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LA5155 Wireless Remote Control Keyfob

User Guide



Power Supply

Battery Life

Coverage Range


Transmission indication

3V DC (1x CR2032 Lithium Coin size Battery)

Approximate Up to 12 months

Up to 50 meters (line of sight)

61mm x 37mm x 13.5mm

Remote Control Function Keys



Press once to disarm the system

Press once to arm the system

PARTIAL ARM Press to partial arm the system with partial arm (For selected system only)

FULL ARM + PARTIAL ARM Press both buttons at the same time to activate the panic alarm

Remove Tag when Programming

If the wireless remote control keyfob comes with a system kit, it has been pre-programmed into the

Control Unit and is not necessary to program it.

You could remove the battery protection tag –

Replace or Reinstall Battery

\ i. Remove back cover screw and back cover. ii. Replace or reinstall the CR2032 Lithium coin size Battery from its holder in the correct polarity as shown. iii. Replace back cover and tighten the screw.

Programming Remote Control Keyfob into your wireless system


LA5592 Home Automation Controller




Programming Keyfob into Home Automation Controller system, can select input device type Remote Key or Other, if the Keyfob set other input device type, it will only use for Matrix Action Input condition. e.g. Setup the detector parameter: input device 3, Remote Key

It is accessed directly from Day mode via press [SET] key

Press [SET] key will go into Program Mode

08:00 01- Jan


08:00 01- Jan


When cursor indicate SETUP, press [SET] key will go

into SETUP program mode

Rotate [SET] key to select Input Device? and press [SET] key go into Input Device function.

Rotate [SET] key to select Input 3? and press [SET] key go into setup input device 3 function.

Rotate [SET] key to select Device Type? and press [SET] key go into Input Device Type function.

Rotate [SET] key to select Remote Key type,

Note: If system generate an have error tone , please go into

Input Device/Enable, set OFF

Press [SET] key to save it, or press [RESET] key to cancel, it will exit and go to “Learn In_Device”.

Press [SET] key go into Learning… status.

Trigger the wireless device within 10 seconds ensuring it is kept at least 0.5m away from the Controller. To trigger:

Press and release the disarm button once.


Setup System?


Input Device?


Input 3?

Input Device

Device Type?

Device Type

Remote Key?

Input Device

Learn In_Device?

Learn In_Device


Learn OK, Controller will generate an have OK tone,

Input Device it will exit and go into Enable function

LCD will display current enable status.



Enable Work


Rotate [SET] key to select ON,and press [SET] key to accept,

Enable Work

it will enable Input Device 3 work


System generate an have OK tone, it will exit and go INPUT DEVICE into next Input Device

Input 4?

Press [RESET] key multiple, controller will return to Day Mode

08:00 01- Jan


Note:Set Enable Work/ OFF, If the wireless device have been accepted into the system, It will clear the input device.


The Wireless Remote Control Keyfob is fitted with a Coin Cell (CR2032) battery. When removing this cell, do not place in your mouth as this could impair your health. Also please ensure young children are kept out of reach from this battery to prevent them from swallowing it and choking.

Disposal and Recycling

Batteries and waste electrical products should not be disposed of with household waste. Please recycle where these facilities exist. Check with your local authority or retailer for recycling advice.



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