ES5 and ES10 Water Nozzle Assembly Instructions

ES5 and ES10 Water Nozzle Assembly Instructions
Service Bulletin
ES5 and ES10
Water Nozzle Assembly Instructions
CAUTION: Read and understand this service bulletin thoroughly before starting. Only
a trained, experienced service technician should attempt this service procedure.
Water Nozzle Assembly Repair Parts:
Part# 1411-20 Water Nozzle and Spring
To properly install a new water nozzle it may require the cleaning of the inside diameter of the water inlet assembly at
the bottom of the heat generator. This might be necessary due to water quality building up deposits and the shrinkage
of the Teflon water inlet assembly over a long period of time. This can be accomplished by using a common ¼″ drill bit
as a tool and hand reaming the water inlet assembly hole. Be careful to use only the correct ¼″ size drill bit and not
to remove any excess material. The steam function should be activated to clear out any loose particles remaining in
the inlet assembly before the nozzle is installed. The new water nozzle should fit inside the water inlet assembly with
slight resistance, not tight and not loose.
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