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LG Electronics USA BEJN194WAT LCDMONITOR User Manual | Manualzz

Order Number

Test Report Number

: GETEC-C1-10-138

: GETEC-E3-10-074



FCC Part 15 subpart B

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EUT Type: LCD Monitor




Please read this manual carefully before operating your set and retain it for future reference.





Thank you for purchasing this LGE product

Please make sure the following items are included with your monitor.

If any items are missing, contact your dealer.

User's Guide/Cards

Power Cord

(Depending on the country)

15-pin D-Sub Signal Cable

(To set it up, this signal cable may be attached to this product before shipping out.)

USB Extension


This accessories may look different from those shown here.

User must use shielded signal interface cables (D-sub 15 pin cable, LAN cable) with ferrite cores to maintain standard compliance for the product.

Important Precautions

This unit has been engineered and manufactured to ensure your personal safety, however improper use may result in potential electrical shock or fire hazards. In order to allow the proper operation of all safeguards incorporated in this display, observe the following basic rules for its installation, use, and servicing.

On Safety

Use only the power cord supplied with the unit. In case you use another power cord, make sure that it is certified by the applicable national standards if not being provided by the supplier. If the power cable is faulty in any way, please contact the manufacturer or the nearest authorized repair service provider for a replacement.

The appliance coupler is used as the disconnect device.

Please make sure the device is installed near the wall outlet to which it is connected and that the outlet is easily accessible.

Operate the display only from a power source indicated in the specifications of this manual or listed on the display. If you are not sure what type of power supply you have in your home, consult with your dealer.

Overloaded AC outlets and extension cords are dangerous. So are frayed power cords and broken plugs. They may result in a shock or fire hazard. Call your service technician for replacement.

As long as this unit is connected to the AC wall outlet, it is not disconnected from the AC power source even if the unit is turned off.

Do not Open the Display:

There are no user serviceable components inside.

There are Dangerous High Voltages inside, even when the power is OFF.

Contact your dealer if the display is not operating properly.

To Avoid Personal Injury :

Do not place the display on a sloping shelf unless properly secured.

Use only a stand recommended by the manufacturer.

Do not drop an object on or apply impact to the product. Do not throw any toys or objects on the product screen.

It can cause injury to human, problem to product and damage the display.

To Prevent Fire or Hazards:

Always turn the display OFF if you leave the room for more than a short period of time. Never leave the display ON when leaving the house.

Keep children from dropping or pushing objects into the display's cabinet openings. Some internal parts carry hazardous voltages.

Do not add accessories that have not been designed for this display.

When the display is to be left unattended for an extended period of time, unplug it from the wall outlet.

In the presence of thunder and lightning, never touch the power cord and signal cable because it can be very dangerous. It can cause electric shock.


Important Precautions

On Installation

Do not allow anything to rest upon or roll over the power cord, and do not place the display where the power cord is subject to damage.

Do not use this display near water such as near a bathtub, washbowl, kitchen sink, laundry tub, in a wet basement, or near a swimming pool.

Displays are provided with ventilation openings in the cabinet to allow the release of heat generated during operation. If these openings are blocked, built-up heat can cause failures which may result in a fire hazard. Therefore, NEVER:

Block the bottom ventilation slots by placing the display on a bed, sofa, rug, etc.

Place the display in a built-in enclosure unless proper ventilation is provided.

Cover the openings with cloth or other material.

Place the display near or over a radiator or heat source.

Do not rub or strike the Active Matrix LCD with anything hard as this may scratch, mar, or damage the Active Matrix LCD permanently.

Do not press the LCD screen with your finger for a long time as this may cause some afterimages.

Some dot defects may appear as Red, Green or Blue spots on the screen.

However, this will have no impact or effect on the display performance.

If possible, use the recommended resolution to obtain the best image quality for your LCD display. If used under any mode except the recommended resolution, some scaled or processed images may appear on the screen. However, this is characteristic of the fixed-resolution LCD panel.

Leaving a fixed image on the screen for a long time may cause damage to the screen and cause image burn-in. Make sure to use a screen saver on the product.

Burn-in and related problems are not covered by the warranty on this product.

Do not shock or scratch the front and sides of the screen with metallic objects.

Otherwise, it may cause damage to the screen.

Make sure the panel faces forward and hold it with both hands to move. If you drop the product, the damaged product can cause electric shock or fire. Contact an authorized the service center for repair.

Avoid high temperatures and humidity.


Important Precautions

On Cleaning

Unplug the display before cleaning the face of the display screen.

Use a slightly damp (not wet) cloth. Do not use an aerosol directly on the display screen because over-spraying may cause electrical shock.

When cleaning the product, unplug the power cord and scrub gently with a soft cloth to prevent scratching. Do not clean with a wet cloth or spray water or other liquids directly onto the product. An electric shock may occur. (Do not use chemicals such as benzene, paint thinners or alcohol)

Spray water onto a soft cloth 2 to 4 times, and use it to clean the front frame; wipe in one direction only. Too much moisture may cause staining.

On Repacking

Do not throw away the carton and packing materials. They make an ideal container in which to transport the unit. When shipping the unit to another location, repack it in its original material.

On Disposal

(Only , Hg lamp used LCD Monitor)

The fluorescent lamp used in this product contains a small amount of mercury.

Do not dispose of this product with general household waste.

Disposal of this product must be carried out in accordance to the regulations of your local authority.


Connecting the Display

Before setting up the monitor, ensure that the power to the monitor, the computer system, and other attached devices is turned off.

Connecting the stand

1 .

Place the monitor with its front facing downward on a soft cloth.

2 .

Assemble the Stand Body into the product in the correct direction as shown in the picture.

Make sure you push it until you hear it “click”.

Hinge Body

Stand Body

3 .

Assemble the Stand Base(Front, Rear) into the Stand Body in the correct direction.

Stand Body

Stand Base

4 .

Tie down the base lock to perpendicularity direction.



Once assembled take the monitor up carefully and face the front side .


This illustration depicts the general model of connection. Your monitor may differ from the items shown in the picture.

Do not carry the product upside down holding only the stand base. The product may fall and get damaged or injure your foot.


Connecting the Display

Disassembling the stand

1 .

Place the monitor with its front facing downward on a soft cloth.

Stand Base



Rotate the cable holder in the direction of the arrow to remove it.

Cable holder


Change your lock on the product as it follows and turn it in the arrow direction.

If you can't release the stand base even the locking knob is at a release position, Please push the indicated knob down and retry it.


Connecting the Display


Pull out the stand to remove.


Pushing the PUSH button, take the stand base from stand body.

Good Position Bad Position


You can hurt your finger.


Connecting the Display

Before setting up the monitor, ensure that the power to the monitor, the computer system, and other attached devices is turned off.

Positioning your display


Adjust the position of the panel in various ways for maximum comfort.

Tilt Range : -5˚ to 20˚

When adjusting the angle of the screen, do not put your finger(s) in between the head of the monitor and the stand body. You can hurt your finger(s).


It is recommended that in order to maintain an ergonomic and comfortable viewing position, the forward tilt angle of the monitor should not exceed 5 degrees.


Connecting the Display

Using the Computer


Before setting up the monitor, ensure that the power to the monitor, the computer system, and other attached devices is turned off.



Connect D-sub(RGB Analog) Cable (PC)

Connect D-sub(RGB Analog) Cable (Mac)

Analog signal

Wall-outlet type

Mac adapter (This item must be purchased separately.)

For Apple Macintosh use, a separate plug adapter is needed to change the 15 pin high density (3 row) D-sub

VGA connector on the supplied cable to a 15 pin 2 row connector.


This is a simplified representation of the rear view.

This rear view represents a general model; your display may differ from the view as shown.

D-SUB cable and LAN cable when connected together, D-SUB cable to connect the first and, LAN cables, and other input To connect a cable.


Press button on the front switch panel to turn the power on. When monitor power is turned on, the

'Self Image Setting Function' is executed automatically.


‘ Self Image Setting Function’? This function provides the user with optimal display settings.When the user connects the monitor for the first time, this function automatically adjusts the display to optimal settings for individual input signals.

‘AUTO/SET’ Function? When you encounter problems such as blurry screen, blurred letters, screen flicker or tilted screen while using the device or after changing screen resolution, press the AUTO/SET function button to improve resolution.


Connecting the Display

Using the Network Monitor


Make sure to turn off the computer and product. Connect the cable as below sketch map



Connect peripheral devices

Connect LAN Cable USB 1.1 port

Only keyboard and mouse can be used

2.0 port

(USB memory stick)can be used

Analog signal

Wall-outlet type switch hub


Keyboard/Mouse Input

LAN cable should be connected before booting PC.(This item must be purchased separately.)

Headphone/Earphone Input

Automatically mutes the speaker volume when the headphones are plugged in.


(Internet Service Provider)

Network Monitor

Angle type, earphone and microphone connection, peripheral devices connected hard as anybody, Straight type is recommended.

USB 2.0 port to attach to the USB Extension, will be used more Useful.

D-SUB cable and LAN cable when connected together, D-SUB cable to connect the first,

LAN cables, and other input To connect a cable.

Angle type Straight type


Press button on the front switch panel to turn the power on.

When you use the monitor speaker via the X-PORT, turn the PC volume up to the highest level and adjust the monitor volume.

‘AUTO/SET’ Function? When you encounter problems such as blurry screen, blurred letters, screen flicker or titled screen while using the device or after changing screen resolution, press the AUTO/SET function button to improve resolution.


Connecting the Display

To arrange the cables

Connect the power cord and the signal cable as shown in the figure and then fix them to the cable holder.


Please insert the cable holder into the hole.


Please put the power cord and the signal cable in the cable holder.


This picture shows how to organize cables generally and may look different from your product.


Control Panel Functions

Front Panel Controls

MUTE Button

• LAN : This menu is available, use this button to switch the sound on or off.


• D-sub : This menu is not available.

MENU Button

Use this button to enter or exit the On Screen Display.


This function allows you to lock the current control settings, so that they cannot be inadvertently changed.

Press and hold the MENU button for several seconds.

The message "OSD LOCKED" should appear.

You can unlock the OSD controls at any time by pushing the MENU button for several seconds. The message

"OSD UNLOCKED" should appear.

Control Panel Functions

( )


( )


Use these buttons to select or adjust functions in the

On Screen Display.

Use this button to make either D-Sub or LAN connector active. This feature is used when two input sources are connected to the display.

Use these buttons to select or adjust functions in the On

Screen Display.

Use buttons to decrease or increase the speaker volume on LAN input.



Use this button to enter a selection in the On Screen



When adjusting your display settings, always press the AUTO/SET button before entering the On Screen


Power Button

Power Indicator

• D-sub : Use this button to turn the display on or off.


Monitor OFF: Power button, then press the power off once more.

Client OFF: Power button, then click the AUTO / SET button to turn off the power of all the features.

ON : Use this button to turn the display on.

This Indicator lights up blue when the display operates normally(On Mode). If the display is in Sleep

Mode (Energy Saving), this indicator color changes to flicker.

On Screen Display (OSD) Control Adjustment

Screen Adjustment

Making adjustments to the image size, position and operating parameters of the display is quick and easy with the On Screen

Display Control system.

A short example is given below to familiarize you with the use of the controls. The following section is an outline of the available adjustments and selections you can make using the OSD.


Allow the display to stabilize for at least 30 minutes before making image adjustments.

To make adjustments in the On Screen Display, follow these steps:


Press the MENU Button , then the main menu of the OSD appears.

To access a control, use the or Buttons . When the icon you want becomes highlighted, press the AUTO/SET Button .

Use the / Buttons to adjust the image to the desired level. Use the

AUTO/SET Button to select other sub-menu items.

Push the MENU Button once to return to the main menu to select another function. Push the MENU Button twice to exit from the OSD.

On Screen Display(OSD) Selection and Adjustment

The following table indicates all the On Screen Display control, adjustment, and setting menus.



: D-SUB input

: LAN input

Main menu Sub-menu Supported signals Description






To adjust the brightness, contrast and gamma of the screen






To customize the color of the screen








To adjust the position of the screen









To improve the clarity and stability of the screen
















To improve the clarity and stability of the screen










To improve the clarity and stability of the screen







The order of icons may differ depending on the model (14 to 29).

On Screen Display(OSD) Selection and Adjustment

You were introduced to the procedure of selecting and adjusting an item using the OSD system. Listed below are the icons, icon names, and icon descriptions of the all items shown on the Menu.

Press the MENU Button, then the main menu of the OSD appears.

Main Menu

Menu Name

MENU : Exit

: Adjust (Decrease/Increase)

SET : Enter

: Select another sub-menu

: Restart to select sub-menu

Button Tip




OSD (On Screen Display) menu languages on the monitor may differ from the manual.

On Screen Display(OSD) Selection and Adjustment

Main menu Sub menu Description



BRIGHTNESS To adjust the brightness of the screen.

CONTRAST To adjust the contrast of the screen.

GAMMA Set your own gamma value. : -50/0/50

On the monitor, high gamma values display whitish images and low gamma values display blackish images.

MENU : Exit

: Decrease

: Increase

SET : Select another sub-menu






MENU : Exit

: Decrease


: Increase

SET : Select another sub-menu

Select the screen color.

• sRGB: Set the screen color to fit the

SRGB standard color specification.

• 6500K: Slightly reddish white.

• 9300K: Slightly bluish white.

Set your own red color levels.

Set your own green color levels.

Set your own blue color levels.

On Screen Display(OSD) Selection and Adjustment

Main menu Sub menu Description



HORIZONTAL To move image left and right.

VERTICAL To move image up and down.

MENU : Exit

: Decrease

: Increase

SET : Select another sub-menu



MENU : Exit

: Decrease

: Increase

SET : Select another sub-menu



To minimize any vertical bars or stripes visible on the screen background.

The horizontal screen size will also change.

To adjust the focus of the display.

This item allows you to remove any horizontal noise and clear or sharpen the image of characters.

SHARPNESS To adjust the clearness of the screen.

On Screen Display(OSD) Selection and Adjustment


Main menu


Sub menu










To choose the language in which the control names are displayed.

To adjust position of the OSD window on the screen.

If the output of the video card is different from the required specifications, the color level may deteriorate due to video signal distortion. Using this function, the signal level is adjusted to fit into the standard output level of the video card in order to provide the optimal image.

Activate this function when white and black colors are present in the screen.

Use this function to set the power indicator on the front side of the monitor to ON or OFF .

If you set OFF , it will go off.

If you set ON at any time, the power indicator will automatically be turned on.

Use this function to select the image size of the screen.

MENU : Exit

: Adjust

: Adjust

SET : Select another sub-menu




WIDE 4:3

• WIDE : Switch to full screen mode according to input image signal.

• 4 : 3 : Change the image signal ratio into 4:3.

ON setting, the monitor power ON button, type the LAN is driven by the state.

OFF setting, the monitor power switch to ON , the state does not enter the LAN , and general monitoring state.

* OFF settings in SOURCE button to automatically enter the status of LAN that is running.

Restore all factory default settings except


Press the , buttons to reset immediately.

If this does not improve the screen image, restore the factory default settings.

If necessary, perform the white balance function again. This function will be enabled only when the input signal is a D-sub or LAN input signal.

On Screen Display(OSD) Selection and Adjustment

Main menu Sub menu Description



This feature lets you easily select the best desired image condition optimized to the environment

(ambient illumination, image types etc).

MOVIE : For animation images in videos or movies

INTERNET : For text images (Word processing etc.)

MENU : Exit

: Decrease

: Increase

SET : Select another sub-menu


You can manually adjust ACE or RCM.

You can save or restore the adjusted value even when using a different environment.


ACE (Adaptive Clarity Enhancer) : Selects the clarity mode.


RCM (Real Color Management) : Selects the color mode.





Not applied

Green enhance

Flesh tone

Color Enhance

NORMAL This is under normal operating conditions.

DEMO This is just for advertising to customer in the shops. It’s setting is same with Movie mode and screen is divided by half.

The INTERNET and NORMAL features become enabled for LAN input.


Check the following before calling for service.

● Is the power cord of the display onnected?

• Check and see if the power cord is connected properly to the power outlet.

● Is the power indicator light on?

● Is the power indicator flickering?

● Do you see an "OUT

OF RANGE" message on the screen?

• Press the Power button.

• If the display is in power saving mode, try moving the mouse or pressing any key on the keyboard to bring up the screen.

• Try to turn on the PC.

• This message appears when the signal from the

PC (video card) is out of horizontal or vertical frequency range of the display. See the

'Specifications' section of this manual and configure your display again.

Do you see a "OSD LOCKED" message on the screen?

● Do you see “OSD

LOCKED” when you push MENU button?

• You can secure the current control settings, so that they cannot be inadvertently changed.

You can unlock the OSD controls at any time by pushing the MENU button for several seconds: the message

“OSD UNLOCKED” will appear.


Display image is incorrect

Display Position is incorrect.

• Press the AUTO/SET button to automatically adjust your display image to the ideal setting.

If the results are unsatisfactory, adjust the image position using the H position and V position icon in the on screen display.

● On the screen background, vertical bars or stripes are visible.

• Press the AUTO/SET button to automatically adjust your display image to the ideal setting.

If the results are unsatisfactory, decrease the vertical bars or stripes using the CLOCK icon in the on screen display.

Any horizontal noise appearing in any image or characters are not clearly portrayed.

• Press the AUTO/SET button to automatically adjust your display image to the ideal setting.

If the results are unsatisfactory, decrease the horizontal bars using the PHASE icon in the on screen display.

• Check Control Panel --> Display --> Settings and adjust the display to the recommended resolution or adjust the display image to the ideal setting. Set the color setting higher than 24 bits

(true color).(Only for D-SUB input)


Check Control Panel --> Display --> Settings and see if the frequency or the resolution were changed. If yes, readjust the video card to the recommend resolution . (Only for D-SUB input)

The setting method can differ by computer and O/S (Operation System), and resolution mentioned above may not be supported by the video card performance. In this case, please ask to the computer or the video card manufacturer . (Only for D-SUB input)

If the recommended resolution (optimal resolution) is not selected, letters may be blurred and the screen may be dimmed, truncated or biased. Make sure to select the recommend resolution.


Display image is incorrect

● The screen color is mono or abnormal.

• Check if the signal cable is properly connected and use a screwdriver to fasten if necessary.

• Make sure the video card is properly inserted in the slot.

• Set the color setting higher than 24 bits (true color) at Control Panel - Settings .

(LAN support only 16bits color)

- “White Balance” is performed on black/white pattern.

- Check if the screen is set to normal mode.

The screen blinks.

• Check if the screen is set to interlace mode and if yes, change it to the recommend resolution.

- Check if the screen is set to normal mode.



Sync Input

Video Input






& Weight

Tilt Range

Power Input



Stand Base

Power cord

18.95 inch (48.133 cm) Flat Panel Active matrix-TFT LCD,

Anti-Glare coating

Visible diagonal size: 48.133 cm

0.2835 mm x 0.2835 mm pixel pitch

Horizontal Freq.

30 kHz to 66 kHz (Automatic)

Vertical Freq. 57 Hz to 63 Hz (Automatic)

D-SUB Signal Input 15 pin D-Sub Connector

Input Form RGB Analog (0.7 Vp-p/ 75 ohm)

LAN Signal Input LAN Connector

Input Form LAN Signal



VESA 1440 x 900 @ 60 Hz

VESA 1440 x 900 @ 60 Hz

DDC 2B (Only for D-SUB Input)

On Mode

Sleep Mode

Off Mode

: 25 W (Typ.)

5 W (LAN) / 1 W (D-sub)

1 W

With Stand Without Stand

Width 44.84 cm ( 17.65 inch) 44.84 cm ( 17.65 inch)

Height 38.33 cm ( 15.09 inch) 30.07 cm ( 11.83 inch)

Depth 19.84 cm ( 7.81 inch) 6.32 cm ( 2.48 inch)

Net 3.9 kg (8.59 lbs)

Tilt -5˚ to 20˚

AC 100-240V~ 50/60 Hz 0.8 A

Operating Conditions

Temperature 10˚C to 35 ˚C

Humidity 10 % to 80 % non-Condensing

Storage Conditions

Temperature -20˚C to 60 ˚C

Humidity 5 % to 90 % non-Condensing

Attached ( ), Detached ( O )

Wall-outlet type


Information in this document is subject to change without notice.


D-SUB Preset Modes (Resolution)

Display Modes (Resolution)







640 x 480

720 x 400

800 x 600

1024 x 768

1280 x 1024

1440 x 900

Horizontal Freq. (kHz)







Vertical Freq. (Hz)







*Recommend Mode

LAN Preset Modes (Resolution)

Display Modes (Resolution)





800 x 600 (60 Hz)

1024 x 768 (60 Hz)

1280 x 1024 (60 Hz)

1440 x 900 (60 Hz)


After input selection LAN, Desktop -> Properties -> Display Properties -> Settings in the multiple resolution settings with a " LAN factory support modes other than " are not in support of the resolution, please note.



On Mode

Sleep Mode

Off Mode

LED Color




Installing the Wall mount plate

This monitor satisfies the specifications of the Wall mount plate or the interchange device.



Place the monitor with its front facing downward on a soft cloth.


Rotate the cable holder in the direction of the arrow to remove it.

Cable holder


Change your lock on the product as it follows and turn it in the arrow direction.

If you can't release the stand base even the locking knob is at a release position, Please push the indicated knob down and retry it.


Installing the Wall mount plate


Pull out the stand to remove.


Pushing the PUSH button, take the stand base from stand body.

Good Position Bad Position


You can hurt your finger.


Installing the Wall mount plate


Install the Wall mount plate.

Wall mount plate(Separate purchase)

This is stand-type or wall mount type and is connectable with Wall mount plate.

Please refer to the installation guide for more details, which is provided when Wall mount plate is purchased.LG recommends that wall mounting be performed by a qualified professional installer.

Wall Mount pad

<Screw Mounting Interface Dimension>

Hole spacing : 75 mm x 75 mm.

Kensington Security Slot

Connected to a locking cable that can be purchased separately at most computer stores.


VESA compatible only with respect to screw mounting interface dimensions and mounting screw specifications

Please use VESA standard as below.

* 784.8 mm and under (30.9 inch)

- Wall Mount Pad Thickness : 2.6 mm

- Screw : 4.0 mm x Pitch 0.7 mm x Length 10 mm

* 787.4 mm and above (31.0 inch)

- Please use VESA standard wall mount pad and screws.

Make sure to read the Safety Precautions before using the product.

Keep the User’s Guide(CD) in an accessible place for furture reference.

The model and serial number of the SET is located on the back and one side of the SET.

Record it below should you ever need service.



With LG Network Monitor, some PC programs m a y n ot b e c o m p a t i b l e o r n e e d to b e modified due to different kind of operation.

Please check the compatibility in advance, before purchasing or installing the software.

LG do not have any kind of legal liability on this matter.

Regulatory Information cont.

FCC Compliance Statement

This equipment has been tested and found to comply within the limits of a Class B digital device pursuant to Part

15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation.

This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation.

If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception (which can be determined by turning the equipment on and off), the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by using one or more of the following measures:

Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna.

Increase the separation between the equipment and the receiver.

Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected.

Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help.

Caution: Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user's (or your) authority to operate the equipment. Only peripherals (digital input/output devices, terminals, printers, etc.) certified to comply with the Class B limits may be attached to this monitor. Operation with non-certified peripherals is likely to result in interference to radio and TV reception. Only shielded signal cables may be used with this System.


The regulations are applied only to the products with the

ID LABEL indicating specific requirements.

respecte toutes les exigences du Règlement sur le matériel brouilleur du Canada.


The regulations are applied only to the products with the

ID LABEL indicating specific requirements.

CE Conformity Notice

(for Europe)

Products with the “CE” Marking comply with the EMC

Directive(89/336/EEC) and LOW VOLTAGE Directive

(73/23/EEC) issued by the Commission of the European


Compiance with these directives implies conformity to the following European Norms :

• EN 55022

• EN 55024

; Radio Frequency Interference

; Electromagnetic Immunity

• EN 61000-3-2

• EN 61000-3-3

• EN 60950-1

; Power Line Harmonics

; Voltage Fluctuations

; Product Safety


The regulations are applied only to the products with the

ID LABEL indicating specific requirements.

Low Radiation Compliance (MPR II)

This monitor meets one of the strictest guidelines available today for low radiation emissions, offering the user extra shielding and an antistatic screen coating. These guidelines, set forth by a government agency in Sweden, limit the amount of emission allowed in the Extremely Low

Frequency (ELF) and Very Low Frequency (VLF) electromagnetic range.


(TCO'99 applied model only)

Canadian DOC Notice

This Class B digital apparatus meets all requirements of the Canadian Interference-Causing Equipment

Regulations. Cet appareil numérique de la classe B


You have just purchased a TCO’99 approved and labelled product! Your choice has provided you with a product developed for professional use. Your purchase has also contributed to reducing the burden on the environment and also to the further development of environmentally adapted electronics products.


Regulatory Information cont.

Why do we have environmentally labelled computers?

In many countries, environmental labelling has become an established method for encouraging the adaptation of goods and services to the environment. With the growing manufacture and usage of electronic equipment throughout the world, there is a recognized concern for the materials and substances used by electronic products with regards to their eventual recycling and disposal. By proper selection of these materials and substances, the impact on the environment can be minimized.

There are also other characteristics of a computer, such as energy consumption levels, that are important from the viewpoints of both the work (internal) and natural (external) environments. Electronic equipment in offices is often left running continuously, resulting in unnecessary consumption of large amounts of energy and additional power generation. From the standpoint of carbon dioxide emissions alone, it is vital to save energy.

What does labelling involve?

The product meets the requirements for the TCO’99 scheme which provides for international and environmental labelling of personal computers and/or displays.

The labelling scheme was developed as a joint effort by the

TCO (The Swedish Confederation of Professional

Employees), Svenska Naturskyddsforeningen

(The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation) and

Statens Energimyndighet (The Swedish National

Energy Administration).

Approval requirements cover a wide range of issues: ecology, ergonomics, emission of electrical and magnetical fields, energy consumption and electrical safety.

Ecological criteria impose restrictions on the presence and use of heavy metals, brominated and chlorinated flame retardants, and other substances. The product must be prepared for recycling and the manufacturing site(s) shall be certified according to ISO14001 or EMAS registered.

Energy requirements include a demand that the system unit and/or display, after a certain period of inactivity, shall reduce its power consumption to a lower level in one or more stages. The length of time to reactivate the system unit shall be reasonable for the user.

Labelled products must meet strict environmental demands, for example, in respect of the reduction of electrical and magnetical fields as well as work load and visual ergonomics.

Below you will find a brief summary of the ecological requirements met by this product. The complete ecological criteria document can be found at TCO

Development’s website http://www.tcodevelopment.com

or may be ordered from:

TCO Development

SE-114 94 STOCKHOLM, Sweden

Fax: +46 8 782 92 07

Email : [email protected]

Information regarding TCO’99 approved and labelled products may also be obtained at http://www.tcodevelopment.com

Ecological requirements

Flame retardants

Flame retardants may be present in printed wiring board laminates, cables, and housings. Their purpose is to prevent, or at least to delay the spread of fire. Up to 30% by weight of the plastic in a computer casing can consist of flame retardant substances. Many flame retardants contain bromine or chlorine, and these flame retardants are chemically related to PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls). Both the flame retardants containing bromine or chlorine and the PCBs are suspected of giving rise to health effects, including reproductive damage in fisheating birds and mammals, due to the bio-accumulative* processes when not disposed of in accordance with strict standards for disposal.

TCO’99 requires that plastic components weighing more than 25 grams shall not contain flame retardants with organically bound bromine or chlorine. Flame retardants are allowed in the printed wiring board laminates due to the lack of commercially available alternatives.


Cadmium is present in rechargeable batteries and in the colour-generating layers of certain computer displays.

TCO’99 requires that batteries, the colour-generating layers of display screens, and the electrical or electronics components shall not contain any cadmium.


Mercury is sometimes found in batteries, relays and switches. TCO’99 requires that batteries shall not contain any mercury. It also demands that mercury is not present in any of the electrical or electronics components associated with the labelled unit. There is however one


Regulatory Information cont. exception. Mercury is, for the time being, permitted in the back light system of flat panel monitors as there today is no commercially available alternative. TCO aims on removing this exception when a mercury free alternative is available.


Lead can be found in picture tubes, display screens, solders and capacitors. TCO’99 permits the use of lead due to the lack of commercially available alternatives, but in future requirements TCO Development aims at restricting the use of lead.


* Bio-accumulative is defined as substances which accumulate in living organisms.

**Lead, Cadmium and Mercury are heavy metals which are bio-accumulative.


(TCO’03 applied model only)

• Noise emissions


• The product must be prepared for recycling and the manufacturer must have a certified environmental management system such as EMAS or ISO 14 001

• Restrictions on chlorinated and brominated flame retardants and polymers heavy metals such as cadmium, mercury and lead.

The requirements included in this label have been developed by TCO Development in co-operation with scientists, experts, users as well as manufacturers all over the world. Since the end of the 1980s TCO has been involved in influencing the development of IT equipment in a more user-friendly direction. Our labelling system started with displays in 1992 and is now requested by users and

IT-manufacturers all over the world.

For more information, please visit www.tcodevelopment.com



The display you have just purchased carries the TCO’03

Displays label.

This means that your display is designed,manufactured and tested according to some of the strictest quality and environmental requirements in the world. This makes for a high performance product, designed with the user in focus that also minimizes the impact on our natural environment.

Some of the features of the TCO’03 Display requirements:


• Good visual ergonomics and image quality in order to improve the working environment for the user and to reduce sight and strain problems. Important parameters are luminance, contrast, resolution, reflectance, colour rendition and image stability.


• Energy-saving mode after a certain time – beneficial both for the user and the environment

• Electrical safety


• Electromagnetic fields


Information for Environmental Preservation

LGE. announced the 'LG Declaration for a Cleaner

Environment' in 1994, and this ideal has served as a guiding managerial principle ever since. The Declaration is a foundation that has allowed us to undertake environmentally friendly activities in careful consideration of economic, environmental, and social aspects.

We promote activities for environmental preservation, and we specifically develop our products to embrace the concept of environment-friendly.

We minimize the hazardous materials contained in our products. For example, there is no cadmium to be found in our monitors.

Information for recycling

This monitor may contain parts which could be hazardous to the environment. It is important that this monitor be recycled after use.

LGE. handles all waste monitors through an environmentally acceptable recycling method. There are several take-back and recycling systems currently in

Regulatory Information cont. operation worldwide. Many parts will be reused and recycled, while harmful substances and heavy metals are treated by an environmentally friendly method.

If you want to find out more information about our recycling program, please contact your local LG vendor or a corporate representative of LG.

We set our vision and policies on a cleaner world by selecting the issue of the global environment as a task for corporate improvement. Please visit our website for more information about our ‘green’ policies.



Informationen zur Erhaltung der Umwelt

Im Jahr 1994 verkündete LGE die 'LG Declaration for a

Cleaner Environment' (LG Erklärung für eine sauberere

Umwelt). Seitdem dient dieses Ideal als führendes Prinzip des Unternehmens. Diese Erklärung war die Basis für die

Durchführung von umweltfreundlichen Aktivitäten, wobei wirtschaftliche, umweltbezogene und soziale Aspekte in die

Überlegungen mit einbezogen wurden.

Wir fördern Aktivitäten zum Schutz der Umwelt und die

Entwicklung unserer Produkte ist darauf ausgerichtet, unserem Konzept bezüglich Umweltfreundlichkeit gerecht zu werden.

Wir sind darauf bedacht, den Anteil der in unseren

Produkten enthaltenen schädlichen Materialien zu minimieren. So ist in unseren Monitoren beispielsweise kein Kadmium zu finden.

Informationen zum Thema Recycling

Dieser Monitor enthält Teile, die umweltschädlich sein können. Es ist unbedingt erforderlich, dass der Monitor recycelt wird, nachdem er außer Dienst gestellt wurde.

Bei LGE. werden alle ausrangierten Monitore in einem unter umweltbezogenen Aspekten geeigneten Verfahren recycelt. Augenblicklich sind weltweit mehrere

Rücknahme- und Recyclingsysteme im Einsatz. Viele

Teile werden wieder verwendet und recycelt. Schädliche

Substanzen und Schwermetalle werden durch umweltverträgliche Verfahren behandelt.

Falls Sie mehr über unser Recyclingprogramm erfahren möchten, wenden Sie sich bitte an Ihren lokalen LG-

Händler oder einen Unternehmensvertreter von LG.

Wir richten unsere Firmenpolitik auf eine sauberere

Umwelt hin aus, indem wir umweltspezifische Aspekte als wichtigen Punkt in die Weiterentwicklung unseres

Unternehmens einfließen lassen. Zusätzliche

Informationen über unsere ‘grüne’ Firmenpolitik erhalten

Sie auf unserer Website.



Information sur la protection del’environnement

LGE. a publié sa 'Déclaration en faveur d’un environnement plus propre' en 1994 et celle-ci est restée, depuis lors, un principe directeur de notre entreprise.

Cette déclaration a servi de base à notre réflexion et nous a permis de prendre en compte à la fois les aspects

économiques et sociaux de nos activités, tout en respectant l’environnement.

Nous encourageons les activités en faveur de la préservation de l’environnement et c’est dans cet esprit que nous développons nos produits : nous réduisons au minimum les matières dangereuses qui entrent dans leur composition et l’on ne trouve pas de cadmium, par exemple, dans nos moniteurs.

Information sur le recyclage

Ce moniteur peut contenir des composants qui présentent un risque pour l’environnement. Il est donc important que celui-ci soit recyclé après usage.

LGE. traite les moniteurs en fin de cycle conformément à une méthode de recyclage respectueuse de l’environnement. Nous reprenons nos produits et les recyclons dans plusieurs sites répartis dans le monde entier. De nombreux composants sont réutilisés et recyclés, et les matières dangereuses, ainsi que les métaux lourds, sont traités selon un procédé écologique.

Si vous souhaitez plus de renseignements sur notre programme de recyclage, veuillez contacter votre revendeur LG ou un l’un de nos représentants.

Nous voulons agir pour un monde plus propre et croyons au rôle de notre entreprise dans l’amélioration de l’environnement. Pour plus de renseignements sur notre politique “verte”, rendez visite à notre site : http://www.lge.com/about/environment/html/Recycling.jsp


Regulatory Information cont.


Informazioni per la tutela dell’ambiente

La LGE. ha annunciato nel 1994 la cosiddetta 'LG

Declaration for a Cleaner Environment' (Dichiarazione di

LG a favore di un ambiente più pulito), un ideale che da allora funge da principio ispiratore della gestione aziendale. La dichiarazione rappresenta il fondamento che consente di intraprendere attività a favore dell'ambiente tenendo conto degli aspetti economici, ambientali e sociali.Noi della LG, promuoviamo attività a favore della tutela dell'ambiente sviluppando appositamente i nostri prodotti per cogliere il concetto del rispetto dell’ambiente riducendo i materiali dannosi presenti nei nostri prodotti.

Ad esempio nei nostri monitor non è presente il cadmio.

Informazioni per il riciclaggio

Il monitor può presentare componenti che potrebbero risultare eventualmente dannosi per l'ambiente. È importante che il monitor sia riciclato al termine del suo utilizzo.

La LGE. gestisce tutti i monitor di rifiuto con un metodo di riciclaggio soddisfacente dal punto di vista ambientale. In tutto il mondo sono attualmente in funzione numerosi sistemi di riciclaggio e recupero. I diversi componenti sono riutilizzati e riciclati, mentre le sostanze dannose e i metalli pesanti vengono trattati con un metodo rispettoso dell’ambiente.

Se si desiderano maggiori informazioni in merito al programma di riciclaggio, è consigliabile rivolgersi al proprio rivenditore LG o ad un rappresentante aziendale della LG.

Noi della LG impostiamo la nostra visione e le nostre politiche a favore di un mondo più pulito ponendo la questione dell'ambiente dal punto di vista globale come una mansione rivolta al miglioramento della nostra azienda. Vi invitiamo a visitare il nostro sito internet per ulteriori informazioni sulla nostra politica “verde”.



Información para la conservación medioambiental

LGE. presentó la 'Declaración para un entorno más limpio de LG' en 1994 y este ideal ha servido para guiar nuestros principios empresariales desde entonces. La Declaración es la base que nos ha permitido llevar a cabo tareas que

05 respetan el medio ambiente siempre teniendo en cuenta aspectos sociales, económicos y medioambientales.

Promocionamos actividades orientadas a la conservación del medio ambiente y desarrollamos nuestros productos específicamente para que se ajusten a la filosofía que protege el entorno.

Reducimos al máximo el uso de materiales de riesgo en nuestros productos. Un ejemplo de ello es la ausencia total de cadmio en nuestros monitores.

Información para el reciclaje

Este monitor puede contener piezas que entrañen riesgos medioambientales. Es importante reciclar este monitor después de su utilización.

LGE. trata todos los monitores usados siguiendo un método de reciclaje que no daña al entorno. Contamos con diversos sistemas de recuperación y reciclaje que funcionan a nivel mundial en la actualidad. Es posible reciclar y reutilizar muchas de las piezas, mientras que las sustancias dañinas y los metales pesados se tratan siguiendo un método que no perjudique al medio ambiente. Si desea obtener más información acerca del programa de reciclaje, póngase en contacto con su proveedor local de LG o con un representante empresarial de nuestra marca.

Basamos nuestra visión y nuestras políticas en un mundo más limpio y para ellos optamos por un entorno global como tarea principal de nuestra evolución como empresa.

Visite nuestra página Web para obtener más información sobre nuestras políticas ecológicas.



Informações relacionadas à preservação ambiental

A LGE. anunciou a 'LG Declaration for a Cleaner

Environment' (Declaração da LG para um ambiente mais limpo) em 1994 e esse ideal tem servido desde então como um princípio administrativo de orientação. A

Declaração é a base que nos tem permitido realizar atividades favoráveis ao ambiente com consideração atenta aos aspectos econômicos, ambientais e sociais.

Promovemos atividades de preservação ambiental e desenvolvemos nossos produtos para englobar

Regulatory Information cont. especificamente o conceito de favorável ao ambiente.

Reduzimos os materiais perigosos contidos em nossos produtos. Por exemplo, não há cádmio em nossos monitores.

Informações relacionadas à reciclagem

Este monitor pode conter peças que podem representar riscos ao ambiente. É importante que ele seja reciclado após o uso.

A LGE. cuida de todos os monitores descartados através de um método de reciclagem agradável ao ambiente. Há vários sistemas de devolução e reciclagem atualmente em operação no mundo. Muitas peças serão reutilizadas e recicladas e as substâncias nocivas e os metais pesados passarão por tratamento através de um método favorável ao ambiente.

Para obter mais informações sobre nosso programa de reciclagem, entre em contato com seu fornecedor LG local ou com um representante corporativo da LG.

Definimos nossa visão e nossas políticas relacionadas a um mundo mais limpo selecionando a questão do ambiente global como uma tarefa de aprimoramento corporativo. Visite nosso site para obter mais informações sobre nossas políticas de meio ambiente.



Informatie met betrekking tot het behoud van het milieu

LGE. publiceerde in 1994 de 'LG Declaration for a Cleaner

Environment' (de LG-verklaring met betrekking tot een schoner milieu). Deze verklaring en het ideaal van een schoner milieu fungeren sindsdien als een bestuurlijke leidraad voor onze onderneming. Op basis van deze verklaring ontplooien wij milieuvriendelijke activiteiten, waarbij er zowel met sociale en economische aspecten, als met milieuaspecten zorgvuldig rekening wordt gehouden.

Wij ondersteunen activiteiten die zijn gericht op het behoud van het milieu en wij houden bij het ontwikkelen onze producten specifiek rekening met de milieuvriendelijkheid van onze producten.

Wij minimaliseren het gebruik van schadelijke stoffen in onze producten. Er wordt bijvoorbeeld geen cadmium verwerkt in onze monitors.

Informatie met betrekking tot recycling

Deze monitor bevat materialen die schadelijk zouden kunnen zijn voor het milieu. Het is belangrijk dat deze monitor aan het einde van zijn levensduur wordt gerecycled.

LGE. verwerkt alle afvalmonitors via een milieuvriendelijke recyclingmethode. Hiervoor worden er momenteel wereldwijd verscheidene inname- en recyclingsystemen gehanteerd. Een groot aantal onderdelen wordt opnieuw gebruikt en gerecycled, waarbij schadelijke stoffen en zware metalen volgens een milieuvriendelijke methode worden verwerkt.

Voor meer informatie over ons recyclingprogramma kunt u contact opnemen met uw plaatselijke LGvertegenwoordiger of een LG-vestiging.

Onze visie en ons beleid met betrekking tot een schonere wereld vloeien voort uit het feit dat wij het milieu hebben aangemerkt als een onderwerp dat speciale aandacht verdient binnen onze onderneming. Bezoek onze website voor meer informatie over ons 'groene' beleid.



»ÌÙÓχˆËˇ ÔÓ Óı‡Ì ÓÍÛʇ˛˘ÂÈ Ò‰˚

¬ 1994 „Ó‰Û ÍÓÔÓ‡ˆËˇ LGE ÓÔÛ·ÎËÍÓ‚‡Î‡

'ƒÂÍ·‡ˆË˛ LG ÔÓ Óı‡Ì ÓÍÛʇ˛˘ÂÈ Ò‰˚',



Ô‰ÔËÌˇÚ¸ ‰ÂÈÒڂˡ, Ó·ÂÒÔ˜˂‡˛˘ËÂ









‚¢ÂÒÚ‚ ‚ ̇¯ÂÈ ÔÓ‰Û͈ËË. Õ‡ÔËÏÂ, ‚ ̇¯Ëı

ÏÓÌËÚÓ‡ı ‚˚ Ì ̇ȉÂÚ ͇‰Ïˡ.





Regulatory Information cont.



KÓÔÓ‡ˆËˇ LGE ÔÂÂ‡·‡Ú˚‚‡ÂÚ ‚Ò ·‡ÍÓ‚‡ÌÌ˚Â






‚ÂÏˇ Í‡Í ‚‰Ì˚ ‚¢ÂÒÚ‚‡ Ë ÚˇÊÂÎ˚ ÏÂÚ‡ÎÎ˚










Ó Ì‡¯ÂÈ ÔÓÎËÚËÍ ÔÓ Óı‡Ì ÓÍÛʇ˛˘ÂÈ Ò‰˚ ‚˚

ÏÓÊÂÚ ̇ÈÚË Ì‡ ̇¯ÂÏ Ò‡ÈÚÂ: http://www.lge.com/about/environment/html/Recycling.jsp


(EPA applied model only)




TAR is a set of power-saving guidelines issued by the U.S. Environmental Protection


As an ENERGY STAR Partner LGE U. S.

A.,Inc. has determined that this product meets the ENERGY STAR guidelines for energy efficiency.


(Mexico only)


Regulatory Information cont.


(for Europe )


Disposal of your old appliance

1.When this crossed-out wheeled bin symbol is attached to a product it means the product is covered by the

European Directive 2002/96/EC.

2.All electrical and electronic products should be disposed of separately from the municipal waste stream via designated collection facilities appointed by the government or the local authorities.

3.The correct disposal of your old appliance will help prevent potential negative consequences for the environment and human health.

4.For more detailed information about disposal of your old appliance, please contact your city office, waste disposal service or the shop where you purchased the product.


Élimination de votre ancien appareil

1.Ce symbole, représentant une poubelle sur roulettes barrée d'une croix, signifie que le produit est couvert par la directive européenne


2.Les éléments électriques et électroniques doivent être jetés séparément, dans les videordures prévus à cet effet par votre municipalité.

3.Une élimination conforme aux instructions aidera

à réduire les conséquences négatives et risques

éventuels pour l'environnement et la santé humaine.

4.Pour plus d'information concernant l'élimination de votre ancien appareil, veuillez contacter votre mairie, le service des ordures ménagères ou encore la magasin où vous avez acheté ce produit.


Smaltimento delle apparecchiature obsolete

1.Quando su un prodotto è riportato il simbolo di

08 un bidone della spazzatura barrato da una croce significa che il prodotto è coperto dalla direttiva europea 2002/96/EC.

2.Tutti i prodotti elettrici ed elettronici dovrebbero essere smaltiti separatamente rispetto alla raccolta differenziata municipale, mediante impianti di raccolta specifici designati dal governo o dalle autorità locali.

3.Il corretto smaltimento delle apparecchiature obsolete contribuisce a prevenire possibili conseguenze negative sulla salute umana e sull'ambiente.

4.Per informazioni più dettagliate sullo smaltimento delle apparecchiature obsolete, contattare il comune, il servizio di smaltimento rifiuti o il negozio in cui è stato acquistato il prodotto.


Kassering av din gamla apparat

1.När den här symbolen med en överkryssad soptunna på hjul sitter på en produkt innebär det att den regleras av European Directive


2.Alla elektriska och elektroniska produkter bör kasseras via andra vägar än de som finns för hushållsavfall, helst via för ändamålet avsedda uppsamlingsanläggningar som myndigheterna utser.

3.Om du kasserar din gamla apparat på rätt sätt så bidrar du till att förhindra negativa konsekvenser för miljön och människors hälsa.

4.Mer detaljerad information om kassering av din gamla apparat kan får av kommunen, renhållningsverket eller den butik där du köpte produkten.


Uw oude toestel wegdoen

1.Als het symbool met de doorgekruiste verrijdbare afvalbak op een product staat, betekent dit dat het product valt onder de Europese Richtlijn


2.Elektrische en elektronische producten mogen niet worden meegegeven met het huishoudelijk afval, maar moeten worden ingeleverd bij speciale inzamelingspunten die door de lokale of landelijke overheid zijn aangewezen.

3.De correcte verwijdering van uw oude toestel helpt negatieve gevolgen voor het milieu en de menselijke gezondheid voorkomen.

Regulatory Information cont.

4.Wilt u meer informatie over de verwijdering van uw oude toestel? Neem dan contact op met uw gemeente, de afvalophaaldienst of de winkel waar u het product hebt gekocht.


Vanhojen laitteiden hävittäminen

1.Tämä merkki tuotteessa tarkoittaa, että tuote kuuluu sähkö- ja elektroniikkalaiteromusta annetun EU-direktiivin 2002/96/EY soveltamisalaan.

2.Kaikki elektroniset laitteet ovat ongelmajätettä, joten ne on toimitettava paikalliseen keräyspisteeseen.

3.Vanhan laitteen asianmukainen hävittäminen ehkäisee mahdollisia ympäristöön ja terveyteen kohdistuvia haittavaikutuksia.

4.Lisätietoa vanhan laitteen hävittämisestä saat ottamalla yhteyden paikallisiin viranomaisiin, kierrätyskeskukseen tai myymälään, josta ostit laitteen.


Entsorgung von Altgeräten

1.Wenn dieses Symbol eines durchgestrichenen

Abfalleimers auf einem Produkt angebracht ist, unterliegt dieses Produkt der europäischen

Richtlinie 2002/96/EC.

2.Alle Elektro- und Elektronik-Altgeräte müssen getrennt vom Hausmüll über dafür staatlich vorgesehenen Stellen entsorgt werden.

3.Mit der ordnungsgemäßen Entsorgung des alten

Geräts vermeiden Sie Umweltschäden und eine

Gefährdung der persönlichen Gesundheit.

4.Weitere Informationen zur Entsorgung des alten

Geräts erhalten Sie bei der Stadtverwaltung, beim Entsorgungsamt oder in dem Geschäft, wo

Sie das Produkt erworben haben.


Sådan smider du dit gamle apparat ud

1.Når der er et tegn med et kryds over en skraldespand, betyder det, at produktet er omfattet af EU-direktiv 2002/96/EC.

2.Alle elektriske og elektroniske produkter skal smides ud et andet sted end gennem den kommunale affaldsordning ved hjælp af specielle indsamlingsfaciliteter, der er organiseret af staten eller de lokale myndigheder.

3.Korrekt bortskaffelse af dit gamle apparat er med til at forhindre mulige skadevirkninger på miljøet og menneskelig sundhed.

4.Mere detaljerede oplysninger om bortskaffelse af dit gamle apparat kan fås ved at kontakte dit lokale kommunekontor, renovationsselskab eller den butik, hvor du købte produktet.


∞fiÚÚÈ„Ë Ù˘ ·ÏÈ¿˜ Û·˜ Û˘Û΢‹˜

1.ŸÙ·Ó ¤Ó· ÚÔ˚fiÓ ‰È·ı¤ÙÂÈ ÙÔ ‰‡Ì‚ÔÏÔ ÂÓfi˜

‰È·ÁÚ·Ì̤ÓÔ˘ οϷıÔ˘ ·ÔÚÚÈÌÌ¿ÙˆÓ, ÙfiÙ ÙÔ ÚÔ˚fiÓ

ηχÙÂÙ·È ·fi ÙËÓ E˘Úˆ·˚΋ O‰ËÁ›· 2002/96/EOK.


ÚÔ˚fiÓÙˆÓ Ú¤ÂÈ Ó· Á›ÓÂÙ·È ¯ˆÚÈÛÙ¿ ·fi Ù· ÁÂÓÈο

ÔÈÎȷο ·ÔÚÚ›ÌÌ·Ù· ̤ۈ ηıÔÚÈṲ̂ӈÓ


¤¯Ô˘Ó ‰ËÌÈÔ˘ÚÁËı› ›Ù ·fi ÙËÓ Î˘‚¤ÚÓËÛË ‹ ·fi ÙȘ

ÙÔÈΤ˜ ·Ú¯¤˜.

3.H ÛˆÛÙ‹ ·fiÚÚÈ„Ë Ù˘ ·ÏÈ¿˜ Û·˜ Û˘Û΢‹˜ ı·


ˆ˜ ÚÔ˜ ÙÔ ÂÚÈ‚¿ÏÏÔÓ Î·È ÙËÓ ˘Á›· ÙÔ˘ ·ÓıÚÒÔ˘.


·fiÚÚÈ„Ë Ù˘ ·ÏÈ¿˜ Û·˜ Û˘Û΢‹˜, ÂÈÎÔÈÓˆÓ‹ÛÙ ÌÂ





Cómo deshacerse de aparatos eléctricos y electrónicos viejos

1.Si en un producto aparece el símbolo de un contenedor de basura tachado, significa que éste se acoge a la

Directiva 2002/96/CE.

2.Todos los aparatos eléctricos o electrónicos se deben desechar de forma distinta del servicio municipal de recogida de basura, a través de puntos de recogida designados por el gobierno o las autoridades locales.

3.La correcta recogida y tratamiento de los dispositivos inservibles contribuye a evitar riesgos potenciales para el medio ambiente y la salud pública.

4.Para obtener más información sobre cómo deshacerse de sus aparatos eléctricos y electrónicos viejos, póngase en contacto con su ayuntamiento, el servicio de recogida de basuras o el establecimiento donde adquirió el producto.


Regulatory Information cont.








Regulatory Information cont.






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