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SA-204, SA-606



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We take this opportunity to thank you for buying this product.

We recommend you read the instruction manual before switching on the machine and follow the instructions that are given. Keep the manual for future reference.



Check that the current in the mains connection where the machine is to be installed corresponds to the power supply of the machine.

To avoid damaging the equipment, electrical shocks, fire or physical injury when you connect or disconnect the equipment from the power supply, pull the plug firmly out of the mains socket holding the plug, never the cable.

Always do this with dry hands.

Keep the power supply cable far from sources of heat. Do not put heavy objects on top of it or change it.

Clean dust and dirt off the power supply cable regularly.

Do not open the machine; you could get an electric shock.


While installing the machine, make sure it is switched off and unplugged.

Do not open the machine. Touching the internal parts is dangerous and you could receive an electric shock.

The machine must not be splashed or dripped on. Never place recipients with liquid inside on the machine.

Do not place anything inside the machine.


Place the equipment on a horizontal surface with enough space around it to allow ventilation.

Avoid direct sunlight, heat sources and excessive dust.

Do not place the machine near magnetic fields or static electricity.

Do not use surfaces which vibrate or receive impact.

Do not pile machines on top of one another.


Never block or cover the ventilation slits on the machine.

Do not expose it to direct sunlight or place it near sources of heat.


When the machine is not going to be used for a long period of time, disconnect it from the mains.

If you are using an adapter, take into account that it will continue using electricity even if the machine is switched off. If it is not going to be used for a long period of time, disconnect it from the mains.


To save energy, switch the machine off when you are not going to use it for a long time. The machine could contain substances that are harmful to the environment or human health. To minimize the effect of these substances the machine must be correctly managed and recycled when you decide to dispose of it.

When you dispose of it remember: it cannot be thrown into a conventional rubbish bin.

If it contains or uses batteries, these must be disposed of separately.

The machine (without batteries) must be disposed of correctly. Put it in a container specially intended for the collection of electronic and electrical appliances, at the dump or hand it over to the dealer when you purchase similar equipment, so that the dealer can dispose of it correctly (at no added cost).

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The symbol formed by the expression “Class 1 laser product” written in a rectangle indicates that visible or invisible laser radiation could be produced. Avoid direct expose to the laser.

The symbol formed by a ray of lightening inside a triangle shows that the machine has connection terminals or a circuit with areas with a current which could cause an electric shock, even in normal working conditions.

The symbol formed by an exclamation mark in a triangle shows that the instruction manual must be referred to for information on how the machine works and its use.

The symbol formed by one square inside another square shows that the machine has double electrical insulation.

The European Community symbol shows that the machine complies with the current

European Union legislation, as well as its transposition to local legislation.

The symbol of a rubbish bin crossed out and over a horizontal line shows that when the product is disposed of it must be done properly, placing it in a special selective electronic and electrical equipment container or through a dealer when purchasing a similar product, at no additional cost. It also shows that the machine was put on the market after 13th

August 2005 (European Community Directive 2002/96/CE of Electrical and Electronic recycling, and its Spanish equivalent R.D.208/2005).

In accordance with what is set out in the aforementioned decree, FONESTAR is registered in the RAEE (Registro de Aparatos Eléctricos y Electrónicos) in a special section REI

(Registro de establecimientos Industriales), with the entry number 001851.

*It is possible that some of these symbols do not appear on the machine.


The characteristics of the equipment and the content of the manual can change without forewarning.


. does not assume responsibilities regarding the inappropriate use of the equipment or the information supplied in this instruction manual, and specifically disclaims any implied liability for marketability or fitness for any other use.

All rights reserved by FONESTAR, S.A.

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- Professional stereo amplifier.



1, 6.CLIP : LED signal peak indicators for each channel. If they light up slightly or occasionally the output volume must be reduced. If the LED indicator remains permanently lit this is due to the input signal being at a very high level. In this case, reduce the input signal volume.

2, 5.- Volume controls for each channel.

3.PROTECT : LED protection indicator. It lights up when the temperature, surge or short circuit amplifier protection is activated. With the protection activated the audio output is cut off. In this case, switch off the amplifier, correct the problems which have caused the fault and let the device reset itself for a few minutes before switching it back on.

4.POWER : LED power indicator.

7.On/off switch.


1.INPUTS : unbalanced aux line level inputs signal of channels A and B, 6.3 mm jack connectors and RCA.

2.GND/LIFT : this selector is normally located in the GND position. If the installation has ground noises, put the selector in the LIFT position to disconnect the mass and the device’s earth.

3.OUTPUTS : Channels A and B loudspeaker output terminals. For the connection of low impedance loudspeakers 4-8 Ω. 6.3 mm mono jack connectors, screw terminals and banana plugs or loudspeaker connector.

4.AC SELECT : power supply voltage selector.

5.Input to connect the mains cable AC.

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- Connect the loudspeakers to the loudspeaker output desired depending on its installation. Do not use more than one type of output at a time.

- The loudspeakers must be connected in a series/parallel circuit so that the charge impedance of the loudspeakers is the same as the charge impedance of the amplifier and that the power supplied by the amplifier does not exceed that withstood by the loudspeakers .

- Once the connections have been made acording to your needs,, connect the devices to the power supply and switch them on. After use, do not forget to switch off and disconnect the device from the power supply.

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SA-204 SA-606

Professional stereo power amp.

150 + 150 W RMS at 4 Ω

100 + 100 W RMS at 8 Ω

Stereo mode:

400 + 400 W RMS at 4 Ω

300 + 300 W RMS at 8 Ω

Forced ventilation

LED power, protection and signal peak indicators

3 circuits: temperature, short circuit and surge

Volume per channel

GND lift earth disconnection

2 unbalanced auxiliary lines, 6.3 mm jack and RCA 20 000 Ω 0.77 V

10-50,000 Hz

Harmonic: < 0.05 %

> 150







> 85 dB

> 90 dB

> 70 dB

20 V/µs

30 V/µs

Loudspeakers: 4-8 Ω stereo, 6.3 mm mono jack, screw terminals and banana plugs or speaker connector

230/115 V AC, 700 W maximum 230/115 V AC, 1000 W maximum

483 x 89 x 350 mm depth

2 U 19" rack

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Polígono de Trascueto s/n

39600 Revilla de Camargo, Cantabria (España)

Declares, under its responsibility, that the following equipment :

Description : Professional stereo amplifier


Model : SA-204, SA-606 complies with the European Community Directives 2004/108/CE on Electromagnetic Compatibility,

2006/95/CE on Low Voltage and 2011/65/EU on restrictions on the use of dangerous substances in electrical and electronic appliances (RoHS).

Santander, 31st August 2015


Juan Vallejo

Technical Engineer, Sales Department


This product has been tested and has passed the corresponding quality control prior to being put on the market.

FONESTAR guarantees the suitability of the product for its specified use during a period of 2 years from the delivery date and commits itself to repair or substitute the goods as expressed in the Spanish law ‘La Ley General para la Defensa de los

Consumidores y Usuarios, Real Decreto Legislativo 1/2007 16 Noviembre.

The lack of conformity in the first six months after purchase, due to a manufacturing defect, will be rectified with no more than showing the proof of purchase. After six months FONESTAR reserves the right to demand proof of the product being sold with that problem.

This warranty does not include damage produced by: inappropriate use or negligence, accidents, worn out parts due to use, breakages, burns, spilt liquids or other substances, excessive humidity, battery deterioration and internal manipulation of the device, the software or its components by unauthorized persons, and in general any use that is unrelated to the nature and purpose of the product.

If any service is needed during the warranty period because of lack of conformity, please contact the business or distributor where the product was purchased in no more than 2 months after being conscious of the problem. It is only necessary to contact FONESTAR if it is impossible or imposes an undue burden for them to solve it..

To benefit from this warranty it is necessary to show the proof of purchase with the date clearly visible, with no corrections or crossing out

This document adds information, and never decreases the consumers’ rights, which in all cases are protected by the Spanish law ‘La Ley General para la Defensa de los Consumidores y Usuarios, Real Decreto Legislativo 1/2007 16 Noviembre.

FONESTAR is a member of ECOEMBALAJES ESPAÑA, S.A. “ECOEMBES”, with number 03497 and all our products carry the symbol, backed by our membership and subscription to the above mentioned organization with the recycling and subsequent management of our packaging.

FONESTAR, S.A. - NIF: A28780443 - Apartado 191 - 39080 Santander, Cantabria (SPAIN)

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