GE GTDP250GMWW 7.0 cu. ft. capacity DuraDrum™ gas dryer Quick Specs

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GE GTDP250GMWW 7.0 cu. ft. capacity DuraDrum™ gas dryer Quick Specs | Manualzz






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GE ® 7.0 cu. ft. capacity DuraDrum ™ gas dryer


Dimensions and Installation Information (in inches)

Exhaust Option: When viewed from the front of the unit, exhaust 3-way via rear, left and bottom. Dryer is shipped exhausted to the rear. Alternate exhausting knockouts are supplied.

Gas: An individual, properly-grounded branch circuit, with a three-prong groundingtype receptacle, protected by a 15 or 20 amp circuit breaker or a time-delay fuse is required.

Gas Dryer Electric Rating: 120V, 60Hz, 6A

Gas (BTU/HR): 22,000. Factory-equipped for natural gas. Tested for LP gas. LP gas supply requires a conversion kit. Check installation instructions for correct kit and have a qualified gas technician install a conversion kit. See dryer ducting information for proper installation.

5.7 cu. ft. Dryers


36" of service cord entry and accessible when dryer is mounted in position.

Installation Information: For complete information, see installation instructions packed with your dryer.


Cord Hole


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Back View



Washer/Dryers SC QSart


Cord Hole

Back View





Side View


*24-1/2" from the edge of the side panel to the front.

25-1/2" from front to edge of endcaps.






Rear View

Specification Created 7/10 370191


GE ® 7.0 cu. ft. capacity DuraDrum ™ gas dryer

For complete information, see installation instructions packed with your dryer.

Ducting Materials:

For best performance, this dryer should be vented with 4" diameter all rigid metal exhaust duct. If rigid metal duct cannot be used, then UL-listed flexible metal (semirigid) ducting can be used (Kit WX08X10077). In special installations, it may be necessary to connect the dryer to the house vent using a flexible metal (foil-type) duct.

A UL-listed flexible metal (foil-type) duct may be used ONLY in installations where rigid metal or flexible metal (semi-rigid) ducting cannot be used AND where a 4” diameter can be maintained throughout the entire length of the transition duct. Please see installation instruction packed with your dryer for complete instructions when using flexible metal (foil type) ducting.

Exhaust Length Calculation:

1. Determine the number of 90° turns needed for your installation. If you exhaust to the side or bottom of dryer, add one turn.

2. The maximum length of 4" rigid (aluminum or galvanized) duct which can be tolerated is shown in the table. A turn of 45° or less may be ignored. Two 45° turns within the duct length should be treated as a 90° elbow. A turn over 45° should be treated as a

90° elbow.

Dryers must be exhausted to the outside.

Caution: For personal safety do not terminate exhaust into a chimney, under any enclosed house floor (crawl space), or into an attic, since the accumulated lint could create a fire hazard or moisture could cause damage. Never terminate the exhaust into a common duct or plenum with a kitchen exhaust, since the combination of lint and grease could create a fire hazard.

Exhaust ducts should be terminated in a dampered wall cap to prevent back drafts, bird nesting, etc. The wall cap must also be located at least 12" above the ground or any other obstruction with the opening pointed down.

For more information on venting kits and accessories, please call 1-800-GE-CARES.

Special Installation Requirements

Alcove or Closet Installation:

• If your dryer is approved for installation in an alcove or closet, it will be stated on a label

on the dryer back.

• The dryer MUST be exhausted to the outside.

• Minimum clearances between dryer cabinet and adjacent walls or other surfaces are:

0" either side; 3" front and rear

• Minimum vertical space from floor to overhead cabinets, ceilings, etc. is 52”.

• Closet doors must be louvered or otherwise ventilated and must contain a minimum of 60 sq. in. of open area equally distributed. If this closet contains both a washer and a dryer, doors must contain a minimum of 120 sq. in. of open area equally distributed.

• No other fuel-burning appliance shall be installed in the same closet with a gas dryer.

Bathroom or Bedroom Installation:

• The dryer MUST be exhausted to the outdoors.

• The installation must conform with the local codes, or in the absence of local codes, with the National Electric Code and National Fuel Gas Code, ANSI Z223 for gas dryers.

Minimum Clearances other than Alcove or Closet Installation:

• Minimum clearances to combustible surfaces are: 0" both sides; 3" rear

Dryer Exhausting Information : Use metal duct only, vertical and horizontal ducting.




B dryer models



7.0, 6.0 and 5.8 cu. ft.

capacity models all gas dryers

Number of

90° turns





Best performance

Maximum length of 4" dia. rigid metal duct

Exhaust hood type


4" opening

90 ft.

60 ft.

45 ft.

35 ft.


2-1/2" opening

60 ft.

45 ft.

35 ft.

25 ft.

Specification Created 7/10 370191


GE ® 7.0 cu. ft. capacity DuraDrum ™ gas dryer

Features and Benefits

• Auto Dry - Monitors air temperature with an automatic thermostat and ends the cycle when clothes are properly dried

• Rotary electromechanical controls - Easy-to-use controls make it simple to set cycles

• 4 heat selections - Provide the right temperatures for your clothes-drying needs

• Wrinkle Care Extended Tumble - Continues to tumble clothes without heat to help prevent wrinkling and creasing

• Delicates cycle - Low-heat setting helps protect heat-sensitive fabrics, like microfiber and rayon or nylon

• Extended Tumble - Adds no heat tumbling to any cycle to reduce wrinkles

• Damp Dry cycle - Allows you to remove select items for hang drying or damp ironing

• Variable end-of-cycle signal - Alert sounds whenever cycle is complete and adjustable volume provides added convenience

• Up to 90 ft. venting capability - Has long equivalent ducting performance for more flexible installation

• Model GTDP250GMWW White on white


Specification Created 7/10 370191


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