Service difficulty reports (selected listings)

Service difficulty reports (selected listings)
Airbus A320232 Landing gear outboard lockstay
actuator hose ruptured. Ref 510006306
RH main landing gear outboard lockstay actuator hydraulic
hose failed at upper swivel fitting. Loss of Green system
hydraulic fluid.
P/No: 201655147. TSN: 8,471 hours/4,834 cycles. TSO: 8,471
hours/4,834 cycles. (1 similar occurrence)
Airbus A320232 Trailing edge flap system connector
separated. Ref 510006386
Trailing edge flap monitoring system 2 disconnect
sensor wiring connector 7502VC had broken wires and
disconnected back shell.
P/No: 7502VC. TSN: 1,684 hours/890 cycles.
Airbus A330203 Cabin cooling system control valve
faulty. Ref 510006278
On application of take-off thrust with a packs ‘off’ take-off,
ECAN message ‘Engine thrust loss’ and ‘Abnormal bleed on
pack’ was displayed. Take-off was rejected at 30kts. Flight
crew stated No1 pack did not turn off when selected off.
No1 pack flow control and SOV replaced.
Airbus A330203 Fuel tank FOD. Ref 510006291
During fuelling, the ‘overfill light’ illuminated with 1500kgs
in LH outer tank. When accessing the LH wing outer tank via
panel 542AB to change the vent float valve for the problem
of fuel spillage into surge tank, a foreign object was found.
Personnel/maintenance error.
Airbus A330303 Fuel storage nut loose. Ref 510006394
Trim tank lateral box dome nuts rotating. Found during
trouble-shooting for trim tank vent pipe leaks.
BAC 146100 Air conditioning odour. Ref 510006292
On arrival at aircraft with APU air ‘ON’ the smell of oil odour
was evident. Inspection for oil contamination iaw AD/
BAE146/86 found nil defects.
TSN: 28,544 hours/29,139 cycles. (11 similar occurrences)
BAC 146100 Flight compartment windshield
shattered. Ref 510006390
LH cockpit windshield outer layer shattered. Crew noticed
electrical arcing from the lower RH corner before the
windshield failed.
P/No: NP1701013. (1 similar occurrence)
Boeing 717200 Spoiler system out of adjustment.
Ref 510006342
Ground spoiler system suspect faulty. Spoilers deployed
at approximately 15ft altitude when throttles retarded.
Investigation found the nose-gear ground sensing
mechanical controls out of adjustment.
Boeing 717200 Steering unit actuator leaking.
Ref 510006128
LH nosewheel steering actuator leaking.
P/No: 39346895501. TSN: 20,445 hours/15,745 cycles.
Boeing 717200 Wing spar cap corroded.
Ref 510006258
RH wing rear spar lower cap at Stn. XRS 168 corroded O/B
of No1 flap hinge.
TSN: 14,125 hours/10,671 cycles.
Boeing 737229 Portable oxygen smoke hood
unserviceable. Ref 510006389
During an oven fire in flight, the cabin crew were instructed
to operate wearing smoke hoods. One smoke hood was
found to have the activation cord/toggle missing and was
unable to be used.
P/No: E2818010.
Boeing 737229 Stabiliser actuator unserviceable.
Ref 510006146
Stabiliser trim actuator unserviceable.
P/No: 65130008. TSN: 52,890 hours/4,115 cycles. TSO: 556
hours/241 cycles.
(12 similar occurrences)
Boeing 737476 Cockpit odour – electrical burning
smell. Ref 510006279
Electrical burning smell in cockpit during climb, disappearing
during cruise. Flight crew reported that smell was strongest
Boeing 737476 Generation system faulty.
Ref 510006185
Standby power failure warning during takeoff. Investigation
could find no fault, but relays R330 and R37 changed.
Boeing 737476 Generation system panel faulty.
Ref 510006187
Bus protection panel faulty.
P/No: 915F2134. TSN: 54,839 hours. TSO: 5,377 hours.
(1 similar occurrence)
Boeing 737476 Stabiliser trim switch faulty.
Ref 510006405
Stabiliser trim switches S132 and S546 faulty.
P/No: 32EN614.
Boeing 737476 Wing skin cracked. Ref 510006184
Lower wing skin cracked from LH centre tank boost pump
cutout. Crack length approximately 38.1mm (1.5in). Further
investigation found the point of origin for the crack was the
end radius of a corrosion repair.
(2 similar occurrences)
Boeing 73776N Passenger seat saddle cracked.
Ref 510006210
Passenger seat saddles PNo 847367-723 and PNo
847367-725 cracked along welded seams.
(30 similar occurrences)
Boeing 73776N Spoiler position sensing wiring loom
worn. Ref 510006177
Spoiler position sensing wiring chaffing on landing gear
support link assembly. Wires W1002-3011B-20 and W10023002B-20 found damaged down through the outer cable
shield and into the inner conductor. Subsequent damage
was also noted on the link assembly. Wiring is clamped off
the fire extinguisher line.
(1 similar occurrence)
Boeing 7377Q8 Tyre FOD. Ref 510006273
On take-off roll passing through 90kts, No 2 main wheel
ran over an object on runway and tyre failed - take off
rejected. FOD.
P/No: 277A6000206. (3 similar occurrences)
Boeing 737838 Stabiliser actuator failed.
Ref 510006144
Stabiliser trim actuator failed. Trim switch also faulty.
P/No: 6355B000103. (12 similar occurrences)
Boeing 737838 Trailing edge flap control system bolt
loose. Ref 510006429
Flap system pulley bracket assemblies WFA-1 and WFB-1
had pulley attachment bolts not in safety. Threads were
partially engaged through the anchor nuts. Investigation
also found both pulleys had approximately 6.35mm (0.25in)
gap at the aft end of the brackets and 9.525mm (0.375in) at
the forward ends of the bracket. Found during incorporation
of EI N37-27-59R2.
(1 similar occurrence)
Boeing 737838 Tyre tread separation. Ref 510006360
RH main landing gear tyre tread separated. Investigation
found significant damage to ancillary structure around RH
main landing gear. Investigation continuing.
(18 similar occurrences)
Boeing 7378BK Brake seized. Ref 510006259
No 3 brake seized on taxi for departure.
(5 similar occurrences)
Boeing 7378FE Rudder feel spring failed.
Ref 510006153
Rudder feel and centering unit inner spring failed in several
places. Investigation found that the suspected cause of the
spring failures was likely a manufacturing discrepancy in the
wire used for a specific lot of the PNo 69-57907-3 springs.
P/No: 69579073.
Boeing 737BBJ APU odour. Ref 510006272
Oil smell detected in cabin. Initial investigation found
that the APU was leaking oil at the load compressor via
the witness drain. Investigation continuing. Aircraft is
RAAF owned.
Boeing 747 Main landing gear attachment strut failed.
Ref 510006277
Main landing gear RH body landing gear side brace sheared.
Further inspection found section of side brace missing
approx half diameter of brace and about 25mm (1in) wide.
A heavier than normal landing had been reported by crew.
Foreign registered aircraft.
Boeing 747338 Battery suspect faulty – smoke/fumes.
Ref 510006165
Smoke and fumes from area of main battery. Investigation
found excessive heat in battery area. Battery and charger
removed for further investigation.
(1 similar occurrence)
Boeing 747338 Passenger compartment window
outer pane shattered. Ref 510006112
Passenger compartment window outer pane shattered
into several pieces. Window was located eight from the
front on the LH side. Possible impact damage to LH wing.
Investigation continuing.
Boeing 747438 Cabin cooling system fan faulty.
Ref 510006171
Electrical fumes in flight and cabin. Chiller fan noisy. Smell
stopped when chiller fan turned off. Investigation found the
chiller fan bearing had collapsed. Investigation continuing.
Boeing 747438 Galley floor drain scupper sealant
deteriorated. Ref 510006321
Galley floor drain scupper below the main drain line strainer
and G1B water supply line was found to have QPS P88
deteriorated/missing at mating with floor panel cutout
and scupper. The scupper drain screen was blocked and
the splash guard PNo7FU4030B16M03 damaged/cracked.
Puddling was also identified in the forward hold bilge area
BS460 LBL5-RBL5. This was deemed to come from the drain
scupper located in the ceiling of the forward hold, below
G1B at BS530 LBL5, running forward via the ceiling panel to
the top of the rear of the E1 and E2 racks at BS 460 (an area
that is not contained/protected by the drip shield).
Boeing 747438 Passenger door FOD. Ref 510006343
Entry door L5 contacted by catering truck causing damage to
upper bustle support brackets. During take-off door handle
moved causing EICAS message ‘Door L5’.
Boeing 747438 Potable water system pipe leaking.
Ref 510006428
Serious water leak from upper deck galley. Investigation
found a metal pipe to the galley flexible hose tap was
leaking. Investigation also found that the bracket holding
the pipe fitting had not been reattached to the wall
following a previous investigation for water leakage
approximately a week earlier.
Boeing 747438 Strut inboard mid pivot bolt incorrectly
fitted. Ref 510006103
No 4 strut inboard mid pivot bolt incorrectly fitted.
Investigation found the bolt fitted with the anti-rotation
slot on the diagonal. Correct orientation is with the
anti-rotational slot in the vertical position. Found during
inspection iaw EI 747-054-0096R2.
Boeing 767336 Aircraft vibration. Ref 510006099
Severe vibration after take-off. Initial investigation could
find no definitive cause. Investigation continuing.
Boeing 767336 Fuel tank contaminated. Ref 510006113
LH fuel tank contaminated. Tank contained approximately
4-5 litres of an unknown liquid located around the rib
corners. Investigation continuing.
Boeing 767336 Galley drain blocked. Ref 510006380
Forward galley drain blocked. Water damage/ingress into
electronic racks E1 and E2. Investigation continuing.
Boeing 767336 Hydraulic bay access door missing.
Ref 510006098
Centre hydraulic bay access door 194BL missing. Door found
on runway. Investigation continuing.
P/No: 145T86161Z.
Boeing 767336 Pneumatic distribution system duct
separated. Ref 510006245
Left hand wing bleed duct separated and damaged at wing
root area – fumes smelt throughout cabin and flight deck.
Pull-Out Section
near overhead P5 panel. Burning smell could not be
duplicated during high engine power run. Galley ovens and
equipment run without burning smell. Window heat, pitot
probes etc run without burning smell. Window heat control
unit and engine/wing anti-ice control panel replaced.
1 April 2008 – 31 May 2008
Boeing 767336 Power distribution system relay high
temperature. Ref 510006238
Load shed relay K2092 and wire W1046-60-12 overheated
at terminal lug A3. Heatshrink darkened and lug damaged.
P/No: HTC7N060.
Boeing 767338ER Flight compartment window
opened. Ref 510006427
Air noise from First Officer’s No 2 window. Window popped
open. Investigation continuing.
(1 similar occurrence)
Pull-Out Section
Boeing 767338ER Galley insulation odour.
Ref 510006164
Burning smell in cabin. Investigation could not find any
cause for the smell. Suspect smell came from glue/sealant
used for recent fitment of LH traymobile.
Boeing 767338ER Galley wiring damaged.
Ref 510006150
Forward galley stowage box panel fell off and damaged wiring
for the bar work deck light located at the rear of compartment
204. Damaged wire caused electrical shocks from forward
galley stowage latches. Investigation continuing.
Bombardier DHC8102 Galley station system sparking.
Ref 510006261
During flight the cabin attendant pushed a metal coffee
container to the back of the cupboard on the RHS of the urns
and then noticed a bluish spark in the cupboard. Reported it
to the captain. The captain then noticed the buffet CB had
popped. Galley was removed by engineers and a full wiring
inspection was carried out with nil faults found - suspect
spark was caused by static electricity.
Bombardier DHC8102 Starter-generator suspect
faulty. Ref 510006395
No1 starter/generator suspect faulty due to flickering light.
Ground investigation could find no faults and the aircraft
was released to service with no further problems.
P/No: 23088008.
Bombardier DHC8202 Hydraulic system pressure pipe
holed. Ref 510006166
Loss of hydraulics during taxi. Investigation found No 2
pressure pipe located in the aft equipment bay contained
a pin hole.
(2 similar occurrences)
Bombardier DHC8402 Cabin pressurisation failed.
Ref 510006358
Aircraft failed to pressurise. Suspect faulty outflow valve
software. Investigation continuing.
Bombardier DHC8402 Landing gear wiring harness
incorrectly manufactured. Ref 510006116
Nose landing gear harnesses incorrectly manufactured.
Investigation found three out of six received harnesses
incorrectly wired. Found during inspection iaw DH8-400SL-32-014A.
BAC BAE1251000 Nose wheel nut loose.
Ref 510006280
During take-off roll vibration was felt from the nose wheel
area. Nose wheels inspected and found the RH nose wheel
assembly retaining nut was loose with no apparent torque
- nut is retained by retaining plate. Unit last installed in
the USA prior to aircraft arrival in Australia. Personnel/
maintenance error.
Embraer ERJ190100 Cargo fire extinguisher bottle
discharge nozzles incorrectly fitted. Ref 510006382
Cargo fire extinguisher bottle discharge nozzles incorrectly
installed (inverted). Found during investigation iaw SB
P/No: 446713. (2 similar occurrences)
Fokker F27MK50 Pneumatic distribution system
sense line missing. Ref 510006198
Bleed pressure sense line missing. Line had been removed
due to corrosion and system blanked off. It was thought
that the line was only used to service the wing anti-ice
boots during maintenance when engine bleed air was not
available. It was found that the sense line also provided
vacuum air to the primary outflow valve for operation of that
valve. The valve subsequently remained closed and with
the APU running and providing bleed air to the aircraft, a
pressure differential developed which forced the aircraft
door open when the door was unlocked.
Fokker F28MK0100 Nose landing gear cracked.
Ref 510006411
Nose landing gear contained two cracks located one on
either side of the main fitting. Crack dimensions were
3.6mm by 14.5mm (0.144in by 0.573in), and 2.5mm by
7.62mm (0.100in by 0.300in). Following removal of the paint
for more detailed inspection, a number of further cracks
were found. Investigation continuing.
TSN: 24,598 cycles. TSO: 4,636 cycles.
B & B Aviation 7GCBC Elevator cable failed.
Ref 510006377
Elevator cable failed. Suspect faulty material.
P/No: 31072. TSN: 2,904 hours. TSO: 2,904 hours.
Beech 200 Hydraulic power pack faulty.
Ref 510006163
Hydraulic powerpack faulty. Following the failure of the
landing gear to extend, it was found that the leads to the
powerpack motor were incorrectly fitted in reverse leading
to replacement of the motor. The landing gear failed for a
second time on 7 April 2008, and the entire powerpack was
replaced. Fault finding on both events found that during
gear retraction the powerpack continued to operate at end
of retraction cycle, tripping the 60amp circuit breaker and
removing power from the motor. Hence the gear did not
extend upon subsequent down selection.
P/No: 10138800519. TSO: 13 hours/22 cycles.
Beech 200 Landing gear electric motor faulty.
Ref 510006323
Landing gear hydraulic power pack electric motor faulty.
Investigation found the motor rotating in the wrong
direction and drawing excessive current. Replacement
motor found to be also rotating incorrectly.
P/No: M710501. TSO: 57 hours. (1 similar occurrence)
Beech 200 Pressure bulkhead damaged.
Ref 510006322
Rear pressure bulkhead scratched and scored in area near
safety and outflow valve box. Found during investigation
iaw AD/Beech200/67.
(5 similar occurrences)
Beech 58 Wing spar cap corroded. Ref 510006236
RH wing lower spar cap corroded. Depth of corrosion
approximately 1.524mm (0.060in) over an area of
approximately 25.4mm to 50.8mm (1in to 2in).
P/No: 9511002210. TSN: 14,546 hours. (1 similar occurrence)
Beech D55 Landing gear actuator worn.
Ref 510006364
Landing gear actuator worn beyond limits. Investigation
found that the actuator had been filled with what appeared
to be wheel-bearing grease, instead of the correct gear oil.
P/No: 9581001715. TSO: 2,249 hours.
Bell 206B3 Emergency flotation connector corroded.
Ref 510006205
Emergency flotation system solenoid valve electrical
connector corroded. Found during inspection iaw SI 206-115.
P/No: P76.
Britten Norman BN2A26 Main landing gear torque
link separated. Ref 510006180
LH main landing gear torque links separated. Investigation
found that there was no large washer under the bolt head
which allowed the bolt to pull the bushing through the upper
torque link lug.
P/No: AIR114080. (1 similar occurrence)
Cessna 172RG Aircraft structure corroded.
Ref 510006155
Fuselage corroded in numerous areas. Corrosion located in
cabin roof area, forward and aft carry through spars, around
wing attachment points and in wing attachment bolts. LH
and RH wing lower skins required replacement.
TSN: 10,364 hours. (1 similar occurrence)
Cessna 182B Landing gear outboard support cracked.
Ref 510006293
Main landing gear ‘U’ bolts PNo 0541153 broken. Further
inspection also found that the LH main landing gear
outboard support PNo 0541121-1 was cracked.
P/No: 05411211. (1 similar occurrence)
Cessna 210M Main landing gear saddle pad
delaminated. Ref 510006318
Main landing gear soft saddle pad delaminating from
saddle. Suspect inadequate bonding material.
P/No: 1241630712416308.
Cessna 310R Landing gear system bolt incorrectly
fitted. Ref 510006260
LH and RH wing main spar webs found chafed from incorrect
assembly of bolt PNo NAS464P5A15 attaching the outboard
push-pull tube assemblies PNo 5045213-3 to the torque
tube assemblies PNo 5045010-24 and PNo 5045010-25.
Bolts were found installed with their heads aft causing the
ends of the bolts to chafe into the spar web during gear
retraction and extension. Factory-installed placards stating
missing from the spar webs in the main landing gear wheel
bays adjacent to the torque tubes.
P/No: NAS464P5A15. (1 similar occurrence)
Cessna 401A Elevator cable worn and damaged.
Ref 510006301
Elevator forward cable not routed around bellcrank located
behind instrument panel. Found during first inspection
following major work on the tail.
P/No: 50000086.
Cessna 402C Hydraulic quantity indicator sight glass
split. Ref 510006219
Hydraulic reservoir sight tube split at lower attachment
clamp and ran for the full length of the tube. Leaking fluid
resulted in a suspected fire and subsequent emergency
landing. No evidence of fire was found. Damage caused
during landing. Suspect sight tube reacted with Mil-H-5606
hydraulic fluid.
P/No: 511700712. (2 similar occurrences)
Cessna 404 Hydraulic pipe failed. Ref 510006172
Metal hydraulic pipe failed. Loss of hydraulic fluid.
(1 similar occurrence)
Cessna 404 Hydraulic pipe failed. Ref 510006266
After retraction (5-10 seconds) hydraulic flow lights
illuminated. Selected gear down, but only two greens
illuminated, manual gear blow-down completed
satisfactorily and landed OK. Investigation found a hydraulic
pipe located in the wing’s leading edge had failed at the
bend radius.
(1 similar occurrence)
Cessna 404 Main landing gear pivot trunnion pin not
properly installed. Ref 510006340
RH main landing gear separated from aircraft. RH wing
and propeller impacted ground. Fuel cell ruptured and fuel
leaked onto runway. Aircraft had just completed a major
inspection (SID). Investigation found the main pivot trunnion
pin was not properly re-installed following extensive
SIDs maintenance.
P/No: 57411121.
Cessna 441 Fuselage frame cracked. Ref 510006365
(photo below)
Fuselage frames cracked. Frames located LH corner of
forward door pillar and at Stn 155.76, Stn 235.75, Stn
246.00 and Stn 247.87.
TSN: 21,875 hours.
Eurocopter AS350B Engine tachometric box faulty.
Ref 510006313
Engine tachometric box faulty.
P/No: 717755505A. TSN: 4,788 hours.
Gippsland GA8 Horizontal stabiliser spar splice
cracked. Ref 510006305
Horizontal stabiliser rear spar splice cracked on the forward
lower side located around the RH rear stabiliser pivot attachment
bracket rear bolt. Found during inspection iaw AD/GA8/3.1.
TSN: 2,565 hours. (1 similar occurrence)
Kavanough E120 Support pole socket broken.
Ref 510006282
Balloon nylon support pole socket broken at weld point of
the basket’s top stainless steel frame.
TSN: 173 hours. (1 similar occurrence)
Kawasaki BK117B2 Cargo hook incorrectly rigged.
Ref 510006221
Cargo hook incorrectly rigged. Fire bucket and longline
uncommanded release.
Kawasaki BK117B2 Door actuating rod cracked.
Ref 510006207
LH sliding door departed aircraft during approach. Nil
damage found to aircraft structure. Investigation of the
recovered door found the LH sliding door actuating rod
cracked. Investigation found the crack probably originated
due to a pivot pin missing from the latch link and putting
excess pressure on the actuating rod cam; this became
detached after the retaining circlip spread due to contact
with the closed position catch.
P/No: T6428101. TSN: 6,980 hours.
Pilatus PC12 Elevator tension spring fractured.
Ref 510006309
Elevator tension spring fractured at hook attached to the
bellcrank assembly.
P/No: 5322112084. TSN: 13,365 hours/17,995 cycles.
Piper PA24250 Mixture control cable housing
separated. Ref 510006424
Engine mixture control cable housing separated from clamp
due to contact with the nose landing gear scissor assembly
attachment bolt.
P/No: 1677500. TSN: 4,471 hours.
Piper PA31350 Rudder cable incorrectly routed.
Ref 510006303
Rudder cable worn due to being incorrectly routed around
rib instead of through lightening hole.
Swearingen SA227DC Hydraulic pipe worn and
damaged. Ref 510006370
Rigid hydraulic pressure pipe worn and leaking. Pipe is located
in LH engine bay and was rubbing on an engine oil line.
P/No: 2781032777. TSN: 11,294 hours/11,249 cycles. (17
similar occurrences)
Swearingen SA227DC Landing gear brake system
clamp failed. Ref 510006351
Aircraft landed with LH main landing gear brakes applied causing
tyres to blow. Fragments of the blown tyre caused damage to
the LH flap, outboard foreflap and minor damage to the aft end
of the LH nacelle fairing. Investigation found that the brake hose
‘P’ clamp failed during takeoff, causing the brake hose to kink,
trapping the brake fluid within the brakes. Heat from the brakes
caused the fluid to expand and apply the brakes.
P/No: M021919D68.
Tecnam P92S Substandard nuts and bolts fitted.
Ref 510006388
Substandard nuts and bolts used in numerous locations.
(1 similar occurrence)
Eurocopter AS365N Main rotor head frequency
adaptor debonded. Ref 510006234
Main rotor head frequency adaptor (1off4) debonded beyond
limits. Another adapter had also debonded but was 1mm
(0.039in) below maximum limits.
P/No: 365A31101923. TSN: 2,409 hours. (1 similar occurrence)
Eurocopter AS365N Tail rotor blade bushes worn.
Ref 510006329
Suspect tail rotor blade bushes worn causing high frequency
vibration. Tail rotor fairing PNo 365A33-3543-00 cracked as
a result. Investigation continuing.
TSN: 206 hours/8 months.
Kawasaki KH4BELL47G3B Cooling fan blades
separated. Ref 510006147
Engine cooling fan blades (3off) separated. Investigation
found the fan failed due to fatigue in multiple areas. Some
areas contained corrosion pitting.
Robinson R22 Engine/transmission coupling drive
belt damaged. Ref 510006140
R22 drive belts damaged. Belts flex open slightly at diagonal
join. Mark on inside of belts in corresponding area. Marks
appear to be tool marks from manufacture.
TSN: 219 hours. (19 similar occurrences)
Robinson R44 Main rotor head bearing worn.
Ref 510006206
Main rotor hub bearing PNo C648-3 and journal PNo C106-5
badly worn. Main rotor hub scored and fretted.
P/No: C6483. TSN: 964 hours.
Sikorsky S76A Engine starter-generator failed.
Ref 510006381
No 2 engine starter/generator failed. Drive spline failed.
P/No: 23081043. TSN: 320 hours/23 months. TSO: 254
hours/5 months.
Continental IO520F Engine cylinder head cracked.
Ref 510006265
No 3 cylinder (‘ECI’) head cracked approx. 25 per cent of
the circumference located at the seventh fin - found during
visual inspection at 50-hourly.
P/No: AEC631397. TSN: 334 hours. (2 similar occurrences)
Continental IO520F Magneto faulty. Ref 510006268
During cruise the engine started surging 100 rpm and
continued for a few minutes. Pilot felt surging as well as
the engine tacho indicated a surge. The CSU was replaced
due to control linkage wear. Engine ground run carried out,
RH magneto intermittently ran rough/dead. RH magneto
replaced. Ground runs carried out satisfactory.
P/No: IO3493505. TSO: 781 hours. (1 similar occurrence)
Continental IO520L Engine thrust washer incorrect
assy. Ref 510006256
During a scheduled periodic inspection, abnormal oil leaks
were found coming from the forward end of the engine
sump’s gasket. Engine was removed to replace gasket. Upon
removal a thrust washer was found at the bottom of the
sump. The engine had recently been overhauled. Personnel/
maintenance error.
TSO: 167 hours/8 months.
Jabiru 2200J Engine crankshaft broken.
Ref 510006416
Crankshaft broken in area located between No 1 and No
2 journals. Further investigation using magnetic particle
inspection (MPI) found more areas of imminent failure.
TSN: 1,158 hours/31 months. TSO: 158 hours/6 months.
(1 similar occurrence)
Jabiru 2200J Engine cylinder barrel cracked.
Ref 510006249
During flight, engine lost power and strong oil smell was
evident. Investigation found No 1 cylinder lower front stud
broken and base of cylinder barrel cracked along flange
approx. 75mm (2.95in). Tappets had been adjusted 17 hours
prior, no evidence of piston seizure. Inlet valve pushrod
dislodged from tappet adjuster, all tappet lock nuts tight.
TSN: 864 hours/20 months.
Jabiru 3300 Engine connecting rod big end bearing
failed. Ref 510006136
No 2 cylinder connecting rod, big-end bearing failed due to
lack of lubrication.
TSN: 2 hours. TSO: 2 hours.
Lycoming IO360L2A Fuel control servo leaking.
Ref 510006237
Fuel servo leaking. Fuel residue found in venturi. Fuel
residue also found on air side of diaphragm.
P/No: 25765362. TSN: 452 hours. (12 similar occurrences)
Piper PA31350 Hydraulic system low quantity. Ref 510006173
Hydraulic system fluid low. Investigation could find no signs
of any leaks. Further investigation found that the oil was
lost and not replenished during hose replacement.
Robinson R44 Engine/transmission coupling drive
belt damaged. Ref 510006326
Engine to transmission rear drive belt damaged.The forward part
of the belt rolled upside down due to the under band tearing.
P/No: A1903. TSN: 287 hours/11 months. (1 similar occurrence)
Lycoming IO540AE1A5 Fuel injection servo plug
loose. Ref 510006117
Fuel injection servo plug loose. Found during inspection iaw
P/No: 383493. TSN: 347 hours. (4 similar occurrences)
Robinson R22BETA Aircraft fuel filter bowl gasket
deteriorated. Ref 510006319
Fuel filter bowl gasket swollen. Investigation found that the
gasket swelled when in contact with fuel.
P/No: 10536. TSN: 100 hours/4 months.
Schweizer 269C Drive belt assembly support strut
cracked. Ref 510006217 (photo below)
Lower drive belt assembly support strut cracked
approximately half-way through the tube.
P/No: 269A54239. TSN: 118 hours.
Lycoming IO540K1A5 Engine sudden stoppage.
Ref 510006276
During cruise, engine had an in-flight stoppage. Subsequent
attempts to start the engine on the ground were not
successful - aircraft had fuel. Investigation continuing.
(3 similar occurrences)
Schweizer 269C Drive belt support strut cracked.
Ref 510006217
Lower drive belt assembly support strut cracked
approximately half-way through the tube.
P/No: 269A54239. TSN: 118 hours.
Swearingen SA227AC Landing gear steering system
potentiometer failed. Ref 510006275
After landing, and prior to exiting runway, the aircraft
veered right uncommanded and departed the runway.
Investigation found an end break in the nose wheel monitor
potentiometer wiper wire.
Lycoming O320D2J Engine cylinder separated.
Ref 510006320
Engine cylinder head separated from barrel.
P/No: TISN41CA. TSN: 1,355 hours. (3 similar occurrences)
Lycoming O360A1A Carburettor float contaminated.
Ref 510006376
Carburettor float contaminated with fuel. Only one
compartment of the float contaminated. Float is of polymer
construction and is mandated for removal by Precision
Airmotive SB MSA-13.
Pull-Out Section
DeHavilland DH82A Fuselage frame front vertical
tube broken. Ref 510006127
LH fuselage frame front vertical tube broken at the lower oil
tank frame attachment bolt.
P/No: H29670. TSO: 1,734 hours.
Swearingen SA227DC Wing fuel tank probe wiring
worn and damaged. Ref 510006174
LH wing fuel tank probe shielded wires caught between the
clamp supporting the fuel boost pump rigid fuel supply line
and wing rib at WS 51.167 causing the plastic coating to be
worn through by the shielding.
P/No: 720S. TSN: 19,183 hours/27,339 cycles.
Cessna 441 Landing gear actuator malfunctioned.
Ref 510006284
Shortly after take off, emergency pressurisation came on.
Aircraft returned to airfield where gear was selected down
and NLG failed to lock down - emergency gear extension
was used. Investigation found that nose gear would not
lock down due to actuator internal failure. Investigation
continuing - strip report requested. Defect is related to
SDR 510006285.
P/No: 99101393.
P/No: 30802. TSN: 1,542 hours. (3 similar occurrences)
Pull-Out Section
Lycoming O540F1B5 Carburettor check valve seat
damaged . Ref 510006252
Carburettor P/No. 10-6035-11 was removed from engine
due to hard starting and was bench tested. The accelerator
pump had very low output. Internal inspection of the
carburettor found the pump discharge check valve damaged
at seating area. Ineffective sealing allowed air into the
system. Manufacturing error.
P/No: 3491. TSN: 25 hours.
Lycoming O540J3C5 Engine cylinder piston pin
incorrect part. Ref 510006315
Piston skirts cracked. Investigation found that heavyweight
piston pins, PNo LW14077, had been fitted to lightweight
pistons, PNo LW13396.
TSO: 1,414 hours.
Garrett TFE73120R Engine oil system O-ring damaged.
Ref 510006244
During flight the engine oil pressure started to fluctuate
and drop. Engine power was brought back to idle and after
a few more minutes, the pressure dropped to 20psi - the
crew elected to shut down the engine. After landing, oil was
found on the bottom of the cowl and fuselage. Investigation
found that the O-ring had been cut by the dip stick bayonet
allowing the oil to bypass.
P/No: S9413117. (1 similar occurrence)
extinguisher fired. Engine windmilled for approximately 40
minutes. Investigation found the RH fuel manifold cracked
and leaking at weld.
P/No: 216362037. TSO: 406 hours/287 cycles. (3 similar
PWA PT6A41 Engine compressor inlet case oil filter
cap stud threads stripped thread. Ref 510006393
RH engine compressor inlet case oil filter cap hold down
stud threads stripped. Loose stud lessened the tension on
the cap allowing oil leakage.
TSN: 5,841 hours/6,598 cycles. TSO: 2,926 hours/3,546 cycles.
PWA PT6T3B Engine accessory drive housing
cracked. Ref 510006413 (photo below)
No 1 engine leaking from oil transfer tube between
accessory gearbox and combining gearbox. The O-rings
were replaced but the leak persisted. Further investigation
found the regulating valve attachment bolt helicoil had
pulled out of the accessory gearbox and the mounting lugs
on the opposite side had broken. Misalignment of the oil
transfer tube caused wear in the housing bore allowing oil
to bypass the O-rings.
P/No: 3026669. TSN: 17,359 hours. TSO: 3,648 hours.
IAE V2527A5 FMU failed. Ref 510006417
LH engine fuel metering unit (FMU) failed. Investigation
found the high pressure shutoff valve (HPSOV) solenoid pins
1 and 2 had resistance out of limits.
P/No: 8061636. TSN: 13,446 hours/8,864 cycles.
IAE V2533A5 Thrust reverser control unit locked.
Ref 510006235
No 2 engine thrust reverser hydraulic control unit lockout
pin installed in active position preventing thrust reverser
activation. When pin was removed, the thrust reverser was
serviceable. Investigation continuing.
P/No: TY154024. TSN: 19,405 hours/7,589 cycles.
Lycoming ALF502R5 Engine fuel manifold cracked.
Ref 510006120
No 4 engine fire warning. Engine shut down and
Rolls Royce BR700715A130 Engine seized.
Ref 510006314
Fan seized during startup. Approximately 150lbs to 200lbs
of force freed the fan. A detailed inspection of the engine
could find no faults and the engine was released to continue
in service.
P/No: BR715A130.
Rolls Royce RB211524D4 Engine combustion liner
cracked. Ref 510006232
No 3 engine combustion liner cracked for approximately 50
per cent of circumference with intersecting axial cracks.
Found during boroscope inspection. Investigation continuing.
P/No: RB211524D419. TSN: 78,475 hours. TSO: 12,622 hours.
(1 similar occurrence)
Rolls Royce RB211524H Engine thrust reverser failed.
Ref 510006222
No 2 engine thrust reverser failed to close completely.
Investigation found two blocker doors damaged, gas
generator cowl fairing damaged, ‘A’ frame filler fairing
damaged, two fairing attachment brackets damaged and
several rivets pulled through on the bullnose forward of the
blocker doors. Investigation continuing.
(5 similar occurrences)
Turbomeca ARRIEL1C Engine turbine section
damaged. Ref 510006125
RH engine free turbine damaged. Further investigation found
significant damage within the engine. Investigation concluded
that the damage was caused by the separation of a turbine
blade from the second stage gas generator turbine.
P/No: 0292253350. TSN: 2,043 hours/3,988 cycles. TSO:
2,043 hours/3,988 cycles.
GE CF680E1 Engine fuel manifold leaking.
Ref 510006135
No 1 engine fuel manifold leaking. Investigation found
the manifold worn and holed between No1 and No 2 fuel
nozzles, and significant wear damage to the clamp. It was
then found that noTeflon tape was in place at the ‘P’ clamp
location. Personnel/maintenance error.
GE CF680E1 Engine tailpipe fire. Ref 510006374
No 2 engine tailpipe fire. Investigation found
discolourisation of lower wing surface and heat damage to
strut and strut panels. Investigation continuing.
P/No: CF680E1. TSN: 17,261 hours. TSO: 1,960 hours.
cracks. Investigation continuing.
P/No: 3035480. TSO: 21 hours/13 cycles. (2 similar occurrences)
PWA PT6T3B Engine oil loss. Ref 510006283
During cruise, No 2 engine oil pressure warning light began
flickering - engine was shut down. Investigation found No 2
engine oil level low, and oil pooled in the exhaust duct area;
no external oil leaks found. Engine was removed and sent to
the manufacturer for investigation.
PWA PW123E Engine reduction gear tabwasher
cracked. Ref 510006352
No1 engine reduction gearbox chip detector illuminated.
Boroscope inspection found the No 9 bearing retaining
nut locking tabwasher dislodged and the retaining nut
castellation damaged.
TSN: 2,084 hours/1,984 cycles.
PWA PW125B Engine reduction gear gearbox
contam-metal. Ref 510006121
RH engine reduction gearbox chip detector contaminated with
a piece of metal. Initial investigation found the metal to be
type 4340 steel from the gearbox bearing cage. Boroscope
inspection of the No 9 key washer found that two pieces had
separated from the keywasher which also contained multiple
McCauley 3AF32C512 Propeller pitch control cable
failed. Ref 510006230
LH propeller pitch control cable separated at swaged fitting
at propeller governor end.
P/No: 1023890103. (1 similar occurrence)
Rotol R4086123F17 Propeller speed pulse probe
faulty. Ref 510006200
No 2 propeller overspeed. Investigation found a faulty
propeller speed pulse probe.
Hartzell HCE2yk Propeller governor rod-end
detached from ball joint. Ref 510006264
Pilot reported LH engine max RPM was low. Investigation
found the LH propeller governor control rod-end detached
from ball at the governor. Inspection of the ball, socket and
clip showed they were worn, allowing the rod-end section
to detach from the ball even with the safety clip in place.
P/No: 5417500.
Note: Occurrence figures based on data received over the
past five years.
or contact your local CASA Airworthiness Inspector [freepost]
Service Difficulty Reports, Reply Paid 2005, CASA, Canberra, ACT 2601
Online: www.
Approved Airworthiness Directives
Part 39-105 - Lighter Than Air
There are no amendments to Part 39-105 - Lighter than Air
this issue
Part 39-105 - Rotorcraft
Bell Helicopter Textron 205 Series Helicopters
AD/BELL 205/74 - Tail Rotor Blades - 2
Bell Helicopter Textron Canada (BHTC) 206 & Agusta
Bell 206 Series Helicopters
AD/BELL 206/172 Amdt 1 - Power Turbine RPM Steady State
Operation Avoidance
Bell Helicopter Textron 212 Series Helicopters
AD/BELL 212/69 - Tail Rotor Blades - 2
Bell Helicopter Textron Canada (BHTC) 222 Series
AD/BELL 222/31 Amdt 2 - Tail Rotor Blade
Bell Helicopter Textron 412 Series Helicopters
AD/BELL 412/55 - Tail Rotor Blades - 2
Bell Helicopter Textron Canada (BHTC) 430 Series
AD/BELL 430/1 Amdt 4 - Tail Rotor Blade
Eurocopter BO 105 Series Helicopters
AD/BO 105/16 Amdt 1 - Tension-Torsion Strap
Eurocopter SA 360 and SA 365 (Dauphin) Series
AD/DAUPHIN/95 - Main Gearbox Casing - Corrosion
Part 39-105 - Below 5700 kgs
Aerospatiale (Socata) TBM 700 Series Aeroplanes
AD/TBM 700/49 - Emergency Landing Gear By-pass Selector
AD/TBM 700/50 - Alternator and Vapour Cycle Cooling
System Pulley Drive Assembly
Airparts (NZ) Ltd. FU 24 Series Aeroplanes
AD/FU24/66 - Aileron Control Cables
Airtractor AT-300, 400 and 500 Series Aeroplanes
AD/AT/22 Amdt 2 - Wing Centreline Splice Joint
AD/AT/29 - Engine Mount
Airtractor 600 Series Aeroplanes
AD/AT 600/4 Amdt 2 - Engine Mount
Beechcraft 55, 58 and 95-55 (Baron) Series
AD/BEECH 55/3 - Rudder Torque Tube - CANCELLED
Beechcraft 56TC (Turbo Baron) Series Aeroplanes
AD/BEECH 56/4 - Nacelle Side Brace Ribs - CANCELLED
Beechcraft 65 and 70 (Queen Air) Series Aeroplanes
AD/BEECH 65/2 - Fuel System Check Valves - Installation
AD/BEECH 65/3 - Nose Landing Gear Attachment Bolts
Replacement - CANCELLED
AD/BEECH 65/4 - Flap Drive Assembly - Replacement CANCELLED
AD/BEECH 65/6 - Aft Facing Chair Reclining Stops Inspection - CANCELLED
AD/BEECH 65/7 Amdt 1 - Landing Gear Chain and Torque
Shaft - Inspection - CANCELLED
AD/BEECH 65/8 - Control Sub-Panel Shelf - Modification CANCELLED
AD/BEECH 65/9 - Automatic Pilot Shutoff Valves Installation - CANCELLED
AD/BEECH 65/13 - Starter and Battery Relay Covers Installation - CANCELLED
AD/BEECH 65/27 Amdt 1 - Fuel Vent Heater Wiring CANCELLED
AD/BEECH 65/29 Amdt 1 - Outer Wing Electrical Wiring CANCELLED
AD/BEECH 65/35 Amdt 1 - Port Inner Wing Electrical Wiring
AD/BEECH 65/36 Amdt 1 - Exhaust Augmenter Clamps CANCELLED
Beechcraft 76 (Duchess) Series Aeroplanes
AD/BEECH 76/1 - Control Bearing Assemblies - CANCELLED
AD/BEECH 76/2 - Cowl Flap Hinge Assemblies - CANCELLED
AD/BEECH 76/3 - Elevator Trailing Edge Bond - CANCELLED
AD/BEECH 76/4 - Fuel Tank Outlet Check Valve and Fuel
Selector Valves - CANCELLED
AD/BEECH 76/6 - Wing Spar Centre Splice Plates CANCELLED
AD/BEECH 76/13 - Rudder Torque Lower Hinge Adaptor CANCELLED
AD/BEECH 76/14 - Engine Control Rod Safety Washers CANCELLED
AD/BEECH 76/15 - Woodward Governor Models L and R
210652 - CANCELLED
AD/BEECH 76/16 Amdt 1 - MLG Side Brace Overcentre
Travel and Limit Switch - CANCELLED
AD/BEECH 76/17 - Wing Lower and Upper Splice Plate Bolt
Installation - CANCELLED
Beechcraft 77 (Skipper) Series Aeroplanes
AD/BEECH 77/4 - Elevator Control Arm Bushings CANCELLED
AD/BEECH 77/5 - Control Column Installation - CANCELLED
AD/BEECH 77/8 - Horizontal Stabiliser Attach Bolts CANCELLED
AD/BEECH 77/9 - Nose Landing Gear Axle - CANCELLED
AD/BEECH 77/10 - Nose Landing Gear Attachment Bolts CANCELLED
AD/BEECH 77/12 - Engine Mount Assembly and Engine
Control Linkage - CANCELLED
AD/BEECH 77/13 - Engine Control Rod Safety Washers CANCELLED
AD/BEECH 77/15 Amdt 1 - Alternator System - CANCELLED
Beechcraft 90 and 65-90 (King Air) Series Aeroplanes
AD/BEECH 90/1 - Engine Oil Pressure Gauges - Modification
AD/BEECH 90/2 - Firewall Fuel Shut-Off Valve Switches Modification - CANCELLED
AD/BEECH 90/3 Amdt 1 - Tail Unit - Inspection - CANCELLED
AD/BEECH 90/4 Amdt 3 - Landing Gear Actuators Inspection - CANCELLED
AD/BEECH 90/5 Amdt 1 - Landing Gear Chain and Torque
Shaft - Inspection - CANCELLED
AD/BEECH 90/6 - Fuel Line - Modification - CANCELLED
AD/BEECH 90/10 - Standby Compass Deviation Placard Installation - CANCELLED
AD/BEECH 90/11 - Generator Operation Placard Installation - CANCELLED
AD/BEECH 90/12 - Ammeter Lead Circuit Protection CANCELLED
AD/BEECH 90/13 - Fuel Heater System Shield - Modification
AD/BEECH 90/17 - Engine Fire Extinguisher System Modification - CANCELLED
AD/BEECH 90/18 - Rudder Control System - Inspection CANCELLED
AD/BEECH 90/24 - Fuel Vent Heater Wiring - Inspection CANCELLED
AD/BEECH 90/26 - Outer Wing Electrical Wiring - Inspection
AD/BEECH 90/33 - Magnetic Material Near Compass Flux
Valve - Removal - CANCELLED
AD/BEECH 90/35 - Flap Gearbox - Inspection of Gears CANCELLED
AD/BEECH 90/37 - Elevator and Rudder Trim Tab Actuator
Systems - Inspection - CANCELLED
AD/BEECH 90/54 - Aft and Nose Hinged Baggage Door
Latching - Inspection and Modification - CANCELLED
AD/BEECH 90/59 - Elevator Control Horn Attachment Modification - CANCELLED
AD/BEECH 90/60 - Left Hand Rudder Cable Installation Inspection - CANCELLED
AD/BEECH 90/61 - Pilot and Co-Pilot Seatback Pan Modification - CANCELLED
Beechcraft 200 (Super King Air) Series Aeroplanes
AD/BEECH 200/75 - Tail De-icing Pneumatic Supply Tubes
Cessna 170, 172, F172, FR172 and 175 Series
AD/CESSNA 170/83 - Alternate Static Air Source Valve
Cessna 180, 182 and Wren 460 Series Aeroplanes
AD/CESSNA 180/2 - Right Wing Rear Spar - CANCELLED
AD/CESSNA 180/16 - Safety Harness Inertia Reel CANCELLED
AD/CESSNA 180/22 - Tail Wheel Steering Bellcrank CANCELLED
AD/CESSNA 180/28 Amdt 1 - Aileron Mass Balance Weight
Attachment Rivets - CANCELLED
AD/CESSNA 180/35 - Rear Seat Attachment - CANCELLED
AD/CESSNA 180/40 Amdt 1 - Main Gear Wheel Assemblies
AD/CESSNA 180/50 - Elevator Control Travel - CANCELLED
AD/CESSNA 180/52 - Nose Gear Drag Strut Attach Fitting
AD/CESSNA 180/53 - Steering Bungee Boot - CANCELLED
AD/CESSNA 180/57 - Fuel Hose - CANCELLED
AD/CESSNA 180/58 - Fuel Tank Filler Neck - CANCELLED
AD/CESSNA 180/64 - Nose Gear Tunnel Access Hole Plug
AD/CESSNA 180/65 - Cylinder Head Temperature Probe CANCELLED
AD/CESSNA 180/66 - King KFC 200 Flight Control System
AD/CESSNA 180/93 - Alternate Static Air Source Valve
Cessna 185 Series Aeroplanes
AD/CESSNA 185/4 - Tail Wheel Assembly - CANCELLED
AD/CESSNA 185/5 - Inertia Reel - CANCELLED
AD/CESSNA 185/9 Amdt 1 - Rudder Bellcrank Bracket CANCELLED
AD/CESSNA 185/10 - Tail Wheel Steering Bellcrank CANCELLED
AD/CESSNA 185/11 - Non-Return Valves in Electric Fuel
Pump Bypass Line - CANCELLED
AD/CESSNA 185/14 Amdt 1 - Carburettor Air Box Shaft CANCELLED
AD/CESSNA 185/16 Amdt 1 - Aileron Mass Balance Weight
Attachment Rivets - CANCELLED
AD/CESSNA 185/20 - Main Gear Wheel Assemblies CANCELLED
AD/CESSNA 185/23 - Throttle/Mixture Control Cable
Attachment - CANCELLED
AD/CESSNA 185/24 - Fuel and Oil Leaks - CANCELLED
AD/CESSNA 185/26 - Fuel Line - CANCELLED
AD/CESSNA 185/27 - Self Locking Nuts - CANCELLED
AD/CESSNA 185/31 - Fuel Tank Filler Neck - CANCELLED
AD/CESSNA 185/38 Amdt 1 - Rudder Pedal Torque Tube CANCELLED
AD/CESSNA 185/42 - Seat Rail Latch - CANCELLED
AD/CESSNA 185/49 - Alternate Static Air Source Valve
Cessna 205 (210-5) Series Aeroplanes
AD/CESSNA 205/24 - Alternate Static Air Source Valve
Cessna 206 Series Aeroplanes
AD/CESSNA 206/65 - Alternate Static Air Source Valve
Cessna 207 Series Aeroplanes
AD/CESSNA 207/39 - Alternate Static Air Source Valve
Cessna 208 Series Aeroplanes
AD/CESSNA 208/22 - Alternate Static Air Source Valve
Cessna 210 Series Aeroplanes
AD/CESSNA 210/74 - Alternate Static Air Source Valve
Cessna T303 Series Aeroplanes
AD/CESSNA 303/13 - Alternate Static Air Source Valve
Cessna 340 Series Aeroplanes
AD/CESSNA 340/15 - Landing Gear Emergency Handle Replacement - CANCELLED
Pull-Out Section
Aircraft - General
AD/GENERAL/53 - Flight Data Recorder Underwater
Locating Device - Installation - CANCELLED
AD/GENERAL/58 - Voice Recorders - Attachment of
Reflective Strips - CANCELLED
AD/BEECH 65/37 - Electrothermal Deice Firewall Connector
- Sealing - CANCELLED
AD/BEECH 65/41 - Fuel System - Placards - CANCELLED
AD/BEECH 65/44 - Flap Gearbox - Inspection of Gears CANCELLED
AD/BEECH 65/52 - Landing Gear Torque Tube - Inspection
and Replacement - CANCELLED
AD/BEECH 65/53 Amdt 1 - Rudder and Elevator Trim Tab
AD/BEECH 65/54 Amdt 2 - Aft and Nose Hinged Baggage
Door Latching - CANCELLED
AD/BEECH 65/55 Amdt 1 - Nose Baggage Compartment
AD/BEECH 65/58 Amdt 3 - Fuel Boost Pumps - CANCELLED
AD/BEECH 65/59 Amdt 1 - Elevators - CANCELLED
AD/BEECH 65/60 Amdt 1 - Ansair Passenger Seats CANCELLED
3 July 2008
AD/CESSNA 340/19 - Upper Inner Cabin Door Handle and
Locking Mechanism - Inspection - CANCELLED
AD/CESSNA 340/23 - Elevator Balance Weight - Inspection
AD/CESSNA 340/30 Amdt 1 - Placards and Cabin Fittings
Diamond DA42 Series Aeroplanes
AD/DA42/5 - Aileron Bellcrank and Rod Ends
Pull-Out Section
Dornier 228 Series Aeroplanes
AD/DO 228/14 - Nose Landing Gear Strut Support
Piper PA-20 (Pacer) Series Aeroplanes
AD/PA-20/12 - Fuselage Structure, Upper Cabin - Inspection
AD/PA-20/16 Amdt 1 - Fuselage Door Frame Tube Corrosion
Piper PA-22 (Tri-Pacer and Colt) Series Aeroplanes
AD/PA-22/4 - Nose Wheel Mount - Stiffener Brace CANCELLED
AD/PA-22/5 - Rivets in Aileron Hinge Bearing Blocks Inspection - CANCELLED
AD/PA-22/16 - Tail Brace Clevises - Replacement CANCELLED
AD/PA-22/17 - Cabin Heater Box Plate - Modification CANCELLED
AD/PA-22/18 - Horizontal Stabiliser Trim Control Screw
Mechanism - Stop Installation - CANCELLED
AD/PA-22/21 - Landing Gear Fairing - Modification CANCELLED
AD/PA-22/22 - Rudder Pedals - Modification - CANCELLED
AD/PA-22/34 - Shimmy Damper - CANCELLED
Piper PA-23 (Apache and Aztec) Series Aeroplanes
AD/PA-23/1 - Flap Spar and Stabiliser Spar - Reinforcement
AD/PA-23/3 - Main Landing Gear Forgings and Wheels Replacement - CANCELLED
AD/PA-23/5 - Main Landing Gear Attachment Points Modification - CANCELLED
AD/PA-23/14 - Rudder Trim Tab Control Rod - Inspection CANCELLED
AD/PA-23/19 - Elevator Control Tube Bellcrank Attachment Modification - CANCELLED
AD/PA-23/20 - Stabilator Tab Horn - Modification CANCELLED
AD/PA-23/23 - Rudder Tab Horn Bolt - Replacement CANCELLED
AD/PA-23/24 - Stabilator Tab Horn - Inspection CANCELLED
AD/PA-23/27 - Wing Flaps - Inspection and Modification CANCELLED
AD/PA-23/31 Amdt 1 - Rudder Trim Tab Control Rod Inspection
AD/PA-23/32 Amdt 2 - Cabin Door Latch - Modification CANCELLED
Piper PA-28 Series Aeroplanes
AD/PA-28/2 - Rudder & Stabilator Control Cables,
Installation of Fairleads – Modification & Inspection CANCELLED
AD/PA-28/8 - Rudder Trim Installation - CANCELLED
AD/PA-28/10 - Centre Safety Belt Attachment - Inspection
AD/PA-28/18 - Wing Rear Spar Attachment Bolts Inspection - CANCELLED
AD/PA-28/24 - Control Wheel Retaining Pin - Modification
AD/PA-28/30 - Engine Mount Tubes - Inspection CANCELLED
AD/PA-28/31 - Seat Frame - Modification - CANCELLED
AD/PA-28/36 - Stabilator Hinge Attaching Bolts - Inspection
AD/PA-28/39 - Stabilator - Inspection and Drilling of Drain
AD/PA-28/43 - Rudder Bar Assembly - Inspection and
Modification - CANCELLED
AD/PA-28/44 - Rear Seat Belt Attachment - Modification CANCELLED
AD/PA-28/45 - Gross Weight - Reduction - CANCELLED
AD/PA-28/46 - Wing Reinforcement - Modification CANCELLED
AD/PA-28/48 - Outer Wing Spar - Inspection - CANCELLED
AD/PA-28/49 - Air Conditioning System - Modification CANCELLED
AD/PA-28/51 - Aileron Centring Cable - Inspection CANCELLED
AD/PA-28/55 - Fuel Valve - Replacement - CANCELLED
AD/PA-28/67 - Electric Pitch Trim Switch - Modification CANCELLED
AD/PA-28/69 - Engine Cowling - Drain Hole Provision CANCELLED
AD/PA-28/71 - Nose Landing Gear Down Lock - Modification
or Replacement - CANCELLED
AD/PA-28/73 - Hose Assembly - Inspection and Modification
AD/PA-28/74 - Fuel and Vapour Return Lines - Modification
AD/PA-28/81 - Fuel Filter Drain Valve - Replacement CANCELLED
AD/PA-28/82 - Rudder Torque Tube Attachment Fitting and
Hardware - Inspection - CANCELLED
AD/PA-28/85 - Battery Strap Installation - CANCELLED
AD/PA-28/87 - Stabilator Attach Fitting Corrosion CANCELLED
AD/PA-28/88 Amdt 3 - Aft Centre of Gravity Restriction CANCELLED
Rockwell (N American) & Autair (Noorduyn)
AT-6, BC-1A, SNJ, T-6G, Harvard, & AT-16 Series
AD/AT-6/2 - Horizontal Stabliser Rear Spar Connector
Part 39-105 - Above 5700 kgs
Airbus Industrie A319, A320 and A321 Series
AD/A320/224 - Hydraulic Power - Ram Air Turbine Georotor
Airbus Industrie A330 Series Aeroplanes
AD/A330/76 Amdt 2 - Electrical Power/APU Generator
Airtractor 800 Series Aeroplanes
AD/AT 800/9 Amdt 2 - Engine Mount
Beechcraft 300 Series Aeroplanes
AD/BEECH 300/22 - Tail De-icing Pneumatic Supply Tubes
Boeing 727 Series Aeroplanes
AD/B727/101 Amdt 2 - Rear Pressure Bulkhead Web
Boeing 737 Series Aeroplanes
AD/B737/327 - SSI Damage Tolerance Rating
AD/B737/328 - Flight Deck Windows No.2, No.4, and No.5
AD/B737/329 - Airworthiness Limitations and Inspections
- Fuel Systems
AD/B737/330 - Boost Pump control Relay Ground Block
AD/B737/331 - Airworthiness Limitations and Inspections
- Fuel Systems
Boeing 747 Series Aeroplanes
AD/B747/377 - Fuselage Exterior Skin at Station 488
AD/B747/378 - Airworthiness Limitations and Inspections
- Fuel Systems
AD/B747/379 - Airworthiness Limitations & Inspections Fuel Tank Systems
Boeing 767 Series Aeroplanes
AD/B767/242 - Airworthiness Limitations and Inspections
- Fuel Systems
Bombardier (Canadair) CL-600 (Challenger) Series
AD/CL-600/99 - Fuel Tank Climb Vent Loop
AD/CL-600/100 - Fuel Tube Coupling - Electrical Bonding
Bombardier (Boeing Canada/De Havilland) DHC-8
Series Aeroplanes
AD/DHC-8/141 Amdt 1 - Elevator Centering Torsion Springs
British Aerospace BAe 146 Series Aeroplanes
AD/BAe 146/116 Amdt 1 - Fuselage Door Frames
Dornier 328 Series Aeroplanes
AD/DO 328/71 - Wing Lower Inner Panel
Embraer ERJ-190 Series Aeroplanes
AD/ERJ-190/10 - Ram Air Turbine Deployment
AD/ERJ-190/11 - Hydraulic Tube Clamps in the Fuel Tanks
AD/ERJ-190/12 - Hydraulic Shutoff Valves
AD/ERJ-190/13 - Cargo Doors
Fokker F100 (F28 Mk 100) Series Aeroplanes
AD/F100/21 Amdt 1 - Reverse Thrust Control Maximum
AD/F100/73 Amdt 1 - Wing-to-Fuselage Fairings
AD/F100/88 - Engine Controls - Reverse Thrust Control
Normal Maximum (Second) Detent
Part 39-106 - Piston Engines
Rotax Piston Engines
AD/ROTAX/22 Amdt 1 - Camshaft Hydraulic Tappet Wear
SMA Piston Engines
AD/SMA/4 - Air Inlet Manifold Hose Clamps
Part 39-106 - Turbine Engines
Turbomeca Turbine Engines - Arriel Series
AD/ARRIEL/29 - Low Fuel Pressure Switch
Part 39-107 Equipment
Fuel Supply and Metering Equipment
AD/FSM/31 Amdt 1 - Precision Airmotive Fuel Injection
Servo Plugs
Parachute Equipment
AD/PARA/18 - VIGIL Parachute Automatic Activation Device
Seats and Berths
AD/SEATS/29 - Sicma Passenger Seat Inspection
AD/TURBO/2 - Kelly Aerospace Turbochargers
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