Human Touch ijoy 170-173 Massager User Manual

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Human Touch ijoy 170-173 Massager User Manual | Manualzz

Human Touch iJoy-250 Replacing the Power Panel

Initiator: MG Replaces: NA Revision date: 101006


Replacement of the iJoy 170/173 Side Power Panel Remote and

AC Cord Assembly

Purpose: To provide end users with the procedure for replacement of the iJoy-170/173 Side Panel – this replaces the Remote with cord, AC Cord and On/Off Switch.

Tools/Parts Required: Phillips Screwdriver, diagonal cutters (optional)

Requires Side Panel Unit with ON/OFF power switch/ AC cord


1) Turn off and unplug your iJoy

2) As an option, you can carefully tip your unit onto its Right Side (the side opposite the

AC cord). This will make it easier to access the assembly and side cover.

3) Locate The Side Panel Assembly. This is the plate that both the AC cord and remote cord enter. This assembly also incorporates the ON/OFF switch.

4) You will need to either remove the SN/Model information label from the Side Panel

Assembly, or locate the two screw holes covered by the label. You can find the hole by feeling the sticker for a depression. Using the Phillips Screwdriver, gently poke a hole to access the screw. See photo for screw location. Please note this sticker contains critical product information, including model and serial number.

5) Remove two (2) screws securing the Side Panel Assembly to the chair frame.

6) Carefully Remove the Side Panel Assembly. Caution: The Side Panel Assembly remains connected via cables to the chair. Note: You may need to carefully cut cable-ties if they prevent you from removing the connectors in the following steps.

7) Locate the white 11-pin plug attaching the Remote Control to the Chair. Carefully disconnect. Disconnect the remaining plugs attaching the panel assembly to the chair.

8) Reconnect All Connector Plugs to New Side Panel Assembly

9) Install New Side Panel, ensuring material is smoothed out in recess.

10) Reinsert the two (2) screws removed in step 5.

11) Plug the iJoy back into the wall outlet, and turn the Main Power Switch on.

12) Test the chair for proper operation.

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Title: Replacement of the iJoy 170/173 Side Power Panel Remote and AC Cord Assembly

Side Panel Detail with

Screw Hole location



Remote Cord


AC Cord

AC Cord

Overlay Sticker

Screw location

Side Panel


Three Electrical


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