MSI INTERCEPTOR DS100 GAMING GEAR Owner's Manual | Manualzz
Using the Mouse Software
Thank you for choosing the well designed gaming mouse, MSI Interceptor
To ensure that the mouse will be working smoothly when connecting to your
DS100, to be your companion. This exquisite gaming mouse will surely give
computer, it is suggested to install the mouse driver and the necessary application
provided in the disk that comes with the package.
you a delightful and professional experience in PC games.
Once the mouse driver and application are installed properly, launch the mouse
This guide provides instructions and illustrations to help you get the most from
application by double-clicking the short-cut on the desktop.
the mouse, and it is recommended to read this guide before using it.
Setting up the mouse
System Requirements
With this mouse application, users are allowed to appoint a specific function,
combo keys or macro to each button of the mouse. There are 5 different
PC with USB port
combinations (profiles) of button functions can be defined separately for 5 specific
Windows® 8/ Windows® 7/ Windows Vista® / Windows® XP
At least 30MB of hard disk space
General Mouse Buttons
Move the cursor to the tag under Button Assignment to setup the specific function
DPI Down
for each button of the mouse
Left Button &
Right Button
Braided Wire &
Gold-plated USB
Profile Mode Change
No.69, Lide St., Zhonghe Dist.,
New Taipei City 235, Taiwan(R.O.C.)
Combo Key
Macro Manger
Setting up Sensitivity options
Setting up Advanced Options
To setup a Combo key, follow the steps below:
To setup a Marco, follow the steps below:
In this setting page, users are allowed to setup the DPI level and value of the
In this setting page, users are allowed to setup the Polling Rate, and the Light
1.Move the mouse cursor to a tag under Button Assignment to unfold the function
1.Move the mouse cursor to a tag under Button Assignment to unfold the
list, and then select Combo key.
2.Give the Combo Key instructions, and then click “OK” button to save the Combo
Key instructions.
function list, and then select Marco.
2.Add a new Marco by click on “New”, and then click the recording button to
give and record the instructions to the Marco as your request.
3.Click on the stop button to stop recording, and then click “OK” button to save
the Marco instructions.
The default DPI values include: 400/ 800/ 1600/ 3500.
Polling Rate Selections: 125/ 250/ 500/ 1000 Hz.
Clicking the Up and Down arrows once to increase or decrease by 100 DPI
Polling rate can be defined as how often the device frequency that is connected to the
USB port could send information to the computer
Sliding the DPI value bar can also adjust the DPI value as your request.
Lights Option:
* Backlight On/Off switch
* Adjust light breathing frequency
* Change light color
Setting up System Setting Options
Setup the speed of Double Click,
Pointer, and Scroll by sliding the
speed value bars, if needed.
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