Knock Sensor

Knock Sensor
Knock Sensor
Knock Sensor
Knock sensors are located on the
engine in locations that can get very
hot. Ensure that the vehicle has cooled
to a safe level before attempting to
renew the sensor.
Please Read These First
These instructions are intended as a guide
only and are not a substitute for a workshop
manual. The fitter must have a degree of
mechanical competence. If you are in any
doubt as to your ability to fit the part, do not
undertake the job.
Disconnect battery:Disconnect the sensor’s electrical
connection:Unclip the sensor’s wiring loom as
necessary:Unscrew locating fixings and remove
the sensor.
Check the electrical connector for signs
of corrosion/damage
Fitting the new sensor
For more Technical Tips and to
register your warranty online visit
Ensure that the sensor’s mating surface
is clean and free from corrosion, this is
a common failure point.
Refit new sensor, tighten to original
factory torque settings, do not overtighten. Do not use thread lock/lubricant
Route the wire in its original position,
ensure that it will not foul any moving
parts and that it is routed away from
any high tension electrical wires and resecure the wiring loom.
Reconnect the sensor.
Reconnect the battery.
Contact technical sales on
01527 839307
Follow the procedure outlined in your
vehicle’s service manual to clear any
fault codes that may have been set
(you may need to use a fault code
reader or specialist equipment). Failure
to do this may cause the computer to
register a fault and stay in “limp home”
mode which may damage the catalytic
converter and other emission devices.
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