Gasmate EH520 User Manual

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Gasmate EH520 User Manual | Manualzz

Deluxe Electric Heater

Product Features:

• 7000hr life gold coated

heating element

• Gold globe produces less


• Instantaneous infrared heat

• The ideal solution for extending

the outdoor entertaining season

• Can be used indoors or


• Waterproof - IP65 approved

• Anodized aluminium alloy


• Perfect for use where heater

clearance with a low roof is

an issue

Model No. EH515 (1300W)

Model No. EH520 (1500W)

Model No. EH525 (2000W)

Gasmate ® is a registered trademark of: Sitro Group Australia Pty Ltd

Aber – Hamilton, N.Z.

Important: Retain these instructions for future use.

02755 12/10

For any queries or assistance call

customer service

australia only

1300 174 876

Hours of operation:

Monday to Friday 8.30am - 5.30pm EST

Do not return to place of purchase.

Keep your purchase receipt, this will be required to make any claims under the 12 month warranty.

INstallatIoN, oPEratIoN aND MaINtENaNcE



Before attempting to operate this heater, the following basic safety precautions should be taken to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock and personal injury. It is important to read the instruction manual and to understand its’ applications, limitations and potential hazards associated with this heater. This heater is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning the use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety. This heater is not designed for use within 1m or above a water source. It is important that you read, understand and follow these instructions very carefully. They are designed for the safety of yourself and others ensuring a long and trouble free service life from your heater. This electric heater complies with

Australian and International standards and safety requirements. Repairs should only be carried out by qualified persons using original spare parts.

Failure to do so may result in considerable danger to the operator.

safe operation

Beware of children and Pets

Children should not be allowed to touch or operate heaters or touch extension cords, if used. All heaters should be kept out of reach of children, preferably stored or locked in a secure cabinet or room when not in use.

Do Not abuse the Power cord

Never yank or pull on the power cord to disconnect it from the mains supply socket. Never carry your heater by its power cord. Keep the power cord away from heat, oil, solvents and sharp edges.

Check the power cord regularly for any damage and if the power cord becomes damaged have it replaced by an authorised service facility.

Extension cords and reels

This heater is NOT designed to run off an extension cord. If you require an additional power point please have one installed by a qualified electrician.

The use of extension cords may cause power voltage loss which will result in damage to the element this will NOT be covered under warranty.


Always ensure you select the correct fixing accessories which suit the particular material you are attaching to, if in doubt please discuss with your local retailer or local hardware store. This heater is not designed for use within 1m or above a water source. All installations must meet the requirements of Australia Standard

AS/NZS 3000:2007.

Ensure that the heater is not positioned directly above or below a power point or switch.

This heater is not designed to be used with 3rd party timer or programmable system.

For your saFEty

WARNING: Fire risk exists if this heater is covered by or positioned close to curtains or other combustible materials.

NOTE: If using this heater outside ensure that it is connected directly to an outdoor power point.

The electrical system of this heater must be connected with an automatic 30mA circuit breaker and/or residual current device (RCD).

If uncertain have a qualified electrician check your electrical system before installation and/ or use.

Ensure all electrical connections are made in a dry area.

Outdoor power points must be weatherproof and installed by a qualified electrician.

Sitro Group Australia Pty Ltd is not responsible for incorrectly chosen fixing accessories or any damage which may be caused by an incorrectly fitted heater.

2 3

2 cleaning

Always ensure that if the heater has been recently used, leave for one (1) hour to cool before cleaning.

1. Turn off and disconnect from mains power, allow to cool.

2. Wipe unit over with a damp clean soft lint free cloth.

3. For stubborn marks you can use a mild dish washing solution on a damp clean soft lint free cloth.

NEVER allow water or a mild dish washing solution to enter or drip onto the heater.

NEVER use solvents, e.g. Petrol, Toluene, Methylated Spirits etc to clean the heater, as these will damage the surface finish and may cause a fire when unit is next used.

specific safety Instructions


Do not use the heater in areas where there is a risk of explosion or fire from flammable gases. Ensure that the heating area is kept clear of combustible materials. Do not use the heater in damp areas, without suitable ventilation. This heater is not designed for use within 1m or above a water source. Do not place within one metre (1m) of any water source. Do not place directly below or above any power points or switches.

Fire risk exists if this heater is covered by or positioned close to curtains or other combustible materials.

• This heater is intended for domestic/

household use only.

• Always ensure that this heater is installed

as per the requirements noted in Australian

Standard AS/NZS 3000:2007.

• Always keep heater at least one metre

(1m) from combustible materials.

• DO NOT locate this heater directly

below or above the power supply socket or


• DO NOT use this heater within 1 meter

or above any water source.

• DO NOT use this heater in either the

bathroom or ensuite without suitable


• DO NOT use a 3rd party timer, or

programmable system with this heater.

• DO NOT clean the heater while it is on or

plugged into the mains power supply.

• DO NOT touch any part of the heater

while on, hot surfaces may burn.

• DO NOT use the heater as a dryer.

• DO NOT attempt to modify the heater,

power cord, power plug or the supplied

accessories in any way.

• DO NOT expose the heater to rain,

water, or use in damp wet conditions.

• NEVER cover this heater.

• NEVER carry the heater by its power supply


• NEVER use with the power cord coiled,

bundled up or tied up. Always extend fully

before use.

• NEVER use the heater if any part of it is


• Ensure that the heater is disconnected

from the mains supply when installing,

cleaning or removing.

• Ensure this heater is not left on when


• Ensure the heater is not used in areas

where flammable gases are present, e.g.

paint, petrol etc.

• Always turn the heater OFF at the power

point switch when not in use for extended

periods of time.

• Always allow the heater to cool, about

one (1) hour after the heater has been

turned off, before cleaning.

• Always ensure that the power cord is fully

extended and NOT in contact with any part

of the heater.

• Always ensure that the heater is kept

clean and free from dust.

• Only use this heater when securely

attached to the mounting surface.

• Do not look directly at the heater when

it is on.


Electrical Data


This product is fitted with a sealed electrical connection plug that is compatible with the heater, the mains supply for Australia and meets the requirements of international standards. This heater must be connected to a supply voltage that is equal to that stated on the rating label. If the mains connection plug or power cord becomes damaged it must be replaced with a complete assembly that is identical to the original, and this must be replaced by an authorised service centre. Always follow the Australian requirements for connection to the mains supply. If in doubt always consult a qualified electrician.

tEcHNIcal sPEcIFIcatIoN

Model Number


Voltage Input Wattage


EH520 220-240V AC 50Hz 1500W


Heater specifications can be found on the data label.



For additional protection the installation of a residual current device (RCD) is advisable.

1. Remove all package material (including

anti-vibration protection of the lamp) and check

the appliance, supply cord and the plug for

signs of damage.

2. Ensure the mounting location and all mounting

materials are suitable and strong enough to

support the appliance.

3. Before mounting, the minimum safe mounting

distances and tilt angles shown in the figures

must be strictly followed.

The distance between the bottom edge of the appliance and the floor must be at least 1.8 M.

There must be a distance of at least 0.5 M between the appliance and the ceiling, roof or other covers.

There must be a distance of at least 1.5 M at each side between the appliance and walls or the like.

See figure 2.

Recommended degree to mounting surface is 45°.

See figure 3.

4. Fix the mounting bracket to the wall first.

Ensure that the location it is to be installed is

secure and firm.

5. Adjust the desired angle of radiation and

tighten all screws.

7. Plug into the power source and check operation.

tHIs HEatEr Is suItaBlE For

Wall MouNtING oNly.

4 unit Weight




unit size (W x H x D)

450 x 100 x 120mm

540 x 100 x 120mm

670 x 100 x 120mm

Figure 1.

Mounting bracket

(wall bracket) and anchor dowels provided.

Connection from the wall to the infrared heater.

Figure 2.

Min. distance to floor,ceiling and wall

Figure 3.

Tilt angle.


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