Old-School Method of Flushing Still the Best

Old-School Method of Flushing Still the Best
Old-School Method of Flushing Still the Best
All Power Steering equipped vehicles
After replacing power steering components, there is a lack of assist,
intermittent assist problems or noisy operation.
System not completely flushed of all debris and contamination.
Time is money – that’s why there are so many of the new mechanical
flush systems in use today. They are fast, efficient and labor saving. There
are, however, still important advantages in flushing the system the old
fashioned way, by rotating the pump and turning the steering wheel sideto-side. While mechanical flush systems get the job done, most simply
pull the old fluid from the power steering pump reservoir (while sometimes
using a cleaning agent) and then replace it with new fluid. The old-school
method of cranking the engine to spin the pump while also turning the
steering wheel is most effective, because it stirs up debris that needs to
be flushed away. For additional information on this flushing method see
ProTech PT 20-0012.
No matter what method you use to flush the system, always install an
in-line filter and be sure to replace any hydraulic hose that is damaged
or shows signs of age or failure. After flushing be sure to replace the fluid
with OE approved or equivalent fluid. For hose recommendations see
PT 20-0004, 0016. For filter options, refer to PT 20-0003. For information
on fluids see PT 20-0027.
In-Line Filter 20-0038F
Please refer to your vehicle’s service manual for specific diagnostic
instructions. This ProTech bulletin is supplied as technical information only
and is not an authorization for repair.
PT 20-0030
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