Flags and Pennants - Classic Boat Connection Catalog

Flags and Pennants - Classic Boat Connection Catalog
Flags and Pennants
Classic Rubber & Vinyl Flooring
Chris Craft Raked (slanted) Pennants
Red for runabouts - Blue for cruisers 9 1/2 x 21”
FLAGRRC Red Cotton
FLAGRBC Blue Cotton
FLAGRBN Blue Nylon
Yacht Ensign
Black Ribbed Rubber - Original style, 8 ribs per inch.
Ribs run lengthwise down roll.
BLKRIB $24 a running foot in 6 foot wide rolls-black
ENSIGN18P 12 x 18” Polyester $36 Pyramid Vinyl Flooring - Original style used in many
ENSIGN18N 12 x 18” Nylon $28 Chris Crafts. Non-skid surface great for sailboats too.
ENSIGN24C16 x 24” Cotton Call WHPYR $16 a running foot in 3 foot wide rolls-white
ENSIGN24P16 x 24” Polyester $38 BLKPYR $16 a running foot in 4 foot wide rolls-black
ENSIGN24N 16 x 24” Nylon $28 Free flooring samples available - call 507-344-8024.
ENSIGN30P 20 x 30” Polyester $42
ENSIGN30N 20 x 30” Nylon $35 Chris Craft Decals
Chris Craft Cotton
Pre-War Burgee
Peel and stick Chris Craft pre and
post war style decals. Apply to the
second plank down of your boat.
FLAGBUR15C 10 x 15” $44
FLAGBUR18C 12 x 18” $44
DECAL Post-war Silver and White
DECPRE Pre-war Gold and Black
DECHOL Holiday decal with 3 stars
DECGAR Garwood decal
Chris Craft Straight Pennant
FLAGSRC Red Cotton $39
FLAGSRN Red Nylon $39
FLAGSBC Blue Cotton $39
FLAGSBN Blue Nylon $39
Stainless Steel Flag Clips
FLAGCLIPS Pair of Stainless Steel Skipper Flag Clips $7
Crash Pad
Half round 1 1/2 inch diameter closed cell material. Will not absorb
water. Sold by the running foot or by 100’ roll.
Crash Pad price per foot
CRASHREEL Crash Pad 100 ft reel
Open M-F, 9 am to 4 pm Central 507-344-8024
Orders shipped same day
Silicon Bronze Flat Head Square
Silicon Bronze Flat Head
Frearson Wood Screw 100 Packs Drive Wood Screw 100 Packs
6 X 3/4
SBFF6114 6 X 1 1/4
SBFF6112 6 X 1 1/2
8 X 3/4
8 X 7/8
SBFF8114 8 X 1 1/4
SBFF8112 8 X 1 1/2
SBFF8134 8 X 1 3/4
10 X 1
SBFF10114 10 X 1 1/4
SBFF10112 10 X 1 1/2
SBFF10134 10 X 1 3/4
10 X 2
SBFF10212 10 X 2 1/2
10 X 3
Screws sold as singles [price each]
SBFF12114E 12 X 1 1/4
SBFF122E 12 X 2
SBFF12212E 12 X 2 1/2
SBFF123E 12 X 3
SBFF12312E 12 X 3 1/2
SBFF124E 12 X 4
Call for larger and longer silicon
bronze screws sizes.
6 X 1/2
6 X 5/8
6 X 3/4
6 X 1 1/4
6 X 1 1/2
8 X 3/4
8 X 1 1/4
8 X 1 1/2
8 X 1 3/4
10 X 1
10 X 1 1/4
10 X 1 1/2
10 X 1 3/4
10 X 2
10 X 2 1/2
Statutory Bronze Plated Stainless Steel 100 Packs Oval Head
Phillips Self-Tapping
6 X 1 1/2
8 X 1 1/4
8 X 1 1/2
Statutory Bronze Plated Silicon
Bronze 100 Packs Oval Head
Frearson Wood Screw
BPOF61 6 X 1
BPOF6114 6 X 1 1/4
BPOF6112 6 X 1 1/2
$10.50 BPOF81 8 X 1
$11.20 BPOF8114 8 X 1 1/4
$11.50 BPOF8112 8 X 1 1/2
$18.75 Stainless Steel Oval Phillips
$20.00 Self-Tapping Screws 100 Packs
$19.50 STOP 61 6 X 1
$19.75 STOP 6114 6 X 1 1/4
$23.50 STOP6112 6 X 1 1/2
$26.50 STOP81
$35.25 STOP8114 8 X 1 1/4
$36.50 STOP8112 8 X 1 1/2
$32.75 Frearson 2 Inch Drill Driver Bit
$34.00 F1 For #6 screws
$39.00 F2 For #8-10 screws
$41.25 F3 For #12-14 screws
$51.25 Long enough for countersunk deck
$66.50 screws. Not the same as phillips.
Silicon Bronze Flat Head
Slotted Wood Screw 100 Packs
SBSQF634 6 X 3/4
SBSQF834 8 X 3/4
SBSQF8114 8 X 1 1/4
SBSQF8112 8 X 1 1/2
SBSQF8134 8 X 1 3/4
SBSQF82 8 X 2
SBSQF101 10 X 1
SBSQF1011410 X 1 1/4
SBSQF1011210 X 1 1/2
SBSQF1013410 X 1 3/4
SBSQF102 10 X 2
SBSQF1021210 X 2 1/2
Chromed Brass Wood Screws
Oval Head Frearson 100 Packs
CHRM612 6 X 1/2
CHRM634 6 X 3/4
CHRM6114 6 X 1 1/4
CHRM6112 6 X 1 1/2
CHRM8114 8 X 1 1/4
CHRM8112 8 X 1 1/2
CHRM8134 8 X 1 3/4
CHRM101 10 X 1
CHRM1011210 X 1 1/2 $77.00
CHRM141 14 X 1
Screws sold as singles [price each]
CHRM141E 14 X 1
CHRM14134E14 X 1 3/4 $1.75
Call for other chrome screws sizes
Chromed Brass Wood Screws
Oval Head Slotted 100 Packs
6 X 1/2
6 X 3/4
6 X 1 1/2
8 X 1 1/4
CS 8112
8 X 1 1/2
8 X 1 3/4
10 X 1
CS10112 10 X 1 1/2
Screws sold as singles [price each]
12 X 1
14 X 1
Call for other chrome screws sizes
Wood Screw Shank Sizes
We try to stick to our posted
catalog prices, but recent
increases in fuel & metal costs
have been very hard to predict.
Please visit our web site
for up to date prices.
Silicon Bronze Carriage Bolts
1/4” x 20 threads per inch
Silicon Bronze Carriage Bolts
3/8” x 16 threads per inch
1/4 X 2
1/4 X 2 1/4 $6.65
1/4 X 2 1/2 $6.75
1/4 X 3
1/4 X 3 1/2 $7.00
1/4 X 4
1/4 X 4 1/2 $7.25
1/4 X 5
1/4 X 5 1/2 $7.75
1/4 X 6
1/4 X 6 1/2 $8.50
1/4 X 7
1/4 X 8 $10.00
1/4 X 9 $11.00
Silicon Bronze Hex Nuts
1/4” x 20 threads per inch
SBNUT14 1/4” Hex Nut
3/8 X 2
3/8 X 2 1/2 $8.00
3/8 X 3
3/8 X 3 1/2 $8.75
3/8 X 4
3/8 X4 1/2$10.00
3/8 X 5 $10.25
3/8 X5 1/2$10.50
3/8 X 6 $11.00
3/8 X 7 $11.75
3/8 X7 1/2$12.00
3/8 X 8 $12.50
Silicon Bronze Hex Nuts
3/8” x 16 threads per inch
SBNUT38 3/8” Hex Nut
Silicon Bronze Washers - 3/8”
Flat Washers
Silicon Bronze Washers - 1/4”
Flat Washers
SBWASH38 3/8” Flat Washer $.30
SBWASH14 1/4” Flat Washer $.20
SBLOCK38 3/8” Lock Washer $.30
Lock Washers
Lock Washers
Slotted Oval Head
SBLOCK14 1/4”Lock Washer $.20 Silicon Bronze Strut Bolts 1/2”-13
Silicon Bronze Carriage Bolts
5/16” x 18 threads per inch
SBOLT5162 5/16 X 2
SBOLT51621/2 5/16 X 2 1/2 $8.20
SBOLT5163 5/16 X 3
SBOLT51631/2 5/16 X 3 1/2 $8.35
SBOLT5164 5/16 X 4
SBOLT51641/2 5/16 X 4 1/2 $8.75
SBOLT5165 5/16 X 5
SBOLT51651/2 5/16 X5 1/2$10.50
SBOLT5166 5/16 X 6 $11.00
SBOLT51661/2 5/16 X6 1/2$13.75
SBOLT5167 5/16 X 7 $14.00
SBOLT5168 5/16 X 8 $14.75
Silicon Bronze Hex Nuts
5/16” x 18 threads per inch
SBNUT516 5/16” Hex Nut
Silicon Bronze Washers - 5/16”
Flat Washers
SBWASH5165/16”Flat Washer $.25
Lock Washers
SBLOCK5165/16Lock Washer$.25
SBOVSB123 1/2 X 3
SBOVSB123121/2 X 3 1/2
SBOVSB124 1/2 X 4
SBOVSB124121/2 X 4 1/2
SBOVSB125 1/2 X 5
SBOVSB126 1/2 X 6
SBOVSB127 1/2 X 7
SBOVSB128 1/2 X 8
SBOVSB129 1/2 X 9
SBOVSB1210 1/2 X 10
SBOVSB1212 1/2 X 12
Slotted Oval Head [Domestic]
Silicon Bronze Strut Bolts3/8”-16
3/8 X 3
3/8 X 4
. 5
3/8 X
3/8 X 6
3/8X 7
3/8 X 8
3/8 X 9
3/8 X 10
Cylinder Head Stud , Nut & Washer
[Fits Hercules K & M series engines]
STUDBOLTStud, Nut,Washer $10.30
Still can’t find what you need?
This is only a small selection of
the available fasteners from
Classic Boat Connection. If you
need it for your boat, chances are
we have it! Some of the other
fasteners we have include oval
and round head wood screws, flat
slotted machine bolts, lag bolts,
and a full variety of nuts, nails,
screws and washers. Call us with
your fastener needs!
Statutory Brass 100 Packs
Flush Type Finishing Washers
BPFFW6 S. Brass Washer #6 $16
BPFFW8 S.Brass Washer #8 $17
BPFFW10 S.Brass Washer #10 $18
Brass Finishing Washers
Flush type 100 pack
BFFW8 Brass Washer #8
BFFW10 Brass Washer #10 $7.38
Silicon Bronze P-M Nuts 100 pack
SBPMN1024 10-24 P-M Nut $19
Silicon Bronze Frearson Flat
Head Machine Screw 100 pack
FFMS10114 10-24 x 1 1/4
FFMS10112 10-24 x 1 1/2
FFMS102 10-24 x 2
Silicon Bronze Threaded Nails
6,8,10,12,14, & 15 gauge in sizes
from 1/2 to 5” for $21 per pound
Interlux Filler Stains
Epifanes Yacht Enamel
STAINCC is the familiar red mahogany color used
on most Chris Craft boats.STAINGAR is a browner
mahogany color used on Gar Wood boats.
STAINCEN is a redder mahogany used on Century
boats.All of these stains should be thinned with Interlux 333
thinner to roughly the consistency of thick paint. One can of stain
will do a 17 foot boat inside and out. We recommend lint free
cotton rags for wiping down your boat after your filler stain dries.
Epifanes is simply the best marine paint available.
ENAMELRED and ENAMELGRE were especially
formulated to match the classic red & green bottom
paints used on many classic boats. Once you try
Epifanes paint, you will never use another brand.
ENAMELRED Epifanes Racing Red 750ml
ENAMELGRE Epifanes Green
ENAMELWIT Epifanes Wit [White] 750ml
STAINCC Interlux 573 Chris Craft Mahogany $30 pt ENAMELBLK Epifanes Wit Black 750ml
STAINGAR Interlux 42 Brown Mahogany
$31 pt ENAMELBLU Epifanes Blue #7
STAINCEN Interlux 1579 Red Mahogany
$35 pt More Epifanes paint colors are listed on page 9
333 Interlux 333 Thinner
$20 qt
RAGBOX 4 1/2 lb box of lint free cotton rags
$25 Pettit Clear Sealer
Sandusky Filler Stains
Cordova is a sandy brown stain used on Chris Craft
Continental, Capri, and Riviera king planks. Natural is
an uncolored base used on king planks in many
boats. [It appears gold after 8+ coats of
varnish]Golden Walnut is a light honey brown stain used on
many cabin cruisers. Dark Walnut is used on the decks of some
pre-war boats. Corina Blonde is a very yellow stain used on some
Chris runabouts.
STAINCOR Sandusky Cordova Stain
STAINGW Sandusky Golden Walnut Stain
STAINWAL Sandusky Dark Walnut Stain
STAINNAT Sandusky Natural Stain
STAINCORIN Sandusky Corina Blonde Stain
STAINLYMAN Sandusky Lyman Stain
STAINSANCC Sandusky Chris Craft Stain
STAINDRKPT Dark Pettit Mahogany Stain
Call for other Sandusky Filler Stains.
$35 qt
$35 qt
$35 qt
$35 qt
$35 qt
$35 qt
$35 qt
$35 qt
Pettit 1959 Copper Hard Racing Bronze Bottom Paint
When going down to bare wood, first apply a
coat of Pettit Hard Racing Bronze thinned 25%
with Pettit Brushing Thinner. Then follow up with
two coats full strength of Pettit Hard Racing
Bronze. Generally, 18 - 20 foot boats will use about
one quart of bottom paint per coat and 23 foot
boats will use about one and 1/2 quarts. Hard
Racing Bronze won’t stick to anti-fouling paint.
Apply one to two coats of Pettit Sealer with a bristle
brush or spray 3 to 4 days after applying fresh stain.
Do not sand between sealer coats. Wear an organic
respirator when applying sealer.
SEAL Pettit 2018 Clear Sealer quart
Mahogany and Gray Bilge Paint
We have these gloss enamels custom made to match the original
factory bilge paints used on classic Chris Crafts.
BILGE Gallon of Mahogany Bilge Paint
BILGEGR Gallon of Gray Bilge Paint
3M Fine Line Tape
3M one inch Fine Line low tack tape for deck
seams and waterlines. Rolls are 60 yards.
FINE 3M one inch x 60 yard Fine Line Tape
Yachtsman [Dayco] Marine Stripper
Yachtsman [Dayco] heavy duty marine stripper is
much more powerful than typical furniture strippers.
Will not discolor wood. Wash well with water and
avoid breathing vapors and wear a mask.
DAYGAL Dayco Gallon of Marine Stripper
Interlux White Yacht Enamel & 4279 Brightside Primer
Interlux Premium Gloss WhiteYacht Enamel can be thinned with
Interlux 333 thinner. Interlux 4279 Brightside Primer can be used
over either wood or painted surfaces and is easily sanded.
BRZRACE Pettit 1959 Hard Racing Bronze $73 qt
BRZTHINNER Pettit Brushing Thinner
$22 qt
WHITEQT Interlux Gloss White quart
WHITEGAL Interlux Gloss White gallon
BRIGHTPRI Interlux Brightside Primer quart $35
BRIGHTPRIG Interlux Brightside Primer gallon $109
Interlux Y999 Anti-fouling Hard Bronze Bottom Paint
Chris Craft Blue Spray Engine Enamel
Thin first coat 10% with Interlux 216 Special
Thinner. Sand old paint with 120 grit paper. This
product will only stick to other coats of hard antifouling paint. It will not stick to soft anti-fouling or
non anti-fouling paint. Always sand lightly between
coats. It is only available in gallon cans.
Chris Craft Blue 12 oz spray can. You need about 3 cans to do an
entire engine.
CCBLUE 12 oz. Spray Engine Enamel
Boot Stripe
Most Chris Craft runabouts have a white waterline. Rivieras have
a white over red waterline. Mask with 3M Fine Line Tape.
BRZANTIGY999 Interlux Anti-fouling Bronze $189 gal BOOTW White 1/2 pint Boot Stripe Paint
Interlux 216 Special Thinner
$18 qt BOOTR Red 1/2 pint Boot Stripe Paint
Phillipine Mahogany Bungs
Famowood Mahogany Wood Putty
Put a dab of yellow carpenter glue in hole
and force bung in with pliers. Line up grain.
Do about 40 at a time, scrub off excess glue
with a brush and warm dish soap and water.
After the glue dries, hack off bung with a
chisel. Classic Chris Craft boats typically
use 3/8” bungs.
BUNG 100 Pack 3/8” Mahogany Bungs
BUNG50 50 Pack Mahogany Bungs
BUNG14-50 50 Pack 1/4” Mahogany Bungs
BUNG12-50 50 Pack 1/2”Mahogany Bungs
Countersink & Plug Cutter Kit
Famowood putty is the only thing you should
use to fill nicks and gouges where wood is to
be stained and varnished. Readily accepts
stain and sands easily. Cannot be shipped to
Canada. Must be shipped in U.S. by ground
shipment. Famowood tends to dry out very
quickly. It is a good idea to also buy the Famo
Solvent to refresh the putty as it dries out.
$12 FAMO Famowood Wood Putty pint
$10 FAMOASH Famowood Ash [for blonde wood]pt
$13 FAMOSOL Famowood Wood Putty Solvent pint
CAULKTUBE Empty caulk tube
Sturdy solid mahogany tool case contains five
countersinks for wood screw sizes 6, 8, 10, 12,
and 14 with 3/8” and 1/2” cutting diameters:
five matching taper point drills, 3/8” and 1/2”
stop collars; 3/8” and 1/2” wood plug cutters,
and two hex keys.
BoatLife Release Caulk Remover
BoatLife Release is a sealant and adhesive remover that
works on silicone, polyeurethane and polysulfide caulk.
[It works on Life Caulk, Sikalflex and 3M 5200.] It also is
good at removing glue and adhesive residue.
COUNT CountersinkKit
$133 RELEASE Caulk and Adhesive remover [pint]
COUNT964 Replacement 9/64”Countersink
Sikaflex 291LOT Caulk
COUNT1164 Replacement 11/64”Countersink
$10 High quality permanent polyurethane white caulk that
COUNTHEX Replacement 3/32” Hex Key
$1 stretches or compresses up to 25 %. We recommend this
COUNTST38 Replacement 3/8”Stop Collar
$4 caulk for deck and bottom seams no greater than 1/8”.
COUNTST12 Replacement 1/2”Stop Collar
$4 Sikaflex 291LOT cures in 5 days and can be painted over.
PLUG38 Replacement 3/8” Bung Cutter
$15 Deck seams should be caulked after varnishing is
complete. First clean varnish out of the seams, then mask
PLUG12 Replacement 1/2” Bung Cutter
$19 off seams with 3M Fine Line Tape. Smooth the wet caulk
BIT6 Replacement 9/64” Taper Point Drill Bit
$7 with a teaspoon to leave a concave surface. Be careful
BIT8 Replacement 11/64” Taper Point Drill Bit
$7 with the removal of the Fine Line Tape in order to avoid a
BIT10 Replacement 13/64” Taper Point Drill Bit
$8 jagged edge on your seams. Generally it is time to strip
BIT12 Replacement 7/32” Taper Point Drill Bit
$8 the tape from the first seam after you have finished
caulking your last seam. Do not leave tape on over night.
BIT14 Replacement 1/4” Taper Point Drill Bit
SIK291LOTW Sikaflex White Caulk 10.3oz
SIK291LOTM Sikaflex Mahogany Caulk10.3oz
Git-Rot 4 oz
Git-Rot pint
Special order parts
Life Caulk
Git-Rot is a two part epoxy that penetrates wood
and prevents further spread of dry rot. It cures to a
hardness greater than the original untreated wood.
Git-Rot fills the hairline cracks to completely
saturate the wood.
Life Caulk is a non permanent, easily removable mahogany
seam caulk. It is especially good for 1/8 to 1/4” bottom
seams where Sikaflex can’t be used. Life Caulk can also be
applied underwater and used for emergency repairs.
$19 LIFEM Mahogany Life Caulk [1/12 of a gallon]
$43 LIFEW White Life Caulk [1/12 of a gallon]
Looking for a part that you can’t find in our catalog?
Either give us a call at 507-344-8024, email us at
[email protected], or fax us a request
at 507-344-8056. Try to give us a description of what
you are looking for, and we will see what we can do.
[Chris Craft part numbers are a big help, along with
dimensions of the part.] Locating hard to find classic
and antique boat parts is our specialty. Give us a call
with your wish list.
Old parts wanted
Do you have old boat parts on that back shelf in your
garage that you will never use? Running out of room
in your workshop? Give us a call at 507-344-8024 or
fax us a list at 507-344-8056 with your list of extra
parts. If it is something we think we can use, we can
either trade you restoration supplies for it or in some
cases, pay you cash for your old parts. That old extra
part may be the one part another one of our customers still needs. Give us a call and we will deal.
Smith’s Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer [CPES]
3M 6000 Series Half Facepiece Respirators
Smith’s Clear Penetrating
Epoxy Sealer [CPES] is a two
part epoxy that is used for
sealing and stabilizing wood.
It forms a semi-permeable
membrane that slows
absorption, yet allows
evaporation if water
absorption happens.
It is especially good for use
as a sealer of a new boat
bottom [apply two coats]
before it is bedded in 3M
3M 6000 Series Half Facepiece
Respirators are commonly used
for stripping, sanding, painting,
sealing, and for mixing and
applying two part epoxy
systems. Each of our halfpiece
assembly includes: one face
piece, one pair of 3M 6001
organic vapor cartridges, two
pairs of 5P71 Particulate
Prefilters, and one pair of 501 Particulate Filter Retainors. We also
sell the replacement Organic Vapor [OV] cartridges for this
respirator. Classic Boat Connection strongly recommends you use
a respirator when working on restoring your boat.
SMCPESWPT Smith’s CPES 2 Pint Kit
SMCPESWQT Smith’s CPES 2 Quart Kit
SMCPESWGL Smith’s CPES 2 Gallon Kit
3MRESPM 3M Respirator [medium]
3MRESPL 3M Respirator [large]
3MRESPC 3M Replacement OV Cartridge [pair] $16
Smith’s Tropical Hardwood Epoxy
Interlux Interprotect 2000E Barrier Coat
Smith’s Tropical Hardwood Epoxy glues
any wood, hard or soft. Originally
developed for marine applications, it will
hold up to the constant beating and
vibration common in everyday boat use.
Due to a special wetting additive, oily
woods, such as teak, need no special
pretreatment beyond a fresh sand or sawcut surface. When cured it will have a
toughness and hardness comparable to
hardwood while still remaining highly
flexible, so as to distribute stress over a
wider area. Smith’s Epoxy Cleanup Solvent
will disolve and clean up excess Tropical Hardwood Epoxy before
it is cured. Use only in tempatures above 50 degrees.
Interlux Interprotect 2000E is a two
part self priming epoxy for protection
against water absorption. It is used on
bottoms after sealing them with two
coats of Smith’s CPES. [Allow the
CPES to cure for 24 to 48 hours.]
Apply 3 or 4 coats of Interlux Barrier
Coat and allow it to cure 48 hours
before applying your bottom paint.It helps your bottom planking
from absorbing water and thus expanding and contracting.
SMHDEPOXY Smith’s Hardwood Epoxy 12oz
Smith’s Fill-It Epoxy Filler
Smith’s Fill-It Epoxy Filler is a
two part non-sag epoxy filler for
the restoration of wood. It is
easily sanded and cures
overnight. Wood should first be
prepared by cleaning and
removing any loose finish,
followed by sealing with Smith’s
CPES [a few hours drying time is necessary on sanded wood
before application of filler]. Smith’s Fill-It Epoxy Filler should dry
to a full cure overnight with tempatures at 68 degrees and above.
SMFILL12OZ Smith’s Epoxy Filler 2 Part 12 oz Kit $28
SMFILLQTSmith’s Epoxy Filler 2 Part QuartKit $61
Smith’s Epoxy Clean-Up Solvent
Smith’s Epoxy Clean-Up solvent is the best way to clean up
uncured Smith’s Clear Penetrating Epoxy [CPES] or Hardwood
Epoxy Adhesive.
SMCLEANUP Smith’s Clean Up Solvent Quart
INTEPOXY Interlux Interprotect 2000E
3M 5200
3M 5200 Mahogany polyurethane caulk remains workable 4
hours after application, is tack free in 48 hours, and cures in
5 to 7 days. It is an extremely permanent caulk and should
be used with some caution because it can be very difficult
to remove.
3M5200M Mahogany 3M5200 Caulk [10 oz]
3M5200MCASE Mahogany 3M5200 Caulk - Case of 12
3M5200W White 3M5200 Caulk [10 oz]
3M5200WCASE White 3M5200 Caulk - Case of 12
Need restoration information for your project?
Our website has, torque sequences, engine
specifications, Chris Craft propeller specs,
detailed pictures of our windshield rubber,
bowlight lenses and stern pole globes, in
depth product information and much more. We
also feature internet specials for limited
number items. Visit our website at:
Classic Boat Connection’s tips for staining and varnishing your classic boat
Surface Preparation
Begin sanding mahogany with an 18 inch sanding board and 80
grit sandpaper, finish with 100 grit. Finer paper will not leave
enough surface texture to fill with filler stain. An air file will get the
job done the fastest, fairing out wavy or gouged planks remarkably well, but must be handled carefully or damage will result just
as quickly. Do not sand with a disc sander, a belt sander, or an
orbital finishing sander. You need the long block to get a level
Use the correct filler stain for your model boat. Filler stain is a
thick paste and is thinned with Interlux 333 thinner to a consistency of thick paint prior to use. Paint it on with a brush, there is
no need to rub it in. Try to stain one whole side of the boat before
the stain begins to dry. Rub with clean, lint free cotton rags. [We
sell 4 1/2 lb boxes of lint free cotton rags in the filler stain section
on page 4.] . If you allow it to become too dry, it will be very
difficult to rub out. If you don’t leave it on long enough, it will be
too light. The amount of time required to set up will depend on
temperature, humidity, and how much 333 you put in your stain
Allow the stain to dry 3 to 4 days before sealing. Seal either with
Pettit 2018 Clear Sealer or with varnish thinned 50 percent. We
have better results with the Pettit Sealer. When using sealer, wear
an organic vapor mask and have maximum ventilation. Do not use
sealer by any open flame, it is extremely flamable. Apply two coats
of sealer with a bristle brush. A sponge [foam] brush can disturb
your stain. Just slop the sealer on like water, don’t worry about
the runs. Do not sand between coats of sealer, the sealer is too
Sanding Board and Sandpaper
You should not use an electric finishing sander on your wood
hull. A finishing sander will leave a wavy surface that is noticeable
after varnishing. Our professional quality sanding board gives
you the large
sanding surface you
need to get a level
finish on your boat.
Start stripping with
Dayco Marine Stripper and a scraper. Then get the remaining stain
out of the grain with a brass bristle pot scrubber brush [available
at most grocery stores] and more Dayco Stripper. Do not begin
sanding until the wood is completely clean. Start sanding with 80
grit paper and finish with 100 grit. Finer paper will not leave
enough texture to fill with filler stain. 3M Gold Resin Bond
Aluminum Oxide Paper is a very high quality sandpaper that
outlasts other sandpapers and resists loading.
BOARD Sanding Board 16 x 2 3/4”
3M Gold Resin Bond Aluminum Oxide Paper 2 3/4”
80 Grit 25 Yard Stick-It
BOARD100 100 Grit 30 Yard Stick-It
BOARD120 120 Grit 30 Yard Stick-It
BOARD220 220 Grit 30 Yard Stick-It
When applying Epifanes varnish over existing varnish or urethane, wash the old surface with soap and water before sanding.
Wash with large amounts of denatured alcohol and clean rags
between every coat. Do not wipe down with mineral spirits, as it
will dull the finish. Sweep your varnishing room the day before,
allowing time for dust to settle. Hose the room down before
varnishing, being careful not to get your boat wet. Your boat
builds up a negative charge when you stroke it with the varnish
brush. This charge attracts dust particles in the air. Spray your
clothing and any plastic material with “Static Guard.” Don’t
varnish on a windy day. When brushing Epifanes varnish or
wood finish gloss, thin the first coat 50%, the second coat 25%,
the third coat 15%, and additional coats anywhere from 0 to 7%.
[If you use sealer, thin your first coat 25%.] Load the brush with
just enough varnish for one stroke. Trust the flowing capabilities
of Epifanes varnish. The brush marks and bubbles will flow out
on their own. The most glossy finish is achieved with a minimum
of brush strokes. Do not wipe the brush against the side of the
can, as this will introduce air bubbles. When varnishing very large
surfaces, you may use Epifanes Easy-Flow to extend the wet edge
Do not sand the first two coats of sealer. Sand the first coat of
varnish with 220 grit paper. Sand the second to sixth coat with 180
grit and the seventh to twelth coats with 220 paper. You should
use at least 12 coats of Epifanes varnish for good ultra-violet
protection. If you try to get by with fewer coats, the sun can
penetrate to the lowest layer and lift it. If your boat gets a lot of
use, you will need to apply a couple of coats of fresh varnish
every two years to maintain proper ultra-violet protection.
Which should I use on my boat, Epifanes High
Gloss Varnish or their Wood Finish Gloss?
Epifanes High Gloss Varnish and their Wood Finish Gloss are
both tung oil, alkyd resin based finishes that are unsurpassed in
their ultra-violet protection. There is, however, one very big
difference. Wood Finish Gloss does not need to be sanded
between coats as long as you recoat within 72 hours. This feature
can save you an incredible amount of time and work when
refinishing your boat. You only need to sand for appearance, not
for adhesion. [If you need to wait longer than 72 hours between
coats, you do need to sand the Wood Finish Gloss just as if you
were using High Gloss Varnish.] We do, however, recommend you
use the High Gloss Varnish for your last coat. The Varnish tends
to flow out slightly better than the Wood Finish and makes the all
important last coat just a little bit smoother.
Either way you choose to refinish your boat, you can rest assured
that with either Epifanes High Gloss Varnish or Wood Finish
Gloss, you will have the best ultra-violet protection for your
valuable boat that money can buy.
Worried about shipping your supplies in cold
weather? All of our products can handle any cold that
Minnesota [or the rest of U.S] can throw at it! Nothing
we carry is harmed by cold temperatures.
Epifanes Clear High Gloss Varnish and Wood Finish Gloss
Epifanes Clear High Gloss Varnish
Epifanes Wood Finish Gloss
Epifanes, the best marine finish
money can buy, is favored by
restorers and boat builders the
world over for its mirror like finish,
super fast build, and the longest life
of any varnish on the market.
Manufactured with tung oil, more
ultraviolet filter than other varnishes, and urethane resins for
superior exterior protection, it is
simply the best finish available for
your wooden boat. It provides a
tough high-gloss finish. Contains
no extra thinners - you thin it
yourself for greater control. Thin the first coat 50%, the second
coat 25%, the third coat 15%, and additional coats anywhere from
0 to 7%. [If you used sealer, thin your first coat 25%.] Do not thin
your last one or two coats. Apply 12 to 14 coats for base coats,
then every year or two, add two coats to maintain your ultra-violet
protection, as this protectant is used up by exposure to the sun.
You need at least 12 coats to get good u.v. protection. If you try
to get by with fewer coats, you may have lifting and flaking after
one summer in the sun.
Epifanes Wood Finish Gloss is very
similar in every way except one to
Epifanes Clear High Gloss Varnish,
it can be recoated within 72 hours
without sanding. You only need to
sand for appearance, not adhesion.
It can save you an incredible
amount of time and work. Follow
the same instructions for thinning
as for the regular varnish on the
left. Unlike varnishes, Epifanes
Wood Finish Gloss also works as a
finish on teak. Although we have
only carried this product for a few
years, it already has developed such a following that it out sells
the High Gloss Varnish. Next time you refinish your boat, give it a
try and see what others have already discovered. We think you
will agree that Epifanes Wood Finish Gloss will provide you with a
superior finish with a lot less work.
EPVAR1 Epifanes Clear High Gloss Varnish liter $34
EPVAR6 Epifanes Varnish 6 liter case price
[Save $2 a can, only $32 per liter]
Epifanes Varnish [and Wood Finish Gloss] Accelerator
Epifanes Accelerator speeds the curing
process of brush applied varnish and wood
finish gloss without affecting gloss, longevity,
or flowing capabilities. Although it does not
allow you to shorten the time between coats, it
speeds the curing process so the danger of
dust wrecking your finish is greatly reduced.
For cold or humid conditons, or any conditions, indoor or out, where dust is present. A
little accelerator goes a long way. Add 5 to 7%
accelerator to your varnish or wood finish
gloss. [One liter will treat 3 cases of varnish or
wood finish gloss.]
EPACC Epifanes Varnish Accelerator liter
Epifanes Easy-Flow [replaces Epifanes Stunt Oil]
Thins both Epifanes Clear High Gloss Varnish and
Wood Finish Gloss. Do not use mineral spirits, it will
dull your finish. You will need about two to three liters
of thinner per case of varnish or wood finish gloss.
Epifanes Spraying Thinner
Epifanes S.B.P. [Special Boiling Point] thinner for
spray applications. Works with both Epifanes Clear
High Gloss Varnish and Wood Finish Gloss. Thin as
needed up to 15% with wood finish gloss and up to
20% with varnish.
EPSBP Epifanes S.B.P [spraying] Thinner liter
Epifanes Natural Bristle Varnish Brushes
We encourage you to compare our
Epifanes prices with other retailers. Buy
from us and save up to 40% off retail.
Epifanes Brushing Thinner
EPTHI Epifanes Brushing Thinner liter
Easy-Flow slows the curing time of Epifanes Varnish and Wood
Finish Gloss, along with other single part and half synthetic
paints and varnishes. Add between 5% and 10% when you are
varnishing large surfaces and desire a longer wet edge time.
EPFLOW Epifanes Easy-Flow liter
EPWOOD1 Epifanes Wood Finish Gloss liter
EPWOOD6 Wood Finish Gloss 6 liter case price $210
[Save $2 per can, only $35 per liter]
Regardless of advances in the quality of artificial
bristle brushes, none come close to the quality of
these Epifanes natural bristle brushes. Once used,
your brush should never be allowed to dry.
Suspend it in mineral spirits or diesel fuel, being
careful that the bristles do not touch the bottom of
the container. Make sure the container is covered.
Do not use your brush for painting, you will never
get it clean enough again for varnishing. We make
a brush holder especially designed to keep your
brushes suspended in mineral spirits or diesel fuel
that will help you keep your brushes in tip top shape.
BRUSH 3 Inch Natural Bristle Brush
BRUSH112 1 1/2 Inch Natural Bristle Brush
BRKEEPER Brush Keeper
Epifanes Roller Cover, Handle, and Tray
Epifanes Yacht Enamel
These high density 4 inch
rollers are very well suited for
application of Epifanes
Varnish, Wood Finish, and
Rapid Coat products. [You
apply the product with the
roller and gently tip it with a high quality brush.] The covers,
imported from Germany, are low profile and made with a high
density foam with a 3/8" nap. The 5 ½” by 11" trays are perfectly
suited for the roller cover and 10" handle
EPROLLER Epifanes Roller Cover, Handle, Tray $15.95
EPPAD Epifanes Roller Replacement Pad
Woodfinish Matte and Rubbed Effect Varnish
Epifanes offers a ‘no sand’ option for non-gloss finishes.
Epifanes Wood Finish Matte, the companion product to Wood
Finish Gloss, offers a no sanding solution in a
matte finish. It is a one component varnish
alternative based on urethane alkyd resins and
tung oil and contains U.V. absorbers. Wood
Finish Matte looks its best when applied over
multiple coats of Wood Finish Gloss, Epifanes
Clear Gloss Varnish or Epifanes polyurethane
Clear Gloss. Its finish is a rich matte with a clear
amber color and has the appearance of being
hand-rubbed. It offers superior flow, durability,
excellent scratch resistance and exterior weather
resistance. For quick and easy interior
maintenance, Epifanes ‘sand-free’ Wood Finish
Matte goes on over old or new finishes with no
sanding between coats [as long as you recoat
within 72 hours]. For the look of a classic tung
oil finish, use Epifanes Rubbed Effect varnish as a final coat.
Epifanes Woodfinish Matte and Rubbed Effect Varnish are
intended for interior use only.
.EPWOODMATT Epifanes Woodfinish Matte ltr
.EPRUB Epifanes Rubbed Effect Varnish liter
Epifanes Rapidclear, Rapidcoat, & Rapidmatt
Epifanes Rapidclear,Rapidcoat, and Rapidmatt
bring durable beauty to wood with a lot less
effort. They bond extremely well to all woods,
preventing discoloration and highlighting the
natural grain. Plus with only six hours drying time
required and no sanding between applications,
you can lay down three coats in as little as 18
hours. These long-lasting semi-gloss finishes help
you preserve the lustrous glow of high quality
teaks and other marine woods. The transparent
Rapidclear, the slightly pigmented Rapidcoat, and
the matt finish Rapidmatt are tailored for
rejuvenating weathered spots, as a varnish primer
coat, or as a total system for the best in an easy satin finish with
U.V. protection.
EPRAPID Epifanes Rapidcoat 750 ml
EPCLEAR Epifanes Rapidclear 750 ml
EPMATT Epifanes Rapidmatt 750 ml
The mirror like gloss, color retention and
intensity of this enamel surpass those of
traditional enamels. Its longevity, surface
hardness and flexibility prove it is the
ultimate finish for wood, fiberglass, steel
and aluminum. This one component yacht
coating based on oil modified alkyd resins
comes in 46 colors [see our website,
www.classicboatconnection.com for a list of available colors and
a color chart] . Epifanes Yacht Enamel has superior flow, gloss
and durability, with outstanding wet edge and covering
properties. Colors available include:
#2 Beige, #3 Wheat, #4 Buff, #6 Tropic Green, #7 Bright Blue, #8
Dark Blue, #9 Sea Green, #11 Dado Brown, #12 Dark Brown, #13
Black Brown, #14 Mahogany, #16 Bright Red, #17 Bold Yellow,
#18 Light Gray, #19 Black, #21 Orange, #23 Deep Red, #24
Light Oyster, #25 Alpine White, #27 Gray Mist, #28 Water Blue,
#29 Ocean Blue, #30 Teal Green, #31 Turkish Blue, #33 Light
Brown, #34 Chocolate Brown, #35 Red Brown, #40 Off White,
#48 Light Green, #62 Atlantic Green, #65 Deep Green, #72 Dark
Green, #75 Green, #85 Racing Red, #205 Deep Blue, #206 Blue
Gray, #210 Antique Ivory, #212 Gray, #213 French Gray, #214
Dark Gray, #215 Sky Blue, #216 Pearl Gray, #217 Light Blue,
#218 Jade Green, Aluminum, Ultra White, White.
EPPAINT Epifanes Yacht Enamel 750ml
Varnishing tips
Having problems with your varnish job? Not sure what went
wrong? Here are some common problems we all run in to and
their possible causes.
BLISTERING: Causes: A) The application of varnish over a
surface containing excessive moisture or solvent. B)
Inadequate film thickness, permitting moisture to pass through.
C) Varnishing on sun heated surface, trapping air as it expands
out of the pores of the wood, or moving the work out into the
sun after varnishing. D) Varnish dries too fast will trap its own
volatile agents in the film. Cure: sand and refinish.
BLOOMING: A whitish appearance on the varnished surface
caused by the finish absorbing moisture while drying.
CHECKING: Shallow hairline cracks which develop in varnish
due to uneven shrinkage through the cross section of the film
layers. Causes: A) Insufficient drying time between coats. B)
Excessive heavy coats. C)Recoating a previously checked
surface. Cure: sand down through the checked layers.
CRAWLING: The material appears to creep away from certain
spots, leaving them uncoated. Causes: water, low temperature,
excessive viscosity, grease, wax, silicone, unsanded surfaces.
CRYSTALLIZING: Rough surface caused by lack of fresh
circulating air, gas fumes which reduce the oxygen content of
the air, on by a cold draft blowing on the film before it is dry.
DULLED FINISH: Imperfectly dried undercoats, porous
undercoats, excessive thinning of varnish, exposure to dew or
moisture while still wet. Hint: do not varnish at the end of the
day, as dew may form as the temperature drops.
ORANGE PEEL When a sprayed finish does not level out.
Caused by under reduction, wrong solvent, too rapid drying or
improper air pressure.
Chris Craft 283F/327F and 283/283M Manuals
Chris Craft 4 & 6 Cylinder Engine Manual
Covers A, B, K, KL, KBL, KFL, KLC, M, ML, MBL, MCL, W and
WB. Contains information needed for rebuilding and adjustment.
MAN Chris Craft 4 & 6 Cylinder Engine Manual $6.00
SPECS Chris Craft 4 & 6 Cylinder Specifications $3.00
Chris Craft 4 & 6 Cylinder Parts Lists
[Contains all the information included in the specifications along
with a parts list. Specify engine when ordering]
MANPTL Parts list [specify engine]
Zenith Carburetor Manual
MANZ Zenith 63 Series single updraft carb manual $6.00
Wiring Diagrams
We do not have diagrams for every classic Chris Craft, but our
packet of diagrams should contain enough information to answer
your basic questions. Contains:
Pre war wiring diagram, 6 volt
1952 engine wiring for 6 cylinder engines, 6 and 12 volt
1958 engine wiring for 17’ Chris Craft Sportsman
1967 engine wiring for 283F, 327F, 427 V8 engines
1952 runabout, single engine boat, 6 volt system
1957 runabout, twin engine boats, 6 and 12 volt
WIREDIAG Wiring Diagram Packet
Chris Craft Operator’s Manual
1957 booklet “An Introduction to Your New Chris Craft.”
MANCC Chris Craft Operator’s Manual
All In One
The complete packet to get you started on your boat. It contains:
The 4 &6 Cylinder Engine Manual, one parts list, The Zenith Carb
Manual, The Wiring Diagram Packet, and The Chris Craft
Operator’s Manual for only $24.99. You save $6.99 on the individual prices.
MANALL All In One Manual Packet
Paragon Service Manual for Manual Reverse Gears
For models OXKB, 1XE, 2XE 25XE, 3XE 35XE,4XE3 [used in
Chris Craft flat heads and 283’s with manual gears.] Your transmission model number is listed on the clutch drum, under the
transmission cover.
MANPAR Paragon Service Manual
Chrysler Ace/Crown
M46-4, M46S-3, M47-4, M47S-3, M47S-4. Six cylinder maintenance manual includes service procedures and exploded views of
all parts and systems.
MANCHRY Chysler Ace/Crown Manual
Operators manual and parts list. Valve adjustments, schematic of
hydraulic reverse gear, 12 volt wiring diagram, exploded views of
engine, transmission, and cooling system.
MANV8F 283F and 327F [flywheel aft, HF7
hydraulic transmission]
MANV8M 283 and 283M [flywheel forward, HF2
hydraulic transmission and manual transmission] $24.95
Can’t find the engine manual you need listed?
Give us a call. We have an extensive collection of
engine manuals of both inboard and outboard
drive motors besides the few we list here and we
are always adding more to our collection.
The Real Runabouts
Bob Speltz’s series, is considered the
best all around source on the manufacturers of wooden runabouts. Speltz’s
work in unrivaled in its breadth.
Contained in these seven volumes is
information on 270 different boat
builders.These informative and
entertaining books are loaded with
photos of hundreds of classic boats.
These books are currently out of print and we have limited
numbers of most of the series available. For current availability,
please check our website classicboatconnection.com
Chris Craft: The Essential Guide
Chris-Crafts are revered, restored,
and enjoyed by people around the
world. Chris Craft: The Essential
Guide, by Jerry Conrad, the head
archivist of the famed Mariner’s
Museum, provides full
specifications from hull materials
and fuel capacity to upholstery
colors and numbers built for every
cruiser, runabout, Roamer, kit boat,
and other pleasure craft ever built
by the legendary Chris Craft
Corporation. No other book on
Chris Craft boats provides such a
comprehensive at-a-glance summary of these marvelous craft,
which became icons for profound changes in American boating
culture in the 20th century. This 720 page book is illustrated with
more than 700 black and white photographs, many never before
published. This reference work will be a fundamental addition to
the libraries of Chris Craft and powerboat enthusiasts.
307Q, 327Q, 350Q Parts list
CCGUIDE Chris Craft: The Essential Guide $54.95
Parts list for Chris Craft 307Q, 327Q, 350Q series engines.
Contains parts list, adjustment information and specifications,
and general maintenance information.
Visit our website classicboatconnection.com for a full
listing of classic boat books available as well as our
full line of classic boat gift items.
MAN307Q 307Q, 327Q, 350Q Parts List
Fuel Pumps
Chris Craft steel head gasket A or B 4-cyl engine
Chris Craft copper head gasket K 6 cyl series
Chris Craft copper head gasket M 6 cyl series
Chris Craft A/B set without head gasket
Chris Craft K set without head gasket
Chris Craft KL/KLC/KBL/KFL set without head
Chris Craft M/ML/MBL set without head gasket
Chris Craft MCL set without head gasket
Chris Craft 283 fiber head gasket
Chris Craft 283marine set without head
Chrylser Ace head gasket
Chrysler Ace marine set without head
Chrylser Crown head gasket
Chrysler Crown marine set without head
GASMANK Chris Craft manifold to block K series
GASMANM Chris Craft manifold to block M series
Chris Craft intake manifold KL/KLC/KFL/KBL
Chris Craft intake manifold M/ML/MBL/MCL
GASELBOB Chris Craft exhaust elbow/Exh Manifold end cap B
GASELBOK Chris Craft exhaust elbow/Exh Manifold end cap K
GASELBOKL Chris Craft exhaust elbow KL/KFL/KBL/KLC
GASELBOM Chris Craft exhaust elbow M/ML/MBL/MCL
Call for availability of other gaskets and gasket sets
Exhaust Elbows
Cast bronze Chris Craft Hercules exhaust elbows. Please
check the casting number [the last four digits of stock
number imprinted on the elbow] before calling.
ELBO5072 KL, KLC, KBL goes straight out
ELBO5070 K goes straight down
ELBO1775 prewar M, KB in barrel backs
ELBO1494 B
ELBO1495 (Same as 1422) B goes straight down Call
ELBO1740 KL, KLC, KBL goes to port
ELBO4028 M, MBL goes straight down
ELBO3904 MBL goes to port
ELBO1643 K goes straight down
ELBO1644 K goes to port
ELBO1645 K
ELBO1774 KBL, KFL, KL, KLC goes down
ELBO6241 MCL cruisers goes straight down
ELBO6893 283 V8
ELBOCOLL Collar for 2 3/4” elbow
ELBOCOLS Collar for 2 1/2” elbow
ELBONUTL Nut for 2 3/4” elbow
ELBONUTS Nut for 2 1/2” elbow
ELBOFTOVR Elbow overflow fitting
ELBOSTUD stud for exhaust elbow
EXROPE Exhaust rope, per foot
Goes around exhaust pipe at elbow, flattens into gasket.
Call for availability of other exhaust elbows.
Rebuilt fuel pumps for
Chris Craft 4 and 6
cylinder engines. The
FP1 and FP2 do not
fit MCL engines.
None of these pumps
fit V8 engines.
Please do not remove glass bowl
or you will not get full credit for the core.
$195 Fuel Pump
Fuel Pump Core Charge is $95
FP1 K, M Series - bowl is in line with mount
FP2 K, M, Series - bowl is at 90 degree angle to mount
FPKIT Rebuild kit for FP1 or FP2 pump
FILTERB Glass Bowl Fuel Filter for FP1 or FP2
FUELSEND 12V fuel sending unit
FP283 283 Fuel Pump
Call for price and availability of other mechanical
fuel pumps and rebuild kits. Classic Boat Connection
can often rebuild the pump off of your classic boat.
12 Volt Rebuilt Generators with one wire regulator
Upgrade your 6 volt system to12
volt for Chris Craft K and M
series motors. Bolts onto your
engine the same way as your old
6 volt generator. Belt driven. [Do
not use on a Chrysler engine.]
12VGEN Upgraded 12 Volt Rebuilt Generator
12VGENC Generator Core Charge
GENBELTHER Hercules Generator Belt
GENBELT283 Chris Craft 283 Generator Belt
GENPULL Replacement Generator Pulley
Note: When upgrading to a 12 volt system, remember you must
also change your bilge pump, coil, light bulbs, and search light
bulb. Your 6 volt starter and fuel sending unit usually work fine
with a 12 volt system.
Hercules Starter
Hercules [Chris Craft] ‘M’ and ‘K’ series
starter for 6 & 12 volt systems.
STARTER Hercules K and M Series Starter
STCORE Starter Core Charge
Spark Plugs and Wire Sets
7mm spark plug wire sets for Chris Craft K and M
series engines. The plug end has a 90 degree boot
and the distributor end has a vertical boot.
SPARKWK K Series Spark Plug Wire Set
SPARKWM M Series Spark Plug Wire Set
SPARK283 283/283M Spark Plug Wire Set
SPARKJ6 Medium temperature spark plugs[283]
SPARKJ8 High temperature spark plugs [Hercules] $3
DELCO 1110630
4109PT $14
4201PT $14
4301PT $14
4109CR $12
4201CR $12
4301CR $21
4109RT $15
4201RT $15
4301RT $15
4109CP $35
4201CP $35
4301CP $35
Zenith Carburetor Kits
Rebuilt Distributors &
Z35,Z82 $59, Z02,Z18 $79, Z93 $104, Z76 $170 Pertronix Electronic Ignition Kits
MAN-Z Zenith Carburetor Manual
$6 Rebuilt distributors for Chris
Craft [Hercules] 6 cylinder K &
STOCK# M series motors. Please check
your distributor tag number
OS1484 Z02
before you call. If your tag is
missing and if the condenser is
on the outside of the distribu8983
tor body, it is a IGW-4149A. If
it is on the inside, it is a IAY4009.
Upgrade your distributor with an electonic ignition kit
and improve your boat’s starting, top RPM, fuel
consumption, and your classic boat’s general overall
performance. You can either buy a converted distribu11168
tor, or convert your own with an easy to assemble
kit. Please specify distributor voltage.[6 or 12 volt]
DIST1 IGW4149A Rebuilt Distributor
DIST2 IAY4009 Rebuilt Distributor
DIST1E IGW4149A Rebuilt with Pertronix ignition kit
Cont’l A600
Cont’l F6218
Gray 6-125
Gray PH475
Chris Craft 283 Carb Rebuild Kits
DIST2E IAY4009 Rebuilt with Pertronix ignition kit $313
EKIT4149 IGW4149A Pertronix Ignition Kit
EKIT4009 IAY4009 Pertronix Ignition Kit
EKIT4152 IGW-4152 Pertronix Ignition Kit [4 cyl] $109
EKIT4010 IAY4010 Pertronix Ignition Kit [4 cyl] $115
EKITIBB V8 IBB-4301 Pertronix Ignition Kit
EKITIBM V8 IBM-4115 & 6 Pertronix Ignition Kit $98
EKITDELCO Delco 1110630 Pertronix Ignition Kit $109
DISTCORE Distributor Core Charge
DISTGEAR Hercules Distributor Gear
Call for the availability of other rebuilt distributors.
Your coil could be over 30 years old. You should keep a spare in your
boat. One symptom of an old coil is that your engine will kill and not
start again until it has cooled for about 20 minutes. Then when it does
start, you may only go for a quarter mile before it kills again.
ZWCFB Carter WCFB Carb Rebuild Kit
ZROCH4 Rochester 4 bbl Carb Kit
ZAFB Carter 4 bbl Carb Kit
$59 COIL6
Call for prices of other kits and carburetor parts. COIL12
6 Volt Coil
12 Volt Coil
Water pumps and Impellers
Tach Cables
New cables [both inner and outer cable is
new, including ferrules] for Chris Craft
boats. Available in 10, 12, 14, 16’, lengths.
Tach Reverse Rotation Adaptor
WP283 Chris Craft 283, 283M
WP283F Chris Craft 283F, 327F, 427
WPMB Chris Craft M Series [brass gears]
WPMR Chris Craft M Series [rubber imp]
WPKB Chris Craft K Series [brass gears]
WPKR Chris Craft K Series [rubber imp]
WPCORE Core charge
Call for the price and availability of new and rebuilt
water pumps.
Tach reverse rotation adaptor reverses the tach
cable to turn the opposite way.
TACHREV Tach Reverse Rotation Adaptor
Choke Cable
New 18’ choke cable with chromed dashboard knob with a letter “C.”
CHOKE New 18’ Choke Cable $89
Motor Mounts
New motor mounts for Chris Craft Hercules engines
MOUNTK All K series engines 3 1/4 x 3 3/4”
MOUNTM All M series engines 4 x 4 1/2”
Rubber Water Pump Impellers [intake]
IMP283 Chris 283 V8, 2 1/4” outer diameter
$43 Call for price and availability of other motor mounts.
WP283RK Chris 283 Repair Kit
IMPFIN 16 loose impeller fins for Chris 283’s
$88 Transmission Oil Seals
IMP327 Chris 327 V8, 2 9/16” outer diameter
$38 For Paragon manual transmissions on Chris-Craft 6 cyl engines.
IMPMS Chris M series [Sherwood] 2 7/16” OD $39 Not for hydraulic transmissions.
IMPMKJ Jabsco Chris K & M series 2 1/4” OD $38
IMPK Chris K series [Sherwood]
Call for price & availability of other water pumps and impellers. Fuel Water Separator, Filter
K water pumps will also work for Model B 4 cyl engines, but you
must install a bushing to reduce the discharge from 1/2 to 3/8”.
Please have your engine type and note any company names and
casting numbers on your pump before calling. It will help us to
identify your pump and make it easier for us to find impellers
and replacement options available.
In line filter removes water and protect your carburetor
from fuel tank crud. Mounting bracket attaches to
your [wood] engine stringer. For inboard engines.
Water Pump Grease
FILTER1 Fuel Filter with Mounting Bracket
FILTER1R Fuel Filter Replacement Cartridge
Castrol Pyroplex Gold is the best available grease for use in your
water pump.
Chris Craft Nameplates
WPGREASE Castrol Pyroplex Gold 15oz
New Old Stock Oil Cap
for M & 283 Engines
New Old Stock Oil Cap for Chris Craft
Hercules M series and for Chris Craft 283
Engines. Fits an 1 1/2” filler tube.[Does not
fit Chris Craft Hercules K series engines]
Chromed logo with center star and countersunk mounting holes.
Logos are measured from the start of the ‘C’ in Chris to the end
of the ‘t’ in Craft and contain one each of Chris - Star - Craft.
LOGO9 9” chromed zinc Chris Craft Logo
LOGO15 15” chromed Chris Craft Logo
LOGO26 26” chromed Chris Craft Logo
Chris Craft Valve Cover Engine Decals
OILCAP NOS Oil Cap for Chris M and 283 Engines$15 Chris Craft Valve Cover Engine
Chris Craft Hatch Handle
Reproduction Chris Craft
chromed hatch handle used on
both prewar boats [including
barrelbacks] and on the forward
hatches of Chris Craft postwar
CCHATCH Chris Craft Chromed Hatch Handle
Decals available for 283, 327F, or
427 engines. Price is per decal,
not pair.
DECAL283 Chris Craft 283 Valve Cover Decal $15
DECAL327 Chris Craft 327F Valve Cover Decal $15
DECAL427 Chris Craft 427 Valve Cover Decal $15
We have many more valve cover engine decals.
$69 Call for availbility of your engine’s decals.
Round Chris Craft Reproduction Stern Poles
New mahogany stern poles with 7/8 inch top. They require stain
and varnish. Will work with our post war [FIXTURE1] or pre war
[FIXTURE2] light fixtures.
Bow Poles
New replacement bow poles. They require stain and varnish. Bow
1 is made of mahogany and Bow 2 is made of sitka spruce.
ROUND30NL 30” without light 16-17’ boats $145
ROUND32NL 32” without light 18-20’ boats $145
ROUND36NL 36” without light 21’+ boats $149
Do you need a stern pole shorter than 30” or longer
than 36”? Call us for pricing on custom length stern
Continental Reproduction Stern Poles
BOW1 18” Round Bow Pole
Stain with Interlux 573 Mahogany
BOW2 Capri/Continental/50’s Custom tear-drop 23 1/2”
Streamline Open Chock
Chromed open chock 4 5/8” long by 1 1/4” wide
Capri Reproduction Stern Poles
Streamline Bumper Cleat
Streamline cleat 1 3/4” long by 1 1/8” wide
New sitka spruce stern poles with 1 1/4 inch top. They require
stain and varnish. Will work with our FIXTURE3 light fixtures. Call
for price and availability
Post War Light Fixture
Chromed light fixture with glass globe. Fits our round
poles listed above or other poles with 7/8” top. Does
not fit Capri or Continental Poles. Does not fit any metal
FIXTURE1 Post War Fixture with Glass Globe $150
GLOBEGLASS Replacement Glass Globe
Pre War Light Fixture
“Bee Hive” glass globe and reproduction chromed
fixture. Fits 7/8” inch pole top. Use with our round poles.
[see poles above]
Chromed Stern Light Deck Socket
Above and below deck chromed stern pole
deck sockets. They fit our round 30”, 32”,
and 36” round reproduction poles.
SOCKETA Above Deck Stern Light Deck Socket $139
SOCKETB Below Deck Stern Light Deck Socket $129
Hatch supports
11 1/4 inch
12 7/8 inch
Streamline Bowlight [unchromed]
Straight or raked [slanted] hole in top fits our
18” round bow poles. Uses plastic lens listed
below. Plastic lens fit original bowlights with
a casting number of 5505.
FIXTURE2 Chrome Beehive Fixture with Globe $175
GLOBEBEE Glass Beehive Globe
$35 BOWLIGHT1S Bowlight with straight hole
BOWLIGHT1R Bowlight with raked hole
Capri/Continental Light Fixture
Red lens
Reproduction chromed light fixture with glass globe.
Fits 1 1/4 inch pole top. Fits original or our reproduction
BULB6 Replacement 6V bulb [also for stern lights] $3
Continental or Capri pole.
FIXTURE3 Capri/Continental Fixture
$180 BULB12 Replacement 12V bulb [also for stern lights] $3
FIXTRING Knurled Ring Only [also fits FIXTURE1] $44 Replacement glass lenses available for $56 each.
GLOBEGLASS Replacement Glass Globe
Chris Craft Chromed Prop Logo
New reproduction Chris Craft prop logo.
CCPROPLOGO Chris Craft Prop Logo $120
Chris Craft Engine Box Vents.
Chris Craft Engine Box Vents are chromed and
ready to install on your utility’s engine box.
The inner diameter of the vent is about
1 1/4" and the outer diameter is about 1 7/8". Our
engine vents come complete with three 1” nickel
plated brass nails..
Iva Light Spotlight Bulbs
IVABULB6 6 Volt Iva Light Replacement Bulb
IVABULB12 12 Volt Iva Light Replacement Bulb $49 ENGINEVENT Chromed Chris Craft Engine Vents $19
Windshield bracket 3 piece set
Gas Caps
Reproduction 3 piece sand cast bronze bracket sets. You
buff and chrome.
Chrome plated gas cap with knurled
edge, internal threads, and chain and
anchor. For a 2” filler tube
1947-54 Racing Runabout
1947-52 Special Runabout
1949-54 16/18’ Sportsman
1951-55 17’ Sportsman
1953-54 Deluxe/Rocket
1954-55 20’ Sportsman
1934-35 16/18’ Runabouts
1936-38 19’ Custom Rnbt
1941 17’ Special Runabout
1939 17’ Sportsman
1938 15 1/2 Deluxe Rnbt
1938 15 1/2 Sportsman
CAPFUEL“FUEL” imprint,
CAPPLAINwithout imprint,
CAPCHAIN Chain and Anchor Only
Continental & Capri 2 Part Side Trim
Chris Craft side trim used on Continentals, Capris, 24’ Sportsman,
23’ and 24’ Holidays, Ski Boats,
and other Chris Craft boats.
2PARTTRIM 2 Part Chris
side trim-4 foot piece $125
Black Alligator Vinyl
Alligator vinyl was used in 1955-56 Continentals, 1955-58 Capris,
and all Cobras and some Holidays. Rolls are 54 inches wide.
GATOR Alligator vinyl 54 inch roll, per foot
All Rivieras and 1946-50 17’ Deluxe Runabout
RIV [Riviera] windshield bracket set
DEL or PRE windshield bracket set
Windshield rubber
and windshield gasket
Push-Pull Switch
Chrome plated brass knob, gasket
sealed case for 6-36 volt DC systems.
Fits dash panels up to 3/4 inch.
SWPUSH Chrome plated push-pull switch
Plastic CCC Arrows
Black or white windshield rubber for the lower edge
of windshield.
WSRUBBER Black Windshield rubber per foot
WSRUBBERW White Windshield rubber per foot $5 The arrows look just like the originals and have the fastener holes
WSGASKET Windshield gasket per foot
$2 in the same places. The 33 1/2” are gold and the 44 1/2” are silver.
CCC33P 33 1/2 inch Port
Black gasket for lining windshield end brackets. Wet gasket with
water and dish soap before inserting glass. Trim excess material
CCC33S 33 1/2 inch Starboard
with razor after installing glass.
CCC44P 44 1/2 inch Port
Dealer Prices
CCC44S 44 1/2 inch Starboard
WSRUBDLR 30 feet of Black Windshield Rubber $100
Classic Style Cloth Wrapped Wire
WSGDLR 100 feet Windshield Gasket
$150 Modern rubber insulation with classic cloth wrap, per foot.
Step pads and frames
SBC Black Chris Craft 2 1/2 x 7 1/2 [1954 on]
SWR White Ribbed 2 1/2 x 7 3/4 [1931-54]
SBR Black Ribbed 2 1/2 x 7 3/4 [1931-54]
SWC White Chris Craft 2 1/2 x 7 1/2 [1954 on]
LBCPOST 4 7/8 x 10 3/4 Black post war
LBCPRE 4 7/8 x 10 3/4 Black pre war Algonac
STEPFRAME Chromed frame for small pads
STEPFRAMES Stainless frame for for small pads $70
STEPFRAMEL Stainless Steel frame for large pads $85
STEPWEDGE Wooden wedge for behind steppads $16
8 gauge yellow
10 gauge yellow/green
12 gauge yellow/black
WIRE14RY 14 gauge red/yellow
WIRE14RB 14 gauge red/black
16 gauge black/yellow
Bronze Insulated Staples
WSTAPLE58 1/4 x 5/8” box of 50 staples
WSTAPLE34 1/2 x 3/4” box of 40 staples
Cleaning out the garage and you have reached
the shelf in the back full of old boat parts you will
never use? Give us a call with what you have to
sell. We either trade or pay cash for many old
boat parts.
1960’s Push Pull Switch
Chris Craft Exhaust Manifolds
Reproduction of the push pull switch
common on many Chris Crafts of the
SWPUSH60 1960’s Push Pull Switch
Keyed Ignition Switches
Classic Boat Connection carries a variety of exhaust manifolds
including those for Chris Craft B, K, KL, M and V8 engines. Call
us with your manifold needs and we can discuss your options.
Depending on the engine, we carry both original pressure tested
and new replacement manifolds.
Generic keyed 2 & 3 post ignition
switches. [Two post require a
separate starter button.]
SWIGN2 2 post switch $39
SWIGN3 3 post switch $39
Aluminum Bow Pole 1” x 22 1/2”
Keyed Ignition Switches
with original looking bezel
Reproduction keyed ignition switch
with bezel for Chris Crafts. A similar style was used on Chris
Crafts from the 1940’s to mid 1950’s. Two keys are included.
SWIGNBZ 2 post switch with bezel and 2 keys
Starter & Horn Buttons
We offer two versions of starter buttons. Our
SWSTART1 has the correct stepped trim ring
found on most Chris Craft boats from the 30’s
to the 60’s. Our SWSTART2 is a good quality
generic starter switch with a nonstepped trim ring.
Aluminum 1” bow pole [fits
1960’s Holidays and Super
Sports]. It comes complete
with screw eyes and a
stained and varnished
wooden ball on the top.
BOW4 Aluminum 1” x 22 1/2” Bow Pole
Chris Craft Stanchion Base
SWSTART1 Chris Craft Stepped Starter Button
SWSTART2 Generic Starter Button
Chromed 11/16” bow pole and bow light lenses
These replacement stainless steel
stanchion bases are much more durable
than the original pot metal ones. The
original Chris part number is 0444-63813.
STANCHION Replacement base $59
Plastic Chris Craft Wave Emblem
These emblems look just like the originals. They are painted gold
and have the fastener holes in the same place as the originals.
Starboard and port emblems are identical.
CCWAVE 33 1/2 inch Chris Craft Wave Emblem $125
Chromed 11/16” bow pole [fits most utilities from the late fifty’s
to the mid 60’s.] It comes complete with screw eyes and a
stained and varnished wooden ball on the top.
BOW3 Chromed 11/16” bow pole
Red plastic lens
Blue plastic lens
Chris Craft Engine Tags
Chris Craft engine tags. Please
specify the engine, the engine year, and
the firing order. One tag is needed per manifold. The
smaller tags are used on pre and post-war Chris Craft 6 cylinder
engines with Chris Craft script manifolds. The larger tag is used
on post-war 6 cylinder engines with ribbed manifolds and V8’s.
ENGINETAGS Chris Craft Small Engine Tag
ENGINETAGL Chris Craft Large Engine Tag
Chris Craft Hull ID Tag
Space Ship Globe Lense
Replacement clear globe lense for Chris Craft
Space Ship fixtures. This heavily stylized fixture
is also known as a ‘Jetson’s globe.’ This is the
correct size replacement for both the runabout
and the cruiser version of this popular fixture.
GLOBESPACE Replacement Space Ship Globe
Chromed liftring & trim ring
Replacement chromed liftring is ready to screw
on to your boat. The matching lift ring trim ring
is also chromed and complete with the hard to
find chrome nails.
LIFTRING Chromed Lift Ring
LIFTTRIM Chromed Lift Ring Trim Ring
$49 Steering Wheel Black Horn Button
Chris Craft Hull ID tags used in post-war runabouts
and utilities. Specify Algonac or Pompano.
Black Horn Button for classic steering wheels with
the horn button located in the middle of the
throttle lever.
HULLTAG Chris Craft Hull ID Tag
BUTTON Steering Wheel Black Horn Button
Prop Shaft Coupler
Yellow zinc plated male couplings.
Dimensions in inches
1) 4
3 1/4 3/8 1
2) 4 1/2 2 5/8 3 3/4 3/8 1 1/2
3) 4
2 5/8 3 1/4 3/8 1
4) 5
2 1/4 4 1/8 3/8 1
Stainless Steel Tapered Propeller Shafts
Please call with length for price
1 1/4” Please call with length for price
1 1/2” Please call with length for price
Shafts are available up to 204 inches long. Please measure your
shaft carefully. All prop shafts are made to order, and cannot be
Nut and Key Sets
Double nut set, 2 nuts, 2 keys, and 1 cotter pin
NUTKEY1 for 1 inch shaft
NUTKEY2 for 1 1/4 inch shaft
NUTKEY3 for 1 1/2 inch shaft
NUTKEY4 for 1 inch shaft
Single nut set
Strut Bearing
Strut bearing measuring 1” inner diameter, 1 1/4” outer diameter x
4” long.
STBEARING 1” ID, 1 1/4” OD x 4” Strut Bearing $62
Call for other size strut bearings [we need ID & OD]
Stuffing boxes, shaft logs, struts, and rudders
Bronze Water intake scoops
SCOOPK ‘K’ 3/4” bronze water intake scoop
SCOOPM ‘M’ 1” bronze water intake scoop
SCOOP283 283 1 1/4” bronze water intake scoop Call
We carry both new and reconditioned bronze propellers. Call us to
find out the proper prop size and pitch to use with your Chris
Craft boat and engine. Please call for price and availability.
Prop Puller
Pulls 9 to 14 inch diameter props with 3/4 to 1 1/8inch shafts.
PULLER Prop Puller
Flax Packing
FPACK 1/4 inch Flax Packing [per foot]
Classic Boat Connection can also supply other underwater
gear such as stuffing boxes, shaft logs, struts, and rudders.
Please call us with your boat’s hull number and any casting
numbers you can read on your old part. We will then try to
track down your part and give you price and availabiltiy of
what you need.
High Density Filler
A thickener for adding to your resin/hardener mixture. Good for
wood boat bottoms, keels, and frames. Entire container will bring
1.2 quarts of resin/hardener mixture to a ‘ketchup’ consistency.
The color is off white. It is very strong.
WEST404West System High Density Filler15.2oz
Filleting Blend Adhesive Filler
Quart kits
WEST105A Resin Quart
WEST205A Fast Hardener .44 pint
WEST206A Slow Hardener .44 pint
WEST300 Set of pumps [for quart or gallon kits] $17
Gallon Kits
WEST105B Resin Gallon
WEST205B Fast Hardener .86 qt
WEST206B Slow Hardener .86 qt
WEST300 Set of pumps [for quart or gallon kits] $17
West System Maxi Repair Pack
Enough material to do several repairs. Six 16-gram packets of
resin, 3.2 gram packets fast hardener, 6 grams low density filler, 4
grams high density filler, 2 brushes, syringe, gloves intructions
WESTMAX West System Maxi Repair Kit
Microfiber Filler
West 403 is a thickening additive that blends easily with epoxy to
create a general purpose adhesive that is high strength and has
good gap filling capabilities.
WEST403 West System Microfiber Filler 8 oz
This strong, wood toned filler is good for use in glue joints and
fillets. It has good gap-filling properties. It cures to a dark brown.
WEST405 West Filleting Blend Filler 8 oz
Colloidal Silica
Helps prevent sagging on vertical surfaces. Very strong, off white,
good for fairing.
WEST406 West System Colloidal Silica 1.9 oz
Low Density Filler
A thickener for adding to your resin/hardener mixture. Useful for
fairing work. Easy to sand and carve. Cures to dark red-brown
color. Contains microballoons. Entire container brings 1/2 quart of
resin/hardener mixture to ‘ketchup’ thickness. 4 ounces.
WEST407 West System Low Density Filler 4 oz
Microlight Filler
Mixes more easily than West 407 Filler and is about 30% easier to
sand. Cures to light tan color. Not recommended for high heat
WEST410-7 West System Microlight Filler 5 oz
WESTBOOK West System Book
Classic Boat Connection Boat Trailers
Bunk Trailers
We carry single and double axle bunk trailers that are
available in either black or white. Their standard features
include waterproof lights, winch, white spoke wheels,
bearing buddies and a swivel jack with a variety of different
options including chrome wheels, guide-ons, spare tire
carrier, extended tongue, and a variety of brake options.
Please give us a call and tell us a little about your boat along
with how you plan to use your trailer and discuss any
special concerns you have with us. We will help you find
the right trailer for your boat and your situation. Since our
bunk trailers are custom made for each person’s situation,
please allow three weeks for their construction.
Wishbone Trailers
We offer single, double, and triple axle wishbone trailers
with a variety of different options including bearing buddies,
guide-ons, spare tire mounts, bow stops, adjustable winches,
and fenders. Our wishbone trailers can also be configured
with surge or electric brakes. Please give us a call and tell
us a little about your boat along with how you plan to use
your trailer and discuss any special concerns you have with
us. We will help you find the right trailer for your boat and
your situation. Since our wishbone trailers are custom made,
please allow three weeks for their construction.
For more information on our trailers, please give us a call at 507-344-8024.
Boat trailers can not be delivered and must be picked up in Mankato, Minnesota.
Boat Dolly
Stainless Steel
Hatch Binding
4000 pound capacity boat
dolly [two dollies will
support a 8000 pound
boat, a 17’ wood runabout typically weighs
around 2000 pounds.]
Strong 11 gauge steel
frame with a high gloss
polyurethane finish
featuring large 2’ long
bunks. The dollies each
have four heavy duty 6” x 2”phenolic resin caster wheels that
swivel on ball bearings. Two of the dolly wheels have locking
mechanisms. The dollies can be shipped by UPS. For safety
reasons, dollies must be used in pairs.
Stainless steel 1 1/4” hatch
binding . Hatch binding is
sold in 10 foot sections.
Stainless Steel
Stem Bead
Stainless steel 1/2” solid
back generic stem bead sold
in 6 foot sections.
Stainless Steel
Piano Hinge
DOLLY Single 4000 Pound Capacity Boat Dolly $265
Chris Craft Dashboard Tags
Stainless steel 1 1/2” piano
hinge. This is a very
common size that was used
in many boats. The hinges
are sold in 6 foot sections.
Polished Stainless Steel Trim
Original 7/8 inch style used by Chris Craft. It is drilled for
#6 screws. Call for
price and shipping
SS10 10 ft
SS12 12 ft
SS6 6 ft Spray Rail
Plexiglass Restore Kit
Plexiglass Lense restoration kit helps remove scratches, scuffs,
and haze from plexiglass windshields and plastic navigation
Plexiglass Restoration Kit
DASHTAG Specify which dashboard tag needed $20
DASHTAGSET Set of six dashboard tags
Bilge Pumps Thru Hulls
& 3-Way Switches
Rule bilge pumps will switch on
and off manually from your
dashboard and automatically while
you are away.
RULE750 Rule-Mate 750 Gallon 12 Volt Bilge Pump$99
SW3 Three Way Switch [On-Off-Automatic]
THRUB Bronze Thru-hull for 3/4” hose
THRUCH Chromed Thru-hull for 3/4” hose
Gold Braid Dock Line
Lubri-Gas is simply the best gasoline additive
available. It decreases oil consumption, increases
compression and mileage, eliminates sticky rings
and valves, gives more power, better piston seal,
longer engine life, reduced exhaust emissions,
longer spark plug life, makes engines start
quicker and idle smoother, extends time between
tune-ups and eliminates existing carbon deposits
in valves.
One quartof Lubri-Gas treats 125 gallons of gas.
You owe it to your classic boat [or car] to try a
quart of Lubri-Gas and see the results of the gas
additive everyone is talking about.
LUBQT Lubri-Gas quart
Replacement round
and rectangular dash
tags. Tags include:
searchlight, wiper,
bilge, blower and
instrument. Call for
other available tags.
Easy to handle dock lines can be stored
wet. These rot mildew and abrasion
resistant lines are unaffected by gas, oil,
and marine growth. Fifteen foot rope has
1/2 inch diameter and has 12 inch loop at
one end.
ROPE Fifteen Foot Gold Braided Dock Lines
Bilge Blowers
12 volt new bilge blowers for 3 inch exhaust
hose. Bilge blowers are an extremely important
safety feature on classic boats.
BILGEB12 12 volt Bilge Blower
Classic Boat Connection Fax and Mail Order Form
Please complete the following information
and either fax it to 507-344-8056
or mail it with a credit card number or check to:
Classic Boat Connection
1044 South Victory Dr, Suite 100
Mankato MN 56001
We are now at a new,
larger location with even
more parts and supplies
for your classic boat!
Check & money order customers can call us at 507-344-8024 for shipping charges [credit
card customers can just let us figure out the proper shipping charge for their order].
Please include an e-mail address on out of U.S. orders. Total amount of order $_______
City/State/Zip Code
Day Time Phone #
Credit Card Number
& Expiration & CSC#
***Note: We only accept Mastercard & Visa!***
Classic Mahogany Runabout Slippers
We are sure this item will
bring a big smile to
everyone’s face. These cloth,
one-size-fits-all mahogany
runabout slippers feature
incredible detail right down
to the sparkle of the chrome
on the deck hardware! From
the top of the windshield
flap to the bottom non-skid
surface, you will love these
comfortable slippers. And best of all, they never need bilge
pumps and refresher coats of varnish!
Classic Boat Prints
SLIPPERS Classic Mahogany Runabout Slippers $17.95
Classic Mahogany Runabout Hat
Our popular adustable cap
features an embroidered
mahogany runabout and
cruiser. This cap is the
perfect birthday, Father’s
Day, Mother’s Day or holiday
present for that special
classic boat owner in your
We have also found that the
hat is also a great conversation starter at the local boat show, marina, or boat launch.
Classic Boat Connection carries a variety of classic boat art prints.
As with all our items, these prints can be shipped directly to a
third party for a holiday or birthday present that your loved one
will never forget. To view full color pictures of prints available,
visit our web site at www.classicboatconnection.com.
HAT3 Classic Mahogany Runabout and Cruiser Hat $17.95
Chris Craft Authorized Logo Hats
Classic Motorboats
2016 Calendar
Elegant and fast, here are glorious
examples of the golden age of
motor boating. Sculpted in
mahogany, brilliantly varnished,
outfitted in chrome, and powered
by reciprocating engines of vast displacement, these personal
power boats provided sense of exhilaration for their owners.
These authorized Chris
Craft adjustable caps are
navy in color with either
the Chris Craft Post War or
Pre War logo in white.
Unlike many of the hats
you see for sale in other
locations, these are
authorized and produced
by Chris Craft.
CAL2016 Classic Motorboats 2016 Calendar $14.95
Steering Wheels
HAT4 Chris Craft Authorized Post War Logo Hat $19.95
HAT5 Chris Craft Authorized Pre War Logo Hat $19.95
License Numbers
& Letters
High quality Scotchcal
vinyl film is gasoline
resistant and is rated for 5
years of outdoor use in
the sign industry. The
letters and numbers are 3” tall, which is the usual standard for
boat registrations. Apply by marking a line on your hull side,
press-apply the letters and numbers, and peel off the backing
paper. They are gold with a black outline and thinner than a coat
of varnish. Many people also use them for their boat’s name.
Price per letter A to Z or number 0 to 9
Need a steering wheel to finish off that project? Does the steering
wheel that you have on your otherwise pristine boat look a little
rough and could use a little work? Give us a call or drop us an email at [email protected] [It is especially helpful if
you can e-mail us a picture of the style of wheel you are looking
for] and we will see what we can find for your boat.
Bilge Paint.......................................4
Bilge Pumps & Bilge Blowers........20
Boat Dollies..................................20
Boot Stripe.....................................4
Bottom Paint...................................4
Bow Light & Bow Poles...........15,17
Carb Kits and Manual...................13
Carriage Bolts.................................3
CCC Arrows................................16
Choke Cable.................................14
Chris Craft Authorized Hat............20
Chris Craft: The Essential Guide.....10
Chris Craft Wave Emblem.............17
Classic Runabout Slippers, Hat,.....22
Continental & Capri 2-Part Trim...20
Countersink Kit...............................5
Crash Pad.......................................1
Dock Line.....................................20
Engine Enamel.................................4
Engine Manuals.............................10
Engine & Hull Tags........................17
Engine Vents..................................15
Exhaust Elbows.............................12
Filler Stains.....................................4
Fine Line Tape................................4
Flags and Flag Clips.......................1
Flax Packing.................................18
Frearson Bits...................................2
Fuel Pumps & Fuel Filters.............12
Fuel Sending Unit..........................12
Gas Cap & Gas Cap Anchor.........16
Gator Vinyl....................................16
Gift Items............................11,20,22
Git Rot............................................5
Glass Globes............................15,17
Hatch Handle................................14
Hatch Support...............................15
Horn Button..................................17
Interprotect Barrier Coat.................6
Iva Light Bulbs..............................15
License Numbers..........................22
Life Caulk.......................................5
Lift Rings & Lift Ring Trim Rings ...17
Light Fixtures & Bulbs...................15
Manuals & Parts Lists...................10
Marine Stripper...............................4
Motor Mounts...............................14
Order Form..................................21
Oil Cap.........................................14
Pertronix Electronic Ignition...........13
Piano Hinge...................................20
Prop Logo....................................15
Prop Shaft....................................18
Propellors, prop shafts, prop puller18
Rags [for staining]............................4
Real Runabouts Book Series.........10
Sanding Board/Sandpaper...............7
Screws & Fasteners.....................2,3
Spark Plugs & Spark Plug Wires...12
Spray Paint.....................................4
Starter Buttons..............................17
Stem Bead....................................20
Step Pads & Step Pad Frames......16
Stern Poles, Fixtures, Sockets.......15
Strut Bearings................................18
Tach Cables..................................14
Transmission Oil Seals...................14
Tune-up Parts...........................12,13
Underwater Gear..........................18
Vinyl Flooring..................................1
Water Pumps/Water Pump Grease.14
West System.................................18
Windshield Brackets......................16
Windshield Rubber/Gasket............16
Wire/Wiring Diagram, Staples........16
Wood Finish Gloss..........................8
Wood Putty ....................................5
Yacht Enamel ..............................4,9
Special order parts/We buy old parts
Return and Warranty Policy
Looking for a part that you can’t find in our catalog?
Either give us a call at 507-344-8024, email us at
[email protected], or fax us a at 507344-8056. Try to give us a description of what you are
looking for, and we will see what we can do. [Chris
Craft part numbers are a big help, along with dimensions of the part.] We also buy old classic boat parts.
Call us with what you have, and we can make you an
offer either in trade or in cash.
We must receive all returns within 60 days of their
original shipment date. All returns are subject to a 10%
restocking fee. All rebuilt parts are guaranteed for 60
days after the original shipment date. Items [such as
Pertronix ignition kits, Bilge Pumps, etc] that have
manufacturer warranties must be returned directly to
the manufacturer. All special order parts and cut
material [such as flooring, wire, crash pad, windshield
rubber and gasket, etc] are not returnable.
Open M-F, 9 am to 4 pm Central - 507-344-8024 - Orders shipped same day
Classic Boat Connection
1044 South Victory Dr, Suite 100
Mankato MN 56001
Phone: 507-344-8024
Fax: 507-344-8056
Classic Boat Connection
1044 South Victory Dr, Suite 100
Mankato MN 56001
U.S. Postage
Aberdeen, SD
[email protected]
“Your one stop source for all of
your classic and antique boat
restoration needs.”
Hours: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Central
Still can’t find what
you are looking for?
Visit our website classicboatconnection.com
and follow the link to our ‘internet specials’
page. It features one of kind original parts,
limited run items, and items too new to be
included in our printed catalog.
Besides the items pictured in our catalog and
on our website, we have thousands of original
classic boat parts. Call 507-344-8024 or email
us at [email protected] with a
description of what you need for your boat.
Scan the QR code
with your
smartphone to
visit our website
Wade Technology Inc.
Re-chrome with proven
experience. Wade Technology Inc.
has over 31 years experience in
the field. Splendorize your Classic
Boat! Call for quotes.
James Wade
445 North 11th St
Philadelphia, PA 19123
215-765-2478; 215-765-2453
e-mail: [email protected]
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