D-650 Service Manual

D-650 Service Manual
 City of Industry CA 91748 800-­‐560-­‐8222 www.tpcdental.com OPERATING & SERVICE MANUAL 1. Introduction Thank you for purchasing the D-­‐650 amalgam mixer. This unit uses a microprocessor to control its functions. Please read this manual carefully before you begin to use the mixer. 2. Usage This D-­‐650 is used to mix dental amalgam, glass ionomer and cement; dental capsules. Please see the manufacturer instructions for trituration and time settings on each dental material. 3. Technical data 3.1
Electric safety: Grade 1, Type B 3.2
Power supply: AC 220/110 ±22v, 50Hz/60Hz 3.3
Power consumption: 200VA 3.4
Oscillation freq.: 4250/min 3.5
Fuse: 2A, Ø5 x20mm 3.6
Operating circumstance 3.6.1 Working temperature: 5’C ~ 40’C 3.6.2 RH: ≤ 80% 3.7
Storage circumstance 3.7.1 Temperature: -­‐40’C ~ +55’C 3.7.2 RH: ≤ 80% 4. Production indication 1.
Cap Start switch Vibration Arm LCD Display 5. 6. 7. 8. Time (+) Time (-­‐) Power switch Fuse 5. Operating method 5.1
Choose a amalgam capsule 5.2
Activate the capsule, according to manufacturer instructions. 5.3
Open the transparent protective cover of the unit, and fix the capsule on the holder of the mixer. Then close the cover. Do not triturate with the cover open 5.4
Time preset Press the “Δ” key to set time longer, press the “∇” key to set timer shorter. 5.5
Press the “Start” button, the mixer will begin to triturate, the cycle will end at the time specified. If you wish to stop the cycle before it is completed, press the “Start” button again. 5.6
Once the trituration cycle is complete, open the cover, remove the capsule and close the cover. 6. Notice 6.1
Use only Earth grounded receptacle (wall outlet). 6.2
Before pressing the “Start” button; make sure the cover is closed. 7. Maintenance Lubricate the rotating parts periodically. WARNING: At the time of un-­‐boxing; make sure to take off the two side screws used to secure the triturating arm. 8. Troubleshooting Symptom Solve method 1 The LCD has no numeric display Check 2A fuse 2 The capsule holder swings loosely Check the driving rubber band 9. Guarantee If the unit is not working properly due to product quality, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge by TPC. This unit comes with a 1 year warranty, which starts from the date when the unit was purchased from TPC or a dealer, Warranty does not cover fuses or negligence by the end user. TPC DOES NOT COVER FREIGHT FOR ANY WARRANTY ISSUES. 
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