Associated 6508A Intellamatic Battery Charger Guide

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Associated 6508A Intellamatic Battery Charger Guide | Manualzz

6508A INTELLAMATIC Smart Charger

Quick Start Guide

Plug Charger into 120V outlet. Red LED on panel will indicate Charger is ready when Power Switch is in either the Charge or Crank Position. Warning: use

Crank setting only for Crank assisting a battery.

Select battery type to be charged, Either Flooded or AGM/ Gel-Cell-Sealed battery. If not sure of battery type use AGM /Gel/Sealed mode to prevent damage to battery in the event it is an AGM/Gel or Sealed battery.

Connect Red clamp to positive battery post and black to negative battery post,

Green LED will illuminate for approximately 4 seconds to indicate proper polarity.

If Green LED does not come on check for proper clamp connection. This charger is polarity indicated and protected so no damage will occur by accidental reverse hook-up. If Red LED starts Flashing then Battery is connected backwards.

If you’re sure the polarity is correct and the Green LED light does not come on hold the Dead Battery Override button down for 5 seconds this will put a small surface charge on the battery to start the charging process.

Yellow LED will stay on steady when charging. This charger has an automatic

Deep Discharge mode which will try and recover deeply discharged or sulfated batteries in this mode the Yellow and Green LED’s will alternate. When the yellow LED starts to blink the battery is at or above 80% state of charge. The

Green LED will start to blink when battery is completely charged.

During the first 15 minutes this charger will automatically test the battery for its ability to hold a charge. If during any of these tests the charger determines the battery is not holding a charge the Red LED will blink indicating a weak or defective battery.

This charger also has power supply mode. On the battery type selector switch select the center position- ESS. This will put the charger in a mode of operation that will put out a clean 13.7 Volts at up to 70 Amps for extended service procedures such as vehicle re-flash or drivability diagnostics.

Should you have questions please call Associated Equipment Tech Support Line at 314 679-

2544 (7:00 AM to 4:30 PM CST)

W2431 027-0972 Rev. 20140729


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