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Phaser® 6250 Color Laser Printer

Managing Your Printer

There are a number of resources available to help you get the best quality prints from your printer.

"Printer’s IP Address" on page 1-12

"CentreWare Internet Services (IS)" on page 1-12

"PhaserSMART" on page 1-13

"PrintingScout" on page 1-13

Printer’s IP Address

You need your printer’s IP address if you change printer settings through CentreWare IS.

Follow these steps to identify your printer’s IP address:


At the printer’s front panel, select Information , then press the OK button.


Select Printer Identification , then press the OK button.

CentreWare Internet Services (IS)

CentreWare IS a printer management tool that helps users and administrators accomplish many tasks. It is available on all networked printers. With CentreWare IS you can:

Configure and manage multi-vendor printers.

Access remote diagnostics and troubleshooting information for printer problems.

Monitor printer and supply status.

Link to software updates and Technical Support.

CentreWare IS uses TCP/IP (your printer’s IP address) to communicate directly with an embedded web server on the printer. CentreWare IS runs on any TCP/IP enabled computer with a web browser.

Launching CentreWare IS

To launch CentreWare IS:


Launch your web browser.


Enter your printer's IP address in the browser’s Address field (


For detailed information about CentreWare IS software, click HELP on the upper right of the CentreWare IS screen.

For more information about “CentreWare IS” go to Reference/Connections & Networks/

Printer Management Software on the User Documentation CD-ROM.

Copyright © 2003 Xerox Corporation. All Rights Reserved.


Managing Your Printer


PhaserSMART Technical Support is an automated, Internet-based support system. Use your default web browser to send diagnostic information from your printer to our web site for analysis. PhaserSMART Technical Support examines the information, diagnoses the problem, and proposes a solution. If the problem is not resolved with the solution, PhaserSMART

Technical Support assists you in opening a Service Request with Xerox Customer Support.

Launching PhaserSMART from CentreWare IS

To access PhaserSMART Technical Support through CentreWare IS:


Launch your web browser.


Enter your printer’s IP address in the browser’s Address field (


Select Support.


Select the Technical Support link to access PhaserSMART Technical Support.


PrintingScout, installed with your printer driver and available only with Windows, automatically checks the printer status and sends instant notification to your computer if the printer needs attention.

Whenever the printer is unable to print your document, the printer automatically sends an onscreen message that provides helpful text and illustrations showing how to fix the printer.

Phaser® 6250 Color Laser Printer



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