Consort CSL2SC Installation & Control Manual

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Installation & Control Guide for

2kW Convector Heaters for SL Wireless Controllers



All electrical appliances produced for the Company are guaranteed for one year against faulty material or workmanship. This applies only if the appliance has been used for purposes in accordance with the instructions provided and has not been connected to an unsuitable electricity supply, or subject to misuse, neglect, damage or modified or repaired by any person not authorised by us. This guarantee is offered to you as an extra benefit and does not affect your legal rights.

The correct electricity supply voltage is shown on the rating label attached to the appliance.

Reasonable care has been taken to ensure that this guide is accurate at the time of printing. In the interest of progress the Company reserve the right to vary specifications from time to time without notice.

62001222 Iss 01



Please read this guide carefully and retain for future use and maintenance.

This appliance has been designed and manufactured to the highest international standards, however, care must be taken for optimal results and safety. This appliance also meets the requirements of EU Directive 2004/106/EC for EMC and 2009/125/EC Directive.

Safety & Care

The appliance is not intended for use by persons

(including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.


 Do NOT site the appliance into a corner.

 Do NOT handle the appliance with wet hands.

 Do NOT use the appliance in workshops or rooms where excessive dust is generated or present.

 Ensure that nothing is pushed into any aperture of this appliance.

 Do NOT touch outlet grille when the appliance is in use.

 Do NOT cover or restrict any aperture of the appliance when in use.

 Do NOT use the appliance if damaged.

 Do NOT leave the appliance unattended where young children are present.

 If used in a bathroom, the heater is to be installed so that the switches and other controls cannot be touched by a person in the bath or shower.

Thermally Operated Cut-Out

The appliance is fitted with a thermally operated cut

-out (TOC). This is a safety device, which switches the heater off if, for any reason, the appliance overheats. The TOC can only be re-set after the appliance has cooled down. In order to re-set the

TOC, proceed as follows:

 Switch off appliance and leave for approximately 5 minutes.

 Switch appliance back on and TOC will re-set.

 Ensure that the appliance is functioning correctly. If the TOC control operates again, the appliance should be checked by a competent electrician.

The heater carries a ‘Do Not Cover’ label to warn the user that if the appliance is covered, there is a risk of overheating.


Always disconnect the heater from the mains before cleaning. The heater should not require any maintenance, but it is strongly advised that it is kept clean. An occasional wipe over with a soft cloth is all that should be necessary.

 Do NOT use metal or furniture polish on any part of the heater.

 Do NOT touch the heater with wet hands or in any way bring water into contact with it.

If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or its service agent or a similarly qualified person in order to avoid a hazard.

If Your Heater Does Not Work

 Check that power is available to the heater. The LED light should be illuminated

 Check that the thermal cut-out has not operated.

Follow the reset instructions given under the section headed ‘Thermal Operated Cut-out’.

 Check that the fuse in the spur unit has not blown. This can be done by replacing the fuse with another suitable fuse.

Should neither of the above remedies work, then telephone the helpline number shown in these instructions

(UK ONLY). Do not attempt to repair the heater.

Connection to the Main Supply

Electrical installation should be carried out by a competent installer, preferably registered with NICEIC

(National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation

Contracting) in accordance with the 17 edition of the IEE

Wiring Regulations, (BS.7671), and any relevant Local

Authority Bye-Laws. This heater is fitted with a 3-core mains supply cable and should be permanently connected to the electricity supply via a double pole switch having 3mm gap on each pole. A switched Fused Connection unit to

BS.1363. Part 4 is a recommended mains supply connection accessory to ensure compliance with safety requirements applicable to fixed-wiring installation.

Note: When switched on for the first time the appliance may emit a slight smell. This is purely the evaporation of a fluid used in the manufacturing process.

WARNING: This appliance must be earthed.

62001222 Iss 01


This heater can only be used when connected to a SL

Wireless Controller. Each SL controller can control any number of heaters providing they are in the RF range.

The heater has an indicator light positioned on the fascia panel. The light may be:




when no heat is needed when the heater is on full power


Wall Mounting

The heater must not be located immediately below a fixed socket outlet.

The Wall Mounting brackets are packed separately in the carton. Fit the top mounting brackets to the wall at the height and centres shown in the diagram.

Withdraw the two feet-securing screws from the base of the heater and use these screws to secure the right-angled brackets to the base of the rear panel of the heater in the correct holes. These are the holes in the two protruding lugs.

Mount your appliance onto the top brackets via the two slots in the rear panel. Secure the bottom brackets to the wall as shown.






SL wireless controllers

Please refer to the SL user and operating instructions for full operational details.


62001222 Iss 01






Should you need any advice on the use of your new Consort product, or should you require service or repair, please contact our Helpline:

Consort Equipment Products Limited

Thornton Industrial Estate, Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire, SA73 2RT

Tel: 01646 692172 Fax: 01646 695195

Email: [email protected] Web:

Operation hours: Mon to Thu 8.30am to 4.30pm | Fri 8.30am to 3.30pm

BS EN ISO 9001 Registered Company No FM12671

62001222 Iss 01


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