Tender for Supply & Installation of Optical Emission

Tender for Supply & Installation of Optical Emission
Supply & Installation of Optical Emission Spectrometer
Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur
NIT Issue Date
18 February 2015
Pre-bid meeting
03 March 2015 by 03:00 PM
Last Date of Submission
13 March 2015 by 03:00 PM
Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur
Old Residency Road, Ratanada, Jodhpur – 342011, Rajasthan
Telefax: 0291- 2449011, email: sps@iitj.ac.in
Notice Inviting Tender
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Jodhpur, Rajasthan (hereinafter referred to as the “Institute”), an
Educational Institute of National Importance, invites sealed tender(s) in two-bid format for “Supply and
Installation of Optical Emission Spectrometer”at the Institute as per the specification given in the schedule
attached with the tender as Annexure – I. The tender document can be downloaded from the Institute
at URL Link: http://www.iitj.ac.inor from
Central Public
Procurement Portal link:
The tenderer shall be required to submit the Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) for an amount of Rs.40,000/(Rupees Forty Thousandonly) which is refundable and a non-refundable tender fee for an amount of
Rs.1,000/- (Rupees One Thousand only) by way of demand drafts only. The demand drafts shall be drawn in
favour of “Director, IIT Jodhpur” payable at Jodhpur. The demand drafts for earnest money deposit & tender
fee must be enclosed in the envelope containing the technical bid.
Offer in the financial bid should be written in English and price should be written in both figures and words.
The offer should be typed or written in ink pen or ball pen. Use of pencil will be ignored. All the pages of
the Technical / Financial Bid shall be page numbered and all the relevant supporting documents as required
must be enclosed.
Envelope of technical bid & financial bid should be individually sealed and then placed in a third envelope,
to be sealed and superscribed with tender number, due date of submission and address to:
Stores & Purchase Section
Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur
Old Residency Road, Ratanada
Jodhpur – 342011, Rajasthan”
Sealed tender should reach the Institute, latest by March 13, 2015 by 03:00 PM. Tender(s) received beyond
the last date of submission will be rejected. No tender will be entertained by E-mail or FAX.
Pre-bid meeting is scheduled on March 3, 2015 at 3:30 PM in the Conference room, Administrative Block,
IIT Jodhpur. The prospective tenderer(s) are requested to attend the pre-bid meeting on scheduled date and
time. Technical specifications, Warranty, Terms & Conditions or any other query related to this tender
shall be opened for discussion for wider competition and competitive prices. The Pre-bid queries to be
submitted on or before March 3, 2015 before 11:00 AM on the above given email id. No queries would be
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acceptable after given timeline. However, the tender of the Bidders should be received as mentioned in
appropriate manner by the stipulated due date.
At any time prior to the deadline of submission of bid, Institute for any reason, whether at its own initiative
or in response of a clarification requested by a prospective tenderer, modify the tender by amendment and it
will be published on the website.
Technical bid(s) will be opened on March 13, 2015at 04:00 PM in the Conference Hall, Administrative
Block of the Institute in the presence of the tenderer(s) or their authorized representative(s), who are present
at the scheduled date and time.
Date and time of the opening of the financialbid(s) will be decided after the technical bid(s) have been
evaluated by the Institute. The financial bid(s) of only those tenderer(s) will be opened, who qualifies the
technical evaluation, on the specified date and time. The date, time & place of opening of the financial bid(s)
will be intimated in due course of time.
In the event of the due date of receipt and opening of the tender being declared as a holiday for the Institute,
then due date of receipt / opening of the tender will be the next working day at the same time.
The tenderer are requested to read the tender document carefully and ensure to compliance with all the
instructions herein. Non-compliance of the instructions contained in this document may disqualify the
tenderer from the tendering exercise.
The Institute reserves the right to select certain items in single or multiple units and reject the others or all as
mentioned in the schedule and to revise or alter the specifications before acceptance of any tender and
accept or reject any or all tenders, wholly or partly or close the tender without assigning any reason
Tender should be submitted in two parts, Part – I (Technical Bid) & Part – II (Financial Bid). Envelope of
Part – I should be superscribed as “Tender for Supply and Installation of Optical Emission Spectrometer”,
Part – I Technical Bid” and Envelope of Part – II should be superscribed as “Tender for Supply and
Installation of Optical Emission Spectrometer”, Part – II Financial Bid”.
1. Pre – Qualification Criteria:
a) Only manufacturer(s) or their sole authorized distributor / agentare eligible to bid. Authorization
letter in the prescribed format (Annexure – II) from Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) in
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favor of authorized Agent to bid / negotiate / conclude the order against this tender, must be enclosed
with technical bid.
b) The tenderer shall be required to submit the Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) for an amount of
Rs.40,000/- (Rupees Forty Thousand only)which is refundable and a non-refundable tender fee for
an amount of Rs.1,000/- (Rupees One Thousandonly) by way of demand drafts only. The
demanddrafts shall be drawn in favour of “Director, IIT Jodhpur” payable at Jodhpur. The demand
drafts for Earnest Money Deposit & tender fee must be enclosed in the envelope containing the
technical bid.
c) The tenderer should not have been debarred or blacklisted by any Central / State Government
Departments of India. An affidavit to that effect on Non-Judicial stamp paper of Rs.10/- duly
notarized must be enclosed with the technical bid in prescribed format. The proforma of the affidavit
is attached with the tender as Annexure – III.
d) Signed & stamped compliance sheet of the technical specification of the goods with technical printed
literature along with Bill of Material (BoM) mentioning all the terms & conditions clearly, must be
enclosed with the technical bid.
e) Signed & stamped guarantee / warranty declaration certificate must be enclosed with the technical
bid in prescribed format as attached as Annexure – IV.
f) The tenderer viz. the Indian Agents and / or the foreign firms should furnish a certificate that the
rates quoted by the tenderer arenot more than those quoted to any other Institution in India or aboard
during the last one year, with supporting documents.
g) The tenderer shall submit the copy of the tender document and addenda thereto, if any, with each
page should be signed and stamped to confirm the acceptance of the entire term & conditions of the
h) An undertaking from the tenderer stating that they will facilitate the Institute for shifting &
reinstallation of equipment from transit campus to permanent campus. The tenderer has to take all
the responsibilities for reinstallation of the equipment. If tenderer needs any charges for shifting &
reinstallation it should be quoted separately in financial bid.
The tender of any tenderer, who has not complied with one or more of the conditions of pre-qualification
criteria and / or fail to submit the required documents in prescribed format as mentioned / or required / or
conditional tender are liable to be summarily rejected.
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2. Earnest Money Deposit (EMD):
The tenderer shall be required to submit the Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) for an amount ofRs.40,000/(Rupees Forty Thousand only)which is refundable and a non-refundable tender fee for an amount of
Rs.1,000/- (Rupees One Thousand only) by way of demand drafts only. The demand drafts shall be drawn
in favour of “Director, IIT Jodhpur”, Payable at Jodhpur”.
The firm(s) who are registered with the National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC) / or Small Scale
Industries (SSI) for the subjected goods are exempted to furnishing the EMD and tender fee. Self-attested
photocopy of the valid registration certificate must be enclosed with the technical bid.
The demand drafts for earnest money deposit & tender fee must be enclosed in the envelope containing
the technical bid. Any technical bid is found without the demand drafts of earnest money deposit and
tender fee will be rejected. The Institute will not be liable to pay any interest on such an amount. The
earnest money deposit shall be forfeited, if the tenderer withdraws its bid during the period of tender
The earnest money deposit of the tenderer, whose tender has been accepted, will be returned on the
submission of the performance security. Earnest money deposit of the successful tenderer shall be
forfeited, if it refuses or neglects to execute the order or fails to furnish the required performance security
within the time frame as specified by the Institute.
After the award of the contract to the successful tenderer, the earnest money deposit of the unsuccessful
tenderer(s) will be refunded within 30 days.
3. Validity:
Quoted rates must be valid for a period of 180 days from the date of the closing of the tender. The overall
offer for the assignment and tenderer quoted price shall remain unchanged during the period of validity. If
the tenderer quotes the validity shorter than the required period, the same will be treated as unresponsive
and it may be rejected.
In case the tenderer withdraws, modifies or changes his offer during the validity period, the tender is
liable to be rejected and the earnest money deposited shall be forfeited without assigning any reason
thereof. The tenderer should also be ready to extend the validity, if required, without changing any terms,
conditions etc. of their original tender.
4. Delivery & Installation:
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All the goods ordered should be delivered within 05 weeks from the date of the receipt of the purchase
order / date of opening of Letter of Credit, and satisfactory installation / commissioning and handover of
the equipment will be completed within 01 week from the date of receipt of the material at the Institute
premises and it will be ready to use within 06 weeks on faultless working condition from the date of the
issue of the purchase order or within such time as may be extended by the Institute.
In case the tenderer need / or quoted more time for the completion of the order / project, for evaluation
and comparison , Institute will convert all the proposal in single format with up-loading the LD charges
of the extra time required on the quoted price.
Satisfactory Installation: Satisfactory installation / commissioning and handing over of the equipment
mean the faultless functioning of the equipment for a minimum period of 30 days after satisfactory
Liquidated Damages(LD):If the supplier would fail to perform the satisfactory installation /
commissioning of the equipment and/ or which is not ready to use within stipulated time then penalty at
the rate of 1% per week subject to maximum of 10% of the order value will be deducted.
Extension of Delivery & Installation Period: If the supplier would unable to complete the project /
order within the stipulated time, for which the supplier is responsible, it is required to request for the
extension of the delivery period, it may be extended with the imposing of the liquidated damages.
In case the supplier would fail to complete the order / project within the stipulated time, Institute reserves
the right to cancel the contract / order and performance security / EMD may be forfeited.
5. Guarantee / Warranty:
Tender must be quoted with the two(02) years comprehensive on-site Warranty / Guarantee and it will
commence from the date of the satisfactory installation / commissioning of equipment against the defect
of anymanufacturing, workmanship and poor quality of components and tenderer also give the guarantee /
warranty declaration in prescribed format as attached with tender as Annexure – IV.
In addition to quoting for the Guarantee / Warranty for the equipment, tenderer(s) must quote the charges
for Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for a period of two (2) years for maintaining the equipment at
the Institute site, after the expiry of the period of warranty/guarantee. During the service contract period,
the firm shall provide two preventive maintenance visits and in addition attending to all emergent and
breakdown calls.
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The AMC charges should be quoted for labour cost only and should not include the cost of any
replacement parts/components that may be needing replacement. During the service contract period,
replacement of parts / components shall be made available by the Institute to the supplier at the Institute’s
own expense. The charges shall be paid to the firm in half-yearly installments after satisfactory service.
In addition to quoting the charges for the AMC, the bidder must also quote the charges for
Comprehensive Maintenance Contract(CMC) for a period of two (2) years after the expiry of warranty /
guarantee. The CMC charges should be quoted for labour as well as cost of any replacement parts /
component that may be required for keeping the equipment functional.
It is essential to quote the charges and terms & conditions for the service contract, tender not containing
service contract charges shall be considered incomplete and shall be rejected.
In case, supplier would failto repair / or rectify the equipment during the warranty / guarantee period,
Institute may employ or pay other person for the repairing of the equipment, all the such damages, loss
and expenses shall be recoverable from the supplier.
Downtime:During both warranty and service contract (AMC/CMC) period not more than 5% downtime
will be permissible. For downtime exceeding 1%, penalty equal to 1/365 of the 5% of the order value per
day may be imposed. Downtime will be counted from the date and time of the filing of complaint with in
the business hours.
During the AMC the time taken by the Institute in providing the spares till the function of the of the unit
will not be calculated as down time but the period of AMC will be extended equivalent to the period the
unit remain out of order.
If the Institute opts to enter CMC during this period the equipment alongwith accessories has to be
maintained for 347 days in a block of 365 days. However, 5 days time will be allowed to procure the
spares in case the same has to imported and 5 days will not be counted as downtime.
6. Training of Personnel:
The supplier shall be required to undertake to provide the technical training to the personnel involved in
the use of the equipment at the Institute premises, immediately after completing the installation of the
equipment for a minimum period of a one week at the company cost.
7. Tender Preparation Expenses:
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All costs incurred by the tenderer in the preparation of the tender, presentation and of negotiating the
contract including the site visits etc. will be borne by the tenderer themselves and in no case will be
reimbursable by the Institute.
8. Financial Bid:
The rates should be quotedinclusive of the essential charges on FOR at destination site basisin the
prescribedformat (Annexure – VI) with complete description. Name of the manufacturer, model
numbermust be indicated clearly in the proforma invoice / quotation, failing which the same shall be
liable for rejection.
Where the equipment is composed of several subunits / component, the rate should be quoted for each
subunit / component separately otherwise quotation is liable to be rejected. The Institute reserves the right
to increase or decrease the number of subunits / components and number of equipment according to its
requirements. The words “Not Quoting” should be clearly written against any item of equipment for
which the tenderer is not quoting.The AMC / CMC rates are to be quoted separately in the financial bid.
Institute is registered with DSIR, Govt. of India (Custom Duty Notification No. 51/96- Custom dt: 23
July, 1996 and Central Excise Duty Notification No. 10/97- Central Excise dt: 1 March, 1997) and is
therefore, exempted from Excise Duty and partial exempted from Custom Duty (CD applicable to IIT
Jodhpur is 5.15%). Exemption Certificate of the same shall be issued.
NB: If any of the conditions mentioned in the tender enquiry document are alter / changed / modified /
add any new condition, which are not compliance with tender enquiry document, by tenderer in their
proposal, which may be treated as unresponsive and it may be rejected.
9. Tender Evaluation:
The Institute will evaluate the entiretenders,strictly on the basis of the terms & conditions incorporated in
the tender enquiry document and terms, conditions etc. as stipulated by the tenderer(s) in their tender to
determine whether these are compliance in all respects, as specified in the tender enquiry document.
During the evaluation / scrutiny of the tenders, at any stage, if it is found that any of the tenderer(s) terms
and conditions are not compliance with tender enquiry document, Institute may seek the clarification
within the specified target time and if the tenderer fails to reply / or not agree / accept the terms and
conditions, their tender will be treated as unresponsive and it is liable for rejection.
If the schedule of requirements contains more than one schedule, then offers for each schedule are to be
evaluated and ranked separately, if it is in the benefit of the Institute, order may be awarded accordingly.
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Evaluation of the proposals shall be done in two stages as:
(a) Stage – I (Technical Evaluation): Technical evaluation of the proposals shall be done in two stages
Sub-Stage – A (Essential pre-qualification criteria):
Institute will examine all the bid(s) to determine whether they qualify the essential prequalification criteria, whether tenderer hassubmitted the EMD & Tender fee with technical
bid, whether all the documents as mentioned / or required in the tender to be submitted with
technical bid, has submitted, whether all the documents are in prescribed format and has
been properly signed & stamped and whether the bid are completed and generally in order.
Tender(s) which will not qualify Sub-Stage–Aor conditional tender are to be treated as
unresponsive and it may be rejected.
Sub-Stage – B (Technical Specification):
The Institute will examine the detailed technical specification of the quoted model, whether
these are complying with the specification as mentioned in tender document.
The tender which are not compliance with the tender specifications will be summarily
After the evaluation of technical bid(s), a list of the tenderer(s) who qualify the technical evaluation (Sub
– Stage – A & B) shall be made. Shortlisted tenderer(s) shall be informed for the date, time and place of
opening of the financial bid(s) and they may depute their representative/s to attend the opening of the
financial bid(s). The financial bid(s) of the only technically qualified tenderer(s) will be opened.
(b) Stage – II (Financial Evaluation): Financial bid(s) of the only technically qualified tenderer(s) will
be opened for financial evaluation.
The financial bid(s) will be evaluated on the basis of the cost of the item with its all taxes, freight, and
other charges, as quoted. AMC/CMC charges will be considered separately, and these contracts will be
on the discretion of the Institute to opt for.
If there is discrepancy between the unit price and total price (which is obtained by the multiplying the
unit price by the quantity), the unit price shall prevail and the total price corrected accordingly and same
is to be conveyed to the tenderer with specified target time, if the tenderer does not agree with the
observation of the Institute, the tender is liable to be ignored.
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10. Award of Contract:
After due evaluation of the financial bid(s), the Institute will award the contract to the lowest
evaluatedresponsive tenderer (hereinafter referred to as the “Supplier”).
11. Performance Security:
After the award of work, the supplier shall be required to submit the performance security in the form of
Nationalised/Scheduled Bank / or Fixed Deposit Receipt, for an amount equal to the 10% of order value
and it will be kept valid for a period of 60 days beyond the date of completion of warranty
period.Warranty Period will be commenced from the date of the installation of the supplied item.
Hence, be careful at the time of calculation of the validity date of Performance Bank Guarantee.
On expiry of the warranty period the supplier will have to submit the fresh performance security for
AMC / CMC period, if the Institute goes for maintenance contract. The fresh performance security to
cover the service contract shall be submitted atleast one month before the expiry of previous
performance security and it shall be 5% of the order value and it will be valid for period of maintenance
contract period plus 60 days. Performance Security will be returned after completion all the contractual
12. Payment Term:
80% payment of the total order value shall be released against receipt of the goods at the Institute
premises on the submission inspection report by the supplier duly certified by the Institute
Balance 10% shall be released after the successful installation / commissioning of the ordered
goods against the submission of the test report.
Balance 10% of the order value shall be released after the submission of the performance
13. Site Preparation:
The supplier shall inform to the Institute about the site preparation, if any, needed for the installation of
equipment, immediately after the receipt of the purchase order. The supplier must provide complete
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details regarding space and all the other infrastructural requirements needed for the equipment, which
the Institute should arrange before the arrival of the equipment to ensure its timely installation and
smooth operation thereafter.
The supplier shall visit the Institute and see the site whether the equipment is to be installed and may
offer his advice and render assistance to the Institute in the preparation of the site and other preinstallation requirements.
14. Merger / Acquisition of Foreign Principal:
In case of merger of Foreign Principal with another Firm or acquisition of Foreign Principal by another
firm, it shall be obligatory for the New Entity so formed after the merger of the Acquiring Firm, as the
case may be, to take over all the duties and obligations / liabilities of the Foreign Principal and the New
Entity / Acquiring Firm would ipso facto become liable for all acts of commission or omission on the
part of original Foreign Principal as well as Indian Agent.
15. Change of Indian Agent:
In case the Foreign Principal changes in Indian Agent then it shall be obligatory for Foreign Principal to
automatically transfers all the duties and obligations to the New Indian Agent, failing which the Foreign
Principal would ipso facto become liable for all acts of commission or omission on the part of New
Indian Agent.
16. Force Majeure:
Any delay due to Force Majeure will not be attributable to the bidder. Force Majeure events shall mean
one or more of the following acts or events: Acts of God or events beyond the reasonable control of the
Affected Party which could not reasonably have been expected to occur, exceptionally adverse weather
conditions, lightning, earthquake, cyclone, flood, volcanic eruption or fire or landslide; Radioactive
contamination or ionizing radiation; Strikes or boycotts (other than those involving the Supplier or its
employees/representatives or attributable to any act or omission of any of them) interrupting supplies
and services of the Project for a period exceeding a continuous period of 7 (seven) days; An act of war
(whether declared or undeclared), invasion, armed conflict or act of foreign enemy, blockade, embargo,
riot, insurrection, terrorist or military action, civil commotion or politically motivated sabotage which
prevents rendering of supplies or specified services by the Supplier for a period exceeding a continuous
period of 7 (seven) days.
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17. Arbitration and Laws:
In case of any dispute or difference arising out of or in connection with the tender conditions / order and
Contract, the Institute and the Supplier will address the dispute / difference for a mutual resolution and
failing which, the matter shall be referred for arbitration to a sole Arbitrator to be appointed by the
Institute. The Arbitration shall be held in accordance with the provisions of the Arbitration and
Conciliation Act, 1996 and the venue of arbitration shall be at Jodhpur only. The resolution of the
Arbitrator shall be final and binding on both the parties.
18. Jurisdiction:
The courts at Jodhpur alone will have the jurisdiction to try any matter, dispute or reference between
parties arising out of this tender / contract. It is specifically agreed that no court outside and other than
Jodhpur court shall have jurisdiction in the matter.
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Optical Emission Spectrometer; Qty.01 No.
The model shall be compact and with inbuilt spark stand
Instrument shall be suitable for testing of Ferrous, Aluminum and
copper base alloys.
It shall be based on spark technique.
Spark stand design shall be in a way that samples of all geometries
and sizes (Dia 1 m.m. to 10 m.m. or more) can be placed for testing
and dedicated calibration for wires from 1 mm to 10 mm is needed.
Easily exchangeable spark stand plate- rapid sample change facility.
An instrument shall be fully automated, PC controlled,
multifunctional, direct reading optical emission spectrometer based
on latest advances in spectroscopy and CCD based technology for
instant and direct metallurgical analysis of metal and alloy samples in
solid form.
Shall have multiple optical systems with high dispersion.
Optical System shall have best possible spectral and pixel resolutions
(quantitative values to be mentioned.
Instrument shall have high resolution CCD multi detectors or
combination of CCD &PMT detectors.
Minimum 12 or more CCD detector required to cover entire working
CCD detector shall have least 2000 pixels per CCD.
Detectors to cover complete range of UV and Visible spectrum.
Focal length
300 mm or more
High resolutions grating of 2000 gr/mm or better
Supplier shall provide the original analytical software and also a back
up copy.
Required a User friendly software
Preloaded antivirus with latest version along with licensed CD
Instrument to work between 10 deg. to 30 deg C.
Drift free and stabilized against fluctuations in temperature.
It is to be Shock mounted so that vibrations do not affect system
It is to be minimum and supplier must mention the power rating of
the equipment.
Calibration process shall be simple and fast.
Automatic diagnosis system to locate the faults and errors.
Spark stand
Optical system
Temperature range
Power consumption
Blank setting
Data result
It shall be possible to obtain test results directly and printed in % by
mass and PPM form.
Storage of complete spectrum of elements for future reference.
The design of equipment shall ensure safety of operators and
equipment at all times.
A master switch board shall be provided on the machine to stop the
operation during an event of emergency.
Exhaust filters system for flushing out of argon gas.
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Standard Accessories
1. Personal Computer:
Latest branded PC having minimum 4 GB DDR RAM, 160 GB HDD or better.
Installed with original licensed Window 7 operating system, provided with
compatible cables and ports so as to establish instrument to PC and printer
USB- drive for transfer of analysis results Or
Latest available configuration
2. Minimum 2KVA online UPS with inbuilt isolation transformer, minimum 30
minutes backup for uninterrupted power supply
3. Monitor: Flat panel LED/ LCD, Minimum 22’’ display screen
4. Printer: Latest branded laser jet, A4 size colour prints
5. Additional items:
Operation and maintenance manual to be provided in hard and soft copy
form with the unit.
Application notes (CD- ROM) for elemental analysis in ferrous, copper,
aluminum, zinc alloys.
5 numbers of Standard samples for the respective matrix shall be quoted.
Service manual with set of required tools for each system/ unit.
Spare parts catalogue one set.
Troubleshooting charts of all sub- units.
Dust cover for all sub units.
Operation kit comprising all required items, pump, tubing, transfer tubing,
work coils etc. for startup/ regular operation of instrument.
Consumables for two years operation of system for main OES unit are
required to be sued initially.
All the operation and maintenance and manuals.
Optional items
Grinder/ Polisher: High speed disc grinder unit to polish the samples with
2800 rpm minimum.
Argon consumption: It shall be minimum and supplier must mention the
power rating of the equipment. Argon gas cylinders having 99.998% purity-2
numbers. Double stage argon gas regulator with stainless steel diaphragm.
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Other Terms
Warranty for at least two years from the date of satisfactory installation shall
be provided by the manufacturer. Any spares needed during this period shall
be provided by the supplier free of cost. Further the manufacturer/ supplier
shall be able to provide after sales services or AMC at the location where
instrument has been installed.
Necessary reference material/ CRMs for the range specified in the application
of the instrument shall be provided.
The requirements of any other accessories like voltage stabilizer, UPS, Gas
cylinders, compressor etc. required for smooth operation of the instrument are
also to be quoted in detail in the bid document.
The suppliers qualifying in the technical bids will have to arrange for the
demonstration of the instrument model being quoted. Financial bids will be
opened only after the performance is found satisfactory for the intended use.
The supplier shall enclose at least three Performance certificate from
organization of national repute along with the address and contact number of
responsible persons who have been using the instrument for a period of
minimum three years.
The instrument supplier has to demonstrate the performance of the instrument
using various CRMs to the satisfaction of iit. The supplier shall provide the
training to 2-3 persons at the site for the operation and general routine
maintenance after installation.
Original catalogues with relevant features shall be supplied along with the bids.
Successful bidder will have to inform the Bureau regarding civil work/ any other
arrangement required to be made for installation and complete working of OES
sufficiently in advance before supplying the equipment. The same may be
determined by prior visit to the premises where OES has to be supplied.
Bidder has to declare servicing agent in India.
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Annexure – II
Ref. No.
The Director
Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur
Old Residency Road, Ratanada, Jodhpur - 342011.
Sub.: Authorization Letter.
Dear Sir,
We,_______________________, who are established and reputed manufacturers of____________________, having
factory at____________________, hereby authorize M/s._______________________________ (name & address of
Indian distributor /agent) to bid, negotiate and conclude the orderwith you for the above goods manufactured by us.
We shall remain responsible for the tender / contract / agreement negotiated by the said M/s.
______________________,jointly and severely.
We ensure that we would also support / facilitate the M/s ___________________________on regular basis with
technology / product updates for up-gradation / maintains / repairing / servicing of the supplied goods manufactured
by us, during the warranty period.
In case duties of the Indian agent / distributor are changed or agent / distributor is changed it shall be obligatory on us
to automatically transfer all the duties and obligations to the new Indian Agent failing which we will ipso-facto
become liable for all acts of commission or omission on the part of new Indian Agent / distributor.
Yours faithfully,
[Name & Signature]
for and on behalf of M/s. ___________________ [Name of manufacturer]
Note: This letter of authorisation should be on the letterhead of the manufacturing concern and should be signed by a
person competent and having the power of attorney to bind the manufacturer. A copy of notarised power of attorney
should also be furnished.
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Annexure – III
(To be executed &attested by Public Notary / Executive Magistrateon Rs.10/- non-judicial Stamp paper by the bidder)
I / We ________________________ Manufacture / Partner(s)/ Authorized Distributor /agent of M/S.
___________________________________________ hereby declare that the firm/company namely
M/s.__________________________________________________has not been blacklisted or debarred in
the past by Union / State Government or organization from taking part in Government tenders in India.
I / We ________________________ Manufacture / Partner(s)/ Authorized Distributor / agent of M/s.
_was blacklisted or debarred by Union / State Government or any Organization from taking part in
Government tenders for a period of ____________________ years w.e.f. __________ to _____________.
The period is over on ________________and now the firm/company is entitled to take part in Government
In case the above information found false I/we are fully aware that the tender/ contract will be
rejected/cancelled by Director, IIT Jodhpur, and EMD/ Performance Security shall be forfeited.
In addition to the above Director, IIT Jodhpur will not be responsible to pay the bills for any completed /
partially completed work.
Address ___________________
(Public Notary / Executive Magistrate)
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Annexure – IV
I / We certify that the guarantee / warranty shall be given for a period of two (02) years starting from the
date of the satisfactory installation, commissioning and handing over of the equipment and the work
completed under the contract. During the guarantee / warranty period, I / we shall provide the “after sale
service” and the replacement of defective / or any part(s) of the equipment or rectification of defects of work
of the equipment will be free of cost. The replacement of the parts shall be arranged by us, at our own cost
and responsibility. We undertake that the above guarantee / warranty shall begin only from the date of
handing over of the equipment. The benefit of change in dates of the guarantee / warranty period shall be in
the interest of the user / your organization.
During the warranty period, we shall provide atleast2 preventive maintenance visits per year.
Uptime Guarantee: During the guarantee / warranty period, we will be responsible to maintain the
equipment including all the accessories in the satisfactory faultless working conditions for a period 347 days
(i.e. 95% uptime) in a block of 365 days.
All complaints will be attended by us within 4 working days of receipt of the complaint in
In case there is delay of more than 4 days in attending the complaint from our side then the
Institute can count the number of days in excess of the permissible response time in the
downtime. The above said response time of 4 days for attending to a complaint by us will not be
counted in the downtime.
Penalty: We shall pay a penalty equivalent to 0.5 % of the order value of the equipment for every
week or part thereof delay in rectifying the defect.
No deduction or advantage of any kind on account of Sundays, half days or Public / Govt. holidays observed
by the Institute shall be allowed from the total down time permissible as defined above. The right to accept
the reason(s) for delay and consider reduction or waive off the penalty for the same shall be at the sole
discretion of the Institute.
I / We shall try to repair the equipment at Institute premises. However, in case it is not possible to repair the
equipment at Institute premises, we will take out the equipment to our site on our own expenses. We shall
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take the entire responsibility for the safe custody and transportation of the equipment taken out for repairs
till the equipment is rehabilitated to the Institute after repair. If any loss of equipment occurred during our
custody, we will restore it / compensate to Institute for such losses.
I / We guarantee that in case we fail to carry out the maintenance work within the stipulated period, the
Institute reserves the right to get the maintenance work carried out at our risk, cost and responsibility after
informing us. All the expenses including excess payment for repairs / maintenance shall be adjusted against
the Performance Bank Guarantee. In case the expenses exceed the amount of the Performance Bank
Guarantee, the same shall be recoverable from us with / without interest in accordance with the
I / We undertake to perform calibration after every major repair / breakdown / taking the equipment out for
repair from the Institute premises.
I / We guarantee that we will supply spare parts, if and when required on agreed basis for an agreed price.
The agreed basis could be an agreed discount on the published catalogue price.
I / We guarantee to the effect that before going out of production of the spare parts, we will give the
adequate advance notice to Institute so that Institute may undertake to procure the balance of the life time
requirements of the spare parts.
Authorized signatory of the company with seal
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The Director
Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur,
Jodhpur (India) 342011.
WHEREAS………………………………………………………………………………. (Name andaddress
contractno……………………………. dated …………. (hereinafter called “the contract”) to supply
AND WHEREAS it has been stipulated by you in the said contract that the Supplier shall furnish you with a
bank guarantee by a scheduled/nationalized bank recognised by you for the sum specified therein as security
for compliance with its obligations in accordance with and due performance of the contract;
AND WHEREAS we have agreed to give the Supplier such a bank guarantee;
NOW THEREFORE we hereby affirm that we are guarantors and responsible to you, on behalf of the
Supplier, up to a total of …………………………………………… …………………………….(amount of
the guarantee in words and figures), and we hereby irrevocably and absolutely undertake to pay you
immediately, upon your first written demand declaring the Supplier to be in default under the contract and
without cavil or argument, any sum or sums within the limits of(amount of guarantee) as aforesaid, without
your needing to prove or to show grounds or reasons for your demand or the sum specified therein.
We hereby waive the necessity of your demanding the said debt from the Supplier before presenting us with
the demand.
We further agree that no change or addition to or other modification of the terms of the contract to be
performed there under or of any of the contract documents which may be made between you and the
Supplier shall in any way release us from any liability under this guarantee and we hereby waive notice of
any such change, addition or modification.
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The Bank guarantee shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of India. The Guarantor Bank
represents that this Bank Guarantee has been established in such form and with such content that is fully
enforceable in accordance with its terms as against the Guarantor Bank in the manner provided herein.
The Bank Guarantee shall not be affected in any manner by reason of merger, amalgamation, restructuring
or any other change in the constitution of the Guarantor Bank or the Supplier. The Bank further undertakes
not to revoke this Guarantee during its currency except with the previous express consent of the Buyer in
The Bank declares that it has power to issue this Guarantee and discharge the obligations contemplated
herein, the undersigned is duly authorized and has full power to execute this Guarantee for an on behalf of
the Bank.
This guarantee shall be valid up to and including the …….. day of ………, 20……
(Signature with date of the authorised officer of the Bank)
Name and designation of the officer
Seal, name & address of the Bank and address of the Branch
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Annexure - VI
Format for Financial Bid
(To be submitted on the letterhead of the company / firm)
Ref. No.
S. No.
Basic Price of the equipment
Other charges (if any, specify in brief)
VAT / CST (As applicable)
Unit Rate
Total Amount
AMC charges (After warranty for 2 years)
CMC charges ( After warranty for 2 years)
Charges for 1st year
Charges for 2nd year
Charges for 1st year
Charges for 2nd year
1. I/We have gone through the entire terms & conditions as stipulated in the tender enquiry document
and confirm to accept and abide the same.
2. No other charges would be payable by the Institute.
3. Rates of AMC and CMC are to be quoted in Indian Rupees only as these shall be paid in Indian
Rupees only.
4. CMC has to be for all parts and may also include consumables and reagents. The charges for the
service contract will be paid half-yearly in arrears for satisfactory service or as per the mutually
agreed upon schedule.
Authorized signatory of the company with seal
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