Humanscale Element Light Hang Tag Installation & Maintenance Instructions

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Humanscale Element Light Hang Tag Installation & Maintenance Instructions | Manualzz

Designed by Mark McKenna

Element looks different because it is different.

Imagine what a task light would look like if you never had to change the bulb. For starters, the socket would go away.

Then consider what would happen if the optics could be contained in just a quarter inch of height. There goes the shade and reflector too.

Add to that extremely low power consumption and the thick cord becomes thin.

The next-generation LED in this task light offers all of the above. And the form of Element, in particular the shape of the head to keep the high-powered LED cool, is simply an expression of the technology it embodies.

I hope you enjoy it.

Best Regards,

Placement & Adjustment

Element is adjusted by simply moving the head into the desired position—the arm adjusts easily without friction knobs.

Position Element on the side of the work surface opposite your writing hand and tilt the head to direct light across your viewing area. This will reduce direct glare, reflected glare and shadows.

Element’s unique head offers front-to-back and side-to-side rotation to direct light exactly where it’s needed.

Cleaning Instructions

Use a soft cloth to clean or dust the lamp.

For heavy dirt or residue, use a soft cloth lightly dampened with soap and water or another mild cleanser.

Warning: Do not use alcohol, abrasives or harsh solvents.

LED Replacement

Element’s unique LED featuring MCX Technology has a rated life of 60,000 hours.

However, in the unlikely event the LED does fail,

Element’s LED assembly can be easily replaced to extend the useful life of the light.

Contact Humanscale Customer Service at 800-400-0625 for more information.


The following Warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranty of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

Humanscale warrants on

Element light:

10 years: all components

This Warranty is applicable to the initial purchaser only and is non-transferable. Humanscale warrants that, at the time of customer’s acceptance, the product will be in good working order and will be free from defects in materials and workmanship. This does not apply to normal wear and tear or damage caused by accident, neglect, misuse, or improper installation or operation. Humanscale will not be responsible for damage due to service, maintenance, modifications or tampering by anyone other than a

Humanscale-authorized representative.

In the event a product is defective and Humanscale receives written notice of the defect within the Warranty period,

Humanscale, at its option, will either repair or replace the defective product. This

Warranty does not cover damage caused by a carrier, or transportation of the product from one location to another, or alterations made by owner.

Limitation of Liability

In no event will Humanscale be liable to purchasers for any special, collateral, incidental or consequential damages, however caused, whether by Humanscale’s negligence or otherwise.

Element and the Environment

Element is the most efficient and sustainable task lighting solution available today. Thanks to groundbreaking

MCX LED Technology, it consumes very little power and offers extraordinary long life. Made of up to 81% recycled content, it is 99% recyclable and ships in

70% recycled packaging. Incorporating Element into an office lighting scheme allows lower levels of ambient lighting for additional energy conservation.

Humanscale. Human-kind. Earth-friendly.


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