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Current set day
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Domestic hot water
heating active
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Easy User Guide
Schedule setup
Current set time/
parameter setup
Time and date setup
Two Channel Timer
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Holiday mode
Heating active
(1 or 2 Zone)
Heating channel 1
current mode
Schedule setup (menu
Confirm settings
(Date and time setup*)
Menu navigation / day
selection (AUTO+1HR
Time and setting
changes / channel mode
Programmable channel
selection (Holiday mode
The FP720 is used to switch your heating and hot water at times to suit
you. The FP720 has made setting your on/off times easier than ever before.
Heating channel 2 or
DHW current mode
* To access additional feature press and hold button for 3 seconds.
**To reset the timer, press and hold the PR and OK buttons for 10 seconds. The
reset is complete after ConF text appear on the display.
(**Note: This does not reset service due timer or date and time settings.)
Setting Time and Date
Holiday Mode
a. Press and hold the OK button for 3 seconds, the screen will change to
show the current year.
b. Adjust using or to set the correct year. Press OK to accept. Repeat
step b to set month and time settings.
Holiday Mode temporarily disables the timing functions when away or
out for a period of time. (see User Settings menu P6)
a. Press PR button for 3 seconds to enter Holiday mode.
icon will be
shown on the display.
b. Press PR button again to resume normal timings.
On/Off Schedule Setup
Channel Override
The FP720 Timer Function allows you to set a timer-controlled program
for your heating and hot water.
See the example below to program for a 5/2 day setup (Monday-Friday
& Sat-Sunday)
a. Press button to access schedule setup.
b. Press the PR to choose between SET CH1, SET HW or between
SET CH1, SET CH2 ( if menu option P3 is set to 02) and press OK to
c. Mo. Tu. We. Th. Fr. will flash on the display.
d. You can select weekdays (Mo. Tu. We. Th. Fr.) or weekend (Sa. Su.) with
or buttons.
e. Press OK button to confirm days selected (e.g. Mon-Fri) The chosen
day and 1st ON time is displayed.
f. Use or to select ON hour, press OK to confirm.
g. Use or to select ON minute, press OK to confirm.
h. Now the display changes to show the “OFF” time
i. Use or to select OFF hour, press OK to confirm.
j. Use or to select OFF minute, press OK to confirm.
k. Repeat steps F and G above to set 2nd ON, 2nd OFF, 3rd ON & 3rd OFF
events. Note: the number of events is changed in User Settings menu P2
(see table)
l. After the last event time is set, if you were setting Mo. to Fr.
the display will display Sa. Su.
m. Repeat steps F to K to set Sa. Su.
n. After accepting Sa. Su. final event setting your FP720 will return
to normal operation.
If your FP720 is set for 7 day operation, the option will be given to select
each day separately. In 24 hr mode, option will only be given to select Mo.
to Su. together. To change this setting. see User Settings menu P1.
Where the FP720 is set for 3 periods, options will be given to select
period 3 times. In 1 Period mode, option will be only given for one ON/
OFF time. See user setting menu P2.
You can override the heating / hot water channels between AUTO,
a. Press the PR button and the selected channel will flash, along with the
current mode (AUTO etc).
b. Use or to select required option (AUTO+1HR, ON, OFF etc) and press
OK to select.
c. To alter the other channel (i.e. HW) press the PR button until the HW
channel is flashing.
d. Repeat step B to select operating mode.
What is the FP720 Timer?
Display and Navigation Details
Boost (AUTO+1HR) Function
a. To boost either heating or hot water channel for 1 hour press and
hold the
button for 3 seconds according to channel boost
b. With this selected, the heating/hot water will remain ON for an extra
hour. If it is selected while the programme is OFF, the heating/hot water
will switch ON immediately for 1 hour then resume programmed time
(AUTO mode) again.
User Settings
a. Press for 3 seconds to enter the parameter setting mode. set the
option range via or .
b. To exit User Settings press or after 20 seconds if no button is
pressed, unit will return to main screen.
No. Parameter settings Settings range
Working mode
Schedule periods
Channel setup
Timer display
Auto daylight saving
Holiday mode setup
Service due setup
01: Schedule timer 7 day
02: Schedule timer 5/2 day
03: Schedule timer 24hr
01: 1 period (2 events)
02: 2 periods (4 events)
03: 3 periods (6 events)
01: Heating + Domestic hot water
02: Two heating zones
01: 24hr
02: 12hr
01: On
02: Off
01: All channels off
02: Heating off only
Installer setting only
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