Lennox LG Compressor Warranty Tag Information Installation Instructions

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Lennox LG Compressor Warranty Tag Information Installation Instructions | Manualzz

Must be completed and faxed to 972 497-7878 to receive warranty credit

Unit Model # Unit Serial # will not pump will not start noisy

Compressor has internal vacuum Check run capacitor for capacitance The compressor and refrigerant line protector that will unload scrolls when suction pressure goes below

20 psig. A hissing sound will be heard when the compressor is running unloaded. Protector will and voltage per capacitor nameplate. connections must be isolated from the unit

All resistance checks must be done at and the structure. Installers should follow the compressor terminals with the main power plug or wires disconnected from the terminals on reset when low pressure in system is the compressor. Check run capacitor raised above 40 psig. DO NOT for capacitance and voltage.


Resistance Check - run to start winding resistance = common to run +

Check for restriction in system or common to start resistance.

low refrigerant charge.

recommendations in installation instructions to prevent compressor sounds from entering the home.

Reason(s) why the compressor is being removed (Check all that apply) low suction pressure

20 psig or lower low suction pressure

Pressure between 20 & 40 psig tripped breaker / blown fuse checked for proper size breaker locked rotor amperage checked voltage and run capacitor

Noisy at start up mechanical sound

Noisy when running outside at unit low discharge pressure

140 psig or lower low discharge pressure

140 psig or higher low suction and discharge windings electrically shorted checked at compressor terminals windings electrically open checked at compressor terminals windings grounded

Noisy when running inside home

Noisy during shut down mechanical sound

All of the above

Suction Discharge checked at compressor terminals

All returned compressor must be sealed as note below:




Discharge line

To prevent damage to the suction and discharge connections of the compressor , copper pipe stubs must be BRAZED into these connections. This will prevent moisture and debris from getting into the compressor. The stubs will also prevent oil from escaping from the compressor to cause environmental issues during return shipment back to Lennox.



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