technical Assistance.
• the nature of the problem,
• the model of hood, stated on the data plate inside the
hood, accessible by removing the grease filters.
• your full address,
• your telephone number and area code.
• the service code (the number appearing below the word
SERVICE on the data plate inside the hood behind the
grease filter).
If any repairs are needed, contact an authorised Service
Centre (to ensure that only original spare parts are used and
that repairs are made correctly).
Failure to comply with these instructions may compromise
the safety and quality of the product.
Electrical connections
Before connecting the hood to the mains, make sure that the
voltage specified on the data plate corresponds to the voltage
in your home. The data plate is located inside the hood
behind the grease filter.
If the appliance is fitted with a power supply cable and plug,
the plug must be inserted in an accessible socket.
If the hood does not come pre-fitted with a mains plug, fit
one that conforms to applicable standards or use a doublepole switch with a minimum breaking gap of 3 mm.
Replacement of the power supply cable with power plug or
flexible cable may only be carried out by an authorized
Service Centre or a qualified electrician.
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