Ningbo LHB-025 Instruction

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• The highchair can be cleaned by wet cloth.
• Stubborn marks may be removed with a non-abrasive
Never clean with abrasiveAmmonia based, bleach based or spirit
type cleaners.
Safety: Take note
Thank you for choosing our product! please take a little time to read the important safety
notes below and the following Instructions carefully and keep them for future reference.
The products should be assembled by an adult. Incorrect assembly may be lead to
accident and pose a threat for children or other users.
Warning: Do not use it if any part is broken, torn or missing.
Removable Tray
Warning: Do not use the highchair unless all components are correctly fitted and
Warning: Do not use the highchair until the child can sit up unaided (approximately 6-9
months up to 36 months, max. 15 kg weight)
Warning: Do not leave your child unattended, even for the shortest time.
Upper Legs*4
Warning: Always use the restraint system.
Warning: To prevent serious injury or death from falls or sliding out, ensure the harness is
correctly fitted and that child is tightly secured with safety belts.
Warning: Always check the security and the stability of the high chair before use.
Warning: Avoiding placing the chair near naked heat sources, such as electric bar fires,
gas fires, etc. or where a child could gain access to any other kind of hazard.
Warning: Do not force the mechanism-stop and read the instructions, if it is not always
open and fold easy.
Warning: Do not allow your child to climb unassisted into, play with or hang onto your
highchair. This is not a toy.
Warning: Baby highchair plastic bags can be dangerous. To avoid danger of suffocation,
keep this bag away from babies and children.
Warning: Do not use spare parts other than those recommended by the manufacturer.
Ensure all users are familiar with the products operation. It should always open and fold
easy. If it does not, do not force the mechanism-stop and read the instructions.
Ensure the children are clear of all moving parts before making any adjustments. Do not
move or adjust the highchair with your child inside.
Only use it on a flat stable surface.
Lower Legs*4
2.Take two upper legs, and slide them through
the footrest
7.Press this parts can remove the tray .
8.Hanging the tray in the back of the
3.2 adjustable footrest.
4.use the 4 upper legs on to the bottom of the
highchair seat, into the corresponding slots.
9. 2 Height adjustable can changed to a
little chair for baby .
10.Safe harness .
5.Push the tray onto the seat.
6.Double tray easy to clearn.
Two smart positions baby high chair
Made from environment friendly plastic and steel tubing.
• Passive harness to keep child safe in chair until tray is clicked on and additional
3 point safety harness in seat
• 2-position and double large food tray that's removable and easy to clean
waterproof, insulating, non toxic and wipes clean with no seams;
• 2-position adjustable footrest
• Adapts from high chair to my chair to grow with your child and offer multiple uses
Use high-chair mode Junior-seat mode
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