Novatel Wireless NBZNRM-3800 CDPDData Transceiver User Manual

Novatel Wireless NBZNRM-3800 CDPDData Transceiver User Manual | Manualzz
The antenna must be installed to provide a minimum separation distance of 30 cm from all persons
(including users and bystanders) to satisfy FCC RF Exposure requirements. This device is approved for
vehicle mount operations only.
This product is not to be used in any environment where radio frequency equipment is prohibited or
restricted in its use. This includes aircraft/airports, hospitals, and other sensitive electronic areas.
Antenna Installation Instructions / Requirements
When choosing an antenna for your modem installation you should select one that meets the following
Amps cellular frequency band (824 – 896 MHz)
TNC female, 50 ohm connector
2.0 dBi (+/- 0.5 dB) (Antenna gain may not exceed 2.5 dBi)
Caution: Use only with an approved antenna
Note: In order to meet the FCC’s requirements for Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE) the antenna
must be mounted such that no persons (users or bystanders) may come within 30 cm (1 ft) of the antenna
while radiating.
Please follow these recommendations when installing your antenna:
Install the antenna only according to its manufacturer instructions.
Connect the antenna's TNC connector to the modem's antenna connector.
Only mount the antenna where designed to be mounted.
• Do not install a glass mount antenna on metallic glass or with the antenna conductor placed over the
rear window heating wires.
Do not mount a roof mount antenna on a fiberglass or plastic surface.
Care should be taken when choosing the location on the vehicle for the antenna installation:
Select the highest possible point on the vehicle to install the antenna.
• Select a location that has easy access to a cable run to simplify connecting the antenna to the
• Select a cable run that is free of hazards such as excessive heat, possible screw punctures or that
requires pinching of the cable when installing it.
• Select a cable run that allows the cable to remain fixed in place. A cable that has to move in
hoods/doors or other moveable locations on the vehicle will eventually fray and break.
• Select a cable route that is at least 8 inches (20.3 centimeters) away from any microprocessor
controlled electronic equipment.
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