Pyle PGMC2WPS4 PS4 Wireless Game Controller Owner's Manual

Pyle PGMC2WPS4 PS4 Wireless Game Controller Owner's Manual | Manualzz
PS4 Game Console Handle Wireless Controller
with LED Lights, Built-in Speaker 6-Axis Sensor
Please read this instruction manual thoroughly before
using the unit. Please keep for future reference.
Brief Introduction
The Controller is specially designed for PlayStation 4 console, adapting
Dual Shock 4 wireless controller program. It's equipped with latest
motion sensing technology, built-in three-axis gyroscope and threeaxis accelerator. With the three features, it can detect omnidirectional
dynamic information including Roll, Pitch and Yaw.
In addition to induce tilt angle of the controIIer, it can also capture the
3 axis acceleration information of three-dimensional space X, Y, Z,
and transmit all information captured to the game system quickly.
With this function, players can use this PS4 Dual Shock 4 controller to
operate special games. It's also featured with a new function:
Dual-point capacitive sensing touchpad on the front of the controller.
It's the first controller which can support Windows PC.
There are several built-in output connection ports in the controller:
3.5mm headset jack, Micro-USB charging port, extension port and
built-in speaker. Among them, the 3.5mm stereo headset jack can
connect headset and microphone, allowing Users to receive and
transmit audio at the same time.
The controller is loaded with a light bar which can glow various colors,
different colors represent different pIayers, they can also used as an
important message tips such as reduction of players life value and so on.
What's more, the light bar also can interact with Playstation camera,
so that the camera can determine the movement and distance of the
• Standard buttons: P4, Share, Option, , , , , , , , , L1, L2,
L3, R1, R2, R3, VRL, VRR, RESET
• Supports Any Software Version of PS4 Console
• Wireless BT 4.2, receiving distance (open maximum distance of 10
• Equipped with 6-axis sensor which is composed by 3D acceleration
sensor and gyro sensor
• With RGB LED Color Channel Instructions
• Supports dual-point capacitive sensing touchpad
• Equipped with 3.5mm stereo headset jack and built-in speaker
• Supports double motor vibration function
• Wide Operating Voltage Range, Ultra Low Sleep Current
• Full function as original Dual Shock 4, works with PC by installing
driver (no driver needed for Windows 10 and Android 5.0)
Product Function
3.1 PS4 Platform function
3.1.1 The six-axis function consisting of 3D and G is as follows: 3
3.1.2 Six-axis Basic Description
• X axis: Acceleration movement of X axis is: left right, right left.
Representative game disc: NBA07
• Y axis: Acceleration movement of Y axis is: front back, back front.
Representative game disc: NBA07
• Z axis: Acceleration movement of Z axis is: up down, down up.
Representative game disc: NBA07
• Roll axis: Tilt from left and right taking the Y axis as the center axis,
movement of Roll axis is: flat tilt left, flat tilt right .
Representative game disc: BLAZING ANG, TONY HAWK'S, GENJI,
• Pitch axis: Tilt from front and back taking the X axis as the center axis,
movement of Pitch axis is: flat tilt front, flat tilt back.
Representative game disc: BLAZING ANG, TONY HAWK'S, GENJI.
• Yaw axis: Rotate from left and right taking the Z axis as the center
axis, movement of Yaw axis is: flat rotate left, flat rotate right.
Representative game disc: NBA07, TONY HAWK'S.
3.2 Standard-PS4 working mode
3.2.1 The controller can fulfill any function in games on PS4 console,
including basic digital and analog buttons as well as six-axis sensor
and color display function of LED. At the same time, regarding to
certain games, it supports vibration function.
But when test on Windows 10 PC, a virtual 6-axis 14-key + visual
helmet function device appears, at this point, no operation can be
carried on. Default interface of 6-axis 16 keys 1 POV under Windows
10 system is as below:
Wireless Controller Attribute
Setup Testing
Game Controller
These settings will help your configuration install the game
controller on your calculator
Install the game controller(N)
Wireless Controller Mode: Wireless Controller
Categories: Game Controller
Test Game Controller. If the control is not working
properly, the controller needs to be calibrated. To
calibrate the controller, go to the settings page
Z Axles
X Whirling
Y Whirling
Z Whirling
X/Y Axles
Push Button
Visual Helmet
Game Controller setup(G)
Creating shortcuts(S)
Delete device(V)
Problem solver(T)
Determine Cancels Applications
3.3 Sensor Calibration
Sensor Calibration is completed automatically when testing PCBA,
no need any calibration any more.
3.4 Sleep Mode
The controller enters into Sleep mode if it fails to get connection with
PS4 console after it's under search status for 30 seconds or if no
buttons pressed and no big movement of 3D analog for 10 minutes.
You can wake up the controller by pressing PS button.
3.5 LED Indication
Led indicators will enter into breathing light mode if the controller
is charging under power off status, and the color is random.
The light goes off when controller is full charged.
• Different light colors of each controller when several controllers
connected to one Console at the same time: User 1 blue light,
User 2 red light, User 3 green Iight, User 4 pink light.
• Stand-by mode: orange light
• Charge while playing: blue light
• Charge while in stand-by mode: orange light, and light goes off
when full charged
• Controller lose connection: white light
3.6 Wireless BT Connection:
3.6.1 A data-capable USB cable is required to wired connect the
controller to PS4 console for the first time you use this controller on
the current Console. Hold the PS button, the LED light bar will keep a
single color, connected successfuIIy,after the first time, hence you
can connect the controller to the Console wirelessly via BT.
3.6.2 One PS4 console can only support 7 BT devices at the same
time no matter it s connected wired or wirelessly. 5
3.7 Correspondence of Standard PS4 and PC buttons (Chart)
10 8
11 13 12
Electrical Parameters
Electrical parameters (All voltages are referenced to GND and the
ambient temperature is 25 degrees)
Limited rating (All voltages are referenced to GND and the ambient
temperature is 25 degrees)
When a firmware update of the PS4 Console is instaIIed, it can be
possible that the functions in the adapter may be affected, then
you will need to update the controller as well to fix these issues
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Entertainment Inc. 7
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